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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. But

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the last and the 10th of the

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lessons from

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the lessons of leadership to win

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is the importance of quality.

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There is a wonderful saying by a slogan The Gucci family, where they say quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

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Quality is displayed in every single thing you do, in what you do in how you do it. How you drive your car displays quality, how you park your car displays quality, your shoes, your clothing, how you greet people, how you behave with people, your manners, how you eat, what you eat, how you drink, what you drink.

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Every single thing reflects quality.

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In 1997, I was

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at a meeting, I had a meeting with

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some of the some of the professors at Motorola Motorola University in Chicago.

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So I flew into Chicago It was winter to December bitterly cold, big piles of snow everywhere.

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one of the

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staff from motor motor University came to the airport to pick me up.

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He was driving a sports BMW X I think x three or some such thing. What are sports one?

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So two seater coupe. So we drove, we came to Motorola. Now it is a vast parking lot huge thing like a football field are bigger.

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And this guy went and parked far away from the door.

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I was thinking to myself is a winter. It's cold, bitterly cold. Why don't you park close to the road because the parking lot was empty. There's nobody there.

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So I asked him, I said, Why don't you park close to the door. He said, you know we are early people will come later, and they will be in a hurry. So let's leave the space near the door for them.

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And I thought to myself that here in this behavior this man is expressing exhibiting quality of a standard that

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reflects the standard of Motorola.

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Motorola is the place which invented Six Sigma quality standard, Michael Harry was the man who did it. And Mike Larry says his wonderful quote, which I've used many times before, he said if you want to see what someone values, see what the measure if you want to see what someone values, see what the measure

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to give you an idea of what that means. If I said to you that somebody has a business or a process, which is 99% good, 99% good. Which is one mistake per 100

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I'm sure you would say this is good. You know what's wrong with that 99% good is good.

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But 99% Good translates into

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10,000 Mistakes per million

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10,000 mistake 1,000,006 Sigma is 3.4 Mistakes per million.

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That is the difference. And believe me, if you're flying in a plane

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at 35,000 feet, you don't want the engines to be from a company which manufactures that 99% Good

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is a wonderful story about

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about Motorola, which is the early days and and I'm talking about the early 90s late 80s. Motorola used to make pages

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so Motorola decided to outsource their pagers to a Japanese company.

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So they had this meeting they call the Japanese over here they had this meeting

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in Chicago with the Japanese company, the outsource company, and they explained to them in great detail the whole issue of Six Sigma. And they said to them not more than 3.4 Mistakes per million this is six sigma this is a standard we follow and absolutely no question of any

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tolerance in our standard must follow the standard and so on and so on. And you can imagine the whole conversation between the Japanese and the Americans and language issues and so on. When the product was delivered with this Japanese company sent the product they found

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It came in two boxes, there was a large box and there was a small box. When they opened the boxes, both the boxes had pages, the small box had four pages, and the large box had the entire order.

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So they called the Japanese companies, what is it four pages. This is where you know, you told us you want 3.4 mistake per million. So we made 440 pages, you can throw them away. The rest of them are good.

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obviously, the Japanese company's standard was higher than six sigma.

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Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. Quality happens when you work for the love of what you do. Quality can never happen if you work for money, quality can never happen. If you work for any other reason, quality can happen only if you will work for the love of what you do. And when you do that, believe me. You can charge a premium, because people will trust you. People will rely on you, you become the standard. Quality means that you leverage yourself out of the competition, and you become the standard.

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And that is where the whole that's what it revolves around. If you take the Syrah for salsa, salam, his life, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was the epitome of quality, the standard of quality, we will use to measure themselves against it.

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That's very, very important for us to remember that. That

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quality is the hallmark, it is the face, it is the signature of the person. It is who you are.

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One of the most important aspects of quality is how we use our time.

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My brothers sisters, I remind myself, I knew that time is finite. Our Watch, our clock started ticking backwards, the minute we were born, the longest lifespan we had was when the baby was born. And since then it has been decreasing, we don't know when it will end.

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But we know that it will end. So account quality means to account for every minute of your time,

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you must know where it went. And the best way to do that is to do two things. One every morning when you wake up, write down three things that you will do on that day. Three things in order of importance that you will do on that day. And then do the first one completely go to the second one complete, go to the third one, if you get interrupted, come back and complete the one that you were interrupted on. Make this into an absolutely inviolable rule for yourself. Everyone wake up and write three things down in order of importance,

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although important depends on your life goal, which means that you should have previously written your IBO if you haven't done that now, please do that. Right? You live go. And every morning, see points. Every evening assessment of how the day went. What did I intend to do? What did I ended up doing? Was I up to standard was I overstand. It was a lesson started. This is very, very important. It's a great motivator as well. I've been walking. And I'm here now in Wellington at this immersion course in Arabic language.

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The best thing about this, which is very painful, which is the discipline that I have to put myself into, I'm in a class with people, some of them 1/3 my age, I'm living in the dorm, the in the hospital, I haven't done that for 40 years.

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I am I have to pass exams that are metrics, which I have to fulfill those requirements.

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I have to lug a bag with books every day to the class and back, which I do.

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And on top of that, I put myself onto a diet and I eat one meal in 24 hours and on to a physical regimen where I walked in 1000 steps every day which is five miles.

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Usually I do 12,000 steps. Believe me when I've got a I've got a blister on my foot to prove that the point I'm making here is that that itself is a huge motivator for me because when I'm walking when when my wife Samsung helps the app on the phone shows me I've done 12,000 steps I feel so nice.

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Okay exceeded my thought the target on the app is 6000 Bring double the target. If I'm doing 10,000 I'm doing you know 60% More than the target feels beautiful. I go to the gym, I do some weights and so on so forth.

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I feel I feel wonderful because I am taking the trouble to

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to try to get the best quality from my life. There is no my time is not being wasted. I know how much time I'm spending. I know what time I get up. I know what I do. It is

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mattered, and it's not wasted. It's very, very important. Think about this today. How much time goes in useless conversation, right? We talk politics all the time. What uses that? We ask the people who talk politics, is there any way in which you can influence that positively we can't. But we talk politics. Social media is an evil because social media gives you the false impression that you can that you have made you made a difference. Believe me, if there is a hungry person on the street, you can forward a million messages. You can post 5 million things on Twitter, you can have 50,000 videos on Facebook, it will not put one piece of bread in a man's mouth, right? Instead of that you put

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your hand in your pocket, take our $5 and give it to him and he's going to be able to feed himself at least one meal. That is what more than all the million messages that you that you spread it and then please don't talk to you about GoFundMe and whatnot. I know all of that stuff. My point is here that

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we have gotten to the spin was we believe that doing these things is somehow

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that you are achieving something we're doing nothing. It's there's something which is giving an illusion of success. There is no actual success, it's an illusion of success. And that is very dangerous. It is better to know that you are failing it is better to know that you have

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that you have not done what you need to do because that will motivate you to do what you need to do instead of that. You get this illusion that you have done something what is it something please don't waste your time.

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Focus on quality. Quality comes from measurement, focus on measurement. And do that for the love of it. do that because it is your face because it is your signature.

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Not because somebody is watching not because somebody is paying pay you for it. do that anyway. Whether anyone pays you or doesn't pay. That is the most important thing as far as quality is concerned and all that is based your reputation on that is based the way in which people will trust you

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in the environment.

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I hope all this has been useful for you. I wish you all success. Well as Rantala grant you the best in this life and the next was another another Bill Curry Marathi he was a member article Hooray