Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #04 Being Thoughtful in One’s Actions

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Of the characteristics of the believer is to be thoughtful before acting: the believer does not act rashly or impetuously. In the hadith: “Acting with forethought is from Allah; and acting in haste is from Shayṭān…” [Tirmidhi]We learn this lesson from many stories of the prophets: the Prophet Yunus (as) was chastised because he acted on impulse, whereas the Prophet Yusuf (as) was honored by the King because he thought through and planned before acting. The believer plans, and looks at the possible repercussions of his actions, and does not act rashly. Of the ways we protect ourselves from acting on impulse is:1-Always take time (when possible) before undertaking any major decision. Simply letting an idea ruminate in your mind for a while will give you different angles to look at it from.2- Never act or speak while angry. 3- Get advise from loved ones, close friends, and experts. This is the Islamic process of ‘shūra’. 4- Pray the istikhāra prayer and seek Divine Guidance.

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have hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah, who either early he was off by a woman Wella Hammerberg. In the eighth year of the Sierra, a delegation from the tribe of Abdullah case, which is in the region of Bahrain, they came to the Prophet sallallahu ala he was sent them. This tribe is one of the few tribes that had embraced Islam, organically, there was no expedition, there was no even preacher sent to them. It just so happened they heard of Islam, and they accepted and mass and so they decided to give their oath of allegiance to the Prophet sallallahu it would send them so they sent their delegation of maybe 1015 people and they traveled from Bahrain, all the way to

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Medina. And when the delegation arrived in Medina, they were so excited to see the Prophet salallahu it he was seldom that the rewire the reports say they left their camels outside the masjid untied. And they rushed in wearing the same garments that they had worn throughout the entire journey from Bahrain. And they saw the Prophet sallallahu It was sort of they almost jumped upon Him, they started kissing his hand and even his feet Salallahu it he was selling them, but one person of that delegation remained outside and his name was a judge. He is called an ASHA Jabil case. And this schedge when he came, he tied his camo. He went and he took a bath also, he took out two garments

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that he had prepared for the journey. He never wore them, he had prepared when I visit the Prophet system, this is what I'm going to wear. So he wore those good garments put on perfume. Then he entered the masjid. And when he entered, he had dignity. He had wisdom. And he talked to the prophets as I'm asking very intelligent, very wise questions. Unlike the rest of you know, the delegation, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw this schedge he said, This is the Hadith I began three days ago. So I will give the whole story today. Now, he said, you have two characteristics that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala loves in Africa, his 13 You have two characteristics

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Allah loves, number one, a helm. We'll get to him in another lecture. It can be translated as wisdom, and it can be translated as controlling your anger. And number two, he said and to acting thoughtfully, today's brief lecture will be about that second characteristic, acting thoughtfully, to be a movement to have the characteristics of a movement. You don't act impulsively. You don't act rationally. You don't act on the spur of the moment. No, the believer plans the believer thinks things through the believer has an entire vision and then enact that vision. The believer is not impulsive. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was so impressed at the church. He said, These

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are the two characteristics that Allah loves. By the way, I said this two days ago, three days ago, and the church asked ya rasool Allah, and this shows his wisdom, yeah, rasool Allah, are these two characteristics acquired by me? Or Did Allah create me having them? And the prophets have said, No, you were born with them, these are natural with you. So Allah Szeged look at his wisdom, he said, Alhamdulillah, who bestowed upon me two characteristics that Allah loves Alhamdulillah he gave me these o'clock. As I said three days ago in the beginning, even if you don't have a club, you can learn to acquire them. Point is today's brief lecture will be about a rarely discussed

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characteristic, and that is in Arabic, it is called ena, and that is proceeding with thoughtfulness not acting rashly, our Prophet sallallahu I just said to him said Hadith isn't did me the Hon Yana and to mean Allah he will he Allah to min ash shaytaan and some of the scholars say this is slightly weak Hadith but the concept is authentic, and not to mean Allah, acting thoughtfully is a gift from Allah. Well, I Gela acting impulsively is from shaitaan and in the Hadith in Abu Dawood, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, acting with wisdom and thought is always something that is blessed.

