Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya #93

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and implementation of Islam, including the lack of compensation for those involved and the importance of caution in the Islam age. It also touches on the "immature state" and the negative consequences of wasting time and money on publicity. The "immature state" is a problem and is a problem for everyone, particularly those who refuse to give money to their brother and their mother. The success of the bulworth and the use of Facebook and WhatsApp for illegal activities is also discussed, along with the importance of following laws and principles.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara film ba will mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is an underwriter you ideally you will save yourself them to Stephen cathedral cathedral from the Bible.

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We continue with the story of Musa A salaam and now he has been released from prison and his name has been cleared. And everyone knows that he is innocent, and that he had been imprisoned without any cause.

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Interesting thing is that there is no mention of any compensation being paid to him

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for having undergone so many years of imprisonment, and neither is there any mention of

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punishment being given to the woman who was responsible for him being in prison in the first place, because she was the one who's based on his false accusation.

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He was he had been imprisoned, had Insha Allah, Allah Allah knows the truth and Allah is the One who does justice. And then Allah subhanaw taala mentions all we live in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim McCollum by Tony be stuck only slowly enough see phylum level color in Kaleo. Mala Deena murky non I mean Karla jolly Isla also in the in near Hafeez on early work I've already come up can any one Cavalli come up Kenny the use of a Vilavi Yadava womb in her house we will see will be Rama Tina Nasha.

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No Fee who will be Rama Tina Venetia, wala no dry, Martini. And the king said Bring him to me that I may attach him to by person. Meaning I will make him by confident.

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Then when he spoke to him, he said Verily, this day you are with us. Hi in rank and fully trusted to the king brought him and made him his confident and made him is

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courtier and Musa he

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usually is and I've said to him, Sir, to me over the store houses of the land give me authority over the storehouses of the land, I will indeed guard them with full knowledge. So, that is

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as the finance minister of finance in Egypt, in the place of Allah Aziz, who was dead by that time. So, this was the his who the value was to be his master usually said I was getting his position as the Minister of Finance. And then Allah's rather says Thus did We give full authority authority to use of in the land to take possession there in as when or where he likes we bestow of our mercy on whom We please and we make not to be lost the reward of albasini

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obviously know that this is a very important thing to remember and

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and be comforted by that. Allah subhanaw taala does things in his own timeframe. And this timeframe, Allah knows best and that is the best for us.

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Now, we are impatient. We don't like that we want instant results. But instant results are not always the best thing. And instil instant, instant, instant results don't necessarily give us

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any real reward. Right? They're not necessarily best thing. In many cases, results that come after some effort are also more attractive, and they're in the end, you liked them more because you worked harder for them.

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Also, another thing is that the ability to delay gratification, that is the ability to wait for results is a sign of emotional maturity. So wanting instant results and or and getting frustrated and losing hope these are actually signs of emotional immaturity. So there's something to think about. But usually salaam asked for a position as the Minister of Finance and he said I have the ability to protect it and I'm knowledgeable.

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So to ask for position.

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Technically speaking, Rasul Allah said I've said do not give him a chance to the one who asked for it do not give leadership anymore what is bought him out of Salah and remembered as in the as a leader or as a head of state, as soon as the restaurant

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told us do not give it to the man who wants it because obviously one aspect of wanting something is because there is some level of personal benefit involved in that

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may not be in terms of corruption or something but it

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Could also be Tjahaja it could be personal reputation, the hunger for popularity, the hunger for power, the hunger for, for significance for recognition, all of which are very negative things. So therefore, we just said do not give him out to the one who asked for it. So in Islam, technically speaking, it is not permitted to ask for a particular position. But usually, he He did ask now, the Morpho city and the alumni have said that this is because they didn't know who he was. So, he was the one who was fit to for this position, but they did not know that. So, others could not have suggested his name, because they didn't know what his capability was and so on. So, if he had not

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asked for it, that position would have gone to somebody else who would not have been fit for it. So, in that situation, it is permitted to ask for the position in order that the best person may be able to serve the people in the best manner

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that is possible. Now, obviously, if you look at it in today's world, you might say well, you know, I apply for a job and then I go to an interview and I say, Well, I am capable of this job should I do it is it Hara, it is not have it is permitted, permitted, permitted for the same reason, because people don't know who you are. So, when you go and you speak, and you say, Well, this is what I this is what I can do, this is my track record.

