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Juma Khutba

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The speakers discuss the importance of staying true to the message and finding one's success with the use of time and knowledge. They stress the importance of healthy lifestyle, avoiding empty promises, and prioritizing one's life. The speakers also discuss the benefits of working in a business and the importance of learning to live Islam to achieve proof of writing skills. The speakers emphasize the need to be mindful of one's actions and not let anyone convince them to do something. They also discuss the value of money and practice learning to act according to the Bible, as well as how COVID-19 has affected people, including their health and wealth.

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Eva mousseline mohammadu Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira from Nevada my sisters are hungry love first and foremost, let me wish you all a very happy new year. Today is the first of January 2021. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this a year full of fire and Baraka, full of goodness and blessing, a year full of good health and prosperity, a year where we will benefit from the lessons that we I hope learnt from the last year. I already sent out a message

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about the new year itself which is called 2021 what must be focused on I hope you have listened to that if you haven't listened to it, it's there on all the on all our groups. So please do listen to that. So I won't repeat those things here. Other than SR I'm going to talk to you and today's the second part of the footprint which I did last Juma which is that life is an open book test.

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And I remind myself when you that we will come to the day about which Allah subhanho wa Taala informed and warned us and told us to ensure that we do what we need to to ensure that we are not caught unawares and regret our heedlessness Allah surrounded that and said I will be living in shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim yeah you and levina one to whom Mr. Rosa wanna mill poverty to

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mukava Lee to weigh on the

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when you can futile now.

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Allah said, Oh, you will believe spend of that which we have provided for you before a day comes when there will be no bargaining, no friendship and no intercession. And it is the disbelievers who are designing one who are the wrongdoers. Allah subhanaw taala addressed the usual ways in which we seek help in this life, which is friendship and intercession and bargaining and told us that none of those will work on the Day of Judgment. Those who will bear witness in our favor or against us will be those who we will not be able to deny Allah subhanaw taala wonders about this and he said I'll do my enough diwata of why he were to call the mana ID him What a shadow or Judo home Viva con we

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actually Boone. Allah said on that day, the tongues will be sealed the mouth will be sealed and their hands and will speak to us and their legs and feet will bear witness to what they used to earn and this is sort of the our scene and then our last round that I said work although the Judo the him Lima shade to Marlena pahlawan talkin Allahu la de la capilla Shea wahoo Hara kaboom Allah ma y la he told your own Allah subhanho wa Taala Satan's Silla and they will say to their skins because the skin will bear witness the skin will speak about what it encountered and what we made to do. And they will say to their skins, why do you testify against us and they will say the skins will say

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Allah subhana wa tada has caused us to speak Allah gave us the power to speak, as he causes all things to speak and he created you the first time and to him You are made to return. You cannot deny our own body we cannot deny our own.

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Our own faculties we cannot deny our own organs. Everyone will realize the cost of what they did in this life or clever speech and justifications and the speech of our spin artists that we are used to to get out of tight situation in this life will not work either. The last rantala said

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the God who told me No way.

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You have

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the power to

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say no to me. Luffy

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we work all ohana. ohana illuma NaVi as hobbies. Sorry, fara Tara who will be them be him pursue kollias hobbies sorry, in a lesbian I have shown above and below Avi lahoma Veera to GAVI, Allah subhanaw taala said about the Johanna. It almost bursts up with fury every time

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Group is cast there in its people the keeper of Johanna will ask, did no one or come to you? Nobody want you that this day will happen. And they will say the people who are being thrown into the Hellfire they will say yes indeed a water came to us, but we denied him. And we said Allah did not send you, Allah never sent down anything of the revelation, you are in great error you are lying. And then they will say, had we listened, or used our intelligence. Now these are people who today we consider them to be very cool or very intelligent. They are going to say if we really weren't intelligent, we would not be in this situation. They will say had we bought lizard or if used our

