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Karim Abuzaid
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What's up tourists maka? Serato

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Manu Dora

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Allah cattle sheep Beretta Sander

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akia sohbet Dynamo da da da da

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Alicia Wang de casa de la Bonita watashi Minami oficina de

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la jolla

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to see

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what happens on

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a song potty

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in Alhamdulillah Nakamoto who wanna start? who wanna start so

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Manya de la bufala Malala woman yo lil fella had the Allah wa shadow Allah Allah illallah wa sallahu luxury Kala was shadow Mohammedan Abu who were a pseudo Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad in one early he was happy he was well he he Omaha mini wala Manitoba home BSN in Isla de

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mighty respective brothers and sisters in Islam. I welcome you once again. Kareem Abizaid life from Denver. And today we have the night of the Quran.

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The higher aim series

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The virtual higher aim series which a lot of you

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became interested in it.

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Tonight inshallah brothers and sisters in Islam, we have chapter number 21. So, kindly, kindly, kindly if you can grab almost half right now in a language which you understand.

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And look for chapter number 21 that is Sora to MBA, an MBA the prophets the chapter is called the prophets This is what we will cover tonight inshallah.

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But let me again, begin with welcoming our first brothers and sisters who come first and sign in and let us know that they are here.

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We have sister Mohammad

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Olmos first Jessica love her and sister Mohammed, the brother Antonio from Kuwait. He must be a week 30 as Toronto Sheriff Sarah Lanka. Sarah, Virginia, civil oni semirara I think that's Canada. Benazir Basha I think that's weird. Carolina some weird, Ali cattani that's the first time I see Ali. So Ali, please let us know where you from. It would be nice. would like a little family here. We have our Tila from Toronto.

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Misty, Misty, please let us know misty. That's a new name as well. Miss de da. That is please let us know where you're from.

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Welcome waalaikumsalam brother, it's my Indiana.

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Brother Ali. May Allah love you for loving me. Please let us know where you from Ali in sha Allah.

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Okay, we have sharjeel from London, Polycom Salaam sharjeel. Maria. Yeah, the name is familiar but tapanuli totally forgot where you from Sister Maria. So if you can let us know where you're from. Our dear brother Hassan Ali, who was asked about the month in sha Allah I will Baba Hassan. I will be talking about Hajj about the sacred month. Leave me later.

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Sister Almaden Valley from Santa Monica to Lahore Baraka to who? Oh, this is a van. Okay.

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Good to have you. I'm sorry. We have

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I'm Tony he's already in the machine waiting to pray. Alhamdulillah please make dua for us, brother Antonio. May Allah bless you, our local brother Adrian yacine, Salaam Alaikum. At the end, we have a HUD Hakeem walaikum salam and Sarah Dawn walaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And we have Miriam,

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Miriam Mariya marusia Abdullah walakum Salama, Allahu taala barakato. Sister, Maria. Maria I'm sorry, Maria marusia I'm trying here.

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And I'm originally from Kentucky, that is misty name is Fatima. Mashallah sister Fatima. We have our local brother Abdul Rahman booni. Good to have you brother Abdullah salam wa Taala he will work here to tell you, inshallah, we're ready to go.

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Should I make the announcement now? Or should I wait or should I begin? The sooner it's up to you? Let me see here. If we

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let me see if we can make some announcements, or move on. We'll make the announcements quickly. What about that and we'll repeat them at the end of the program and Sharla Jazakallah Phelan for your support. Always, always always always as a favor for your support. This is the competition I think, I think it's it's really a good way to spend your summer and it looks like the prizes and the test is going to be around a lot higher. So that would be a good a gift for you. inshallah, because a lot has been around the time when we announced the winners

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look at the first price is 1000 and we unlock the world the brothers by the way of all brothers who donated towards that ancestors I'm sorry brothers and sisters the book no your Lord I'm working now in the hamdulillah I am done with the actual book and I'm just doing the editing now and making sure that you know the language is straight and knowing the differences and because I'm also taking some stuff from other brothers and so I want to make sure that I'm referencing them inshallah.

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So, I'm looking forward to that inshallah, in the light Allah.

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So the book is coming soon here. Let me see what happened to our announcement. Okay, right here.

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Here are the list of participants so far.

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First, the sponsors. These are the brothers were sponsored. Our major sponsor brother Rafat. Abood from Michigan. Brother Monahan from Connecticut, brother Abubakar from Texas, and sister Vicki from Colorado and sister Tara from Colorado,

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Oklahoma law Kayla here's the list of participants please brothers and sisters them whatever you can do to support these yarny expenses. We would like to honor these brothers and fulfill our promise.

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list of participants so far, so I'm going to leave it on the screen for you to

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spot your name. Hopefully, please strive to spot your name. If your name is not mentioned, that means you have to send an email again, if you've done that already, we apologize. But please, our admin is working hard to keep up with me.

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So please, This is lesson one, we have three less today. Here is less to please if your name doesn't show where you from. That means we need another email, email telling us where you from, like abdulhadi for example.

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magnesia for example, Mohamed pain for example, we don't know where they are from, so we need to know where they are from.

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Here is less three, which was combined today. abubaker

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McCauley from Maryland Abdul Rahman boonie from Colorado, man, I can boost your Sunday. I hope you do well. Muhammad Rahim from Muhammad Ali Ushaped own Janina northcarolina Mohammed Rashid de Colorado sumaiya. Man that is Canada. So these are the lists of of participants in Sharla.

