Hasan Ali – 7 Tawaf of the Phone!

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of apps like Facebook and Instagram to access social media, but also mentions the importance of not getting too caught up in apps like WhatsApp. They also criticize Facebook for giving people access to apps that are not useful and encourage them to stop using them.
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You know there are some people they do seven tariffs

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daily on their phones

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seven tariffs daily on the phones I started with Facebook one time I go to Facebook app open it up, browse, browse, browse browse is one tawaf

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right second one, Instagram. Let me go and see Instagram yeah

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to two apps to off number three

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YouTube YouTube shorts YouTube clips to off number four tick tock

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pranks and this and that

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to our full completed done how off number five WhatsApp constrasting, WhatsApp, WhatsApp groups WhatsApp, whoever done to AFRIMA six Snapchat to off number seven Twitter can see who's saying what? Back to throw off number one Facebook, seven tariffs again. My man can't get enough of it. A woman can't get enough of it. My friend you know what to do? Yeah, you bet as you would a snap out of all of this. Bam, forget Snapchat, you gotta snap out of all of this because you're losing yourself. Allah gave you a gift. Allah gave us the apps and you're going to spend hours and hours browsing. Just Just talking or just seeing things that you don't even need that you probably don't even want

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that you don't need in your life. But you probably do mind one because you saw it, but you're gonna spend hours and hours because of it because you just got the chance to do to us going to do it. People can't get up for Salah because they're on the phones. People call people have got no time for the Quran.

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You know, three hours, two hours of check to check your screen times. It should wake you up. Check your screen time how long people aren't games, Man games on their phones. They're playing for 50 minutes. 60 minutes, 70 minutes, 90 minutes. Sometimes they can't stop. The man can't stop they're late for meeting the late for things there. They've got exams coming up. They can't stop the PlayStation games the this game and that game. They just can't stop. You're addicted to your phone. You're addicted to games. For what because Allah gave you a gift. And that gift you got so sunk in that you made yourself addictive. Now that thing is controlling you and the midst of all of that

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you've forgotten Allah, you've forgotten the God that you forgotten the God that gave you the gift. You lost control of yourself and you lost you lost the relationship of the one who gifted it to you

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