Mirza Yawar Baig – Seerah is the Answer #5

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The workshop on achieving success in modern history is designed to create a clear statement of success, rather than increasing information. The workshop includes various tools and resources for practice, including a tool called Sunbed. Pranksters can practice negative force and achieve success by praying to God, staying asleep, eating late, and waking up early. The workshop emphasizes setting an alarm and reciting the Quran to prevent negative factors, and provides exercises to improve personal and professional behavior. Pranksters can use tools and resources to improve their behavior and work towards their goals.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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the smallness of means the greatness of the aim and stupendous results if these three things are the marks of greatness, then who can compare anyone with Mohammed

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to all mankind You are the hero to everyone's

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directions from the way you believed your when you put others first, you create an environment which is notables for everyone including

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you spoke with wisdom

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to wherever you want you show

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saw I have to stop rushing to offer opinions in my country and I think what our own inner conflicts are my that's where we are Let make it easy.

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This is

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man calm and

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I have a dream to be

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reliable Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Schererville MBA will mousseline Mohamed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does live in casita and kathira.

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My brothers sisters,

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before we go further, I'm going to just teach you a tool just now.

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Before we go into the

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the eight different changes that we need to bring into our lives, I call these the I call these the eight switches, switching from one to the other. Before we go to that, let me quote for you something that one of the most famous European historians,

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this man was a historian, he was a poet. He was a writer, he was a philosopher.

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He was many things. And his name was Alphonse de Lamartine.

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Now he said, some he said a wonderful thing. He said, that if the smallness of means I want you to listen carefully, if the smallness of means

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the greatness of the aim

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and stupendous results,

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so he's talking about three things. He's saying, smallness of means, the grandeur of the aim, the goal is means is nothing available. The goal is huge, magnificent and stupendous success, Supremes success. He says, if these three things are the marks of greatness, then who can compare anyone in modern history with Muhammad Sallallahu.

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Now this man is not a

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he was not a Muslim.

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He was not even known for his friendship of Islam, he was a matter of fact, quite a strong critic. But, and the reason I'm only quoting him because the praise our critic is the most sincere praise. People who love you will praise you, because they will overlook your faults and so on and so on. But if somebody who is your enemy, somebody who is a critic of yours, if he's saying good things about you, then obviously something is right, because that man is actually looking for faults, but if he cannot find the faults, it means that inshallah the faults are not there. And this was the nature of Rasul Allah, he's.

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Now I'm gonna teach you a tool

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called force field analysis. The reason I'm teaching you this tool is because as I mentioned in the first session, the purpose of this workshop is to practice what we learn, it is not for increasing the amount of information you have, it is not in order to give you some technical terminology, some SRE is still a hat. It is not meant for you to give give you some arguments, which you can use in your own personal discussion and so on. None of that. The purpose of this workshop my purpose of this workshop is only one which is that we practice what we learn, and in order to help you to practice what you learn, I want to first teach you a tool very simple

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tool and then we will go into the actual lessons of what we need to learn.

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Now what I want the way the way to do this tool is

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whatever you want to practice whatever you want to introduce whatever change you want to bring about, you take a sheet of paper and in the middle of that you write this change and write it as clearly as possible.

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So for example, do not say I want to follow the Sunnah. Don't say that because there's not clear enough.

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Follow the Sunnah is what?

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Specifically, instead of saying I want to follow a sunnah say, I want to pray all five Salah in the masjid. That's a clear statement. And the reason why you must have a clear statement is because you can measure it, am I doing it? Am I not doing it? If you say follow the Sunnah, I want to follow the Sunnah, then maybe you are practicing one thing in the Sunnah you are leaving out 10 things, but you're still following because there one thing that's not good enough.

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Don't right in the middle of the of the as a goal, I want to be a good person, no, define that good person.

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Define that good person, say, every day, I want to do something charitable. Every day, every day I want to give charity or do something charitable, which is not only giving money, maybe you're helping somebody, maybe maybe you're taking care of somebody every day I want to do this. So that is a clear goal. So in the middle of the sheet, you write this goal, the clear goal, is it clear. Now, after that,

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on top, put these down arrows and with the down arrows. Each one of these you write a negative force,

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you write a negative force, which can stop you from doing that.

