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Ramallah Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just leaving because he didn't consider formado. My brothers and sisters,

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I want to do a quick recap on

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the Tao of Ibrahim alayhi salam, before we go any further,

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we have spoken about his dow what he did with different people. And it begins with the Dow that he gave to his own father to others.

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And he tried to tell him and his whole family salams

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whole focus was

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when he when he spoke with his people was to,

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to talk about, he's asking people, why are you doing what you are doing?

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You know, why are you doing what you're doing? Because it he says that you're doing something which does not make any sense. So why do you do something which does not make any sense? And then he's saying, if it makes sense to you explain it to me.

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Right? It doesn't make sense to you that you are worshiping something that cannot have you cannot benefit you something which has no power, nothing and you continue to worship? Why do that? Why'd you do that? Now, think about when the whole purpose of these lectures

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is to inshallah enable us to practice what we hear.

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My purpose is to remind myself when I'm speaking to you, and you should sit here with the intention of,

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of looking at your own life and saying, what change has come into my life,

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from listening to these lectures, or all the speeches period of time, because we don't want either of us, I don't want myself and I don't want you to go before Allah subhanaw taala. And then to have whatever we learned, as a witness against us, wherever you go before Allah and then we have to answer why is it that we didn't pay attention? My check around Talal is to say,

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he's to give this that before he

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began any

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talk. He used to say to the people who are sitting there, the audience,

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he would say, sit here, with only one intention, which is to look at yourself and to change yourself. He is to say, Make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. To give the words to the speaker, which can change your life.

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Don't sit here to criticize the speaker, don't sit here to

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to increase your, the information you have. Increase the Malamud. You have

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don't sit here to learn some new technique or learn some new story. or learn some new example, that you can now go and quote to others and look good before them. He would say don't do any of this sit here with only one intention, which is that my life was changed. He's to say make Rue de la la and sit in the Majlis with only one intention, which is how can my life change?

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and used to say to the speakers, speak also with this one intention, which is to say, How can my life meaning the life of the speaker, how can my life change because of what I'm saying? And make dua and ask Allah Allah give me the words which will be beneficial for myself and which will be beneficial for my listeners. He would say remove yourself from the middle become a flute in the land of Allah subhanho wa Taala nothing in sight. Let Allah subhanaw taala play the tune, that Allah subhanho wa Taala enable you and make you say what he wants people to hear, remove your ego, do your own self, remove your likes and dislikes, remove everything to do with you from the middle of this

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equation get out from between Allah Andy and his lips.

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So I find myself when you let us sit

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with this both me and you let us sit with this intention in this modality. Now primary sell.

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As I said, let's do a quick recap of the methodology of direct selling and the purpose of doing the recap

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About the methodology of Java is not to teach you how to do that. Right? That may happen. But that's not the reason the reason is to look at ourselves and say all the things that revivalist Alam said to the people about worshipping of idols Am I also worshipping idols? Obviously I know you're not worshipping idols, you're not putting some you know, an idol in front than you are you're not buying to it or making sense to do it. But watchable idol is not restricted. Even though in this particular case, even Emily ceram was talking to idol worshipers he was talking to people who worship

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worship stone,

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stone stone idols or or wooden idols, or whatever it was. And this was true idol worship was was widespread and has been throughout the centuries all the above the Babylonian people were idol worshipers, the Egyptians were badly worshipers long before then the Greeks and the Romans were at worshipers and so on. So idol worship has been on the face of the earth for, for for eons. So he's talking about here The point is, the point I'm making is that idol worship is not restricted to material idols made of this other material. idol worship is also the idols in the heart, we have idols in the heart, we have idols, of hatred and enmity, and we have idols of greed, and we have

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idols of jealousy. And we have idols of fear of hope. You know, we look for hope from

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the hope for benefit from creatures, and we fear

