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All around the Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala sherfield mbi even more saline. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah He right only you were so good so love, doesn't even cathedral cathedral I'm about to have written sisters. Let us look at the lessons that we learn from the story of the false accusation, the Matan the slander against our mother. I'm gonna say that I should say the Koran and the revelation of the Quran concerned with that. The first thing to understand is that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who declared her innocence, but also relies on sort of himself didn't know that

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people were slandering her, and Allah subhanaw taala came to her aid, and he revealed Quran

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revealing one if I would have been sufficient Allah subhanaw taala we will 14 Iots 14 If concerning this incident,

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not only did Allah subhanaw taala reveal I had concerning this incident Allah subhanaw taala prescribed punishment and severe punishment

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for people who

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slander a chest,

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most Muslim man or woman,

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it's very, very severe punishment is prescribed for those people who indulge in this kind of

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in this kind of sin.

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So the first lesson we understand is that accusing a Muslim man or woman, a chaste person, a moral person, a good person of Zina of

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fornication or adultery is a major sin that attracts very, very severe punishment according to the Quran.

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So this is something which is very, very important to understand.

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what is meant by slander with regard to the hut punishment, Allah subhanaw taala prescribed a punishment in this world for those who

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accuse just women and I'm not able to produce for a witnesses in sort of the nor the same sort of where, say the agency, the Karana has been pronounced as innocent Bilaspur hoteller.

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I remember for Allah subhanaw taala says the meaning of witches and those who accuse chest women, and do not produce for witnesses that this means for eyewitnesses, who have actually witnessed the actual act, it is not sufficient to say these two people were together in one room and then so on, so no, actual act. So Allah says, and those who accuse jest women, meaning of adultery, and fornication, and do not produce for witnesses, flog them with at lashes at times and reject their testimony forever. They are indeed foster home, which is liars and rebellious people. Now think about this, that normally

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take the Hulu's punishments, the punishment for stealing for for robbery. And this

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is not a question of stealing, you know, swatting, but as highway robbery and so on, stealing victims, perpetrators, habitual stealing, and so on. And also, I don't have to say it again and again. But

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punishment just doesn't mean that you get somebody and you do it. It's a it's something that has to follow due process in law, with the presentation of evidence and so on, and the punishment is only and only prescribed by the court. So in this case, the punishment is amputation of one hand, now, severe punishment, but after that, that person is not jailed, that person is not labeled as a thief for the rest of his life or anything. He is free then and this is the whole issue of rehabilitation of criminals, which is a major issue today in the world. The prison system is really a university for, for, for for criminals, it just makes the person a more a hardened criminal, which the person

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may not have been before he went into the prison. So that's a different discussion. But the point I'm saying here is that in this case of slander, Allah subhanaw taala is saying, lash them at times and then do not take their witness do not take the testimony forever.

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They have been branded as liars. Now this is so that is how serious it is that even after the punishment, the blame for it, the stigma of it will remain on the slander

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For the rest of their lives.

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A lot of anatella said, Verily those

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who accuse chaste women, who never even think of anything touching their chastity, and are good believers are cursed in this life and in the Hereafter, and for them will be a great torment. And this isn't so to know that which I decided in the in the last quarter.

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Allah subhanaw taala that made this,

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this this very strong and very severe statement, discus is confirmed because it is ongoing in this world and in the Hereafter. And because Allah said for them will be a great torment, and this is in addition to the curse, and shows that they are even further removed from Divine Mercy, and that his severe punishment will be upon such people.

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Now, this is for anyone who curses who who slanders Any chest, woman or man and accuses them of adultery, and funny and or fornication.