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not acting rationally is something that is blessing, except when it comes to good deeds, then you don't have to think twice you do them when it comes to this dunya or to other trophy Coonley Shay in higher minimoto dunya. Thinking things before you do them is always good in this matters of this world. But when it comes to a good deed, you have time to give charity. Don't think too much given you'll have time to pray to God. Don't think too much. Just pray. So when it comes to a good deed, you may act impulsively but when it comes to any matter of this world, any matter you should not act rush rush fully. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said edited knitted, meaty, that acting

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thoughtfully Elena is one of the characteristics that all of the prophets Chrislam and facade and all of the prophets have been given this, the prophets do not act rationally. As a rule, there are one or two exceptions we will talk about that and Allah azza wa jal criticizes multiple times in the Quran, acting without thinking Allah azza wa jal says, Who do you call in Solomon Igel that man is created in haste. Allah azza wa jal says Holy, Asana, Judah, man is created, He wants things immediately. He cannot have patience and wait. And Allah azza wa jal criticizes the cofounder of the Quraysh so many times that fell out the statue, don't, don't be hasty, don't be hasty Be patient.

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And this is something that is a constant theme, even throughout the stories of the Quran, that thinking things through is praised and acting rationally is something that is not praised. So for example, in the Prophet Yunus Alayhis Salam story, he acted impulsively, right? He acted impulsively. And what happened happened because he acted impulsively in the story of the Prophet Yusuf Ali has set up when the guard of the king came and said, The King is calling you. He did not act impulsively. He had a plan, he had an agenda. And he said, Go back to the king and find out the details of that story, because he had a plan because he has thinking things through and he was not

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hasty, that one delay caused him to be raised up in the ranks of the king and the king immediately appoint him to be the minister had he acted impulsively, he rushed out of jail so much so even our prophets have said, may Allah bless my brother used to he said this in the IDI Muslim, had I been in the jail, and the king's guard came to me, I would not have been patient I would have just rushed out, finally let out But Yusuf alayhi salam acted thinking things through and he had the plan. He said, Go back to the king and ask the king of that story. Because of that delay and that thoughtfulness when he was released. Within five minutes. He's automatically made the minister this

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is what an AA are thinking things through mean, you Musa alayhis salam and riddle, right. Musa got frustrated with himself actually. And he said Allah was headed next time I asked a question we're going to part our ways. Our Prophet saw some said, may Allah have mercy on Musa had he not been impatient, had he not acted in Nigella he would have seen amazing things but he got hasty and impatient. So we see all of this acting patiently and impatiently acting in haste and acting things through and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded us and even his wives to think things through in that famous incident in the Sierra, long story here. But to summarize, the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam gave all of his wives the choice to be divorced, and I'll give you money or to stay with me so long story, but in one point in time, our mothers and they're human beings, they're the best but they're human beings. They wanted a higher standard of living and our promises and did not want to do that because he's Rasul Allah says, It's not haram to ask, but he could not live like that. So after a while, one month was he was sleeping in the masjid he then it's in the Quran, Allah gave them the ultimatum for today. nomothetic una, una sola Angelina's in the Quran. If you want this dunya come, I'll give you as much as you want, and then I'll divorce you. And if you want Allah

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and His Messenger, then this is my standard of living. He is Rasul Allah says, and he cannot live like a king, long story. But the point I need to mention here, when he came to our Mother is God, Allahu Allah. He said to her, that oh I Isha, Allah has revealed to me these verses, and there is a choice for you. Then he said, Do not be hasty in making this decision. Go talk to your parents, and then think about this decision. He then recited the verse to her. And then she said, Do I need to ask my parents about this decision? I have chosen Allah and His messenger are processing was worried she might be hasty. think the other thing I just I don't need to ask my mother and father, I don't

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need the Dounia I want Allah and His messenger. But the point is, he told her Do not act in haste, think things through and talk to your parents. So this is one of the main characteristics of the believer to act with wisdom, and therefore to act in haste and impulsively is not a sign of EMR or we should say it's not a sign of the good moment. Now there are in all situations of this world we are forbidden to act in haste but in

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Certain things it becomes even more if you like haram or forbidden or at least greatly discouraged of them. Number one, when it comes to our salah, our Prophet sallallahu sallam said the one who prays quickly it is as if shaitan is stealing from your Salah. So I Jolla, especially in the Salah is definitely something that we should avoid. Number two being hasty in our to us. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah will continue to listen and respond to your doors until you become hasty and lose your patience. They said, O Messenger of Allah, what do you mean become a Steve? He said, You make dua and when you don't see an answer, you say Allah, Allah is not going to

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give it to me and you stop making dua Don't be hasty continue to make do out. Another manner specifically we should not be hasty in is to pass judgment on other people. Allah azza wa jal multiple times in the Quran says be careful. If an evil person comes to you assess something about somebody else today, you know, find out Don't be hasty don't just do something when you hear something no find out. Allah says in the Quran without Rob don't fill out a deep that when you're traveling the land for tiberiu make things clear. And if somebody says he's a believer, then assume he's a believer. What are Taku they went out call a coma samma salam ala moana So Allah is telling

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us don't act on news impulsively. Also even if you see somebody do something our Shetty tells us ask him why find a way out for him in the famous incident in the syrup how to even be a bolt out did something that seems to be treason long story I don't have time for everything here but I'll get I'm giving you references so that you can look it up how to did something that appear to be treacherous. Our profitsystem did not immediately do anything he said bring out to me. He called How to he said Explain yourself oh how to Why did you do this and how to explain and after the explanation. He was given an excuse. He wasn't totally forgiven. But there was an excuse that was given the point being

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we are told do not act in haste. When you hear something when a person says something about another person, even if you see with your own eyes find out to be yellow. Also. We are told as well in our Shetty that one of the worst things we do in haste. And we see this all the time when a auto biller is divorce. Divorce is never done in haste. Allah says in Isaiah mattala after they have decided as Emma you think things through and then you decide not haste. azana can never be done in haste, still thought out is never given in haste. Unfortunately, the majority of Allah that happens in our community, it happens from haste. A man came to him in a bus he said open a bus I got angry I

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divorced my wife 1000 times. Even a boss said you act in a hasty manner, the statute you act in a hasty manner. Then you come to me for fatwas thinking I can find a way out your hastiness as destroyed you so we have to be careful when we undertake a decision any decision especially the decision of marriage and divorce, it can never be done hastily, hastily. Final point. How do we ensure that we don't act in haste? Number one, never act in anger, never act in anger. We'll have an entire lecture Inshallah, about controlling anger. We are told by the prophet system, be quiet when you're angry, don't act when you're angry. Learn from the mistakes of people far better than us

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learn from a prophet Judas it he said it was human anger. He acted in that way. And then what happened happened? Never act in anger. Number two, when you are not as soon as you hear the news, do not even if you're not angry, don't act immediately let things think through. Don't just act in the spur of the moment. Number three, get sure from people like our professors have said to our issue. Ask your parents so when there's a major decision, get the sugar of other people well, I'm rowhome sure Albina home and Allah says to the Prophet system that gets shut off from your companions so we get advice from people older than us more experienced than us. And number four, pray istikhara if

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it's a major decision, ask Allah azza wa jal for divine help. Should I do this? Should I not do this bottom line of the characteristics of the believer is that the believer does not act in haste. The believer does not act impulsively but the believer thinks things through and the believer even in the smallest things like an A schedge, having to clothes ready packed in the garment he had in his suitcase to close he knows he's gonna wear those clothes when he meets the Prophet system. Such a small detail, such a trivial point, but it shows the lack of the movement. It shows the believers thinking things through and that's why the Prophet system said you have two characteristics Allah

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loves and Hillman one Anna May Allah azza wa jal bless us all to act with wisdom and thoughtfulness and to protect us all from the evils of acting impulsively and rationally and will continue tomorrow. Insha Allah Allah was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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