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Here is the people who order the books of our brothers, I want to let you know that we're not trying to like make money from this book. We're trying to come up with the number of people who are interested. So this way we can spend on printing it, you know, at the end of the day, if some of you cannot afford it, you know, so what inshallah da wouldn't maybe some of the brothers will donate some money towards that too. So the idea is not we're not selling books here. The idea is

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Just we need to do something nice that can be in your library. So we need to print it, we need to make sure that it's neat, and it's nice inshallah. So we just need to know how we don't even know how much it is, you know, don't even know how much it is, well, maybe we'll just gonna say, it's gonna cost us so much and just to run a fundraising for everybody, but please, if you're interested to have this book, you need to send an email. So this way we This way we can add up these numbers so we can do the order in Sharla. Here is how you enroll quiz at our cmcc.org phone number as well. 720-432-9027. And we have also ways to help support donate, sponsor, all of these are means for you

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to do that. And here is illman Health Academy online coming soon in sha Allah illman Health Academy online. We're working on the program. Hopefully, towards the beginning of July, we will share the news with you in sha Allah.

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Okay, that said, let's get to business. Are you ready? Are you ready? Seurat, an MBA

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panalytical ally, I enjoyed it so much. I just enjoyed the soul. First of all, do you know what the MBA means? In MBA means the profits.

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And in the Old Testament, there is the profits. And also inside in bullhead. City there is a book called The Book of the prophets, prophets with an S. So this is Surah, Colombia.

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It is chapter number 21. So please grab a must have in a language which you can read. It can be your iPhone or your smartphone, whatever you have, so that you can follow up with me the evening that by the grace of Allah in those 3040 minutes, you will understand a chapter that is made to fall, hour by hour and a half, almost, if I'm not mistake,

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the name of the surah Subhana Allah was not mentioned in any verse. But obviously,

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the rhythm

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and the continuous account of the mini profits, there are 16 profits mentioned by name

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in Surrattsville MBA

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just look into

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48 until 90 to

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48 until 90 to 49 maybe 49 until 92 versus 112 versus

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what are called

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on all the

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little more team starting with Moosa and

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then Ibrahim and Ibrahim Ali Salam was given us how konnyaku there is a mention of them. And the story of flute and Ibrahim is always tied because they are related and it happened at the same time loot then Noah, then what was

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it the Cumani Phil how old he is Natasha t varnamo. come work with

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me him. Ed. And then what are you but isn't

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who aneema Sonny boo and

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Amy and then what is

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our is our gift loom Lumina saw v y

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v mattina in me now saw the pain and then

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what then no need to move on.

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Napa deer on

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the noon. JOHN Eunice and then was occurring in

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the whole of de la

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foto de Zakaria yahia and then one Leti sauna formula. Fair enough. You know

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I mean? I'm the one who was chased and would breathe in her and we need her and her son Jesus. An area in the room

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To come.

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Look at verse number 92 key keywords, your one oma one nation, one got one message, why the message changes if it is one God, the same people, it has to be Islam. And that is why brothers and sisters in Islam, the higher aim of surah MBR is what? All messengers came with Islam. keen to convey Islam, all of them. no exception, brothers and sisters in Islam.

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But yet, let's connect haha with an MBA. I like to that this is a science by the way in Quranic science, the scholars call it Angel munez habba. The, I don't know how the best translation for the word and Vanessa here because when I say about with mean, according to my you know, Egyptian English occasion like what is the occasion the Baha came before MBA, an MBA came before Taha Why? Why? You see ha ha remember what was the highest aim of Taha Islam is the source

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of happiness, true happiness, let's use the word true because happiness is irrelevant. Everyone can define it his way. But the happiness which we're talking about the spiritual happiness,

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the happiness which Allah places in our lives, not the artificial

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your soccer team won a game and then he loses tomorrow. You got money today and the loser to Moodle you're unhealthy today you're sick tomorrow. That's artificial. But the true happiness is the one that is in instilled in our lives by Allah subhana wa tada because of things we do.

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We qualify for it.

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For you, and success in the hereafter.

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What Islam

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was, was in that the highest aim of Taha okay Allah is telling you in Surah, two MBA, I sent all the prophets

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to deliver that source which will make you happy in this world and successful in the hereafter you connecting them. Beautiful, beautiful, look at this. The highest aim of chapter Taha is Islam the source of happiness in this world, and success in the hereafter. That's what we discussed in the last two lectures surah till MBA, I'm going to use your MBA meaning the prophets came to tell us all the messengers and prophets were sent with Islam, which is the source of happiness in this world and

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then the leading reason to succeed in the hereafter.

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Chapter il ambia was mentioned in the Sunda again, so Panama, there is a connection and I'm going to connect them to you between these five I believe numbers would love these five chapters because they were very early.

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ls la

00:18:25 --> 00:18:38

la sala, that is the chapter that comes right before his calf. So 1718 1920 2117 is raw

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ETL calf, the cave in its raw sewage sludge chapter illustra other people like to call it penninsula Benny sorry, elk calf 18,000,019 baja 20 MDR 21 look autonomous otet about them. And this is inside al Bukhari. Abdullah have noticed Oh, it said, concerning chapters Benny is wrong. He, the one in green, el Caf Maria baja and il MBR. They will among the best of the earliest ones that I learned by heart, so I help Okay. Now let's connect these five. Look at that connection. I'm going to let you read this for a minute.

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The higher m affiliate slot, remember it

00:19:37 --> 00:19:42

that Allah subhanho wa Taala passed on the leadership of humanity

00:19:43 --> 00:19:51

to lead mankind to being happy in this world and successful in the hereafter not just to be bossing mankind No.

00:19:53 --> 00:19:56

To the followers of Muhammad Sallallahu

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Why did this happen and sort of in

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So, remember that was the hiring. And that is why the Prophet was called to Jerusalem, the center,

00:20:08 --> 00:20:11

the headquarter of all the previous messengers.

00:20:12 --> 00:20:13

And he led them in Salah.