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harm from creatures, when whereas we know La La Viva La la la la la, we know that nothing can harm and nothing can benefit except Allah. We know that with our tongues, but in our heart is something else. I'm reminded of one of the beautiful quotes of

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others shamas tabrez raha de la la de shape of Maulana room around to lolly shows the bridge is to say, if the word comes out of the heart, it will reach the heart. If the word comes out of the heart, it will reach the heart. If the word comes out of the tongue, it will stop at the ear. Right? So he's talking about but people are speaking, if you speak from your heart, it will reach the heart of the listeners, but even more he's talking about yourself. And he's saying that if you are saying something really with your heart, then your art will change. inshallah, but if you are simply repeating if you are simply speaking with your tongue, then the word will stop at your ear.

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The example I give you, and I've given you before is that off does be fair to me. I think about that, that what is the story what is the

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the beautiful hadith of rasa Salaam, with regard to this does the Fatima does refer to me is 33 times 133 times 133 times a lot and line a little idea that

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what is the story behind this? The story behind is as we all know, is that Fatima Zahara de la Juana, the daughter of a solo Sallam who was married but even in retirement alone, she was

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one day she felt very tired as well. And you know, she would get very tired because she took care of everything in the house and cooking and grinding flour and you know, all of that and looking after whatever animal they had in the house.

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All of this and carrying water, you know you're not looking at hot and hot and cold running water in the taps. So she got very data she one day she said to send it out alone Oh, it's so happened that

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saddam had received some prisoners of war. So she

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she said to say the knowledge she said,

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Go and ask my father for a

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407 for me from the prisoners of war, so that my load my workload can be lessened so that I can have some help.

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So Sally refused and he was very always very shy.

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So he said no, I can go. If you want to go you go. Either way, father

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said avati Mara delana. She went

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to you know, she went on

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To the door of Moses anniversary.

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From behind the curtain, she moved the curtain aside. And she saw

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a lot of people around him.

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He also saw her standing there. But Fatima delana didn't have the issue was again a very highly dignified person very shy. So she didn't go into the room. She didn't want to, you know, go in front of all those people and ask him anything. So she went back. Now, that evening,

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when the work was finished, an alien, Fatima vilanova had retired Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam walked into their house. And he walked into the room. And so they immediately started to get up. He said, No, just lay down, don't need to get up.

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And then he asked Fatima Villa, and he said, my, my beloved daughter, why did you come? You came to see me. What do you need?

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So Fatima delana. Even there, she didn't say anything.

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She wanted to ask you for a servant, she came to ask you to give a lot, I locate one of the prisoners of war to our house, so that she has some help in a housework.

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Because she's getting very tired. And at the end of the night, and at the end of the day, you know her she has a, she has pain in her body. So she wants some help, she came to ask you what she was too shy to come in, you know, in your mother's with all of those people. So she didn't ask

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them said to her, I cannot give you a server. Because the other things I have to do those people I need them for something else. He said, But Shall I show you something which is better than that? shows something which will take away all your pain which will ease give you ease and which will give you relief, and which at the end of the day you will feel completely happy and content. Shall I teach you something which will which will do all this? So of course she said jasola Please teach me what this is. And he taught her this does be

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33 times one Allah 33 times Alhamdulillah

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33 times Allahu Akbar and then nyla Hill Allah at the end of that.

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Now, think about this. And this is what I always remind myself and you

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We also decide this does be rasulillah salam did not tell her he didn't say to his daughter. Read this as we and Allah will give you Jana inshallah, Allah will give agenda. She's the, she's the leader of the

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he's in use this to solve your worldly problem, which is my whole body's painting, I'm tired, I'm exhausted. At the end of the day,

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I need to, I need some relief, I need some help my work even during the day, I need Baraka in my time.

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What must I do here is just now, think about this, you also decide this does be I also received this disease is it happening for us?

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At the end of the day, before I go to bed, I mean, we decide this as we of course, at the end of every for salah and this is part of the morning and evening of God. So at the end of the day when we are before we go to sleep, we decide this is all our all our worldly cares falling away.