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We'd say the ISIS elite or the Alon has specifically, there is an even bigger and more severe

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issue in this and that is that a person who accuses ISIS in Nicaragua, Alana, is actually denying

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all of these 14 ayat of the Quran. Now, you know, that our aqidah as far as Muslims are concerned, irrespective of which, you know, sect and, and Mother we went belong to

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all Muslims forever, ever from the beginning from the dominoes and sell them have been agreed upon. And this is a this is one of the fundamental soul and fundamental principles of the Sharia, that anybody who deny is anything in the Quran,

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anything who denies a single word of the Quran? who denies a Hakama the Quran? For example, if somebody denies, you know, in terms of inheritance, Allah subhanaw taala prescribed certain shares. If somebody says, Well, this is not fair. Let's say this person is denying that particular

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allotment of inheritance, which was made by Allah subhanaw taala. Allah subhanaw taala prescribed Salah if somebody says, Well, no, I don't really have to pray, just making dua is sufficient. Allah subhanaw taala made Zina myriad fornication and adultery haram if somebody says well, you know, this is not really haram it's okay the times have changed and so on and so forth. Anything which Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed in the Quran, if somebody speaks against that, if somebody say has an opinion against that and says that what Allah has made, Haram is halal, and what he has made halal is haram or somebody denies even a single word in the Quran.

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All Muslims forever have been agreed upon and this is the basic principle that such a person has exhibited Islam that person no longer Muslim. Anyone who accuses say the ISIS in this or the Allah and of any wrongdoing is not denying one word that person is denying 14 ayat of the Quran. And so such a person is an apostate such a person is aborted, says a person has left Islam. If that person wants to reenter Islam, they have to make a foreign Toba and they have to ask Allah subhanaw taala as a forgiveness and they must give sadaqa they must continue to do that and inshallah they're back in Islam, because we don't. We are nobody to close the doors of Toba is the far but if they don't do

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that, if they continue to accuse, say the Ayesha Siddiqa or the alarm on her specifically I'm saying if they continue to accuse her directly indirectly, implying or anything and that such a person has left Islam they are not Muslim. No matter what they do, they can make hijab to Hajj they can pray after pray, they can pray as much as they want. They will be out of Islam none of that is accepted and they will be in Johanna Mala Samantha has made very clear they are cursed in this dunya and in the Accra and for them Allah has special has prepared a special torment so they will be in the dark they're living a life which is cursed and they will die cursed and they will be in the in the in the

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in the hellfire. I'm not making the statement. This is the Quran which I have presented before you specific to ISIS at the heart of the Allahu anha anyone will go who slanders any Muslim man or woman Any chest person is liable and has no proof has no doesn't have for eyewitnesses of the actual act.

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This person is liable for 80 lashes and will be branded as a liar for the rest of their lives. The witness is not accepted in a court of law or in any kind of transaction arbitration or whatever. So very, very important to understand this extremely critical aspect of this incident of say, the ICRC Viola one

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second thing to understand is that this incident, whatever Allah subhanaw taala does is, and this incident also was scary, it was also good because many lessons were learned from it, the family of a walker Siddhartha Delano suffered, they all suffered or salsa Salam himself suffered, say the ISIS Delana suffered the most of them, but all of them obviously because of the suffering the the urn Asana, they are good deeds with Allah subhanaw taala. And their stations were raised or that were raised with Allah subhanaw taala.

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Lesson number three is for all of us. Always think good of others, especially of other Muslims. So as a result of that give you a brother, or sister 70 Excuses A man came through? And he said, Yeah, so I have this server domain, who constantly makes makes mistakes and you know, is maybe not as mistake he does all kinds of stuff. He

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does always and so on. How many times am I supposed to forgive him? That's what I said. I said, I'm said 70 times every day,

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70 times every day, not just somebody that so many times every day. So if that is the case,

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how and why do we assume the worst about our Muslim brothers and sisters? And so Allah may Allah protect us, none of us is free from this. Any bad news about somebody we believe it instantly.

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Anything good, we may believe it or we may not believe it, I suspect All this happened because of that this was but for the for something evil. We never make excuses. Instantly we accept that this is this must be true. Now Allah surrounded tell us it tells us directly. Allah says Why do you assume the worst? Why did you not when you first heard this lambda waiting to say, this is not true? This cannot be true. We only know good about say the ISIS, Alana and about the Sahaba who was bitter we only know good about them to why do we assume the worst. So Allah Samantha tells us always believed the best husbands

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have the best belief about our brother and sister this does not mean that you should be a fool. If there is evidence, you bet you will go now your base basing your belief on the evidence, you're not just basing the belief on some rumor that you may have heard somewhere. So very important to keep that in mind. Then,

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number four, very, very, very important. Do not spread rumors. And today, and Allah wonders against this. And today, the biggest source of rumors spreading is WhatsApp or any of these chats.

