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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the significance of the upcoming national holiday, title "has been made," within the Hadith movement and the history of the national holiday. The speakers touch on the Heridto's "has been there for a long time, so you can walk outside and see the sky," as well as the importance of the Heridto's "has been there for a long time, so you can walk outside and see the sky."
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hammered one early he was shocked to hear Jemaine or bad.

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Yesterday the Hadith narrated was narrated by Ben Masuda Levana Abu Huraira as the mistake I made when I was thinking about when I got when I was driving home, it was narrated by even Mr. Oh not by borella For those who you know, kind of keep track of these things, you have to be an imam or Muslim and so he asked me what are the Allahu Anhu I'll call and there we go. So Allah Allah Allah wa salam dari tonight is for sure read by a collection of Muslim. The theme of the significance of Juma which I'll be talking about over the next few weeks and show Wattana the goal of this is John, I'd love to encourage especially my younger brothers and sisters who are going to work or school that Gemini

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does not just not, it's not just a summer activity, it's something that goes throughout the year and we have to find accommodations, to find ways to make sure that we continue to attend Jamaah throughout the year, despite maybe difficulties within work or schooling or other other obstacles that may face us. And how do you think that today is more of a or tonight is more of a incur is it going to yesterday the day before a bit harsh, but that's what he said Alia salatu salam so I have to convey to you what he said and when he said something that had that strength in it or that harshness in it, it's important that we that we think about it because he rarely did the audience

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thought was to them and daddy today is a bit more. On the encouragement side is what he said on his SoundCloud and his race for Hadith. But higher we omen. Paula Ali Shams, yo Mojo ma T holy them for fee he owed the helo janitor, where he heard the German

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said that he thought was the best day that the sun has ever shone upon or shined upon. It is the day of Jamal within that day, on July that Adam was created. It's on Jomo that Adam entered the garden and it's on that day Adam left the garden

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now the first two are pretty simple to understand in terms of their importance and significance. The day that Adam it he said I'm came to that ability achieved the ability of metacognition if I may, or the ability to learn and to be who he was the day that he was offered on the sanctuary by Allah subhanaw taala in the garden.

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Mind you, there is a difference of opinion within the Muslim movement the scholars were Adam it used to be much whether the gender was in actual heavens or was it whether it was on earth and there's a 6040

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distinction or cut off? Like the 60% believe it's up into the heavens and if 40% actually believe that it wasn't I tend to be amongst that group because I don't there are certain questions I don't have good answers for about this because we don't know as far as we know the agenda to name is not a place that you go and leave at night is not a place where you're held accountable for mistakes that you make and that's what it kind of happened to me he said I'm so either it was agenda that the laws for it changed after he left or it was something that actually exists on earth which i My mind is more keep in keeping with the with the terminology or the language that the Quran uses about it. But

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as I said it's an issue of difference of opinion among scholars so whatever opinion you carry your your very well entitled to do so.

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But the point I wanted to make is Why is a hegemon has something that's of any significant significance of his creation out of history. Okay, because the significance of it entering the garden Okay, but why leaving it leaving it is what jumpstarted our story

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we wouldn't be here if it didn't happen that way either myself not leave the garden to go and search for that which he was missing the whole story of Adam is that I'm in Jana is with a bliss and his wife is very very symbolic and i i For sure have to talk about this at some point and full length because a lot of people don't understand it's very symbolic Allah subhanaw taala the idea that you know we were given a chance and D'Amato messed it up

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No, that's that's that's very naive and very simplistic and other day of judgment by there's a hadith and Muslim were moose is that I'm in the midst of it of the of the heat of that day and the difficulty of that day he'll finally go search seek out Adam and tell him why.

