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AI: Summary © The Bible's origins are discussed, including a rabbi named Jesus who was known for his p salary and goodness and his preaching. The interviewer, Margaux to scholar, had a conversation with a trainer about Jesus' weight and was advised not to let her neighbors invade until she had them invite them to receive Islam. The speaker also discusses the importance of acceptance of Islam and the culture of Islam, including the use of fasting, the word Islam, and the importance of luxury in the culture of Islam.
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A lot of Maori are hungry later I'll be datamine was salam ala sherfield MBA will mousseline Mohamed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doesn't even cathedra on cathedra from Nevada, one of the sisters, another one of the beautiful stories of the Syrah, concerns and is about the great Jewish rabbi of the Bonavia. Called, and Hussein even Salaam. And later on, he was called the sorceress alum named Abdullah. So we know him as Abdullah bin Salam, or the Allahu may Allah be pleased with him. He was a Jewish rabbi. In year three, which is the name of Medina, before sorrows Hassan came there. And he was widely respected in the whole city, not just by the Jews, but by everybody. He was

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a very, he was a he was not just a famous rabbi, but he was descended from a family of rabbis. So his father, grandfather, they were all rabbis before him, and he was highly respected. So he was known for his piety and his goodness, and his upright conduct and for his truthfulness,

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I lose them inside lab lived.

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They lived a very organized life, for a fixed period each day he would worship and he would teach, and he would preach in the temple, then he would spend some time in his orchard, looking after dead pumps, ruining pollinating, watering whatever needed to be done. And thereafter, to increase his understanding and knowledge of the religion, he would devote himself to the study of the Torah. Now, in this study, it is said that he was particularly struck by some verses of the Torah, which dealt with the coming of a prophet, who would complete the message of previous prophets. Al Hussein means alarm, therefore, took an immediate, very keen interest in this, and he, because he had heard that

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a prophet had appeared in Makkah. So he started taking interest in that he would ask people, has anybody seen him? What is he saying, you know, what is? What is the claim, what is he preaching, and so on and so forth. And then of course, he heard that this prophet was preaching a monotheistic religion, he was against idol worship, he was preaching that there is only one God, and that is Allah subhanaw taala. And that he was receiving revelation from Allah subhanaw, taala, and people.

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Some people recited Romans 11 Salaam, Psalm eight of the Quran and so on. So he became more and more convinced. Then he said, and this is in his word, he said, When I heard of the appearance of Rasulullah, saw salah, I began to make inquiries about his name, his genealogy, his characteristics, you know, physical as well as manners and so on, and his time and place when I began to compare this information, which with what is contained in our books, from these inquiries, I became convinced about the authenticity of his prophethood and I affirmed to the truth of his mission, so basically, he

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he became Muslim, he accepted Islam, and he became Muslim. He said, But I had hid the

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truth from my people from the bernadina The Jews of Medina because he was afraid of their reaction on that. Then came the day when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left Bucha and he headed for yesterday.

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When he reached yesterday, we stopped at whova. And a man came rushing into yesterday, calling out to people and announcing the arrival of

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the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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Abdullah bin Salam out of Iran. He said at that moment, I was on top of a palm tree, doing some work and my art his name, his name was Khadija Mintel Harris was sitting under the tree. So on hearing the news with his man who came and he announced,

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so when he, when Abdullah bin Salam, or Zaman Salam was on top of the tree, when he heard this news, he said, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

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He says, My aunt heard this, and she said, and she criticized him. She said, We got frustrated you by God, you had heard, if you had heard that Moses Musa alayhis salam was coming you will not have been more more enthusiastic. And so Abdullah says, my aunt really Wallahi by Allah, the brother of more Musa and who follows his religion and he is the brother of

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more settlers Mohamed Salah was the brother of Musa and he follows the religion which Musa was sent with. So this is the again this is our belief that all the messengers all the Russell's all the Navy Ambia, they were brothers to one another.