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Is my body free of pain? Am I getting complete relief or my tiredness has gone away? I'm feeling nice and fresh and relaxed and I get this beautiful sleep is it happening?

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And it was not happening then ask yourself why is it not happening? Because this is something which aerosolize Allah Salaam taught his daughter for the olana

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so it cannot be I mean what is it that we cannot be a fault with the prescription?

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Right We can say Well, you know what? Louisa salon daughter something which actually doesn't work? No, we can't say that because that's not our rock, it is not our belief.

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So what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught her is something which works,

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but with me it is not working.

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So what is the

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what is the function rather than just does the whole purpose of these lectures is for us to practice Islam for us to leave Islam for us to bring Islam into our lives.

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So I remind myself that let us look at it from that perspective. So it

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Why even a salon now is talking to the people about idols. He's talking to idol worshipers who

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store and wood and whatnot It is made of that. But let us look at ourselves and say that even though I don't worship strong idols,

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maybe there are idols in my heart that need to be removed.

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Maybe my heart needs to be cleaned.

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Maybe I'm an idol worshipper. May Allah protect me?

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Without going to a temple without going and buying before I am still an idol worshiper because in my heart, are the idols are the icons of my own desires?

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And if you think I'm dreaming, no, this is what Allah subhanaw taala called.

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He called it the ILA, he called it the deity.

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He said our item Anita, haha, Allahu

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Allah subhanaw taala. And in another place in the Quran? Have you not seen those who have taken their own However, they have taken the old desires as Illa?

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Why does Allah use the word Allah? What do we say in the kalama? La Isla? La ilaha illAllah? There is no Allah except Allah. There is no I bear with shadow Allah, Allah Illallah. I bear witness that I have no data

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except Allah, that I do not worship anyone other than Allah, that nobody is worthy of worship except Allah.

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Allah is using the same word Allah or eita. Have you not seen manita illa Allah? Have you not seen those who have taken as their ILA as their objects of worship,

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as their gods, as their idols, as their dead is their own desires? Now, what is the meaning of that?

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Does it mean you bought a bottle of she was legal and loose due to it No.

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It means that when,

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on the one hand, I have an order of Allah. And on the other hand, I have my desire, I give precedence to my desire, and I ignore or disobey the order of Allah. This is tantamount to worshiping the desire instead of worshipping Allah.

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On the one hand, is my desire to increase my business. And the only way I can do that is by borrowing money on interest, on one hand, is my desire to build a house. And the only way I can do that, or I think the only way I can do that is by borrowing money, on interest, on the one hand, is my desire to have a nice big widescreen TV in my house. And the and the way to do that is to borrow money on interest, all the different reasons and maybe more of borrowing money on interest, this is my desire. And on the other hand, is Allah subhanho wa Taala has complete and total absolute prohibition, on boring money on interest. Allah did not say do not borrow money on interest.

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Unless there is a situation where you have no other means No,

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do not do it.

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So on the one hand, you have this do not borrow. And on the other hand, I have my designer, which one do I follow?

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Which one do I follow?

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That shows why worship? Do I worship my desire? Or do I worship Allah? I want to drink alcohol. I want to smoke marijuana. I want to indulge in some kind of substance abuse some kind of drug I want to wait, I want to smoke cigarettes.

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Right? So on the one hand is all the desire? On the other hand, Allah subhanaw taala private?

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Which one do I do?

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I don't want to make a long list. You know what your desires are and you know what the order of Allah is with respect to that particular thing. If you don't know go find out.

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Which one do you do?

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Because that will show whether you are an idol worship or not, because Allah called this idol worship.

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And if that is the case, if I find that I am worshiping my desires, what must I do? immediately make us apart? immediately. Leave it immediately. Drop it.

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Don't wait. Don't reduce the number. Immediately drop it.