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This is my this is my experience, this is what I have achieved in the past. And therefore this is how I can benefit you there is nothing wrong in doing that. But always

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err on the side of caution. We draw a line and we do not overdo this. So we do not, you know turn this into

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like an election campaign canvassing thing, where Constantly you are trying your best to be in the public eye and gone constantly taking pictures with we see this it's quite it's very crass and very shameful and despicable that people take pictures, when they're giving something something to charity to somebody, you have these selfies of you know this view you handing over something to a poor person, and this poor person is taking it or you are asking them disgusting things, people giving, donating wheelchairs to people who are who are handicapped, they actually stand on a stage and the wheelchair is on top of the stage and they have this handicapped person literally crawl up

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the stairs, of that of that stage. And then they give them the wheelchair and they sit in the wheelchair and everything is videoed, and it is photo. It is a photograph, very, very shameful. To stay far away from these things. Somebody accepts Islam as a big video what is oh, this person is accepting Islam one person in the time of the Sahaba, the entire country's become Muslim. Nobody was taking videos and photos of that, right don't even record it. So very important for us to ensure that our class is not destroyed in this whole issue of publicity. And as I've said that two wolves think about his two wolves in a flock of sheep. In a sheep pen, if two wolves get into a flock of

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sheep, they are less harmful than a man seeking money on fame, in the work of religion, in the work of the somebody who wants money, and somebody who wants fame for the work of Dawa for the work of teaching Islam individuals and this is worse than two worlds in a pack in a ship.

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A pen, why just let loose there and they are destroying the sheep. That is less harmful than seeking money and fame. In the work of Deen. So very, very important for us to keep this in mind. So Allah Subhana Allah established Yusuf Ali Salam in the land with full authority, but Allah still says that the reward in the Accra is even better than this land and this is why it was, remember this Allah azza wa jal accurate if you live in

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the hole, and verily the reward of the Hereafter is better for those who believe and who have Taqwa and

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who basically have believed and Taqwa

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and organico people who believe and who have Taqwa who are conscious of and afraid of displeasing Allah subhanaw taala

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that this famine then came, so after seven years, think about all this timeline as well, right so So seven years of plenty is where Islam is getting appointed at the beginning of that period, so seven years have passed. Now the seven years of famine have started. And we don't know now whether it was year one or year two or year seven, in during which the rest of this whole story happened. So the famine affected obviously other people as well. Not only the people of Egypt, people were suffering

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In from famine in all areas except Egypt, because in Egypt is what he said I was managing the affairs. So during the seven years that he had collected the Quran he had stored it and he stored it in a way where the corn doesn't go bad which is if it is stored on the cob itself.

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If it is stored distort just a seat, then they go bad but we've installed on the cop, then it does not go bad. Incidentally, this house con is stored all over the world. We know this today, but this is we're talking about you know 3000 years ago or something Milan.

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But people other places Syria and all of those other areas, people were in great hardship.

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A lot of Abdullah put his blessing if there is justice and so even though Egypt was the center of famine, because there was justice in Egypt, Allah subhanaw taala put Baraka in the affairs of Egypt, so that Egypt was able to feed itself and others also

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you know, I remember

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he said that we were opening some of the storage of the money of Manomaya and we found a mustard seed which was the size of a dead sea on the sack, in which it was found it was written this used to grow in the time or our bin Abdulaziz when there was justice in the land. Imagine mustard seed source but this was as big as the Dead Sea

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because rather than tells us the rest of the story was equal to use so far further Hello Ali Farah home home Lahoma key road. While Amanda has a home major has him called Tony we left home in a vehicle

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Perona and knee Woofle que la our Anna Hiram zili for il two Naevi vida que ella coumarin duala takanobu Carlos and ora we do run who Abba who are in Hilo, usually sellers brother and came and they enter and they enter unto Him meaning they came in His presence and he recognized them, but they did not recognize him. Now it's understandable because when is the last day saw him was he was a little boy. Maybe he was, you know, six, seven years old. I love those best. And now he is the ministers obviously in all his grand splendor

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and a full grown man.

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They didn't recognize him but of course he knew who they were you recognize them. And when he had furnished them for his provisions according to their needs. He they came asking him for for food. So he gave them you give them what they wanted. And he said Bring me a brother of yours from your father. And he meant his own brother Binyamin.

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The other brothers, the older brothers were all his step brothers, his own brother was Binyamin. He said, Do you not see that I could, that I give full measure that I am the best of hosts. So

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you can see that I'm a hospitable person. So bring your other brother also.

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And then he said, If you do not bring him, then there will be no con for you with me, nor shall you come near me. So he's also around putting some pressure on the minister. If you don't bring him then I will not give you anything more in the future. They said we will try to get permission from him from his father but very early and very visual, do it. So they also stuck in a hard place. I usually service to get one cavil load per head.