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And people think that they just forwarded as received, it saves you know, it doesn't say you will forwarding it, therefore you are responsible. Just saying forward as received does not save you. So first and foremost, never forward anything generally to everybody because everybody doesn't need it. Number two, if you are going to forward it to somebody ask yourself this question, why am I forwarding? What do I expect this other person to do? And if the answer is I'm feeling bad, I want him to feel bad that is nonsense. Right? Know. Is there something is there something you want this person to do? What is that something be very clear in your mind? Can that person do it?

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Third thing before you forward verify what you're forwarding is it true in today's world of AI and fake news and fake videos and fake news and fake that it is very very likely that what you are forwarding is either something or happened in some other country or it is faked it is completely there's somebody sent me a video of a man riding a bike with a cow in front of him. Now how on earth can be can that even be true? Right so obviously it's a Photoshop thing somebody maybe had a dog and they put a cow's head on it or something, but it looks like the whole thing is that you know I'm giving you a very very bland and very

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you know not not a very dangerous example, but

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this is we do this with much worse stuff. So please, spreading rumors is haram and Allah subhanaw taala one is against it. And today's as I said the biggest means by which rumors are spread is WhatsApp or any other similar chat. Number five

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very important to make this a will soon in our lives to say that we should

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Never ever spread rumors.

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Point number five.

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Don't talk about immorality.

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Don't go into details, don't talk at length, don't get attached to stories of immorality and so on, even with the good intention of stopping it, that people if people give lectures about homosexuality and this and that, and they go into great detail about what happened. No, don't do that. What is horrible.

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Don't keep talking about the corruption that, you know, that is happening around us do something to correct it.

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Don't just keep talking about this is bad, this is bad. We seem to be doing this very much with our own people.

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Muslims are bad in this way. But no, that is true. Maybe they are. But ask yourself, How can I correct that? Talk to the people directly if there is something wrong in somebody, go talk to that person. Don't Don't take it all over the place.

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five, number six, I

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used to

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used to take care of Musleh who was related to him.

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But who was one of the principal, slanders of say dashes. So obviously, he got angry with this and he stopped

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being he used to give a pension he stopped being

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when he found out that this man was spreading these rumors about faith ISIS in Canada, but Allah subhanaw taala revealed specifically an ayat and this is among the fertile of a book Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Berra said

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Don't you want Allah to forgive you? So forgive them forgive the person and when this ayah

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was revealed over to this, but then started to pay him again and even paid him more. Number seven, which I mentioned before. Lesson Milan is the rustlers Asana was a human being and he did not know the hype. He did not know alive he did not know what was the unseen he didn't know what this incident went on for a month. And he suffered obviously right in what kind of suffering, listening to rumors about his wife. He only knew the facts when Allah subhanaw taala told.

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Number eight, the ruling about those who make false accusations I mentioned this before

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is flogging with 80 lashes and labeled as a fabric which is a liar and a rebellious person and their witness is not accepted for life. And lots of monetary said one Lavina young well Lavina your Moodle was unnati sama lamea to be herba T Shuhada Virgili do home.

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Sama Nina Jalla wa Ala taco Baloo the home shahada, 10 Abba.

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Never will humble fast your own Allah said and those who accuse chaste women and do not produce for witnesses, flog them with at stripes and reject their testimony forever. They are indeed the farcical.

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Lesson number 10 Hassan with Sabbath and Musleh and Hamner are there Latinum all of them are Sahaba

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were flogged but not Abdullah bin obey. Now it's very interesting to think about this these people who are flogged and the one who was the principal man, the founder of this whole room was not locked in the

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hotel Alec Josie Rahmatullah gives three possibilities. One is that punishment is like a Farah in the dunya

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so his punishment was withheld until the

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second one was because after after the punishment this person is even though they are they are labeled as liars and in the other inshallah they are free from being punished. But in the case of Abdullah in obey

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his punishment was withheld until the accurate number two

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claims that maybe he did away, which, when he was not caught, and the evidence was not clear,

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you know, against him, and they were no witnesses. So he did it in a clever way. But of course, Allah knows what he did. Last one, and of course, there can be many more. These are just some things that I have thought about the enemies of Allah subhanaw taala will try to assassinate the character of our leaders. And so we shouldn't be careful about believing stories about our leaders when there is no evidence to support the story, spreading rumors Hara and therefore it is very important to remember this. This happens all the time. Anytime somebody

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looks like they can

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Do Something good they can, you know, you're coming up

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immediately. There is somebody who's behind that, who tries to deceive and tries to slander them and strikes, tries to back bite them and reduces their, their value and their influence. Now.

