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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the process of getting married to a man with no money who is a woman. They encourage the person to consult with them and make a choice between being honest about their character or not. The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing the people involved in the case and finding out what the next step is.
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She's been waiting for you waiting for me how long many many years many have ISTE Shara what does that mean? That means you have to have consultation you have to with your istikhara go and consult now who do you consult you don't consult someone in your household who says to you betta you need to get married and you know say yeah and you think about but you know you're looking here that we already have your wife for you Hmm We also have my wife away she yes she is fantastic she is lovely she will do everything for you she loves you already like what she lost her yes she's been waiting for you waiting for me how long many many years many years Wow Where are you she She's your cousin

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from Pakistan

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I already see that coming your way right are you like Why Why in the world who did I just consult Yeah, yes better don't get married to that one or this other one that you want to get married to she's compatible with you? She knows you're you know she's she's just partly Pakistani party you know British and partly she's got the mentality of the culture over here because you know you wanna you want to blend with someone so you're kind of close to this one but no better no better than one in Pakistan is given by God. It is given by Allah you must consult such people who already by is not going to get anywhere now who should you consult? You should consult someone who is not biased

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genuinely give you a hadith. Take this hadith or Buhari and Muslim, a woman, Fatima Ben face are the Allahu anha she comes to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and she takes he consults. She says messenger of Allah. I have got two men who have proposed to me one man is more how we are the Allahu Anhu and the other man is Abuja ham. Right? Which one of those Should I marry? Right now look, get a hold of is a woman Sahaba coming to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, two men have proposed to me which one should I ask? And you're gonna say Wow, the process is to say go for either that guy. Or this guy. Right? Right. And you like yeah, no, that's not what happened. This is our hubby Salallahu

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Alaihe Salam he's saying I want you to concentrate on the on the answer. It's an amazing Uh, where's the hadith is in Wuhan Muslim is authentic. By agreed upon. Okay, authentic. You know what he said? He said as for more IWEA fissara. Look, he said Sir, look, he has no money. So if you want to if you want to get married to guy with no money, that's fine. But I'm just telling you, you consult with me. He has no money. And as for apple jam, he doesn't take the stick down from his from his shoulder. What does that mean? He's a wife beater. So if you want to get married to Apple Jehan, then

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he's gonna beat you up, basically. So you make the choice. Now I can see your face in your face.

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Oh my God. Is that what the process was in? Yes. Now this hadith teaches us so much. One is the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave us permission to talk honesty about someone behind the back when someone comes. Someone else comes for a marriage proposal. You have to be honest about the character. This is not a diva. This is not backbiting you have to be honest about the character or about the situation or anything wrong with Mario Viola No, just the fact that he's just doesn't have much money. So if you're if you're happy for life with a good man, and less money, then fine. The other man has got money.

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So it's just

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should I go for him?

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The other man has got money but he's gonna beat you up. That's what the wrestler system is indicate he's got the money, but he's gonna beat you up. Now you make a choice which way you want to go? Right? Subhanallah and the next thing is that what do you say? Is it wrong for you as a woman to go for a man who's got money? No, nothing wrong with that, but just don't become a gold digger. You know, I'm saying, you know, I'm saying because some women they want to go for the money and he's just the money that they're after us. But some men all they want to go for is they want to go for the service of the woman. Not for the woman. That's bad, my friend. All right, both equally. I'm

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telling you this bad because some women they just fixed on those dollars. They have dollars in their eyes that bounds in the eyes. The guy is gonna give me this to have a fantasy, okay, I'm gonna Oh yeah, I'm gonna live like this. I'm gonna have this I'm gonna have that. And some men are like, yeah, that woman she's gonna become my wife. She's gonna do this, do that do that for me. Definitely. And I don't care. She just do all that for me and I live my life. It's wrong. Now you better understand what you're getting into. But most importantly, this hadith tells us that you know what, you got problems on both sides. Which way are you going to go? What you're going to choose?

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Okay, so now you can solve the right people and your consultation has to be with the people who know them. Look Rasul Allah. Allah knows both of these men, and that's who you go to someone who knows them. Rasulullah sallallahu is a senior figure in the community and of course, he's our Prophet sallallahu sallam, but you can

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Go to a senior person you can go to someone who knows those people but most importantly you want to know their situation so that you know tomorrow what's going to be your case

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