Belief In Destiny Helps Me Cope

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. It is human nature that when we find ourselves gripped in a difficulty or adversity, and then we observe someone else in a similar challenge, without having the privileges and the resources that we enjoy, then we sigh with relief. So somebody was diagnosed with a condition but I have the privilege of family doctor, we have access to upper end medical facilities, shame so and so had the similar diagnosis. There's no family doctor, there's no family support network, there is no funds etc. Well as believers, my brother and my sister, we have so much support and solace to take that when we are in a difficulty valleca be anila Mola Latina amanu, Anelka Irina

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la Mola, home, un I have a lot to rely on. What about those who do not believe in a divine being who do not believe in Allah. And furthermore, you and I have the article of the deal to believe in that helps us to navigate in stormy waters. If you don't believe in the deal, that person is suicidal, because he's simply cannot bring closure to anything, reflect over this verse in the 27 Jews of the Quran, verse number 22, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says, regardless of the trial, or the affliction or the tragedy, or the catastrophe, beat on the earth, or on yourself in Laffy Kitab him in public and nebra it was pre recorded before that calamity actually struck in Nevada cada La Jolla

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seed and by the way, this is very easy for Allah to recorded in advance because he knows every detail prior to its occurrence, in verse 23, Allah tells us the wisdom why he is informing us that everything was pre recorded, like a lot. So allama factor gone, what a tougher hobbema attack on so in life when you will be struck with a tragedy. Don't over regret it. Don't over lament it. And when you accomplish something, don't be boastful about it, because both were pre recorded. Allah Lucy Baghdadi Rahim Allah commentating on this ayah rights, who I know my urushi do lie.

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This is precisely what the scholars impress and advocate fee Elijah Hosni bitters, Kirill cuddle. The only way to heal yourself from grieve from pain from sorrow from sadness, is to remind yourself MK two This was recorded, this was decreed where another female walked by. We're in lumea, berlina hikmah. And goodness lies in that which has occurred, because that is the wisdom of Allah, though the wisdom does not dawn upon me