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Even Of course, obviously this is within limits. But even a bad leader is better than having only

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a leaderless community is like a herd of sheep. Anyone can take them away anywhere, anywhere they want. Right? So we shouldn't be very careful. I'm not saying that we have to blindly follow leaders and always praise them. No, leaders are human.

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If Ross was inserted himself was humans, what about people, people today? They are human, they will make mistakes, they will, you know, maybe even they're not just mistake, maybe they even committing a crime, maybe something they're doing, which is knowingly they're doing something wrong. But if you really want to correct them,

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go talk to them, try to correct them in ways which are beneficial rather than spreading rumors about them because this undermines the authority it undermines the leadership, it undermines our

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the benefit of having a little tour.

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We go to

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Gaza to Lucha organisers will conduct this was the last of the battles that was was was salam had to fight.

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In this app, Lana says

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he says that a group of

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a group of

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Jewish tribes which are living in Medina, so one of them had left by then. But the others were still there. When Oprah was there, the others, so they brought

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they went to Makkah, and

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autofab and other tribes, and they guarantee they brought an army of 10,000 men,

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rather than was a tribe and they was mercenaries. So they came

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the Jews who instigated this, they promised them the harvest of Hiva for one year.

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The College of possibles, they're all enmity. So they came in 10,000. Soldiers, this was a very, very large number of soldiers given the times, and even the Arabs in their history of battle. They are not like the Romans and the Persians. They didn't have standing armies and strategy strategists and generals and, you know, a command structure or anything they were, they were reading tribes, they would read caravans, they would read each other, you know, they would grab

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people, slaves, or cattle or whatever spices they would get. This was the culture of the time. And these red were small, you know, a couple of sometimes maybe a couple of score was they say 20 to 2020 30 people, sometimes maybe a couple, a couple of 100, a few 100. Even 1000 soldiers was very, very rare almost never happened. This was 10,000 soldiers.

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in Makkah, I was aware and others they would ask, the Jews be who were considered to be the learner people of the time they were the people of the book. And they were learned.

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So those to tell us tell us who's right. We are Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and the Jews would tell them you are right. Now Allah Subhana Allah revealed or antibodies and Allah said, Allah I'm Tara Illa Lavina Oh, tuna, Siva Minelli. Kitabi you may know and I will Djibouti what are we at where? coluna Linda vena cava? Oh ha Well, I mean, the Latina Manos Avila, who like Aladdin Allah Allahu Allahu Allah. Al Annie Lovell. Fallon tells you that the Hoonah sera lesson Have you not seen those who are given a portion of the Scripture these were people of the book.

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But they believe in gypped

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they believe in the who they believe in,

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in things which are

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objects of manmade

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objects of worship and manmade laws. And they say to the disbelievers that they are better guided as regards the way than the believers than the Muslims. They are those of whom Allah has cursed and he who Allah curses, you will not find for him any helper. Now this shows us what hatred can do.

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Were the Jews denied even that which was common between them and the Muslims? The Jews were not right

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worship was to this day they are not. They don't have any Son of God kind of concept. They don't believe they don't worship idols they believe in, in one

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creator in Allah subhanaw taala. They don't say Allah, they have a different name. But they believe in that that's the reason why, for example,

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hand slaughter by a Jewish person, a believing Jewish person, hand slaughter by him is acceptable as halal for us to eat. Because when they do the slaughter, they do it exactly like us, they lose a visa, and they say in the name of the creator,

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the equivalent of saying

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Bismillah R is me or Bill Alameen, that kind of statement that in the name of the Creator of the universe, and they do the slaughter. So therefore, Hans slaughter by believing a Jew, saying this is acceptable as far as we are concerned, obviously, it's better to have hands water by a Muslim, and all machines slaughtered with her up. So that's on a side note. Now, this shows us how haters blinds us to the truth. And even when the truth is staring us straight in the face. Hatred is such a horrible thing that it takes us away from that. And we

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we, you know, we deny that the truth and the reality.