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intelligence, we would not have been among the dwellers of the blazing fire. They will then confess their sin. And Allah said no use now. I'm aware so Kaldi as homicide, so aware with the dwellers of the blazing fire. Verily then Allah says who will be who will win on this day. Verily those who fear the rub unseen yaksha Rabelais who fear the rub and see there's will be long enough without too much human capital for them, there will be forgiveness and a great reward and we ask Allah subhanaw taala for this for his forgiveness and foreign reward for us in sha Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala in his great mercy warned us and he gave us the questions that we will be asked Rasulullah sallallahu said the two feet of the son of Adam have other ways Salam will not move from near his robe on the Day of Judgment until he is asked about five matters concerning his life, how he spent it about his youth, how he took care of that, about his wealth, how he earned it, and where he spent it. And about that which he acted upon from the knowledge that he acquired this is it, Dermody, let me repeat that Adam said, the two feet of the son of Adam alayhis salam will not move from the near his rub, on the Day of Judgment until he is asked about five matters. And he answered

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about five things concerning his life, how we spent it, concerning his youth, how he took care of it, concerning his wealth, how he earned it, and where he spent it. And concerning his knowledge about that which he acted upon from the knowledge that he acquired, and this is it. For me.

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I record a film, I can recall seeing a film about a prison,

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which had no walkways outside the cells, and they were made of metal mesh. And the prisoners wore boots with metal soles and the boots were strapped onto their feet. So they couldn't take them off now and actually made a huge racket every time they walked back bank bank, I think I wondered what was the reason why why would you have such a noisy place, until in one scene, there was a fight and an attempt by some prisoners to make or break the guards then they just throw a switch, and the mesh walkway gets energized, and becomes a huge and very powerful electromagnetic, the boat souls the stick to it and the prisoners who are running fall on their faces. Nobody can move. I thought, if

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this is a situation of this life, how will I move on the day of judgment when my feet are fixed to the ground? Until I answer the questions that my Rajendra will ask me, unless we have mercy on us.

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This is a question paper that is given to us.

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And it is given in advance and upon the answers of that will depend our eternal lives. five questions. First one our life,

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which is our time, how did we spend our time? Number two, our youth? How did we take care of our youth, because the use is the time of maximum temptation, also maximum ability to succumb to the temptation to fulfill every base desire, we have the strength and ability and so on. So youth number three wealth, how we earned it, and where we spent it. So the third question is actually doing what? How did you earn your wealth from where and where did you spend it? And the fourth one, which is actually the fifth question, the knowledge which we had, whether we acted upon it or not. Now, I want you to think about his focus determines action. So let me remind myself I knew that Allah

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subhanaw taala is not asking us about the quantum of the quantity of any of these things, but about how we used what had been given to us. On the other hand, I want you to pause a bit and reflect on what is it that we are most concerned about with respect to our life is quantum or its quality? Please reflect on the criticality of the right focus. In this life, Allah subhanho wa Taala decreed some things and did not give us any control over them. Among them, are the duration of our lives.

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How long we will live our health whether we will be sick or not sick and strength, our wealth, how much will we have the quantum and our knowledge how much knowledge will be on these things and that did not give us any control we cannot live longer or become stronger or healthier than our genes dictate or, or learn more than what has been decreed for us. A healthy lifestyle is important because it will help us to improve the quality of our lives, not its duration. Allah subhanaw taala stated categorically about this lesson when he will you mattina gel for Eva da da Lu home law esta una Sato.

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Allah says every nation has its appointed, appointed term. And this applies to a nation that applies to people when their term is reached. Neither can be delayed, nor can they advance it an hour or a moment.

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Let's rattle again in another place Allah said I nama takuan o UD Kumar moto one o quantum fee, Guru Ji Masha, Allah, Allah said wherever you are, debt will overtake you debt will take you even if you are in in fortresses built up strong and high, then I must say polyatomic molecule Mattila de vous killer.

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Allah said, say to them over Hamas, Allah, the angel of death, who is set over you will take your life will take your soul and then you will be brought to your gender.

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Let us look at these four things that ultramarathoner mentioned in a bit more detail and see what the effect of using Allah subhanaw taala standard. What would the effect of that be on our worldly life, worldly life, worldly welfare at success? It is when we are convinced that Islam is good for our dunya that we will be persuaded inshallah, to practice it with confidence. Let us ask ourselves, what is the effect of living our lives consciously with respect to how we spend our time? Is it good or bad? To live life consciously and thoughtfully, with respect to how we spend our time I'm not talking about praying 24 hours you can't do it, I can't do it. We know that they're not wrong. I'm

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just saying, whatever you do, doing it consciously, deliberately and thoughtfully, with the intention to please Allah subhanaw taala What do you think would be the effect of that on this life itself? What do you think will be the effect of assessing what we spend time on with the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah as the criteria of decision making.