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Why look at what happened. Why did you eat from you couldn't? Why? Look? So I didn't matter. You said I'm gonna tell him you're holding me accountable for something Allah Subhanallah decreed upon me 50,000 years before I ever existed, but in the Hadith column, maybe for her Jaya Musa. And he, they argued and Adams argument was much stronger than Musen was a new it is just the difficulty of the Day of Judgment just led him to say something because he couldn't stand it was hard to it's hard. It's hard to understand was a hard day. It was a panda grant a sanctuary that day as well. Yeah, it's very difficult. So

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he Origen minha. is not. The reason I'm pointing this out to you is that Jo Ma is the beaut the significance of doing hierarchy. So he said the hierarchy on the best day today item was created best day criteria. Yes, for sure. That's it.

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something great happened makes it the mistake to do under agenda. Yes, amazing, great thing that happened the day he left. Why would I add that? Yes, the day he left was a good day too, which is why June was a good day, because it could have happened, Joe might not point it out, because it doesn't add up to the criteria of making it the best day. But he pointed it out, they've happened he left in that day, that was a good thing too. Because that started this whole story that's allowed us to be here that gave us this, this experience of life is a beautiful experience with all the misery and all the pain and all the agony, all the difficulty and the obstacles and the suffering and the

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cry, the tears and the crying and all that this is still a very beautiful experience, the fact that we are here, we don't take time to think about that anymore, because of the speed that life runs out and how we get caught up into our little bubbles. And we're in our silos and we're focused on specific tasks. The fact that we are here that we're you can walk outside right now and just take a deep breath, and just look at the sky for a few moments. This is very beautiful, you have senses, you're able to actually embrace and experience what Allah subhanaw taala put out. When he when he created in this universe, we are given this very unique ability to experience it at a profound

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level, that other creations don't necessarily get to do that. But we do, we've just chose to stare at a, you know, a black box for forever. But really, you know, there's another black box and if you stare at it, it's much more beautiful, much more meaningful and much more authentic and natural and ancient and, and, and the depth of it is just mind blowing. So the product that I just walked out of Jannah place where, regardless of what you believe, where it was, where he was protected from life, in its in its essence, like he was protected from nature and intellect. I let her do it. While Nikola Tesla, goofy while you're here, you'll never be hungry, you'll never be thirsty, you'll never

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be scared. You're never you're never like, you know, there'll be too hard, you won't be too cold. But that means you won't be also exciting, or interesting and all aspects of life won't exist and you want to learn anything and there's no friction, there's no growth and with no growth, there's no life become something that's that that's repetitive and boring. And it ruins what it is. So the fact that he and love genders just as beautiful as the fact that he entered it. Because I didn't realize I've got to learn and only through comparisons can we learn. It's only through when you when you when you can only understand the beauty of something sweet when you when you try something sour. If

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you only understand the beauty of being full, when you're hungry. If you if you didn't have hunger, then you could never appreciate having a full belly. If you're always full, then you're never, you know, doesn't make it it doesn't it's not something that you're going to be excited about because you don't know what it means to be hungry. Otherwise I'm glad to see all the beautiful stuff and then okay can stand up go out and see what nature's actually like and he went down and he saw it and nature's harsh but that just made the experience of life even more beautiful for him and for those who came from him it is to them. And that's why Joomla is a beautiful day. Allah Allah guided us to

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that day and so the need for us to even measure point that the Prophet Allah says in the Hadith that is authentic in the hair yo more evening, little Muslim, this is a day of celebrate Dave Jones Day a celebratory day. They you celebrate why Allah subhana created Adam, the story began this day, this is the day this is our day, this day that we you work we're not like we have to take it up. No, you can don't take it off. But just appreciate the beauty of this day. And as a part of that appreciation, a part of that celebration.

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We come for Joomla part of that is you come you attend a prayer in a group. And that's what we should all never forget. It's very important and maybe that should be embedded in the DNA of our children as they live in these countries. Nope that was of benefit to Yahweh. The man will Muslim and fiercer he antibiotics are the Allahu Anhu call call and they'll be your Salah Allahu Allah you earlier Salam, Hey, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, me and Paula Ali Hisham coo Mojo ma V holy Murphy. He will look at the agenda, trophy origin Soraka Rasulullah sallallahu annually, some sentimental condition alert lenses talking to Greek also Allahu wa sallam about like, kind of you know Mohammed

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