00:20:15 --> 00:20:24

And the Prophet was given the Constitution, the bylaws, the Quran, that's why there is a lot of emphasis on the Quran in Surah Surah.

00:20:25 --> 00:20:26


00:20:28 --> 00:20:31

the latty poem,

00:20:33 --> 00:20:40

in the Gita Martin in Dino Allah to be mislead,

00:20:42 --> 00:20:46

to be mislead, there is a lot of emphasis.

00:20:48 --> 00:20:59

Then look at this L calf, as if Allah subhana wa Taala is telling you if you're going to enjoy and good and forbid evil, if you're going to lead people

00:21:00 --> 00:21:09

to Allah. There is another campaign out there which is going to test you.

00:21:11 --> 00:21:15

You're going to be facing a lot of trials and tribulations

00:21:16 --> 00:21:28

and swallowtail calf and the top of the list, is it the Jad What should I do? take refuge in the cave of tohave focus on towhee.

00:21:30 --> 00:21:33

Find the place where you can cage yourself

00:21:34 --> 00:21:36

was Bill Nef, cerca

00:21:37 --> 00:21:38


00:21:40 --> 00:21:44

Belem bill T. One, she

00:21:47 --> 00:21:49

keep yourself patiently

00:21:50 --> 00:21:55

with those who aren't away and stay inside that cave, that can be a machine.

00:21:56 --> 00:21:59

They follow the sooner or small Gemma.

00:22:01 --> 00:22:01

So that says

00:22:03 --> 00:22:11

to escape the trials and tribulations. But while you are in the cave of hate, money and

00:22:12 --> 00:22:13

prepare your kids,

00:22:15 --> 00:22:20

come on, we can be just scored 100 all the time. Come on. You're supposed to be a leader.

00:22:22 --> 00:22:25

So prepare the next generation and that's money.

00:22:27 --> 00:22:27

Who will

00:22:29 --> 00:22:36

take on the leadership from you who will change the condition of the oma from being oppressed and cornered.

00:22:38 --> 00:22:51

And feeling inferiors to being leaders leading mankind. I'm telling you brothers and sisters in Islam The world is thirsty is hungry for Islam

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00:22:55 --> 00:23:22

So while you're in the cave, prepare your children. That was the highest aim of millennium. I look Baja, listen, you worry about your children after you die and you always try to pass on material things to them. Guess what? When you prepare them and give them Islam, you're passing on the source of happiness and what will make them successful in the hereafter. Remember what Allah said to you, you

00:23:29 --> 00:23:30

will leave.

00:23:32 --> 00:23:40

remember Allah said what? protect yourselves and your offspring, your ad your family from the hellfire. That's what you're doing.

00:23:42 --> 00:23:50

Local MBA comes in. I sent all the messengers to emphasize this. To remind you of this. Look at this brothers and sisters.

00:23:52 --> 00:23:54

beautiful art is beautiful.

00:23:55 --> 00:24:06

Leadership is passed in your hand now. You will be tested. Stick to the cave of the head to pass the tests the feet and the trials.

00:24:10 --> 00:24:18

Look at the read. While you are being tested in the cave of the heat prepare the children pass on Islam to them.

00:24:20 --> 00:24:34

Baha you're passing on to your children the ultimate source of happiness and success lnbf Allah sent all the messengers and prophets to remind mankind of that source. And that's what we're dealing with today. Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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00:24:37 --> 00:24:41

The higher aim when you come up with an aim.

00:24:43 --> 00:24:49

It's a concept. So imagine today you will get a chance to learn

00:24:50 --> 00:24:56

what believes in the prophets and messengers is what does it mean

00:24:58 --> 00:24:58

as a Muslim

00:25:00 --> 00:25:07

We know that we have six pillars of each man six pillars of faith, one of them that you believe in luck, and Allah, angels books.

00:25:08 --> 00:25:14

Then what messengers and prophets are going to break this down for you before we go into the chapter

00:25:15 --> 00:25:40

lnbf the first thing that we should know what is the difference between messengers and prophets, lamb and messengers, I'm using lamb to represent messages because that's the name of the chapter, what is the difference between a prophet and a messenger? Look at the first bullet, a messenger is a prophet and a prophet is a messenger, when they are mentioned separately,

00:25:41 --> 00:25:49

a messenger and a profit brothers are the same thing. If they are mentioned what separately

00:25:50 --> 00:26:24

mama is the true this is what we call alpha moussaka terms which have mutual meanings, very close meanings, they mean almost the same thing. Look what the Buddha said. Either determine, if Tanaka when they are mentioned in the same sentence, each one of them will mean something different. well enough taraka is Tama and when you mention it individually, in a sentence, it means both.

00:26:26 --> 00:26:31

If I say Allah has sent prophets, I mean messengers loop.

00:26:33 --> 00:26:48

Right? If I say Allah Subhana, Allah has sent messengers and prophets. Now it's time to distinguish them. So let's distinguish them. You're getting that Alphonse moussaka, because both of them are sent by Allah subhana wa, wa.

00:26:50 --> 00:26:51

Wha. So

00:26:54 --> 00:26:57

we have not sent a prophet or a messenger before you

00:26:58 --> 00:27:04

have hated it. When they are mentioned together, a distinction between them. Look at that it polit

00:27:05 --> 00:27:19

has to be made only when both words appear in single text as follows. A messenger was sent with an updated law of profit is sent to revive the practice of an existing law.

00:27:20 --> 00:27:21


00:27:22 --> 00:27:24

So a messenger brings a mandate,

00:27:26 --> 00:27:27

an update to the law

00:27:29 --> 00:27:31

update to a small portion of Islam.

00:27:34 --> 00:27:39

But the prophet comes to revise the existing law. Nothing new.