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So whatever I want to do, I can have a lot of fun i get i can enjoy myself totally. The thought in my mind is the way in which I'm enjoying myself, what I'm doing to enjoy myself does it raise alarm.

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Now, if you do this, if you use this criteria and structure and we structure our time, according to that, and, and if you want to play football, play football, not sit and watch football, or go on a hike, or go fishing or fly or play or eat a delicious meal, or hang out with our friends or take a college course or read a good book or do any of the innumerable things that we enjoy doing. Can we still do that? Of course, of course we can do every one of these things if we ensure that we remember Allah subhanaw taala and follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salah, then not only can we do these things are not only with these things become a means of great enjoyment for us, but they will

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become actions that a lot of our data will reward us for, which is the definition but number two, ask anyone or read any biography of any great leader answer the question, did he or she spend their time consciously or unconsciously? What do you think is the answer?

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Do we want to be winners or losers? Do you want me to spell it out? I don't think so.

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And mostly ultramarathoner told us that he decides how much wealth we will have.

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We have no control over that over the amount of wealth that we can add Allah subhanaw taala declared call in Robbie yabo Soto risk Alameda Yep, do well I can axonopathy

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America does it say to them Omaha masala Valley. My rub enlarges and restricts the provision to whom he pleases. Most people don't know this. Then I said while obatala Rich kaliba de La Villa when a key Yuna zero because every man in a hoodie but he said Allah, Allah and if allowed to enlarge the provision of his slaves if he has to give them more wealth for his lives. They would surely rebel in the earth. But he sends down by measure as he

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With Verily, He is in respect of his lives. Well, however, an all seer, everyone sisters, we talked about living thoughtfully, especially living thoughtfully in your youth. So why young brothers just a year, think about that this is a beautiful time in your life is going to go away, right? When you get to my age, I can't say, Now I will do this or that because at my age, many of the things that you can do, I can't even do.

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But Alhamdulillah if you use that time, positively, if you use the time to please Allah subhanaw taala, you will have a very special place that all people like me will not be able to get. And that is this this shade of an arch. Because one of the one of the kinds of people who will be shaded on the under the shade of the arch of Allah subhanaw taala on a day when there is no shade, except this shade is the youth, the young man or woman who fear Allah subhanaw taala and try to please Allah subhanaw taala in their youth, you're not talking about people in their 60s and 70s we're talking about people in the US, we're talking about 20s 30s that and less than that, right? The teens and

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younger that hamdulillah A lot of you listening to this, our young people are speaking directly to you. So think about that. You're talking now you're about the wealth, the what we earn. And from the

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Quran which I mentioned you Allah subhanaw taala said very clearly, the amount the total quantum of what you will earn what you will get in this life, Allah has already decided and allow gives you and it gives you in a way which is good for you. Now if we have faith in the Quran, then we know that no matter what we do, we can only earn what Allah has written for us. What then is the benefit of disobeying Allah subhanaw taala and incurring his anger in earning what is written for us anyway? What is the benefit of dealing in interest? Knowing that Allah subhanaw taala declared war on those who do that? Do we want to meet Allah subhanaw taala the day of judgment as enemies?

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What do you call those who you are at war with enemies or friends? So how do you want to meet almost marital as your enemy?

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Or as your worry, as he said, allow when you live in Amman, which one or you want to meet him as obedient and humble slaves who seek His mercy and forgiveness? dumb question, I think we need to answer this question. The time to choose is now not when we are selected.

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Let us think about this when we are looking at how we earn and where we spent. Some people think that they can do any kind of business and deal in any product or service and then give some money to charity or to the masjid and all will be well let me remind you in myself that Allah subhanaw taala is pure and he accepts only that which is pure

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charity from haram earning is not accepted. You can buy off a lot. You can throw money at a lot.

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This may be the philosophy of some other religions. It's definitely not Islamic philosophy. You cannot buy your your your your way out of trouble. Right there is a way to get our Turman and that is called Stefan, you cannot replicate Allah subhanho wa Taala by throwing some money at him.