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So he gave them 10 Camera loads because they were 10 of them. Then he talked to them about their family. So they told him that they were actually 11 Brothers. So this is how the brothers story came. So he he knows the whole thing, but he's, you know, just asking them things. So

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he gives them they were 10 of them, they gave me give them Tim can come a lot.

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And he said So how many of you are there and so on. So whatever we are actually level, but the one brother by father does not our father does not let him go. So he is with the Father, only 10 of us came.

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So he said to them, we'll take 10 Camera loads, but if you bring a brother, you will get one more camera. So I'll give you 11 camera, but if you don't bring him you will get nothing.

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So he is using what is called third live into him the carrot and stick incentive and threat to persuade them. So then the whole the story then continues. And

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then usually Salaam. He told his servants to put their money with which they had bought the car into their backs and this is gone, which was being given from Egypt was not being given free. It was probably subsidized, but they used to take some contribution for it. In this case, use what I said and told them put the money back in their backs so that they may know it when they go back to the people in order than

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They might come back as well his arm is yearning to see his father to see his brother. And what he doesn't want to do that openly. So he's, you know, using knack and, and tact in order to do that. So I was rather I mentioned that so use of told is our support their money with which they have bought the car into their bags, so that they might do it when they go back to their people in order that they might come back. So the money was put in secretly, but obviously when they open the bag, they find the money this one love what a wonderful person this is that he also did all this car is free, that he gave us the money back. So when they return to their father, they said, Oh, our father, no

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more measure of grain will we get unless we take our brother. So please send our brother with us. And we will get our measure and truly we will guard him. So now they are in a quandary because

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on the one hand they did they need the food if they don't get the food they starve. So obviously they don't want to stop. And then they.

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But at the same time, the father now is extremely reluctant to let the brother go because he knows what happened with us when he said I was the other son from the same mother. And so these people don't exactly have the best credibility with a father in this respect. So they are trying to persuade you they say please, we will say we will take care of him. But obviously the father says, you know, the this is what you said about yourself. You said he will take care of him and next thing you know, he will tell me that he was eaten by a wolf and so on. So that's what he said. He said, Can I trust you and trust him to accept as I entrusted his brother use have to in the past, but

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Allah is the best to God and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. So

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validate you, you said the same thing. And now we're doing the same story. But in the case of use of a salon you came, you came back and he told me that he's got he's dead. He's, you know, Wolf ative. So what is to say that you won't do the same thing with this young man. And then when they open their bags, they found their money had been returned to them they say oh Father, what more can be desired This is how many returned to us. So we should get more food for our family and we shall God our brother and they will he will give us one more camera Lord. So this

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and this quantity is easy for the King to give us he gave us 10 Camera Lords he gave us 11 If he said the brother but if you don't send the brother, if you do not allow the Minami to come with us, then we get nothing. So, please do not do that. The user is allowed to return their money so that they would have something to bring back the following year. He was afraid that if we did not do that, they will they will not return at all. If the use of all the grain and they have nothing to pay for fresh green with suitable Islam is helping them to

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in more than one ways. There are laws, Rattler continues, and Jaco willing Salam says, I will not send him with you until you swear and solemn oath to me in Allah's name, that you will bring him back to me unless you are yourself surrounded by enemies being there unless you have been captured, you have been killed, then it's a different thing. But as long as you come back, if you swear oath that you will bring him back if you don't bring him back, then this is between you and Allah. And when they had sought their solemn oath, he said, Allah is the witness over what we have said this is a very serious thing. They are swearing an oath before Allah on the hand of the Navy of the time and

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they know this they know this Yeah, well, it's around knows this. They know he's done me

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too, this is now no longer you know just their word and like in the case of usually set up they did not swear No, they just said something and nobody said I believed them. And unfortunately,

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that proved so disastrous, for in the ICU actually Sela Now, having said that, let us remember that from the perspective of use of asylums life, even though that incident was you would if you just saw the incident by itself, you would say, Well, this is a disaster, because here is a little boy who has been turned over well, with the intention that he should die. But of course, he did not die. And then he is taken out of the well. And he sold into slavery, which is which is worse. I mean, he one way of looking at it, you would say it would have been better if you had died in the wild, because who wants to be a slave, that being a slave was worse than that there was the death is better to die

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than to be a slave. So these incidents that he goes from, from from the well, where he would have he would have died is taken out of the well you sold to slavery. In that slavery time. He is wrongfully accused, he is slandered as a result of that he spends many years in jail in prison. I imagine this is this is alive. If you look at it, it is a disaster after disaster after disaster and each one is worse than the previous one. Right? Despite that, what do you see at the end of that at the end of that we see complete and total success we see he is getting the Bulworth. He is getting all but he is getting prophethood is getting NACA

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have authority and control

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over the land over people.

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He's got power, he's got money he's got you know, everything in the world and Allah subhanaw taala saying this is not enough in the market. I will give you one more

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point I want to make here to the brothers sisters that many times when we go through difficulties,

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we tend to lose or we become depressed we say oh my god, what is happening and why is this happening? Remember this, this is not life life is the whole continuum from the beginning to the end. And if you take any small piece, by itself, it may look good, it may not too good. But that is not an indicator of what the whole life is all means.

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Sometimes a piece of life may look very nice and very not wonderful. But that may actually be a sign of the displeasure of Allah subhanaw taala where you're enjoying yourself doing something which is wrong and you don't you don't feel the pain of it because Allah subhanaw taala has not pull the

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pull the plug that in there and therefore you think you're having a wonderful day wow I'm so proud I'm so popular I'm so this app, so that would you also angering Allah subhanaw taala by whatever it is you're doing. Similarly, you might find a time in your life, where things are difficult, that there is disease, there is a pain that is suffering, that is whatever, and we find, oh my God, his life is so bad, it's not worth living. No, we have hope in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and that is what you saw. When he was saying, in Allah I put my trust and let all those the trust put their trust in Him.

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He said to them, now he's giving his son some advice. He says oh my sons do not enter by one gate but but enter by different gates and I cannot help you against Allah subhanaw taala very the decision rests only with ALLAH in him.

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I put my trust and let all those that trust put their trust in Allah subhanaw taala. Now this is

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this is the

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the the advice of herbalism because, you know, these were these were the sons of Zambia, they were very handsome, they were big. They were like they look like warriors. And if all of them together entered Egypt for one door, these are these are times when you know these things were important. Some people might, might think that they are they are a threat. And it might have some negative consequences. So he said, enter by different gates from the Egypt. So you are not you don't stand out. You are not pinpointed by anybody. And then he said, Have faith in Allah subhanaw taala Of course, whatever Allah Allah is that I can't help you against the hunger of Allah subhanaw taala but

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I will make dua for you. And trust in Allah subhanaw taala

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then Allah says and when they entered, according to their father's advice, it did not avail them in the least the will of Allah subhanaw taala it was but in need of your home's inner self which he discharged. And very he was endowed with knowledge, because we have taught him but most men do not know. Yeah, for when he said I'm told them to enter the city from different gates so that they may not do or draw too much attention. They actually said and tells them that this is a means but the order of Allah will prevail. He says that the Hakama is with Allah. And in him I put my trust and let all those who are trust put their trust in Allah, Allah, this is Taco use the means but do not

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rely on the means rely on Allah subhanaw taala alone very important because today we have got used to the issue of saying oh tie the camera tie the camera, right? Especially with regard to COVID everybody suddenly has got become countires tie the camera tie the camera. But do remember by of course by all means please die the camera but ask yourself is my thought is by trust on the role of the camera or digital Allah. Allah Quran Allah, O Allah, Allah, Allah Hubballi Gemma, which one so we very very clear and do not allow that corruption to come into the heart where we say tie the camel but actually we are trusting the rope more than we trust Allah subhanaw taala No, we just

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Allah subhanaw taala alone

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Why do you tie it? Why do you use the rope at all? Because this is the homeowners right and and this is Allah was back last winter told us and allowed us and permitted us to use the ASVAB to use the means. But Allah told us trust the means ALLAH said your means will not help you. In this case Allah said Yeah, who will advise them but that advice is noise of news that

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will only what Allah wants will happen.

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they went before usually salaam as a last round utterances in desire

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and when they went in before you so he took his brother bieniemy to himself and he said, Verily, I'm your brother. So do not grieve for what they used to do.

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So he took his brother into confidence, and he said to

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Look, I am so and so I am Yusuf. And don't don't be sad about what your brothers have been doing. And of course also telling him that something is gonna happen don't don't worry about it. So when they furnish them with the provisions and so on, usually salaam got his hours to put a gold ball into his brother's back into mediums back. And then one of his

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servants he called out and he said up will you are thieves.

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In this caravan, you are thieves. They were absolutely flabbergasted. So they turned to them and they said, What is it that you are you're missing? Well, what has happened? What What are we supposed to stone, they said, We are missing the golden ball of the king. And for the one who produces it, the reward is of a

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camera Lord, and I will be bound by it. So he said, I will give you one Cavill load of provisions you can find his board this board belongs to the key and is a very serious matter because this first of all, it's theft and secondly is theft of something which is so serious and which is which will also the king. So they said by Allah indeed you know that we did not come to make mischief in the land and we are not thieves. And these are these are the children of Emilio Salaam. They're the sons of jacobellis. So the usual is that I was meant that Then what shall be the penalty of him, if you are proved to be liars, that this whole thing is a game. They have set up, these people have been

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set up and they fall into the trap. They don't know that. But for us what is an anomaly because he's the one who set it all up. So they said if you are caught, and if the if this thing is recovered from you, then what's the penalty there the brother said that the penalty should be that the one in whose bag it is but it is found should be held for Punishment of the Crime. Thus we punish be punished as a bonus and this is a this is a law that we follow, which is that the one who stole it is the one who should be punished.

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So it was always then set asides the backs and before the bag and the search in their bags before the bag of his brother so he they left the video is back till the end. And then they brought it out his brother's back. So when they came back, there was a bowl obviously.

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They put it there so it was there. That was it. That's the plan for use of he could not take his brother by the Dean of the king as a slave except that Allah willed it. So Allah subhanaw taala made the brothers to bind themselves with their way of punishment, which is enslaving a thief we raised the degrees whom We please but over all those endowed with knowledge is the All Knowing Allah subhanaw taala.

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So obviously Yusuf Ali Salam could not have just simply returned his brother. They couldn't have said well I'm take and keeping them here and not sending him away without revealing who he was. So Allah subhanaw taala causes him to make this plan whereby the brother was

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was falsely implicated in this theft and thereby now and and he got the brothers themselves to say what is the punishment deserved punishment is the thief should be slipped. So here's a deep dive is your brother's death for now. He's a slave. These brothers they got very, obviously, very afraid. They're very worried because they had sworn to the Father to say they'll bring him back. But now this this has happened. And he can't go back because he's now becoming he's going to be kept back in Egypt. So they use what his brothers they said if he steals there was a brother of his who also stole before him. Now this is a very serious thing. Usually Islam obviously did not steal anything.

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They were the ones who caught him and put him into the well but they now want to blame him and false and cast a false as person false slander on him. So they said if he still well you know, he's like his brother, his brother also used to steal but these things usually

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kept in himself did not reveal the secrets to them. And he said within themselves you are in the worst case and Allah knows best the truth of what you are certainly imagine the helm the suburb of usually salaam, the self control was what he said um, he didn't fly off the handle. He didn't say you are a bunch of liars and this is what you have done and so on. So on. Now, he is he kept quiet, he listened to the thing. Good they are now accusing him in front of his face and accusing him falsely are the lessons many lessons. Allah subhanaw taala gotten the law of the king of Egypt as the dean will Malik he did not say cannula al Malik law is Dean. In the secular system we are taught

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to separate religion from normal life. This is a very big threat which must be recognized and combated by bringing Islam into every aspect of our lives. Otherwise we will be committing ship by mixing Allah subhanaw taala as commands with our own manmade rules. Islam does not permit this. It is the duty of the Muslim to establish the law of Allah

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hunter in the land and to continue to make the effort for this all his life. Obviously there are rules in the land which are good for people we develop and you follow them, we don't break them. But where there is a law of Allah, we do not follow some other law, for example, in Islam, there is a law of inheritance. So we follow that law, we do not follow some other law, right to whatever law is there, which has been within our control, you might say, What about the criminal court of Islam, which, which

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directs certain kinds of punishment, but that is not in our control. That is criminal code is for the for the state to implement. So if there is a state, which is a Muslim state, which is running on Islamic laws, they will implement that it's not for us to jump anybody's hand on anybody's neck, because that happens to be the punishment for the crime in Islam, because to implement the punishment to enforce law is not the job of the individual person. It is the job of the state. So please get this very clear in your mind. There is no lynching in Islam, there is no vigilantism in Islam, there's no taking the law into your own hands and saying, This is what is it this is what

00:31:02 --> 00:31:21

Islam orders, Islam orders it for a particular situation for a particular person or authority to all criminal laws, law enforcement is the job of the state where there is no Muslim state, then Islamic criminal laws will not apply. Right. So let us get this. Get in our minds.

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Talk to principles public effect of the crime and the heinous heinous nature of the claim. punishments are based on that Islam is more concerned about the one who has been transgressed against rather than the criminal. So also in civil law, Islamic law, promote social responsibility, family cohesion, and concern for one another, and therefore division or responsibility for the common good. And accountability to Allah subhanaw taala This is the beauty of the Islamic system we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to understand the deen and to help us to live by this Deen inshallah in a way that is beneficial to us. In this dunya Allah Farah was Allah Allah Allah will

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carry while he was

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