00:27:40 --> 00:27:44

Nothing new, like Zachary luckier. Yeah.

00:27:47 --> 00:28:00

There is a sentence of dear brothers and sisters in Islam, which is famous in the books, but a lot of people mistakenly attributed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Which is wrong, but the meaning is correct.

00:28:01 --> 00:28:09

Oh Allah mal Mati ambia, urbania surah. Al, the scholars of my alma are very similar to the prophets of the children of Israel.

00:28:10 --> 00:28:14

Because they will do their work. You see, what I'm doing is,

00:28:16 --> 00:28:38

by the way, that's not a statement. And the statement is like, We're not saying we're not we're prophets here. So don't miss. Don't take this out of context. But I'm just quoting, because we're just reviving the religion. We'll bring in the religion into the spotlight. That's we're not bringing something new. We're not bring in something new.

00:28:41 --> 00:28:47

A profit is sent to revive the practicing of an existing message. Meanwhile, a messenger brings an update.

00:28:50 --> 00:29:09

Is it possible to have two at once? Yes, it is possible that a combination of a messenger and a prophet are sent at the same time to one nation for more than one Prophet, at the same time to one nation, john the baptist, yahia and Jesus, they came together

00:29:11 --> 00:29:16

to eat but the idea is a Prophet Isa is a messenger Allah Mashallah.

00:29:19 --> 00:29:22

More than one prophet to one nation the story of ERC

00:29:26 --> 00:29:41

riblah who method and as hobble party at the Alamo saloon in LA he was mainly forget the woman for as just maybe 33 prophets were sent to one town. So it is possible, but it is not common that more than one messenger

00:29:43 --> 00:29:46

is to be sent to the same nation at the same time.

00:29:47 --> 00:29:48

That is not common

00:29:49 --> 00:29:50

or never happened.

00:29:53 --> 00:29:53


00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

One message brothers and sisters in Islam This is

00:30:00 --> 00:30:03

The main theme of this chapters one message,

00:30:05 --> 00:30:11

one God, one illa Allah La Ilaha Illa, who wasn't on

00:30:12 --> 00:30:16

the call of all the prophets and messengers was was Islam

00:30:17 --> 00:30:22

and this verse in Look at verse number 25.

00:30:25 --> 00:30:27

And we did not send any messenger before you

00:30:30 --> 00:30:36

know he lay here and now hula ilaha illa Anna Boone

00:30:40 --> 00:30:42

What in the

00:30:46 --> 00:30:47


00:30:50 --> 00:30:51

Truly, this is your own mind.

00:30:53 --> 00:31:05

Your religion, one religion, and I'm your Lord worship me. So it's one message one now I'm gonna break this down for you. What does it mean one message and when we hear Christian when we hear Christianity and Judaism

00:31:06 --> 00:31:10

leave these names alone. Here is the message of Islam. Here it is.

00:31:12 --> 00:31:15

Islam comprises four main sections.

00:31:19 --> 00:31:39

Look at these beliefs never changes. Now here the six pillars they believe in Allah angels books, messengers, they have judgment, tada, never changes identical. All the messengers came with this. So this one is unchanged. Never no abrogation whatsoever no ness to this.

00:31:40 --> 00:31:56

Two character aslak unchanged. unchanged. character and a flap unchanged the same thing. These are By the way, the components of the message of Islam. Look at number three. Eva minor changes.

00:31:59 --> 00:32:19

Johan de una mano katiba como si cu tema de Nani? publikum la la coo coo fasting is mandated when you like the people before then the Prophet tells you first Lucy Amina mil cm you

00:32:20 --> 00:32:25

apply to Sahaba distinguish our fasting from the fasting of the People of the Book is

00:32:26 --> 00:32:32

so minor variation. We know that Prophet is Ali Salaam used to spray prostrating like Muslims

00:32:34 --> 00:32:44

July when they're about to kill him, he wanted to make Buddha he made will do and he prayed. Oh, minor variations minor variations.

00:32:46 --> 00:32:59

But But imagine the Prophet wanted to distinguish us and that is why he said to us what bring your shoes, of course in suitable places. Because the People of the Book don't do that.

00:33:01 --> 00:33:08

ourselves Salah our rituals are distinguished somehow. Here is the part which subject to change,

00:33:09 --> 00:33:18

to suit the time if necessary. Sharia and that's the word they are they are afraid of transactions dealing and penal code.

00:33:20 --> 00:33:24

Because every messenger comes to suit his tie.

00:33:25 --> 00:33:44

And that is why brothers and sisters in terms of Hana Allah Allah so pat on with the island in his eternal knowledge, he knew that the world will become one place one city. Imagine there are people who are watching us right now. All the way all the way in Queens, brother,

00:33:45 --> 00:33:46


00:33:47 --> 00:33:54

our brother from Kuwait who's praying now, brother from Malaysia, the sister from Sarah Lanka. Imagine this one one.

00:33:56 --> 00:34:02

So imagine this, that is why so panela that Sharia of Mohammed becomes the universal

00:34:03 --> 00:34:13

because that the world is became the same problems we have in America, our drugs, adultery, alcohol, the same things. So the treatment is one.

00:34:14 --> 00:34:20

The treatment is one, you're getting what you're getting that connection here. That's why the message is what

00:34:21 --> 00:34:22

the message is Islam

00:34:23 --> 00:34:24

is moving forward.

00:34:27 --> 00:34:28

Moving forward.

00:34:30 --> 00:34:33

Muslims believe that all the prophets are human being

00:34:35 --> 00:34:47

what is the wisdom brothers and sisters in Islam? You know, it was always the even at the beginning of chapter in MBA, you will see that, that the non Muslims always say Oh, he's a human being.