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On the other hand, if you choose to do what else ran what piece of the law, you will still get the same thing but with blessing and Baraka and the pleasure of Allah and you will be counted inshallah among his audience. Now, which is better? Put yourself in your grave? and answer this question not yet. Lie down, mentally speaking, imagine that you are lying in your grave, cold, dark, claustrophobic. Then answer this question, not sitting here but lying in the grave, as lying in your grave when they have filled it. And gone, and Moon Kira and Nikita have come to ask the question, what value is your bank loan? And what value is your mortgage on your lovely house, we'd love to

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your bank, or your lovely car or TV set or whatever else we still belongs to the bank or the stuff you sell in your shops. knowing very well that Allah subhanaw taala made those products.

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And you tell yourself and Jacqueline convinces you that unless you sell those products, your business will not run by brother or sister that is what Chetan is telling you don't listen to shut that this is Allah subhanaw taala what is the value of all that to you at that time, in that dark, constricted, claustrophobic space of your grief? What is the value of those things that you sell or buy or deal with? What is the value of those backloads? What is the value of taking your name out of the list of Allah, Allah and putting it in the list of the other of the enemies of Allah? That is the value today? Is it worth it? Ask yourself so what do you want to do?

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I told you it's very simple. Make a stefarr Victoza, clean up your act and our handler you're fine. Now imagine that you are standing in front of us. Just to help you understand this the difference between haram and heroin ways of earning and ways of spending, right? Allah has decreed what is there for you, nothing will change, but just the way and that is the only. That's the only thing in which we have been given a choice. Imagine that you're standing before a huge warehouse made of transparent glass, and you can see everything that's inside. Now imagine inside this warehouse, every single thing you desire in this life, living things,

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objects, opportunities, you know, possessions,

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anything, whatever university degrees, your spouse, your children, imagine every single thing you desire in life is inside is that you are seeing everything from the day or part of the day, they will die ever everything. And this warehouse has two doors,

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one on either side. And the doors are original scanners that you stand in front of the door, the camera takes a picture of your agenda and the door recognizes you and opens only for you.

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So in front, if I am standing in front of my warehouse, my warehouse will open the door will open only for me not for anybody else because it is taking a picture of my routine and it is opening on the basis. Now one door has a big sign saying hello.

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And the other door on the opposite side is a big sign say Hara, right? What's inside the warehouse, the same thing. Whether enter from the door button name Hara, or I enter from the door named Hara is anything changing inside no nothing CMD everything is still there. Now imagine that you are standing before the door marked Hara and open for you because readiness scanner. As soon as you stand in front of the door, it takes a picture, the door opens as the door is open. Suddenly you hear a friend of yours who sees you there and he says stop, stop, stop. Don't enter from there. Go to the other door. Go to the other side. Go to the other door. It is Mike Holland, enter from the

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everything is the same. Don't enter from here, enter from there. This is what your friend is telling you.

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So what do you do you listen to the friend. You turn around. As soon as you turn around the door shuts this door in front of you called hora.

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As soon as you turn around the door is closed door shuts. Now you are standing there with your back to the door, that door is shut. But when you look at the other door, is it open or shut? It is shut because that door will open also when you go and stand in front of it.

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You said you said your friend Hello. This 101 when I turned around, he's got shot and that one is already shot. So I am stuck.

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So this I know this one opens, let me go through here. Your friend said no. that other one, the halaal door will also open for you. If you go and stand in front of it just like you are standing in front of this door. Just go there. Take my word for it. Go there trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala trust in the word of Amazon seller go to the other door, that door will open for you. You said no, no, no, no, hold on, hold on. You open the door for me. You open that door for me and I will come

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around sisters that cannot happen.

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Because nobody can open your door for you. Only you can open your door for yourself. Now, that is the issue. So if you panic and go back to the

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locker room.

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But if you go to the door called Hara that will also open for you.

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This is the example I want you to think about.

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And I want you to say it's not my opinion. I gave you the ayat of the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala says nobody can increase and nobody can decrease what is yours, what is not yours will not come to you no matter what you do.

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So, what must I do? I am only entitled to and only given the liberty of deciding how to take in what we will I take my risk by provision and where will I spend my provision.

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How I provision is not in my control cannot be increased, cannot be decreased. All that we have the power to do is to take it from the door called Allah. This choice depends the blessing in what we have

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in this world, and gentlemen in the afterlife.

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The final thing is knowledge.