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So say for example, just as a as a as an example, say in the center of this sheet, you put the goal, I want to pray the Hajj every day. We know that the Hajj is the first Salah that was given to a surah Selim, we know that that we shall celebrate every single day of his life. We know the Sahaba did that. It's a beautiful sunnah Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to pray. tahajjud the ayat from Surah. Musa mill the ayat in Surah Tolle Surah, the benefit of the Hajj VEDA, which Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in surah, two such that, all of this

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and Allah subhanho, therefore, it's a beautiful Salah which we should all pray. So now I will say in central the thing I want to pray to God every day.

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Now when you do that,

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on the top, you write down the forces that may prevent you or currently which are preventing you from praying. So for example, one force staying awake too late.

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Obviously, if you don't go to sleep early, if you sleep at two o'clock in the night, then where is the time for the huddle, if you sleep at 12 o'clock in the night, where is the time for the huddle, so sleeping early, so waking staying awake too late?

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Second one, eating a late dinner. So 10 o'clock in the night you sit down and you eat all of these rights and all this food, obviously you cannot wake up for in time for the 100 you eat will put you to sleep.

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Similarly, there may be other things, right so this is your job to list the number of things on the top you're willing to put these which are keeping you from doing what you decided to do. Then below this, below the line below the goal, you put these supportive forces, the positive forces, the top one the negative forces, we call them the inhibitors, the bottom arrows, which are the positive forces, we call them the enablers. So in the enablers, now you say what are the enablers? So in the enablers for example, you might say sleeping early one, number two, sleeping with widow so make widow and then go to sleep. She's this beautiful dean of ours how easy it is

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Rasul Allah is the One who makes Waldo and goes to sleep. Two benefits happened. One is he said every time he turns on a during his sleep, Allah subhanaw taala appoints angels to make dua for his forgiveness. So you are sleeping you have asked us d we just turn around from the side that said Mala a car making dua for you to

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be forgiven and

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The second benefit is Rasulillah Salam said that in the night if for some reason you wake up any dua you make at that time Allah will accept you.

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So make wudu and sleep and then before you sleep, make the NIA whatever dua you really want to make you want Allah to accept make a near for this do and say oh Allah please wake me up in the night and make me allow me to make this dua oni estar de la Comala said asked me and I will give you so make me the make allow me to make this dua make this near to sleep inshallah. And when you wake up in the night, make this dua whatever you are you decided to make insha Allah Allah subhanaw taala will accept this dua. So make wudu and sleep Sleep early make wudu and sleep. Third thing Allah subhanaw taala said in that you have to read or on Bharati will Quran, Atilla. So make this nearer to say

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Allah teach me to read Quran teach me to recite Quran nicely that whatever are the positive forces. So you got the goal in the center, you got the negative inhibitory forces inhibiting forces which might prevent you from achieving the goal. And at the bottom, you have the positive forces, the enablers, as I call them, which will help you to achieve the goal. This is the format that you have created on your sheet of paper.

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And then what you do is, you try your best to eliminate the negative factors, the inhibitors. So what must you do sleeping late is a negative factor. What must I do sleep early? Eating a late dinner is a problem what must you do immediately after Mercury finish your dinner, don't eat a huge amount of food isn't it is bad for you. Lunch, eat a good lunch breakfast, eat a good breakfast, but in the night, try to keep it light. Try to keep it as little as possible in the right because that is the way of waking up early in the morning. And so on set an alarm for example, we might say Well, no, after all this, I still fall asleep. Because I sleep very soundly. Alhamdulillah you've got

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good, that is a good thing, but don't allow the good thing to become a problem. So therefore, you set an alarm, and then you are going to be sure that you will wake up on time. So all of these forces you work on this insha Allah and Allah subhanaw taala will

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inshallah grant you success. So force field analysis, we are looking at the two sides, the two forces, the forces of good and the forces of evil, the forces to help us and the forces which might hinder us. And we want to make sure that we support the good positive forces, and we prevent the negative effect of the inhibiting forces is this clear the the tool itself, alright.

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That's the time for it. And then finally,

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at the end of each of the exercises, I'm going to add the Nordics at the end of each of the sections, I'm going to ask you to do an exercise. And that exercise is here, same exercise throughout for all the sections. And that exercise is you're going to be looking at what are the things that you are currently doing, which you must stop doing? What are the things that you currently do or currently do not do, which you must start doing and what are the things that you are doing currently, but and which you should now continue to do consciously and consistently. So this is the exercise, start stop continue. I'm going to ask you to do that for each one of the sections

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for each of the learnings that we come up with is a clip.

