Abu Bakr Zoud – The relationship between calamities and worship

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of Islam and how it relates to one's health. They stress the importance of having faith in Islam and not abandoning one's Yothic stance. The speaker also warns against advising oneself to abandon one's stance and suggests increasing their worship to increase their chances of receiving rewards.
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Allah azza wa jal, he says now * mostly but in elaborative Nilla. There is absolutely no disaster that strikes except by Allah's permission. Now, when you believe that Allah said woman, you mean Biller, and anyone who believes in Allah.

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What does that mean? Meaning you acknowledge the calamity came from Allah by Allah's permission. And then you have to have faith in Allah hold on to your faith and belief and trust in Allah. If you believe in Allah, and you have faith in Allah, you don't lose your faith in Allah. What happens Allah gifts you is something beautiful. Yeah, the acaba Allah would guide your heart, so that everything you will do from then on would be correct Bismillah Allah will be conditioned in Ali and Allah azza wa jal is Knowing of all things and then the next a law said what are your Allah? How are your prasun and obey Allah and obey His messenger? As though Allah is telling us Don't you dare

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neglect the obedience of Allah and His Messenger, after the calamity has struck upon you and it has become severe? Don't you dare neglect the obedience of Allah. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, don't neglect the obedience of Allah in the middle of your calamity in the middle of your sickness and illness. Yeah, when you my brothers and sisters in Islam are similar. Losing one solid purposely neglecting one solid purposely is worse than losing a limb to sickness. It's worse than losing your health. It's worse than losing your parents. It's worse than losing your children, or your wealth, or your job or your income. Losing one solid purposely is worse

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than losing your health. Yes, because losing one solid purposely

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earns a person a major sin. Perhaps perhaps you could be punished because of that.

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But losing a limb, or losing a child, or losing a parent, or losing money or losing your health. If you were to remain patient, that becomes a source of Sadat.

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It becomes a source of purification for you. It raises your ranks and levels in the Paradise. It earns your loss pleasure and His love and His mercy.

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Don't give up worship in the middle of a calamity. Rather increase your worship because the calamity is only there to wake you up. And to say to the roadies this way. Go to Allah. Turn to Allah. Raise your hand to Allah. Make it over. Make you still fall prey and increase in your prayers. The way you are. You're sick you're ill you can't get up pray the way you are. But understand these meanings, my brothers and sisters in Islam

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