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The speakers discuss the culture of Sweden where children are the highest-paid and the importance of individual success as measured by their success in society. They also touch on the creation of Islam and the use of American citizenship to clean body parts. The speakers emphasize the importance of worshiping Islam as a means of achieving their goals and being a healer, emphasizing the need to be mindful of one's health and knowledge to achieve success in life.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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Nakamoto and a star you know who wanna stop for one movie wanna Tavakoli? When I also will let him in Cerulean fusina means a year Dr. Molina manga de la de la Who among you who follow her dear one I shall weleda heilala hula hula sharika lahu Anna shawanna Muhammad Abdul Rasulullah

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sallallahu taala bill hockey Bashir on one or the other.

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The iron is Allah he be the new he was the Raja Manila from above to my dear brothers and sisters Allah subhanho wa Taala reminded us and one does and he said, Yeah, you are levina Amano, taco, la haka, Ducati, wala de moto nylon to Muslim.

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My brothers and sisters, I remind myself and you that the responsibility of a person.

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The responsibility that a person is given in society is an indicator of his or her importance in that society. Teachers should have the highest status, and the fact that they don't is an indicator of the foolishness of modern societies failure to recognize the importance of those who shape their future. In Sweden, Norway and other Scandinavian countries, teachers

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are the highest paid. An out of them primary school teachers are paid more than anyone else that shows how much importance those societies plays on the raising of responsible citizens. The general quality of life in those countries is proof that their priorities are correct. In societies which have formal social structures like Bhutan, Sri Lanka, which are both Buddhist in the Hindu caste system,

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in India, even in countries like the UK, which is Protestant Christian Church of England, it is priests who have the highest status in Bhutan. Children passing a priest in the street are required to make such a surprise to the priest at his feet. in Colombo airport in Sri Lanka, there is a special cordoned off area in the main concourse with white upholstered sofas and a sign saying, for religious scholars only. I asked someone who was with me, if I would sit there, he told me that I could I quote, If I wished to experience speed of evacuation, that reserved space and so fast, are meant for Buddhist priests only. We see the same situation with priests in all societies, even in

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history. Take the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Persians, Indians, or any other ancient society for that matter, the highest status was given to those whose purpose in life was to worship God, no other purpose unless you know that I gave this honor, not to a priestly class, but to all of humanity. He told us that the reason He created us was to worship Him alone, because only He is worthy of worship.

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I remind myself I knew that the worth of something depends on how well it fulfills the purpose of its creation. Allah subhanaw taala told us why He created us. He said, I will be live in Asia on the regime over Hanako Gina valenza illa de Abu in Surah, Daria Allah said and I, Allah subhanho wa Taala della della who did not create the jinns and human, I created not the jinns and the humans, except that they should worship me alone. I did not create them for any other purpose. I created them only to worship me. I asked myself, when I stand in Salah, do I realize that I am especially privileged, that Allah subhanho wa Taala chose me for this work and created me for this purpose. Do

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I consider Salah to be a great honor bestowed upon me or do I consider it to be a an a burden to be discharged and honors duty to be performed? People ask how they can get hoshido concentration in Salah. I believe it begins with reminding ourselves about what we are doing and for whom we are doing it.

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Allah subhanho data could have created us to clean toilets or collect garbage and if we fulfill

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purpose of our creation by riding honey wagons or garbage trucks all our lives, we would have gotten general. But would that have been something we could feel happy about? If you think I'm exaggerating, I tell you by experience personal experience

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in 1997, or 98, when I used to live here, I went to a W estaba. In Baltimore.

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Now, you know, the routine in a tablet

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is tema or in a tablet tour is that after Serato further, there is a ban, there is a there is a lecture. And these bands after certain further generally they take pretty long, right, maybe 45 minutes, maybe an hour. Now, that is the time for maximum sleep, I mean, you you would have stayed awake, and then I'd read the hazard and so on and so forth. And you get up in time for further After further you want to go to sleep, but you have to sit in this band. So it's a it's not a it's not an easy exercise, it's tough to sit there. And obviously also if you're sitting there, then your body functions function.

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So what happens is that immediately after the father ban, because then Breakfast is served between the two, immediately after the father ban, you find the longest lines in front of the toilets. So in Baltimore, where we had the system, where the system I was there, this was in a in a shopping

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it was it was a mall, which had not yet opens, it was a new mall. And they didn't have obviously they didn't have toilets in the building. So they had a long line of

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mobile toilets, you know, these fiberglass structures is a long letter, but 3040 of them, well, Allah knows better the long line of these toilets. So after the other bad, I also, you know, stood in the line. And I saw the long line of people sitting standing there, obviously, and most of them were probably all of them were this India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, waiting to use the toilet and they obviously don't have on foot. Now while this was going on.

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Suddenly a truck drove up, a tanker truck

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drove up, and which is euphemistically called a honey wagon.

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And this was manned by a man and a woman, both white American.

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And I'm saying this, you describing this for a reason.

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They came and as soon as the toilets were empty, then they put in the pipe one of them when did they put in the pipe and sucked out all the stuff and then wash them and they did that with all the toilets. And then they went away. And of course, we are all obviously very grateful to these people for this service. But as I was standing there and watching this, I asked one of my

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one of my motto, you know, one of the people standing in the queue next to me, one of the brothers. I told him, I asked him, I said, Do you have American citizenship? He said, No. I said, Do you want American citizenship? He said, of course, why do you think I'm here? So I said, how about if you got American citizenship with the clause, that you must spend your entire working life doing this work? cleaning toilets?

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Right, and you will get citizenship right? Day One passport in your hand. But with the condition that you must clean these toilets for the rest of your working life. Would you like that he's a stock Allah.