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So I just wanted to introduce the tools to you before we go forward inshallah.

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The first of the

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eight factors that we need to change

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in our lives, to bring our lives on par and on not on par but are in keeping with the life of socialism is to look at our own personal

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attitude towards life

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and that is to move from thinking of yourself and acting as if you are the king. To understanding that you are not the king but that you are the representative of the King You are a wise Gerald

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Allah subhanaw taala when he decided to send otherwise salaam into the on the earth when he decided to send human beings onto the earth. Allah subhanaw taala said in nee Jai alone Phil are the Khalifa Allah did not say in Niger I don't feel are the Malik Allah did not Samson.

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turning onto the earth King. Allah said I'm ascending onto the earth a wise Geron

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representative, Governor

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Khalifa can be trusted in many ways. Now, what is the difference? What is the difference between the king and the Khalifa?

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You know, in the Quran we have the case of Pharaoh

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Rameses, the fourth, who was the widow of Musa alayhis, salam, we have his case where Allah subhanaw taala said that this man is in an Arab bucola Allah, He said, I am the Rob and I am the greatest.

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Now, think about this, put yourself in this position, supposing you went to the pharaoh of Egypt.

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And you said to him, Mr. Vera, and if you said that to him, you would probably die because that's not the way to address the king, he would have killed you. So you have to call him by whatever names, right? And then if you asked him and you said, You know what you are saying Allahu Bharara, you're saying you are God. So tell me, did you create the sun?

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What do you think you would have said?

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No. Did you create the moon? No, did you create this dial? You know, you will have this nice Palace, waterfront with the Nile? Did you create the life? Can you make the water and then I'll go up and down? Can you dry it out? Can you bring it up? Then how are you the King?

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How are you God? What do you think he would have said, he said he would have said I am god because my order supersedes everything else. Because my word is law. If I say that this will happen, it will happen.

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There is no good and bad as far as I'm concerned. Whatever I say will happen. Whatever I say is good. Whether it is itself good or bad, doesn't matter. I don't care. I will do whatever I want to do.

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After all, he is the one who ordered the male children of the Bani Israel to be slaughtered.

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Now tell me, in which religion in which culture in which, you know, frame of reference? Is it permissible or a good thing to slaughter a newborn baby? Nobody does that, right? I mean, nobody can said but the rounded Rameses the word order it and thanks to his order, literally 1000s of babies were killed.

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Did anybody criticize him? Did anybody say this is no no? Why? Because my word is wrong. Whatever I want, I will do now you might say, well, you know, this is fine. But how does it apply to us? Because you are not ordering any babies to be killed. So how does it apply to us? It applies in the nature of the thing and what is the nature of the thing? My word is law.

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In the case of Iran, he was talking about the whole of Egypt. In your in my case, we are talking about ourselves, we are talking about our homes. We are talking about our social life. We are talking about our environment, the our organizations, our group of friends, what I say will happen.

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Somebody says I'm having this wedding, I'm celebrating my daughter's wedding. So I'm going to have this fantastic party in this five star hotel. And I'm going to have this you know, this lady who will come and she will sing the song and so on. And we are going to have this orchestra and we will have this music and all of this song and somebody says Excuse me Hello Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. First of all, this is your daughter's wedding. Why are you spending money in that because in Islam, the parents of the daughter they don't spend money. The boy the groom has to bring them a hair and he has to give them a hair and he has to the Nica is performed then he takes her home and then he is

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the one who pays for the walima add the most you might say as the father of the bride because I am also inviting my friends I would like to share in the cost of the volleyball This is fine but you can't say that I want a party there's no party there's no party there's no expense on the father mother of the bride.

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So how are you doing this?

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Using I don't care all this Islam and better don't

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this is my wish

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this is my wish.

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Well what about the wish of Allah?

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My wish and then you say well you know get your wish. First of all the party itself is wrong. You on top of that now you have God is singing and dancing and you have got all this. I mean, how Allah whatever. It is not permissible in Islam.

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No, sorry.

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We are modern people. All of this is old fashioned stuff. Keep it in your home. Right.

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We will do it.

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Yes. Yeah. How will you

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do this my wish

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does it happen does this thing happen in my country it happens plenty I believe Muslims are all famous for this

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