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This was the reason I'm saying the same thing to the,

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to Allah. Thus,

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the gardener in the garden entire were sorceress took refuge. And Allah das said he was from the people of Nineveh. And Surah Surah Salam said, that is the land of my brother us. So all of that said, units, how is your brother because he said my brother because he was a prophet of Allah. And I'm a prophet of Allah and all prophets are brothers to one another.

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So, the and

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Khadija and I've been to Paris, she was silent for a while. And then he said, Is he the Prophet about whom you spoke to us? And who you said would be sent to confirm the truth preached by previous prophets. And to complete the message of our

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zoom in Salam said, Yes,

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it is the same person.

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So that is it. Without any delay,

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I went to meet as soon as I saw his Irish Koba, I saw crowds of people at his door, I moved about in the crowds until I reached close to him, and I wanted to hear what he was saying. And he said, the first words that I heard him say, were, he said, oh, people, offshore salah, he said, spread peace. And then he said, feed the people, share your food, feed the people. And then he said, Pray during the night while people sleep. And you will enter Jannah in peace. So he's giving them he's giving people three pieces of advice. First time is meeting them three pieces of advice. secret of success in this life in the Astra spread salah, feed people, meaning be generous, especially with food, but

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in any in many ways, and then pray during the night which is the huddle

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where people normally sleep, and you will enter Jannah you will enter paradise in peace, Abdullah in salam ala segments, Elijah I looked at him closely. Now, remember, Abdul Rahman Salam was is great scholar. And among the things that he was famous for was

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an art which was there in those days, which today for one to one other word, you would call it face reading. So he would look at somebody's face and he would know a great deal about this person because of the signs that he would see in the person's face. So he said, I looked at him closely scrutinized him. And he said I was convinced that his face was not the face of an imposter was not the face of a liar.

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He said I went closer to him. And I made the declaration of faith immediately you and he accepted Islam. He said there are several Lila he Lulla guasha, la number her model so that

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he said the Prophet SAW, Selim turned to me, and he asked him, he asked me What is your name?

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And he

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said, I said my name is and Hussein bin Salam.

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Salam said, instead of that from now your name is Abdullah in salah of the laborer, Salam. So he gave him a new name. And Abdullah bin Salam said, Yes, I agree Abdullah bin Salam, it shall be by him. That is ALLAH SubhanA data, who has sent you with the truth. I do not wish to have another name from after this day.

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He said I returned home and I introduced Islam to my wife, my children and the rest of my household. They all accepted Islam, including my aunt Claudia, who was then an old lady. However, I advised them to conceal our acceptance of Islam from the Jews until I gave them permission and they all agreed that he was afraid of any conflict and so on. So subsequently, now he said, I went back to rasool Allah is on salah, and I said to him, ya rasool Allah, the Jews are a people. He's talking about the Jews in Medina,

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the burn of the year and all the divisions the Jews are people who are inclined to

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to slander and to falsehood. I want you to invite their most prominent men to meet you. And during the meeting, you should keep me concealed in from them in one of the other room

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And then ask them about my status among them.

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Before they find out about my acceptance of Islam, then invite them to Islam, if they accept that is good, if not, instead, if they were wrong because that I would become Muslim. They would denounce me and accuse me of everything bass and they were random.

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So that's what I

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did as he advised he had him in

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the next room, he invited these people they came, he introduced Islam

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to them, and they began to dispute and they argued with him about the truth and so on. And he they will not accept. So when he realized that they were not inclined to accept Islam, he posed the question to them, he said, What is the status? Or what was Edmund Zahlavova view? They said, he's our site yet. He said, He's our leader, and he's the son of our Savior. He's our Rabbi. He's our ally. He's our scholar, and he's the son of our rabbi and scholar.

