Abu Bakr Zoud – Do the doors of the Paradise close after the believers have entered it?

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of whether the doors of the paradise are closed after the believers enter the fire. The speaker also talks about the importance of protecting from being hit by the darkness and the need for people to look at the safety of their house. The speaker emphasizes that the act of protecting the asthma is a sign for the believers to live safety and security.
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melkonian Rahim Allah he discusses the matter of whether the doors of the paradise, whether they close after the believers into the paradise or not, you know that when the disbelievers enter jahannam, when they finally enter the fire and each and every single one of them has entered the fire, we ask Allah to protect us from being of those of the fire. But when they enter the fire, the door closes the door of the whole fire closes a lot of Zoysia he says in LA him sada as they enter the Hellfire, the doors of the whole fire shop closed behind them. And this is to add more fee in their house. And it is to add more and more upon the punishment upon them that the door is closed.

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In other words, there's no exit that's it. However, the question is, when the believers enter the paradise, do the doors closed after them or not?

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him along he says that the doors of the paradise shall remain open forever and they never close a large Zoysia he says jetnet adenine mufa Tata lumen mufa Tata level above the doors of the paradise remain open forever and they never close. And why why is this the case of milk Am I hand over lying says that is to imply for the believers in the paradise that they will live safety and security and not to worry about a thing in their life anymore. So Pamela, unlike a missile the life you know, in this life, there is no one except that he locks his door. After he enters into your house, you lock the doors. Why obviously because this fee, that maybe someone an intruder, something on the outside

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somehow enters in my house, so we lock the doors. But in the paradise there's nothing defeat, there's nothing to worry about. There's no harm. So the doors of the paradise removed, remain open as a symbol as a symbol for the believers to always look at the doors that are open or open because there's no harm. There is no harm that's going to ever reach us. There's always safety and security in the paradise. So part of a lot

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