00:34:52 --> 00:34:57

When my mother anessa you know, if the Buddha Allah

00:34:59 --> 00:34:59


00:35:00 --> 00:35:01

Bashar Al Rasulullah

00:35:03 --> 00:35:13

what hindered people from the past from believing is that notion that argument that he's a human being, we want an angel.

00:35:15 --> 00:35:28

So what is the wisdom that an angel cannot be a messenger cannot be a prophet, because brothers and sisters in Islam, a messenger comes to become an example and also a role model.

00:35:30 --> 00:35:57

That he's a human being, he has needs like you. He provides for his family like you. He takes the trash out like you, he cleans the house like you, and he gets sick like you. And he gets hungry like you. And he still maintains high caliber, then he becomes an example. But if you bring in an angel, who doesn't eat, who doesn't drink, who doesn't sleep?

00:35:59 --> 00:36:16

And then I'm gonna ask you to do like the angel, what are you gonna say he's an angel. There are angels, I can, I'm a human, I can be like angels. It's not gonna work. So the messenger has to be what a human being in order to present the

00:36:17 --> 00:36:31

practical example of the theory which the religion conveys that he is the theory. And here is the practice. It is the practice right here and he's a human like you.

00:36:32 --> 00:36:32

You're getting that.

00:36:34 --> 00:36:41

look at verses seven and eight and 34 and 35. There is a lot of emphasis on this. Moving forward.

00:36:42 --> 00:36:55

Allah subhanho wa Taala always supported the prophets and the messengers with miracles, and wonders, why, in order to brew, and bear witness that they have connection with Allah.

00:36:57 --> 00:37:01

And brothers and sisters in Islam, be careful look at that other bullet here.

00:37:02 --> 00:37:09

differentiate between the kurama of Phil Wally and the miracle of Nabhi.

00:37:12 --> 00:37:23

Some of you may not understand. Some people, a loss of Hightower to Ireland may get them to do supernatural things. Like walking in water.

00:37:25 --> 00:37:28

Like the boy and the king story, you know, he

00:37:31 --> 00:37:32

This is kurama.

00:37:34 --> 00:37:43

But the miracle of the Prophet is different. Why? A messenger has to disclose his miracle. He has to show to the team

00:37:45 --> 00:37:52

in order to establish the evidence that he is what he is conveying a message from Allah, that's my evidence.

00:37:53 --> 00:38:00

Prophet, Mousavi said I'm done. Mini. The splitting of the sea, top of the line.

00:38:02 --> 00:38:03

When they were thirsty, here is the

00:38:05 --> 00:38:06

top of the line.

00:38:08 --> 00:38:17

Prophet eSATA you Salaam did miracles to prove that his work? He has connection with divine in a way that Allah is supporting him.

00:38:18 --> 00:38:19

Allah has given him support.

00:38:20 --> 00:38:25

But our Lee is not supposed to disclose his karma.

00:38:28 --> 00:38:34

You're not a prophet, you're not a messenger. You don't go to the people and tell them what a you know what? I can walk on water.

00:38:35 --> 00:38:37

I can tell you what you're going to eat tomorrow.

00:38:39 --> 00:38:41

No, you cannot do that.

00:38:42 --> 00:38:43

That is a

00:38:44 --> 00:38:51

a wicked Willie is not really because you're calling people to your worship. So you're supposed to hide it.

00:38:53 --> 00:39:16

So you're not supposed to come and say, Oh, I can do this. And I can do that. No. You're supposed to hide if I'm not giving you kurama it's between you and Allah between you because otherwise people will what will be relying on you. So Pamela brothers and sisters in Islam, even though prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was given a lot of miracles, physical miracles.

00:39:17 --> 00:39:23

He fed an army of 1500 the trench from a little food.

00:39:24 --> 00:39:37

But the one miracle which stands until the Day of Judgment is the Quran. And this brother who's messing up with the Quran doesn't get it. You're messing up with the miracle of France of your messenger.

00:39:38 --> 00:39:46

Why? Because, you see physical miracles are evidence for the living people.

00:39:48 --> 00:39:59

But we know that our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is labeled to be the last messenger. That means Salallahu alaihe salam will die and people until

00:40:00 --> 00:40:14

The Day of Judgment I'm asked to believe in him now, if somebody asked me Listen, we are used to miracles what is the miracle of your messenger? Here's the book right here the Quran is right you read the Quran

00:40:17 --> 00:40:23

that's why I'm very happy with lyonya. So Pamela to see all these student of knowledge like myself,

00:40:25 --> 00:40:36

going after this weirdo because that's a way of Do you know is when you mess around with the p&l, margin, so like maybe this is the miracle of your messenger.

00:40:37 --> 00:40:43

This is the evidence that Hojae that we have against mankind until the day of judgment. You see,

00:40:44 --> 00:40:48

I can't tell them that the Prophet on the day of the trench fed

00:40:50 --> 00:40:52

1500 people the story of jabil I'm

00:40:54 --> 00:40:59

assuming that you know it that at one time jabil wanted to invite the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

00:41:01 --> 00:41:19

in secret. I tell them that Oh Allah, we haven't seen that. Well, he has doubled on right here. You can see you can touch it, you can even read it. The Quran is an evidence the miracle. That's why so panela if you're asked, What is the miracle of your messengers that are on

00:41:20 --> 00:41:25

and that is well I preserved it until the Day of Judgment until the day of judgment.

00:41:27 --> 00:41:31

This is why the outstanding miracle of the prophet SAW Selim is the Quran.

00:41:33 --> 00:41:38

Brothers and sisters in Islam, we believe in all the prophets of Allah.

00:41:41 --> 00:41:45

Amana rasuluh, Bhima de la isla de

00:41:48 --> 00:41:50

cologne, Mana beenleigh

00:41:54 --> 00:41:56

ui learner

00:42:00 --> 00:42:04

will not place any distinction amongst them.

