The Quran Mentions that the Sun will Exist for a Fixed Time Period

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Further we read in the Quran as mentioned the Quran in surah. Yaseen

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chapter six, verse number 14.

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It is not permitted for the sun to overtake the moon,

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nor the night to outstrip the day,

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the moon and the sun, golden FIFA luckiest balloon, each one traveling in orbit for its own motion.

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Now, the scientists say that the orbit of the sun and the moon is different, but there's no question of the Sun overtaking the moon.

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That's what the Quran says. And today, the scientists that tell us that the sun is moving in a direction in the universe,

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to a particular fixed direction, which is called as the solar Apex

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in the constellation of Hercules, also known as alpha Lyra,

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at a speed of 12 miles per second.

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And today, the scientists tell us that the sunlight we have is due to a chemical reaction which is taking place since billions of years.

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And one day, this chemical reaction will cease. And so will the light of the sun cease to exist? And so, will the life on this earth cease to exist, but the scientists say it will take another few billion years.

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Quran gives a similar message.

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In a scene, chapter number 36, was number 38. Why shumsa Tajima speaker a law that the Son is running its course for a period determined to replace determine the Arabic word used here is Mr. Carr which has two meanings either it means for a period determined or it means to a place determined and today science says that the sun is moving to a particular spot known as solar picks, and it will exist for a particular time period. So both the meanings of must occur to a place the domain and for a period at a minor point the science is perfect.

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Imagine Quran mentions this 14 years ago