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Once again

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Love will not ask you, how much Oran Did you know? And love will not ask you how many books of Tafseer do read, love will not ask you how much did you know? Allah will not even ask you how beautiful you could recite the Quran, it is a very good thing to do all of these things, but your gender and gender does not depend on the tune of your recitation, let me assure you,

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there are people who will go into Jannah who cannot recite the Quran correctly because their tongues water because they are they are not Arab, and they are from different societies. And and you know, they have problems with their speech and so on and so forth. But to love the foreigner who live by the Quran, they will be in Geneva.

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And the source is Allah said that time will come. He said there will be people his his, his his, what he said about the about the house. He said to the Sahaba environmental event man he was talking double Carano marranos finale in Dubai.

00:26:01--> 00:26:26

He said that there will come a people who will worship more than you. He said they will recite Quran better than you but their Quran will not go below their throats. And he said EMA will enter them and we'll exit like an arrow enters and exits the the the the animal you are shooting at and there will be no sign of blood on this arrow either on its head nor on its on its tail whether

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it is the animal which comes back to the venue. It is how we act according to the knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala gave us by all means please learn to recite Quran properly please learn the Arabic language so that you can understand the Quran what you are reciting please learn and and make use of the Quran become a foster parent I make the other ultramarathon I should make all of you for frazzled the parent, but remember you need the core and to become your habits. Not you are the Foreign Service. And the Quran becomes the habit of the one who lives by the Quran, not the one who recite the Quran, and then his actions or her actions are against the Quran. Please understand this.

00:27:09--> 00:27:44

For those people. The Quran is not their harvest, the Quran becomes a witness against them on the Day of Judgment. We don't want this to happen. So also with the soul of Islam, the world is sick and tired of Muslim standing and talking about Islam. People want to see Islam in action. And people say Seeing is believing people don't care what we say until we see until they see what we do. People listen with their eyes, not with their ears. Let us show them Islam by living Islam. That our show that Islam by leaving Islam,

00:27:46--> 00:28:29

rather than just as an umbrella this yesterday, which is Thursday, on a Wednesday, we completed one full year of classes of living Islam, may Allah bless you, for those of you who attended all of those classes, let us practice what we learn. Right? Let us practice what we learn. We all know that five times Allah is for let us ensure that we pray that five times Allah at its correct time, wherever we are, let us be sure and hold on to the Salah, dedication and concentration to the Salah. Let us follow Islam, let us live according to Islam, let us make our class our act our manners like the actual the beautiful love of Allah, let us ensure that we become the means of goodness for

00:28:29--> 00:28:39

everyone and everything around us. So five questions. How did you spend your time, which is your life? How did you spend your youth?

00:28:40--> 00:28:52

How did you spend your wealth and where did you earn your wealth from? And the fifth question which these are the two? And the fifth question is, did you act on the knowledge that you had?

00:28:54--> 00:29:37

I remind myself when you alleged not asking us about the quantum about the amount of any of these, he's asking us and He will ask us about how we used it, the quality of what we did with what we were given. As well as rantala to bless you to make this year full of beauty and Baraka for you. Make this year full of safety for you ask Allah subhanaw taala to help you in ways that you cannot imagine from sources that you cannot imagine. There are many of our brothers and sisters who are affected by COVID asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to cure them and give them Shiva Camila Raja special specially mentioned Dr. Haddock, one of our founders of this budget one of the trustees of this

00:29:37--> 00:30:00

budget one of the board members of his budget was one of my oldest friends from 1997 onwards. And he is he is very ill he has COVID these mega that Allah subhanho wa Taala should cure him completely and totally and give him Shiva commader II Judah, another dear friend of mine Abdullah Soo Ji in South Africa. He

00:30:00--> 00:30:42

He is also affected by COVID, beautiful teacher, headmaster of Russian school. Please make dua for him that Allah subhanaw taala should cure him completely. And totally one of our very dear friends in South Africa, he has been kidnapped and they still don't know where he is. We make dua for his family, we make dua for him. May Allah keep you safe. And meddler return him safely to his family and May Allah give the family sour. It's a very, very terrible thing may Allah May Allah protect us from all kinds of crime, a long list of things ramlila I will, I will suffice with this make dua that Allah subhanaw taala helps everyone who is in difficulty in every way and saves them from those

00:30:42--> 00:30:47

difficulties that releases them and and gives them relief. Robert Francis and I will have on our

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Casa de

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la paz Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was very, very hard to get me but hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato