Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya #85

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The Sabians were born in Southern Arabic and were eventually replaced by their great throne. The H carriers were important in modern times, where sh pattern is used to indicate who is winner and sh matter is used to indicate winner. The military struggled with the use of force and the importance of guidance and avoiding touching the queen's hairline. The speaker emphasizes the need to be cautious and appreciate the games in Islam, while also acknowledging the miscalculance of people in Islam and the importance of shattering. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a new class on Islam.
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Fill Out Amanda here got a handy little bit Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi Lambie Eva mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa seldom the Stephen cathedral cathedral from abodo.

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We are on the story of Solomon Ali Salam in the many many lessons that we can learn from it we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make the stories of Zambia a means of guidance for us, which is the reason Allah subhanaw taala told us the stories.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned about rehmani Salaam and he said oh, we live in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim with avacado para sacar Amalia Allah are on the hood. Hoda. Um, kinda Mina Loy bien. Le was the one who either been Shalida Ola as the Hannah who Oh Leia Tian ne Bissell tiny movie moving

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from AKAZA lawyer avoiding Fukada help to learn to hate B or G to come in some aim be knowing your pain in a wotja tomra attento Malik home. We're all here to be in Gulu chez wala Oshun Alim Wadjet to have Acoma ha yes Judo rally Shamcey Mindu nila, he was a young Alohomora shaitan Ramallah home for SATA Khomeini severely vongola yet to dune

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cinema in his last round that I said in the novel,

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he inspected the birds, he said what he said, was inspecting his army and part of the army was birds and he inspected them and he said, What is the matter that I do not see the hobo? Or Is he absent? I will surely punish him with a severe trauma or slaughter him unless he brings me a clear reason.

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You know, before we go further, anywhere, anytime i i read this, I think to myself that if somebody does not worship Allah subhanaw taala at the time of Salah if you are not praying, see the difference between Robert Halloween and a human being who has been given power and authority even though the human being is an OB Alhamdulillah and we are not criticizing the MPLA Musala. I'm just saying the difference between Ahana Rahim and a human being. The hobo is absent as Mr. Ali Salam says I will slaughter him, I will punish him I will give him a terrible torment. And we are absent Allah subhanho wa Taala the call is set out for us to come in the court and the word of Allah

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subhanaw taala to take from him geladeira was not as if you have to give anything to us. And Lesotho does not take anything I lead or need anything. And like calls us for our benefit and we hire Asahi AlFalah Come to success and we say no no wait we I'm what I'm busy. I'm doing other things.

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Other things are more important for me that Allah subhanaw taala now will be love you do not say that without tongues, but this is what our actions are saying.

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Yet, Allah does not slaughter us, Allah does not punish us. Allah gives us another chance and another chance and another chance. Subhanallah how much we need to thank Allah Subhana Allah. Then Allah, Allah says continues, but the hope was stayed not long. That means he came up soon. And he said, I have knowledge I have grasped, which you have not grasped, which means that I have a knowledge of something that you don't know. And I have come to you from Sabah, the land of Sabah with true news. He said I found a woman

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ruling over them. And she had been given all things that could be possessed by any ruler on the earth. And she has a great throne she has this Magnificent Throne. And he says I found her and our people worshipping the sun instead of Allah and shaitan has made their deeds fair seeming to them. This gets shut down and made them they are Allahu Ramadan. shatta has made mosaic and has has and has decorated and made their evil deeds look good to them, and has barred them from Allah subhanho wa Taala his way so they have no guidance. Now Subbu Shiva Sabians the kingdom of Shiva, which is Southern Arabic, was situated in southwestern Arabia and at the time of its greatest greatest

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prosperity in the first millennium BC

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comprise not only Yemen but also a large part of other amount and the Mahara Mahara country, and probably also much of present day as a senior to the to the very large country

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in the vicinity of its capital maarib. The Sapiens had built in the course of centuries, an extraordinary system of dams and dikes and sluices, which became famous in history

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with astonishing remnants existent to do to this day, it was to this great dam that the whole country of Sheba owed its outstanding prosperity which became proverbial throughout Arabia. According to the geographer al Hamdani, who died in 333 34 HD, the area irrigated by the system of dams stretched eastward to the desert of say hard on the confines of the rubble Holly,

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which is the desert in Saudi Arabia. The flourishing state of the country was reflected in its people's intense trading activities and their control of the spice Road, which led from Mario northwards to Makkah and year three and and Syria and that is a sham and eastward to the far on the shores of the Arabian Sea that's connecting with the maritime routes from India and China.

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Now this is amazing story

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of these people of Sabah and the Queen and in the Hattiesburg autonomous below his rant as Ron mentioned a name but this was the she was the queen and she was

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they were sun worshipers I mean like some some people in India for example there were some sun worshipers even today they are so that that's the kind of thing that it then Allah continues jello gelato. Allah says that Ghana is a very famous can eat my genitalia me I mean you Mishima pulumi rescreen of pecan wash guru La Bella Tonto Eva to around bonobo for. For it though. For our Rado of out of southern la he was c'est la vie him about the vision they him Jenna Deniz avato Colin come to see new was 11 Why shame Minh see during Holly

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see there in Cali the Lika Josina. America,

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New Jersey

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for YG Allah Binomo by nalcor Allah D roc, V for

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dada dada vs a CRO V. Alia

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of auto burner by the way, now Swati now all one whose own

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home but

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the ISA was up on our own coulomb was up or in visa Lika is in liquidly, sub Sherco Allah's brother mentioned is one of the summer indeed there was for Subbu a sign in their dwelling place in there, where they used to live to gardens, on the right hand and on the left, and it was said to them eat of the provision of Europe and be grateful to him a fair land an off forgiving rub. But they turned away from the witness of ALLAH, so he sent against them the sale or him, the flood released from the dam, and we converted the two gardens into gardens, producing bit of bad fruit and terrorists, and some few low trees like this, we recreated them because they were ungrateful disbelievers. And never

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do we recreate in such a way except those who are ungrateful disbelievers. And we placed between them and the towns which we are blessed, towns easy to be seen. And we made the stages of the journey between them easy saying, travel in them safely, both by night and by day. But they said all our law, our make the stages between our journey longer, and they are wrong themselves. And so we made them as tails in the land, which means they were destroyed and people used to tell stories about them. And we disperse them all totally, completely scattered. Verily in this, indeed our signs for every steadfast, grateful person.

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Now think about this dilemma. Listen, I was expecting his army and you notice the absence of one word.

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Now, lessons from this, for example, first of all, is that leaders need to know their followers and they need to keep track of them, who's where what's happening and so on.

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Here the punishment that he realized that I mentioned is a very severe punishment because this is a military situation. So obviously the punishments are different. Rosa Sarah also followed the same rule with regard to battles, right.

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In the battles in in the case of battles, Mr. Asana used to be very strict, obviously because

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You cannot have a discipline in the army. There's a story where there was a man who disobeyed the order was salam. Here a week, camel and naturalist told him not to come, but he disobeyed the order. And he came and while the camel was running or walking, it fell. And the man also fell in the date. The Cyber said he Shahid Rasulullah saw him said he is not sure he, he disobeyed my order. Right?

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Another story of another Malik, whose mother or the Elana Setosa salaam take him to serve you a jasola. So one day Ross was on Salam sent him to the market to buy something on the way and as we Marika vellano saw some kids playing a little boys, maybe 10 years old or something. And he joined them and for dessert. Now he said, Listen, I've waited for a long time for him to return. And then he went to look for it. When he found him playing with the gentleman, he asked him what happened I sent to for some work. And as long replied that he had forgotten and he got involved with the plane. Rosa, Santa Santa asked him and he said, What do you do with the money? He had given my analysis?

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Vilano searched his pocket? And he said, Yes, the money is gone money he's lost, the money fell somewhere or something happened to you. There is no sort of said no problem, continue playing and come back home safely. Now, he did not punish him. No, he did not even reprimand him. He didn't he didn't say anything to him. Right. Another example of the example of giving is of disobedience, and what kind of punishment it attracts. So here in the case, Army medic of the law, no, it was a normal situation. And he said, you know, he was very, very merciful to everybody. So that's how we treated him.

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In the other case of the man, this was during

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a battle a skirmish. And obviously, the resources are was much more strict. In that case, the biggest example that we have is the issue of the Battle of jihad.

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As soon as as lava given an instruction to the Sahaba, he placed a group of Sahaba under the command of Jafar when with olive oil on this day, the brother of Oliver Amidala Arellano, he put he placed a group of archers

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on a little hill

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those of you who have been too hard, you would have seen it, the the tour guides they always take you and show you, if you go to Visual show the hardware the

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the shade of either buried, so you have the big mountain and then there is this hillock by itself by the side. And between the mountain and the hillock, there is a passage, narrow passage. Now as soon as I'm placed these archers on the hillock, and he said God this passage, because as soon as I said, I was afraid for the army, that if

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the McCanns attack through that passage, then you the army would be Muslim, he would be caught between two enemy forces that is complete suicide. So to prevent that, he put them there. And he said, stay here and guard the passage. And he said to them that do not leave this place until I call you until I command you and say come back come you can come down. He says Do not leave this place, even if you see that we have won.

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Or if you see that we have lost and the birds of carrion birds are eating from our bodies even then do not leave this place. Until I call it now

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this instruction was given. But

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what what actually happened there what happened to one instruction? And what happened was that the

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the first part of the battle, the Muslims were successful. So they were the McCanns runaway. The one they ran away the the supply,

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trade and their goods and so on. They were out there so the Muslims now started collecting their booty.

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These people on this hillock, they said, well, the battle is over, but is over so let's go Correct. Otherwise we lose our we lose out we will not get anybody. Now Jafra told them the Ross Ross restaurant instruction was very clear. He said no matter what happens, do not leave until I call you and he has not called us. So don't go this no no you know that that instruction was what was meant only for the time of war and so on so forth during the battle. Now the battle is over. There is no problem we can go otherwise we will lose. Now the important thing to understand here is that this is the same kind of argument that we used to do when we set ourselves when sometimes when we are told

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that this is what the lay salah, this is what was ordered. This is what He commanded. This is what he told us to do. We say some people say no but you know that was for those days seventh century Arabia. Today times our times have changed. That doesn't happen.

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planning what think about this, right? Think about this.

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If there is an instruction, I'm not saying everything, but if there is a specific instruction of the Rasul alayhis salaam, that instruction is good for all time until the end of the end of this world. It doesn't matter how time changes the order of Allah and the order of Surah Salam does not change. So let us be very clear in our minds, please do not allow Shaitan to fool you and don't fall into this trap of shaitaan by saying that, Oh, what is it and this is for the for those times, these times, there is no this time and that time in as far as love is concerned, right it what as soon as an order remains true remains valid for all time, it's not restricted to one particular time. Now,

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when the Sahaba did that when they left to some they didn't they didn't obey and not all of them. Jaffa Delano, for example did not leave but others left. And as soon as the archers left their place, Khalid bin Walid Allahu, at that time he was the commander of the Makara army he was with Cavalry behind hidden behind the mountain. He had his eye on this hill. As soon as he saw the archers come down from there, he attacked through that gap. And the whole tide of battle in Ohio completely turned upside down.

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The Muslims were defeated. The Muslims were 70 of them were killed 70 of the of the Shahada. 70 of them were Shaheed including

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some very very famous

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Sahaba like Abdullah bin, Raha are the one who like comes up in the multilevel the Alano and Mousavi Mousavi Mousavi, no wait on did Otto and others they were they were killed. And the worst of the problem was the Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam himself was severely injured, he was severely injured he had a as a result of that injury, he got a concussion. And today we can probably say that maybe there was some kind of hairline fracture in the area of the of the of the skull, which resulted later on in,

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in getting something like the nature of why of viral meningitis. When he was passing away, if you see some of the symptoms of at the time of his passing away. These are these are symptoms of viral meningitis, which is something that happens when the virus goes into the brain through some physical injury to the cranium. So anyway, all of this is, of course,

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conjecture at this point in time because there was no one diagnosing that at that time. I'm just giving you some background, background color. But the important thing here is not all this important thing is to understand that disobeying an order or of the authorities can result in such severe consequences. It's not a simple thing. It's a very, very serious matter. And it can result in some extremely severe consequences.

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So one of my lights broke, so I have to change my spot.

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To continue with the story here, the hobo turned up and said that it had visited saba. Now Soleimani Salam

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was in Jerusalem. And this hotel, he went to Sabah in Yemen. And he said that he saw the queen of Saba, which was Mullica milk, he is who he said and everything and especially mentioned her throne and this tonal very famous, it was supposed to be two, three, you know, levels of it and so on. And Allah knows what, what, how tremendous it was. And then he said that these people they worship the sun instead of Allah and shatta and made their deeds beautiful in their eyes and barred their way to Allah subhanaw taala so they are misguided. Now, the big lesson from here is that guidance and goodness comes not from material possessions because the queen of Hawaii she had everything that

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anybody could have. Right The hobo said she had. Allah has given us everything, even our everything. So she had everything that anybody could have. She was probably also very beautiful plus he had all kinds of wealth and this and that, and she ruled a huge country. And she had this phenomenal throne and everything else, but she did not have he die. And they were worshipping the sun. And that is why I lost my other daughters in southern fathia to ask for Hidayat. Now Schatten can make since look like good deeds, right? Take all the beta for example, all the innovations that people starting to deal

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No that is always a seller we hear it in every July in every corner with that and Allah Bakula in Vienna, all be that are misguidance and all misguidance in the fight

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and the definition of beta is what is introduction of something in the, in Islam in the deen and specifically here it refers to a bar that the ways in which Allah is worshipped, starting something doing something which Rasulillah Salam did not do is a bizarre, right? Please understand, there's nothing good about it. Cool without him Allah. hadith is very, very clear. Like he said, all of them are misguidance and all misguidance and Kulu finna be. Ohana Surah, Salah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from all kinds of with that, and also shake, and this can close the doorway. Think about this. The problem of these things is that they shatter and make them look good people

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who are doing this, for example, people who worship graves, people who go and make the half of a grave who makes who lose to the grave, who stand there and make dua to the person who is in the hover. Right? And they ask that person for favors or they tell the person please make dua for me to Allah subhanho wa Taala to give me this and this and this, including Tor as soon as a seller

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in Islam This is haram we are not allowed to make dua to anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala Jelena but think about these are the people who are doing these things. They are doing these things thinking that this is the right they they don't see this as something wrong. They see this as then they see this as something good. And that is why it is even more reprehensible and it is more dangerous because at least if somebody does something which is haram but they know it is haram say for example somebody who's who's drinking alcohol right always taking drugs now this person knows it is wrong I mean I don't think there's any May Allah protect us but if there's any Muslim who's

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drinking alcohol, I don't think he thinks he considers it to be a good tea right he tells them Salah which and give me give me Jana because of this No. So he No that is wrong. So the the within quotes benefit there is that one can hope that because he knows it is wrong then inshallah someday he will get toffee and he will make the whole by Stefan lies always there to forgive inshallah. But someone who was doing something thinking it is right.

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Thinking it is correct. So here is this person person worshiping idols or doing something else or joining partners with Allah subhanaw taala you know, asking favors from making dua to the Mahalo to us to somebody other than us, America, all of these things that people are doing, they are doing them considering them to be good.

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But they are evil, they are shark and if a person dies with that Aki die if the person dies believing that then we love Mashallah. But Allah subhanaw taala said he will not forgive.

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So it is the worst of, of misguidance. So very, very important for us to understand how shaitaan makes it look good. So the people was worshipping the sun, in this case, they were they were worshiping something, this is a good thing. So they for them, it was piety that they are dating, for example, in India, it's amazing situation where somebody who has wealth, the among the Hindus, those who have wealth, they don't build casinos, they build temples.

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So here you have people who are actually religious, I mean, there are people who, for them, their god is serious, they something that they believe in, they want to do good. And they they spend enormous amounts of money, which is not as not a small thing, right? They spend millions of dollars, building temples, building building places to worship idols.

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So their intention is good, because they want to worship

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You know, they want to worship, worship the Creed, I mean, whatever they think is greater. They're not worshiping Allah subhanaw taala where at least the intention is good.

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But the action is opposite.

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It is idolatry.

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And there's nothing worse than that.

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So after spending all that money and doing making all this you know minute and an effort, not only is there no result or the result is negative, and that is why it is very important to recognize the games that shaitan plays he takes sins and make them look makes them look like good deeds. And this will lead us to Jana, may Allah forgive us. Take Take the case of a Muslim dealing in interest.

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Many of them are also very charitable people, that people who have tobacco businesses, people who have liquor businesses, people who who own and run InterBase bags, they are also very charitable people. So on the one hand, they are doing their income is haram

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And then and then they are spending money in charity and then many of them spent significant amounts of money in sanity. And they think this this cancels out and they think that okay, it doesn't matter if it's haram. I am now giving charity so I'm okay but please understand you can't throw money at God

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you can Allah is the One who is a lot smarter I said you will not want to move Pokhara

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he'll Allah in LA who have anyone who will honeymoon Amit, Allah said you are feed you all of you are beggars you are you are in need.

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So what can we give a lot smarter, we cannot be whatever all we have is from Allah.

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so much other makes it look like this is the whole agenda and will tell you, you know what, don't worry about his interests haram and so on. Because you have this business you are able to give some other charity so this is very good for you.

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But by dealing in interest, you have written your name with your own hand in the list of the enemies of Allah.

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Because Allah declared war on the one who deals interest, what do you call the one who's at war enemy?

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Does it make sense to

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please get out of these things?

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Then the word said

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so then the the budget, Allah is due to the law hailed as the yoke regional hub of its Avati Well, RV, Warrior Allahumma to phone our Mottolino Allah Allah Allah, wa Bhullar Sheila z. This is a

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I have to say that so please, they said,

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Paula Sanzaru. As a doctor, I'm Continental COVID is happy Kitabi

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is a biggie Tabby for LP Illa him from the Walla and home from Zuma they are yo. So the reason I'm saying that this whole said so that they may worship Allah subhanaw taala makes to Allah subhanaw taala who brings to light what is hidden in the heavens and the earth and knows what you conceal and what you reveal? Allah, Allah, Allah, Allahu Allah, there is no one who has the right to be worshipped, but he, the Lord of the supreme throat, and this is the hypothesis that so after this lecture finishes, please make some notes. And then surmise that I've said, we shall see whether you speak the truth or whether you are lying. Go and he gave him a letter I said, go with his letter and

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deliver it to them, and then start to draw back from them and see what the answer is and come back with the answer.

00:27:48 --> 00:27:50

So now this

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queen bill, please.

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See she is she gets his letter. And Jesus call it Yeah, you have Mallow in Neopia Ilya kita, wouldn't Kareem in the home in Salima now in the whole Bismillah R Rahman Rahim now this is the second place in which Bismillah R Rahman Rahim comes in the Quran has an idea. The way is the first place. The first is also the fathia so please understand when you read Susan fathia you must read Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Do not miss that whether you say Bismillah R Rahman loudly or softly You must say it because that is the first is also the fattier if you do not recite so Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, then you have not completely recited so the fathia

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which means that it's a and so the data is a record of the Quran record of the of the Salah. So, which means that your Salah will be will be Nafees will be incomplete will be invalid if you do not complete the record and the record will not be completed if you do not read Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and the incomplete dissolving fattier it through the Fatah consists of seven ayat and Bismillah R Rahman that is the first time so if you if you do not read Bismillah R Rahman M at all. And if you simply start from Alhamdulillah haloperidol Amin and you end up with a very well read and all the way one of Dali, you have resided only six out of the seven the surah is incomplete right.

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So, that means a record of the of the Salah has not been completed in Salah if you do not complete a record a pillar of the Salah then this becomes invalid so please understand this and ensure that you read it. Now the second place in the Quran where Bismillah Rama The name comes is insalata novel in the home insulae Manna this this letter is from Solomon whoa, whoa Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Allah Allahu Allah Toony Muslimeen Katya You will follow after NiFi Emery ma going to Katya tan Embrun Hattah shadowed Paulo Nana Olo coverting oluwo backscene Shadie

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Call as you all know after ni fi Emery mark on to Katya, I'm gonna have that shadow Carlo nanohole over to lupus injury didn't Well I'm ro la ke famzoo Eva marine harlot in Lucca, either dahulu Koreatown Asada aloo eyes that I really have a villa workaholic. Hello

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she said, Oh by chiefs so she's in her court. She's asking her Mousavi in her quarters and army commanders for advice. She said, Oh, she's really here is delivered to me a noble letter. Eventually it's from Salima Alehissalaam and she, he was famous. They knew who he was. And verily it reads in the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, be you not exalted against me but come to me as Muslims in submission. And she said, Oh chiefs advised me in this case of mine. I decided no case till you are present with me. They said we have great strength and great ability for war, but it is for you to come on. So think over what you will come on. And she said Verily, Kings when they

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enter a town or country, they despoil it and they,

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the ruin it, ruin it and they make the most honorable amongst his people, low and that is what they do. Inshallah, we will look at this in our next class, because I don't want to hurry through this. This is a very important part and a very beautiful part of the lesson of this beautiful life of Soleimani Salah what Allah has told us, and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide us and give us

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the ability to understand his color, and to benefit from it was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was I was named Rama Rama Rama wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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