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Throw away the cigarette packet. smashed a bottle of alcohol.

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Right? Go to the bank get out of the interesting.

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If you have to sell your house, sell your house.

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You don't want to meet a lot of adults.

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On the day of judgment with your list in the names of the enemies of Allah, because that is what Allah subhanaw taala said he will do. Allah declared war on the one who deals in interest.

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So if I have a Salam here is speaking to the people.

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And the first hour that he gave his in his own house, to his own father.

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And that was about $1. I'm not I've already mentioned all of these ads to you and so on. And these are the sort of Maria

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and Emma Salaam gave our to his father. And he said to his father, why do you worship that which does not which cannot here, which cannot see you? And it cannot avail you anything? It can't give you any benefit, it can harm you.

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Why do you do that? Do not worship Satan, very least yet and has been rebelled against the Most Beneficent, beneficent against Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yeah, but De La da da da, da da da da karnali Rahmani arsia.

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So even Emilie Salam is giving down to his father with regard to the worship of idols. And then Ibrahim Alayhi Salam

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gives Dawa to his father's people. Right? Now think about this, that

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thou begins at home. And leadership is on the basis of knowledge.

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Cofer and schilke will always be the enemies of the heat. Even if the one preaching is your own son. Even if the one preaching is your own friend, Cofer and Tao he will always be on two opposite sides.

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Okay, sure can cover will always be against

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the Coronavirus that these were valamar they were the biggest alumni of the time. So was so what people like our apologies to lolly and others. Today, the facade is because leadership is given to those who are unfit

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emeritus of leadership of fools.

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My brother and sisters, what we need to do therefore is to stand out is not to blend in. Right to preserve our identity, not blend in and become one of the sheep, separating ourselves psychologically from others, not separating physically in monasteries,

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separating ourselves psychologically and standing out in good positive ways. This is the biggest way of doubt.

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Now, even I'm Elisa Lam's

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dour, then he made out to his father's people. And again, he said the same thing, same thing to them, they all the opposite of the opposite ambia where he said, which means when he said to his father and his people, what are these images to which you are devoted? What are the idols to which you are devoted? And they said, We found our fathers worshipping them, this is our tradition, this is what we have always done. And he said, Indeed, you and your father's have been in manifest error. So, this brings us to the second part of the story, which is that just doing something because somebody else was doing it, many times we find in our, in our society also we have, we have various

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customs and practices. And if you ask people why are doing this? Listen to Amara, Amara.

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Amara is our tradition. This is our tradition, this is out as he now that is not a reason to continue. There has to be a logical reason why you are doing something especially with regard to worship. And that logical reason in worship is and can only be what Allah subhanaw taala has ordered, which Rasulullah sallallahu taught us nothing else, anyone or anything else, whoever it was, whether it was your period, your motion, your chef, your guru, your teacher, your staff, whoever it is, if he or she tells you something, which is in keeping with what as well as restaurant, then we obey. If he tells you something, which is different from what Rasulullah

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sallallahu taught, then we disobeyed we did not obey even our own parents. We do not obey them if they are telling us something that goes against what Allah subhanaw taala ordered and what is the Vla Sallam taught us.

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So here in Abraham's case, we also see the same thing where he's telling his people, he's asking his people why you're doing that, and their standard response, or what you see this is what we have always done.

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This is our tradition, this is our culture. There's no there's no culture, there's no tradition, where it goes against Allah subhanho wa Taala has orders, all culture and tradition must be

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in keeping with Allah subhanho wa Taala orders.

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the essence of diet, this is the essence of the hit that we do, what Allah subhanaw taala told us,

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in opposition to what may go against it, like we are not, we are not concerned with what people say or don't say, we are focused on what Allah subhanaw taala told us,

00:25:45--> 00:25:47

we saw the result of this, which is that the people

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they decided to kill the primary Salah, and this is the standard response, when people cannot argue logically against what you are saying they get angry. Right? when people get angry with you think about this, that the person is not angry with you, the person is angry with themselves, because they are saying to themselves that I am too. I don't have an answer. I do not have an answer. So I'm angry with this person for raising that question within myself.