00:42:06 --> 00:42:19

We love it. We love them all. And that's the beauty of Islam. Look at you. He doesn't believe in Jesus. He doesn't believe in Muhammad. Look at a Christian he doesn't believe in Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

00:42:20 --> 00:42:30

a Muslim I believe in Jesus I believe in Moses. All of them. I love them all. I love them all. But I love them the way that a lot wants me to love them.

00:42:32 --> 00:42:36

I'm not going to give anyone status over then his human status like we said they're all human.

00:42:38 --> 00:42:48

no distinction. It's like a Tory. mandatory. Look at this. Whoever this believes in one of them has this believed in all of them

00:42:49 --> 00:42:49


00:42:51 --> 00:42:53

get there but komono

00:42:55 --> 00:43:03

the people of North Bay like the mass in Jersey with an S we know that there was only one messenger

00:43:04 --> 00:43:06

sent to the people of No no.

00:43:08 --> 00:43:12

Why the messengers because when you disbelieve in one messenger you disbelieve in all the messages

00:43:15 --> 00:43:15

you're getting they're

00:43:16 --> 00:43:22

important. There are five of them. They are called the strong will only lies me

00:43:24 --> 00:43:32

fellas, Bill Carmel sobre la. Mina rules will be patient like the strong will know.

00:43:33 --> 00:43:53

Ibrahim Musa Isa Mohamed Salah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at Jamia May Allah made the peace and the blessing of Allah be but on those five and all the messengers of Allah five from will why because their mission was difficult. Their challenge was

00:43:54 --> 00:43:55

up there

00:43:58 --> 00:44:08

every prophet was sent to his own people but Prophet Mohammed was sent to all mankind and he is the last of the messengers

00:44:10 --> 00:44:11

he's the universal one

00:44:13 --> 00:44:20

believing Allah some people are out there by the way oh we believe in Allah but I don't believe in the messengers. No.

00:44:22 --> 00:44:23

Catholic yet right.

00:44:25 --> 00:44:26

Look at look at the verse.

00:44:27 --> 00:44:32

In alladhina foon Abdullah he was UI to the

00:44:35 --> 00:44:36

UI via

00:44:39 --> 00:44:52

via via via po nano camino de la de monitoreo de la de una Tokido by another Anika savvy Serbia, hula

00:44:53 --> 00:45:00

few Muna Hong Kong, they are in truth. Look at the verse 151 Surah Nisa they

00:45:00 --> 00:45:02

are in truth, disbelievers.

00:45:03 --> 00:45:11

Why brothers and sisters in Islam, because Allah subhana wa iarla decreed how to be worshipped.

00:45:15 --> 00:45:21

And that is why you know we sometimes you hear some non Muslim saying, oh God has many ways No.

00:45:22 --> 00:45:24

The way to Allah is the messenger.

00:45:27 --> 00:45:41

Imagine what the line method will Allah to Allah belongs the best example in the heavens and the earth. I have this house and I tell you for you to come to my house, you have to come from the door. And instead you jump from the window, what I'm gonna do to you, oh, likewise,

00:45:42 --> 00:46:04

Allah sent the messenger to show you how to worship him to show you how to obey Him. So you have to follow the x y la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah I'm going to implement that will help hate the worship and the obedience of Allah in accordance with the way Mohamed Salah said them to me that's why it's

00:46:06 --> 00:46:07

moving forward.

00:46:08 --> 00:46:09

What about the numbers?

00:46:11 --> 00:46:13

messengers, brothers and sisters in Islam

00:46:17 --> 00:46:41

25 of them were mentioned in the Quran and I tried to keep them colorful Adam Idris new hood solid Ibrahim Luthor is smart he is happy our use of you shall I move Sahara news now who should a man le s and liesa dual zackary YAH YAH YAH Isa, and the final Mohammed Salah la vida.

00:46:44 --> 00:46:56

Solo those are the one mentioned in the Quran. But there are others who are not mentioned wahoo sulan cada sosna Humala, incoming

00:47:01 --> 00:47:20

messengers we have mentioned to you by name before and messengers which we have not mentioned, how many total there are a lot of week ahaadeeth 120,000 124,000 130 300 the correct view brothers and sisters in Islam we don't know

00:47:21 --> 00:47:42

because a lot of the scholars have weakened these ahaadeeth and I probably made a mistake in one of my previous videos if you heard this, that I numbered them but I found out I did some verification this time and I found out that these Hadith are with the correct position. We don't know the exact number of the prophets

00:47:44 --> 00:47:46

they all were muck torn.

00:47:47 --> 00:47:54

But at the end, so Pinilla despite they came out successful

00:47:55 --> 00:48:07

by the help of Allah subhana wa tada and sometimes brothers and sisters in Islam and I want you to look at the bullet 44 at the verse 44 in the soul, our lamb era

00:48:08 --> 00:48:09

Do you

00:48:10 --> 00:48:32

mean our tone or fee Ha? FL Humala Wally Boone. Look at verse 44. Sometimes it happens gradually. So panela everyday Islam is gaining ground, but very slowly, small ground, small piece. Every day we get somebody accepting Islam every day. That's why they are allowed

00:48:33 --> 00:48:35

religion, which no state

00:48:37 --> 00:48:45

promote. Look how many governments in earth are funding Christian missionaries in

00:48:46 --> 00:48:54

and yet Islam still. That's why they are promoting atheism now in the schools. Because Christianity cannot

00:48:56 --> 00:48:59

over come the spirit of Islam.

00:49:01 --> 00:49:16

But every day, it happens gradually, every day every day. That's why keep working. Keep our lamjao and Annette tilava. And co Swaminathan Rafi is 3d a small real estate is given by Muslim and Islam every day. Beautiful.

