[Ep 4] Dua To Pay Off A Large Debt In A Short Time

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a drought that will be a major rel relays for the next generation. They express frustration with a man who complained about debt and loan, but eventually was able to pay off the debt. The speaker also talks about a brother who told them he loaned money to pay off debt, but they were able to pay it off quickly.
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Are you in depth or soon will be or know someone that is going through it. This drought will be one of your biggest reliefs ever. One time a man went to either you've been here thought about the Allahu Anhu. And he complained to leave the amount of debt and loan he has on him. And he asked me for a helping hand helped me financially. It Radi Allahu Anhu was not really that rich at that time, but he told him however I can give you a dua instead of actual money. I don't have much I can give you a DUA, which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught me if you say this dua, Allah will help you pay off the debt. Even if your debt was as big as a mountain Allahu Akbar. What's the DUA

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please especially nowadays we're desperate for these guys. He said say the following this two statements number one, Allah humma ik Fini be halili can haram IC O Allah suffice me with that which is Khaled over that which is haram. Yeah, Allah when I'm desperate when I'm in need Do not make me use haram resources to continue sustaining myself. Yeah, Allah make me be content with that which is halal. One more time Allahumma it Fini be halili can haram ik number two well as the nene before bleaker, immense Ewok and yet Allah make me independent of all people except you yet Allah make me depend on your new your Allah I don't want to be dependent on people financially. This is a dua that

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you make Wallah I tell you a true story. I know a brother personally who told me I loaned someone's a large amount of money. I've never had a brother pay me back as fast as that man. So I spoke to that man. What's the secret? Have you worked more? This brother says I said this dua Allahu mfine Behala Lika anharmonic was in in the public. I'm Mansi work and he paid off the debt Allahumma barik brothers and sisters, comment below inshallah and make the intention. I will do whatever it takes to pay my debts as soon as possible in sha Allah was salam aleikum