What To Do If You Fall Into Old Sinful Habits After Ramadan

Abu Bakr Zoud


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AI: Summary © The speaker advises against abandoning the path of weakness and sin after Easter, as it is the only time in Islam where the person will lose theirMBod. They also suggest avoiding giving up on sin and faith in Islam. The speaker emphasizes the importance of monitoring one's behavior and staying true to Islam.
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You might slip and fall in sin and in error Kulu Benny Allah Mahapatra Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, All the son of Adam are sinners, you might sin after Ramadan. However, the believer doesn't abandon the path of righteousness and the obligations

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and then he folds completely into sin and transgression.

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You see, there are some people, when they fall into their evil and old habits after Ramadan, sin and transgression, they give up. They completely give up in the Mercy of Allah and the forgiveness of Allah. And this one sin, a che upon whispers to them, that you've destroyed yourself, you've destroyed your state, and you're no longer a good person. You've just finished 30 days of Ramadan, and who you are returning to your sins and your old habits, and the brother or the sister give up. And now they will transgress and sin for 11 months of the until next Ramadan, as though they have been granted another Ramadan or guaranteed another Ramadan. This is a wrong mentality my brothers

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and sisters in Islam. after Ramadan, you will surely fall into sin and in error.

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But do not abandon the path of righteousness, the path of goodness. Do not abandon a Toba do not abandon seeking Allah's forgiveness. I give you an example. You see I'm wearing a white clean code. If I walk outside with this clean white cloth,

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and I was to walk in some dirt and mud was to come on my white clothing, act like a stain.

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What would I do? What does a person do? Do you just say all you know my cloth is gone dirty. And so now you smother your entire dress in dirt?

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Or are you going to go to the nearest tap and get some water and wash it? Because just the tiny dot just get rid of it. Right? And so my brothers and sisters in Islam. The idea is when you fall into sin after Ramadan, after having been cleansed from your sins with a new pure white crystal Polish tart.

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If you fall into a sin, Don't Drown into sin now, come out, be quick to repent and turn to Allah and seek his forgiveness and seek His mercy SubhanaHu wata Allah, you know, the next obligatory prayer you're going to pray that wipes away your sins. One of the rewards of the obligatory prayers is that it wipes away sins. Every obligatory prayer wipes away your sins from that obligatory prayer to the one before it. One a stone for Allah, from a sincere honest heart will wipe away your sins. When you make

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that wipe away sins as well. When you see Subhan Allah who won't be handy in the morning 100 times, it will wipe away sins, even if they were the size of the foam of the ocean.

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When you say after the prayers SubhanAllah 33 Alhamdulillah 33 times Allahu Akbar 33 times and then you see Leila in Hola Hola, Shetty, Kal el mundo en hamdu Hawala, aqualisa in caddied, it will wipe away your sins even if they were the size of the form of the ocean. You look at the opportunity that Allah azza wa jal gives us during the day and during the night to wipe our sins away. So if you fall into sin after Ramadan, don't give up and believe that you're hopeless, and that you'll never be able to give up your your bad and evil habits. And then you go all out and drown in sin and abandon righteousness and goodness. And tell yourself hellos. Next Ramadan, I'll make a serious commitment.

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Don't be fooled. These are the tricks in the games of a Shavon rather than believer after Ramadan. If he falls in a sin, He is quick to repent and to come back to Allah. And I told you, the next obligatory prayer will deal with that sin, the sin will be wiped away, don't worry.

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But the main thing after Ramadan is do not abandon the path of righteousness and the path of worship and the path of goodness. So we need to monitor ourselves during this period now after Ramadan