00:49:17 --> 00:49:24

What was their mission brothers and sisters in Islam Their mission is to convey a lot of work in

00:49:28 --> 00:49:30

wa rasuluh

00:49:33 --> 00:49:43

key brothers, because we do the work of the messengers and the Prophet, your job is to convey but people accepting it or not. This is in the hands of Allah. So this is one

00:49:45 --> 00:49:58

Allah is the one who guides to their mission also is to establish evidence against mankind and that's a key brothers and sisters Islam. You see when you you convey to somebody and he doesn't accept you establish the evidence against it. Also

00:50:00 --> 00:50:04

Shireen amon de una de la ku

00:50:05 --> 00:50:19

siana La Jolla, Li Li aku Nalin siana La Jolla to bother you establishing the evidence against them.

00:50:20 --> 00:50:25

Because in the Day of Judgment, they will look at bullet number three, they will be witnesses against the people.

00:50:27 --> 00:50:36

They are simply witnesses beer or flat hiding to those who accept their call. Warner's to those who reject them in

00:50:37 --> 00:50:47

southern Africa, look at this shirt he wamu Bear Shillong, one Vila, the three, a witness

00:50:48 --> 00:51:03

a beard or flat tiding you're going to be happy in this world you're going to be successful in the year after after. You're going to be disgusted with yourself depressed in this world and heal in the hereafter. Women are on the kriva in Allahumma This is the mission of the prophets.

00:51:05 --> 00:51:08

I love this brothers, please pay attention to this. I love this.

00:51:11 --> 00:51:19

Normally messengers and prophets are sent at a time when there is corruption and injustice in earth.

00:51:20 --> 00:51:22

And brothers and sisters in Islam,

00:51:23 --> 00:51:29

the main cause of injustice and corruption

00:51:30 --> 00:51:31

is should

00:51:34 --> 00:51:35

I'm telling you,

00:51:36 --> 00:51:42

when you violate the right of the Creator, you're going to start violating the rights of others.

00:51:43 --> 00:51:46

And I I'm amazed at the

00:51:47 --> 00:51:52

order of these verses and a chapter called the room. Look at this.

00:51:54 --> 00:52:06

A long lead in front of Cancun from Cancun from Miami to come from E comb. Allah is the one who created you.

00:52:08 --> 00:52:13

He provides for you he will cause you to die He will raise you up one day in

00:52:15 --> 00:52:18

the life The one who did those four. Look at the question now.

00:52:28 --> 00:52:38

Chain any of the partners, the rivals which you associate in worship, you take as rivals can do any of these for

00:52:39 --> 00:52:44

Jesus can do that the cow can do that. So, so the Han

00:52:48 --> 00:52:52

shinku notified and exalted, elevated.

00:52:53 --> 00:53:00

He's above, shoot above polytheism Look at this. Look at the next verse. That's why that's what puzzled me.

00:53:01 --> 00:53:02

First fossa,

00:53:04 --> 00:53:06

Buhari Bhima Casa but

00:53:09 --> 00:53:13

corruption is filling earth and the sea

00:53:14 --> 00:53:18

and justice because you violated the right of the creative.

00:53:19 --> 00:53:25

The same thing look at this verse brothers and sisters Islam in Salatu MBR. Look at chapter 22.

00:53:27 --> 00:53:30

Lo fi Hema.

00:53:32 --> 00:53:34

A long, long when I first said that,

00:53:35 --> 00:53:43

if there are others, Gods beside Allah in this universe, then it will be corrupt

00:53:45 --> 00:54:10

is shaped when a messenger is sent? A prophet is sent, there is corruption, there is injustice, there is wickedness. Of course, of course, I said, What stems this injustice is schilke. But people are robbing one other. Now you end up with three groups around the prophets, the beneficiaries of the corruption,

00:54:11 --> 00:54:14

the people who are benefiting from the status quo.

00:54:17 --> 00:54:17

He's benefiting

00:54:19 --> 00:54:55

and those are the opponent they become the opponent. That's why the people who normally stand in the face of the messengers or who trophy the people who are having easy life, they are benefiting from the system, because a messenger is coming to the store what First of all, in just justice with a law calling people to the worship of Allah, consequently justice with the people. So he's going to end up with three groups look at these three groups are always forming around the prophets and messengers opponents, the beneficiaries from corruption, they don't want any change.

00:54:56 --> 00:54:59

supporters. Those are the abused

00:55:00 --> 00:55:02

The segment the week the oppressed.

00:55:05 --> 00:55:08

I know we know like our tabernacle of The Loon.

00:55:10 --> 00:55:11

The people of new

00:55:12 --> 00:55:15

man aka, Bashara Mifflin.

00:55:16 --> 00:55:32

tabaka, in alladhina, humara de Luna. We only see that weak people, the poor people. Didn't the leaders have Porush requests from the Prophet that? You know we don't like Amar and kebabs

00:55:35 --> 00:55:48

you know Bilal these are slaves. Can you make a special religion for us? Yeah, you see, and Subhana Allah The undecided remember that chapter a lot of the undecided those are the three groups who come in between

00:55:51 --> 00:56:34

our duty towards the messengers and Allah brothers. I'm looking at the clock here, Max chalets, we're almost done. My time is up. Allahu Akbar. So let's let's finish this two more slides inshallah, please, we will finish this next week and show here is five things that you must do towards your messengers towards the prophets, our duty to say that I believe in the prophets number one, you have to have faith, no distinction, all of them, obeying them but of course you obey the final messenger your own messenger, because the final messenger came with the mandate, believing that they are the best human being, Allahu Allah mohai galerius salata they infallibility regarding

00:56:34 --> 00:56:40

conveying the message that purification never harm any of them like people do.