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Then, as Sam said, if you came to know that he has accepted Islam, would you also accept Islam? They said, God forbid, he will never accept Islam. May God protect him from accepting Islam. So they were horrified. They said, this can never happen. And this time of the ravine, Salam said, I came out, and I announced, or assembly of Jews, be conscious of Allah, it took Allah and accept what Mohammed Salah Salem has brought by God, you certainly know that He is a messenger of God of Allah. And you can find prophecies about him, and the mention of his name and characteristics in our Torah. I, for my part, declare that he is the messenger of Allah, I have faith in him. And I believe that he is

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true. And I know him.

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He said there was pandemonium. They shouted, You are a liar by God, you are even ignorant, you're the son of an evil, ignorant person, and they continue to and they continue to abuse him and so on and

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on him and his father as possible. And this is the body of the law.

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Now the law no,

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he came think about this, he came. This is the mark of a true scholar, Margaux to scholar is that he is in search always in search of knowledge, and always in search of the truth. Right, he is not somebody who at any point in time says what a guy No, now I don't have to accept anything I am. You know, I'm at the ultimate end of knowledge, nothing more that I need to know. No scholar will say that. True scholarship produces humility.

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And until having said that, on who was like this, so he had a his, his his heart and his soul was thirsty for knowledge. He was passionately devoted to the Quran. And he spent much time in citing it and studying the Quran. He was very, very attached, deeply attached to a surah Salem and he spent a lot of time in the company of Rasul Allah, he thought,

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all these are marks of a true scholar. He's got he's got he's a true scholar, he has

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the desire to learn, he has the book of Allah, he has a messenger of Allah with him. And of course, he takes full advantage of these blessings.

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He spent a lot of time in the masjid, in, in in Nuffield Salawat engaged in worship in learning and teaching.

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He was known for his beautiful whenever the teacher he was a DJ was a scholar. So he brought all those skills to an outreach lab. And he was known for his beautiful way of teaching in the Halacha study circles of the sahaba.

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To the extent that observing Salam used to be called the person of Jana is to call from the

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from one of the origin Hello Jana, from a man from the people of Jana. And it was because of his

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his strong belief in Rasulullah Salem and his

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and his, you know, his devotion to Allah subhanaw taala as dean and to his

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to the to the name of Allah subhanaw taala and to the collab of Allah subhanaw taala mela mela is one of the law grantors the goodness to to learn

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the deen and to

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and to truly follow it in our lives.

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we go and let's move on with our story rather than was Ramadan fasting was prescribed in the second year of Hijra.

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And whereas last rounds that are revealed you will

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would you buy legal CRM or come up with the rather than did I mean Cody Kumar live in the Tahoe, or you will believe,

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decreed on he was fasting as it was decreed

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upon those before you so that you may become multiple and righteous. It's very interesting to think about this that

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Salah was prescribed five times that I was prescribed as a 13 year of fasting was prescribed in second year after

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going to Medina.

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Almost any task or icon which was revealed in Makkah, was to do with the glory and majesty of Allah's mantle. So the purpose was to fill the hearts of the Muslims with the glory and majesty and power of Allah subhanaw taala so that they became firm in their faith. And then Allah subhanaw taala prescribed rules and regulations of life. And that is why those rules regulation life were accepted so readily and they were followed so faithfully

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and consistently, because people knew from where they were coming, right for people.

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Today we feel that we feel various things are

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non negotiable, inevitable, are absolutely essential. For the for the Muslims of the sahaba. The Deen was essential, not the things of the dunya. You know, it's a question of where do you approach it from?

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If you go, if you approach it from one side, you end up with one situation, obviously. Whereas if you approach it from another side, you the whole picture changes when you just think about this dude, if you're walking down a road, if you it's the same road, right, same road, you're looking down that road in one direction.

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You see a different picture, you see a particular picture, you see how it appears, whatever is on the road, and you turn around and look at the look behind, it's a different picture, same road. This is how the Muslims approached the Sahaba of Rasulullah sallallahu how they approach life by looking at it through the through the lens of the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala

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we change that and we look at the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala through the lens of the dunya