00:26:19--> 00:27:04

So whenever you feel angry when somebody is presenting you with an argument, a logical argument, a sense of logic, and you feel angry, you want to yell and scream at that person, you would have liked to kill the person, you don't have the authority. So you don't do that. But those who had the authority they tried, does that is ambia got killed, not because they were wrong, but because they were right. And people get angry, we get angry, because the person is now forcing me to look at a part of myself, is forcing me to look at something I'm doing or saying, which I don't want to look at. So the first one is, you know, the anger is really directed at yourself. But it's projected

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outwards at the individual. And the person who is angry, feels that if they can somehow shut up this person, by whichever way. So you either force the person to keep quiet or you deny the person the opportunity to speak or where you have the authority. You jail the person who killed the person that was rather dollars, his whole story and sort of the scene where we know all of this, all of the ads of the MBA who came to the people of Antioch and whatever happened. So the point is that people this is the standard reaction of people who really lost the argument if you think about that, they have lost the argument. They have no argument, they have only one choice, which is to accept the truth,

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which is coming to them, but they do not want to accept the truth. So what do they do? They react? They say I'm going to kill you. Killing the person does not change the truth. Right? If somebody tells you that look, your house is on fire. So get out of the house, right escape, put out the fire or escape. And you say no, no, I don't like what you were saying that I hate your face. I don't like you. I don't want to kill you kill the person. Does it save your house? Does it save you?

00:28:14--> 00:28:17

This is a standard reaction of people who

00:28:18--> 00:28:27

who get you know news of terminal illness as well. Right We call it the Sarah respond srH there is shock. Right?

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Then there is anger as a anger. And then there is a rejection. Ah no, it's not happening to me that first of all shock Wow, this happened to me How can you be angry? How can you tell me this? And this is where they kill the they kill the messenger shoot the messenger? And then there is rejection? So no, I don't I don't believe this.

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And after we go through these three very traumatic phases, then inshallah, at some point you get acceptance. Yes, this is me, this is happening to me, I have gotten some, I have something which is definitely wrong with me, I need to correct that. And then there is eight which is help or hope at the end of that. So I seek that. So this is standard response that people are saying to me that no, you're going to kill you because why? Because he's wrong. No, because he is right and I know he is right. But if I accept his right then I have to accept the I am wrong. And that is not possible. I cannot accept that I am wrong, even though I know that I am wrong.

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So they tried to kill it. So they tied him up and they put him in this thing and they threw him into the fire and we know all of that story.

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And eventually silabs it has been long whenever McHale and Allah subhanaw taala

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saved him but also Lazarus have also said this, when he was threatened

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with enemies who gathered around him and that is a draw for us to say has been Allah who Anam Allah kilo has been Allah who will never look in the plural. May Allah Subhana Allah save us from all the enemies that have gathered to him.

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As those we can see and those we cannot see inshallah,

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then we will move out of that place, and he

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and then he was called No, it was called by the king was numbered.

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Nimrod was one of the he was supposed to be a great warrior and a very powerful monarch of the people of Babylon. And he disputed he called him and he tried to argue with my militia and he Allah Allah tala said in the locker up under lls Lady hajah Ibrahima Fiera be an atta hola hola book is called Eva hemara Bella de where you meet Allah Allah. Mohammed Ali Ibrahim over in Allah TV Sham similar measure it for it we have in a lovely botella de Guevara. Voila, Hola. Como aalameen. Even Allah said, Have you not looked at him who disputed with rimal A Salam about Islam, because Allah had given him the kingdom. This is the tragedy of the human being, that the human being rebels

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against the one who does in the best, who doesn't good. You know the thing about dogs, if you