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Now, as soon as I

00:26:29--> 00:27:15

got intelligence about this, he heard about his army he held Assura Salman al Farsi or the alarm we said he was from from Persia, and he said, Yeah, Salah was in my land, if we fear cavalry, we dig a trench. So why don't we dig a trench here? That's also salam agreed. And they decided to dig the trench to the north of Medina, which was vulnerable in the east and the west Medina was protected by a volcanic tract, very hard and stony track, which was called Amhara. And in the South were dead farms, which were impenetrable. And I actually, next time you heard about either go into a date, palm garden, and you will see what I mean. They're not they're enormous. The dead trees are

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enormous. And they're completely intertwined like this and impenetrable. There's no way you can, even walking through it is a

00:27:23--> 00:27:27

it's not an easy thing to do. So obviously, no cavalry could write to that.

00:27:29--> 00:28:13

So far, this trench every 10 men were given 40 feet of trench to dig. The Muslims are poor and hungry, and they were weak and they weren't enough of them. And as we Malika Delano says that, on one coordinate resource, Salah went out to them, and when he saw the state, he made dua, and he said, Oh, Allah, indeed, these are for the ACA. Oh, ALLAH forgive them for what you wrote and the answer. Al Bara Golan says of the day of conduct, I saw him carry Earth, until there was so much mud on him that I could not see his skin anymore. Now, this is such an important aspect of leadership, of leading from the front, there was no need for a sorcerer seller himself to dig the trench or to

00:28:13--> 00:28:29

carry you know the earth on his, on his blessed head into it and remove it and so on. Nobody expected it if you didn't do it, there will be no harm as the leader it was not even expected of him anyway, but he still did it. And this shows the,

00:28:30--> 00:28:59

the level and the beauty of his leadership and this is what gets you loyalty from your followers. This one himself was so hungry, that he will tie a stone to his belly and you know, tight, so the current like a counterpane kind of argument. Meanwhile, this, this army was advancing, seven then receive intelligence that the Manohara who are a Jewish tribe in Medina and with whom he had a treaty of common defense, that they were planning treason.

00:29:00--> 00:29:29

The problem was that their fortresses were part of the defense plan for Medina and if they revolted open the gates, the Muslims would have been destroyed. So as soon as I said, I'm sent the wellbeing alarm or the alarm to assess the situation. He returned and said that they were bringing in their cattle and and they were paving the roads which indicated that they were preparing for war, merciless SLM, then sent Savin mod and I'm delivering

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unsavoury Nova, and has been Dubai or they allow on one vein and you told them go and investigate and bring news if they have broken the agreement with me. If they have broken the agreement, then come to me in secret and tell me and don't weaken the people. So this is another very important

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lesson that intelligence information must be given on a need to know basis you don't go and announce everything, everybody, not everyone.

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and handle it. And even though what you're speaking is the truth, it can cause harm. So

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we sort of said, if they are the broker the agreement tell me secretly don't weaken the people. If they're going to stand firm by the agreement, then you can announce it publicly. These have revived 911 When they return and they said two words, other

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These were the two tribes who killed the color. We saw this incident earlier, the group of researchers of the Quran and memorizers who Allah Who knows how to sell them at send to teach one of the tribes, they had killed them. So this was treason. And this was the name of these two tribes other one, Carla Surah Surah Surah Salam understood the signal.

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He then sent our two groups of men 203 100 to patrol the mannakkara the area to show them that they were willing and ready to fight.

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In this

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context, in the patrol, the Muslims, the intercepted 20 Camera loads of figs and dates and supplies, going from the fortresses have been no further to the army of Alaska. So it was a clear indication that we're no further we're committing treason, and this was a most difficult situation that the Muslims have ever faced. More next lesson inshallah we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to understand and learn and to benefit from the Sierra of sola he

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was on the on the weekday while Ali he was a member