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So I said,

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Allah created us to worship Him. That was the purpose of creation. Allah could have created us and the purpose of our creation could have been to clean toilets.

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It's an honorable job. It's a healer occupation. It's not like working in an interest pay. interest based bank which we like to do and we are proud of

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cleaning toilets is a is an honorable job and it is a

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it is a hallel occupation. Not like working in a commercial bank.

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Yet, we will not like to do that. But what did Allah created us for? Allah created us for the highest, most honorable,

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most dignified

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job that can ever be which is to worship him Yella Allah

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and Allah made it easy. My question to myself anyways, do we feel honored and thankful when we stand before Allah subhanaw taala I will request you to focus on this thing. When you stand in Salah in a few moments from now. Ask yourself what am I doing?

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Before you begin yourself, ask yourself, What am I doing? How do I feel doing that?

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And then thank Allah Serrano dolla dolla dolla who for choosing you to do this job instead of somebody else

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for choosing you to stand before him instead of someone else and all this before you even begin Salah, that is how we get crucial inshallah

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Allah subhanaw taala addressed. Also our immediate anxiety when it comes when it comes to fulfilling the purpose of our creation, which is to worship Him alone. Questions and puts in our mind is if I spend all my time worshiping Allah, then how do I eat? And as Rhonda said, my main home mill rescue Mama, what do you do I use a bone in the la hora de COVID-19.

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Allah said I do not seek any provision from them, either for myself or themselves, nor for my creatures, nor do I ask that they should feed me

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or my creatures or even feed themselves. Verily Allah subhanaw taala is the all provider and the owner of power and the most.

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Verily, Allah subhanho wa Taala is the all provider, the owner of power, and the strongest, the most strong. I remind you of myself, that the unveiling was Salah, understood this and its relationship with having influence in the world. If we understand the relationship of Salah to our welfare in life, it will help us to pray the way

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and to pray in the way that is meant by a karma the Salah, establishing Salah, Allah subhanaw taala did not tell us to perform Salah or to do Salah or to read Salah or to mix Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala told us to establish Salah

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but do we see it not only as our job but as our purpose in life?

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That is a question to ask Leo ki masala that is the title of this hobo Leo key masala so that we establish Salah forward yoshimasa

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What is the meaning of establishing Salah to establish something means to make it the central factor in all our decision making. For example, if I want to establish good health in my life, I will take every decision based on whether it is good for my health are not

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all that I eat or drink what I do in terms of exercise, how I sit how I stand when I sleep, how long I sleep, where I go, where I don't go, everything will be judged by whether it helps me to establish good health or not. So also if I'm in if I'm in university, with the intention of gaining knowledge to establish myself in my field, then I will judge all the choices I have there against that criteria, which is to gain knowledge to establish myself in that field. I will not get involved with anything that does not help me to establish myself in my field, or which may interfere in my focus and concentration to gain knowledge. If I want to establish myself in my marriage, so that my spouse

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and I are happy and contented with each other, that every decision we take will be based on whether it is good for our marriage or not. I do this because I understand the benefit of what I'm trying to establish in my life. It is that understanding and my conviction that it is best for me, which enables me to take even difficult decisions and to stay on track in the face of all kinds of distractions and temptations. So what is the benefit of establishing Salah? How do I gain in this life and in the app here unless we understand how Salah helps us in this life and how it is the most valuable resource that we have. We will never be able to establish Salah in our lives and will never

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benefit from it in the way that we can and should. Allah subhanaw taala said about final success and failure. cool enough seen that boat we're in number two a phone ah Hulu Roku yo malkia Furman Zaha and in arriba Oh the filler janitor socket fuzz while mal had to do Nia Illa Mata.

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Everyone shall taste death in salt lava. Every one will taste death and only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full

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And whosoever on that day is removed away from the wire and admitted into Jenna We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for Jana. Only that person he indeed is successful. The world of the life of this world is only deception. It is only the enjoyment of deception and a deceiving thing by mal hair to dunia in lamotta. All.

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My brothers and sisters, the race, the result of the race is decided only at the end. And it is the one who owns that race, who makes the rules, the race of life. The one who makes the rules in this race is Allah subhanaw taala. And he told us

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that the winners and losers will be decided not by net worth on wall street or NASDAQ, or by temporal authority and power. But by whether we get gender or the other place. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from the fire. There is no living person today, who has more net worth who has a higher net worth or more temporal power, more absolute authority than did rameses the fourth, the fifth round of masani Salah he had both wealth and power, but Allah subhanaw taala told us what happened to him. The world is deception.

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About what we will get about what will get us freedom from the fire and entry into Jannah. Allah subhanaw taala said very clearly in the ayat we hear in every jar, yeah, Hola, Armando taco La, la kulu. colons are the usually hella kumala comb, while philippou Nova comb. Mama UT la hora Sula, who suffered faza falls on azeema Oh, you who believe have Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala and always speak the truth. He will then direct you to do righteous deeds, and will forgive your sins. And whosoever obeys Allah subhana wa tada and His Messenger sallallahu sallam, only that person, he indeed has achieved great achievement. He indeed has

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succeeded. He is the only one who will be saved from the Hellfire and given john. How do we get freedom from the fire and entry into Jana? Three things by having taqwa by speaking the truth and obeying Allah Subhana Allah and His messenger. More next year inshallah I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to be pleased with you and never to be displeased. I asked Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Allah to help us to live a life which is pleasing to Him, which automatically would be beautiful in this world, and which will get us Jenna in the masala harana we will carry Hualalai he was ibH might be Rama Rama Rama Amina al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.