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said the dog does not bite the hand that feeds it, even a dog has that much of honor, but human beings do not have do not have that honor. The human being bites the hand which feeds it, which is very tragic. But this is a very sadly our reality. So here is the road, Allah has given him everything. Allah subhanaw taala has given him power and wealth and all of that. And Mark has given him land and has given him this country. And who does he rebel against Allah? Why? Because he called himself God. He said, I am God worship me around was not the only one who claimed

00:31:55--> 00:32:13

divinity, I believe it is, if you read history, there have been any number, all the Roman emperors considered themselves to be divine, they had temples built to them unto themselves, people worship them, both while they were alive, and after the after they had died. This is an old tradition, the Egyptian

00:32:14--> 00:32:16

pharaohs, we know they did that.

00:32:17--> 00:33:01

Nero did that. They were kings in India who did that who considered themselves to be God and had people worshipping them? And May Allah forgive us? They were Muslim kings, who had this tradition of they didn't claim to be God. But they had this tradition where the traditional form of greeting the king was to make such that way that people used to come into the courts have the I know the names of the kings. I'm not saying it because I'm ashamed to say it. But these are Muslim kings, whose tradition core tradition was that the person who comes into the court must prostrate before the king. So they would have them fall flat on their faces, or they would have them make pseudocode or

00:33:01--> 00:33:34

they will have them crawl to them holding grass in their mouth. Because as as as a sign to say, I am your cattle, I am your sheep. I'm your cow. If you want, you can kill me and this was the this was the arrogance of kings. And they forget that the one who gave them that kingdom prohibited them from doing this privated anyone from making sense to anyone except himself, and they take it upon themselves. They used to give themselves titles of Shaheen Shah, right. Shaheen Shah have

00:33:36--> 00:33:39

a title of molecule MOOC right.

00:33:41--> 00:33:43

alum good. Yeah.

00:33:44--> 00:33:48

Sharjah, ha, right? All of these

00:33:49--> 00:34:34

titles are titled which Allah, Allah subhanaw taala hates these names Allah hate these titles, right? Shai alum, the king of the of the world, the holy water level, how can you call yourself Shara? I was the king of the world. I mean, seriously, ask yourself this question. Change that name. If your parents in their ignorance, give you that name, change the name. Now if you are if that is a title, you have reject that title. We have we have Sharjah in our history. We have shine Shah. We have alum gear, all of these are our titles. All of these are haram titles. These are not permitted in Islam islamically these are prohibited titles, and a lot smarter dislike them. So let's say here

00:34:34--> 00:34:57

was the middle of the road. When Sam disputed when Abram Islam came to him, he disputed and when I when the Prime Minister told him to worship Allah, he had claimed godhood so he said, What can your God do? And I'm setting my Allah gives life and he gives death. Whatever is no No, no sir I can give life and give death and he ordered

00:34:58--> 00:35:00

two prisoners to be brought

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

who had been condemned to death? He said one free, and he killed the other one. And he said, See, I've given life and death now is so ignorant, so stupid, so foolish, that I don't even have to describe to explain to you why this is wrong. I mean, you can be clear, he is not giving life or death. Right? He just decided to kill somebody or not to kill somebody is not a question of giving life and death. And if you kill that person without cause, then he is, you know, he's guilty of murder himself. So he says this way, but I haven't had the response to it is that Allah Subhana, Allah brings a son out from the east. Why don't you bring it out from the west?

00:35:36--> 00:35:38

And then he said, You are?

00:35:39--> 00:35:40

You are.

00:35:42--> 00:36:10

until Allah said that, that is very verse, utterly defeated. And Allah does not guide the people who are zali Moon who are the oppressors. Then Ibrahim Alayhi, Salam left Babylon, and he went to a sham, a beautiful life of a slugger i was i was a traveler. I was I've never certainly in a place. He was always moving from one place to another, his whole life was his rock continuously. He's doing his route from one place to the other.