00:56:41 --> 00:56:50

Look at the Old Testament the way they talk about the wood the way they talk about new the way they talk about loot. Never heard

00:56:51 --> 00:56:52


00:56:53 --> 00:56:56

poodle hamdulillah he was Salah manana Eva

00:56:58 --> 00:56:59


00:57:01 --> 00:57:33

Subhana Allah de cada Bill zety I'm on Look at this. What's alamanda lol mursaleen peace and blessing of Allah be upon the those whom he said, lying against them. One of the things that you can harm others that you say the Prophet said something and he did not say that brothers and sisters in Islam, always strive to sin salah and Salaam are born when their names are mentioned. The prophet SAW Selim said that the stingy person, the one My name is mentioned in front of him and he doesn't say sallallahu wasallam.

00:57:35 --> 00:57:42

Five things are unique regarding Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was sent to all of mankind and he is the final.

00:57:43 --> 00:58:24

Earth was made a Masjid and a place of the hole that you can do today among Buddha Hall was made Hillel for him. Allah made him victorious by all and he was given the intercession in the Day of Judgment. The last thing Prophet sallallaahu salam brothers and sisters Islam and then we should be done. inshallah, I'll just show you the breakdown of the surah and then we'll finish this next week in sha Allah. He it is very important things that we have to believe in regarding Prophet Isa he was born from a father without a father. His mother money um, was a virgin. He spoke in the cradle to the center of Eden his mother, he was only sent to the children of Israel not to mankind like

00:58:24 --> 00:58:59

missions assume, confirming the tower, they blooded to kill him Allah who raised him up to himself, he will descend before the day of judgment to confirm the Quran and be a follower of Mohammed, he will execute five things the Prophet identify them, he will be asked on the Day of Judgment whether he permitted the people to worship him and his mother and to change the gospel he will say no, inshallah, I promise I know this is quick. I promise I'll review this next week in Sharla. with you regarding maybe you can start from Prophet Muhammad this way we furnished What does it mean to believe in the prophets here is the soul

00:59:00 --> 00:59:13

Do you want to do your homework and then explain this next week inshallah. topics, considering the higher aim? The need for prophets one to 10 verses one to 10 you will read that there is a need for profits.

00:59:14 --> 00:59:19

It's 11 to 24 it's not a game. It's a dead serious thing, man.

00:59:21 --> 00:59:26

You must have to hate 2547 You must have Islam 4892.

00:59:27 --> 00:59:40

There are signs of the hour. Yeah, two gentlemen are mentioned. The final outcome of the hour will be gentle Hill going to Jana going to Hill. The profit is a mercy to all of mankind. So Pamela,

00:59:42 --> 00:59:46

let me just close with this. So little MBA in a nutshell.

00:59:48 --> 00:59:59

The need for profits, because the hour is growing need and this the first verse, fo tabellen is a look read the first verse. Look at the first verse.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:43

The hour is coming near why people are heedless. That's why you need prophets to remind the people of Gautama, the need for the prophets because the hour is drawing near. Meanwhile, the people are heedless and be occupied with this world. The most important thing that they must have is the heat. They that's why they were provided with the intellectual proof, which is a lie His Lordship necessitate his worship. They must also die as Muslims Hence, we send the messengers to call them to Islam, because it is one God one community one message, the emerging of Julian George Gargan Magog is one of the significant major signs of the hour. And when it's here that means the Day of Judgment

01:00:43 --> 01:01:05

is here. And with the Day of Judgment, there will be people of gender people of *, Allah has sent the final messenger to remind that people in Sharla brothers and sisters in Islam I will start from maybe the five unique things that Prophet Mohammed has done Prophet Isa, just to sum this up a little bit more and then go into the surah and explain these

01:01:06 --> 01:01:23

seven parts I think there are seven right seven parts they can picture of this if you want to review those one to 1011 to 20 420-547-4890 to 9390 790-810-6171 12. JACK Hello, hello.

01:01:24 --> 01:01:25

I enjoy

01:01:27 --> 01:01:27

I enjoyed it.

01:01:28 --> 01:02:16

Okay, let me go over the announcement one more time and then we'll be done inshallah. Brothers and sisters in Islam Here it is. It is Jazakallah Helen for supporting us. It is the names and the attributes competition. June 30 is the deadline. We have 35 already signed up by the way, August 2 announcing the winner 31st is the so you have a whole month inshallah I'm working on the book, I'm doing the final editing. Hopefully I'll be done by the end of the month. And hopefully we'll if we cannot make it available hardcopy we'll make it available soft copy inshallah. But please place your order right here in Sharla. Brothers and sisters Islam help us support these activities. We have the

01:02:16 --> 01:02:21

sponsors so far for this particular competition the brothers and sisters, here is a list of participants so far.

01:02:24 --> 01:02:26

Please try to spot your name.

01:02:28 --> 01:03:00

And those who order the book 10 I believe 10 total. To enroll, visit our cmcc.org and here is how you can help us or sponsor or support. Jacmel availa coming soon in an academy online look for that in Sharma jack Hello, hello brothers and sisters in Islam. It's really fun, you know, it's really fun. I know there is a lot of you wanting to ask but maybe inshallah tomorrow, I'm sorry.

01:03:01 --> 01:03:05

next lecture inshallah. This Saturday inshallah we'll have a special

01:03:10 --> 01:03:17

session to question and answer inshallah. Jacko la failla. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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01:03:22 --> 01:03:25

my cursor to NAFTA what other Oh can

01:03:31 --> 01:03:33

I cancel ship burritos and coffee didn't

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cancel but

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Marina camino

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de casa de la isla Bonita watashi Minami oficina de casa de

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to see movie McCarty Naaman

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