00:36:11--> 00:36:47

So he left Babylon, and he went to a sham and Sham is the whole area which today comprises of Syria, of Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, that entire area is really what is what was called the Milka sham. So today they have been, it's been divided into into many different countries. But it was one place. This is before the age of nation states, sort of not one country with one ruler or leader, but it was one whole area was was considered to be one place, one country.

00:36:48--> 00:37:28

And on the way, he passed through a place called heroin. There people worshipped sun and they worship the sun and the moon and the stars. Now again, this is something which is common. We have this in India also, sun worshippers, Moon worshippers, pseudo and she can go and see people who say they are descended from the sun and the moon. They call themselves the children of the sun and the moon. I mean, how does it again this the whole problem with idol worship is that there is no logic that is related with it. If you ask somebody, a lot of the Rajput kings they used to call themselves Surya when she descended from the children was

00:37:29--> 00:37:55

a ball of gas have children, please tell me? Are you are you a ball of gas? Are you a small ball of gas? Then how do you call yourself I'm a I'm a child of the sun. What do you mean by that? Right? I have a child to the moon, that piece of rock in the sky that that that has children. I mean, the problem is that there is no logic in idol worship there is it is all in the mind. It's all figments of the imagination that people have created, they have created imaginary gods and then they

00:37:56--> 00:38:03

have created symbols, which they claim to represent the imaginary God and the worshipping that Allah subhanaw taala is chock full

00:38:05--> 00:38:40

of aluminum and sha Allah for Allah said say to them, that your Lord your Rob, your Creator, your sustainer your maintainer, he is the he is the truth and everything else is false. And you are free to accept it or to reject it. It does not change the reality. The reality is that Allah subhanaw taala is Huck, and everything else is false. So these people now in Iran, they're worshipping the sun and the moon and the stars. And so Abraham alayhi salam, he went and

00:38:41--> 00:38:46

he he gave them down and

00:38:48--> 00:38:49

he said,

00:38:50--> 00:39:26

he mentioned you know, this whole thing to them. And Oliveira, Marisa Boca De Luca. Nuri Rahim mallacoota sumati Walla Walla, akuna Minal McLean, Paloma Jan. de lado da Coca Cola has Arabi farlam Allah Kannada Ebola Filene Palomar al camara bazian Kala Robbie Param call la la mia Dini, Robbie coonan el comienzo la COVID la lean phylum shumsa bazooka

00:39:27--> 00:39:59

Akbar Phantom ifat Paula Yeah, call me anybody or mimma to Chico in Nevada to hear the thought or savato lava honey fun mama and I mean we should withdraw that we make in Salah before we start Salah. And Allah said in total Anam. And remember when Ibrahim said to his father as a do take Ali ha idols as gods were in the ICU and your people in manifest error.

00:40:03--> 00:40:43

And thus did we show Ibrahim the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, that he should be of those who have faith with certainty. When the night covered him over with darkness, he saw star and he said, This is my rub. And when it said he said, I do not like that. I did not like those that set and when he saw the moon rising up, he said, This is my rock. And when it said he said, unless my rock guides me, I will surely be among the earning people among the people will make a mistake. And when he saw the sun rising up, he said, This is my rock, this is greater but when it said he said to my people, I'm indeed free from all that you join us partners in worship is Allah. Verily, I have

00:40:43--> 00:41:28

done my face towards him Who has created the heavens and the earth, honey van which is monotheism Islam and I'm not from the mushy Hoon, inshallah, we will look at these if and their meaning and the job of Grammarly Salaam, in the next class, ask Allah subhanaw taala to make these lectures, the speaker and the listeners the beneficiaries of this so that our hearts change so that we come 100% on sorry, that we are focused only on Allah. And the sign of that is that the heart must be free of fear of anyone other than Allah subhanho wa Taala Diller was Allah Allah will carry while he was serving

00:41:29--> 00:41:31

me. Well salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa