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Villa de la hora de la vino salatu wa salam O Allah sherfield me Eva mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Steven sera mavado. My sisters,

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I want to talk to you today about the crisis number three, in our series of jumma hobas on the challenges and solutions, challenges of 2021 and solutions.

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And that crisis number three is artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies.

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Let us see how AI will change our lives and environment.

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This is just a snapshot. It's not my intention to list the changes were to help you get perspective on them.

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Let me begin by my favorite headline, which is a classic example of wordsmithing to hide the truth behind what is happening.

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And the headline is over.

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It says artificial intelligence has the potential to offer 15 point 7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

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So that's less than 10 years from now.

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And I've given you the link to the PricewaterhouseCoopers study on that.

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What does that mean for people, especially for the poor people.

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Global Economy means world GDP, I already told you that GDP is the worst way of looking at prosperity. And at the strength of a society.

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What we need to look at is income distribution, not GDP.

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But let's continue

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break down this number

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of 15 point 7 trillion projected to be added to the GDP by 2030.

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The study says that 26% of that 26% of that, which is one fourth of that will be in China. And 14 and a half percent will be in North America, not just the United States, North America.

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How will this be achieved?

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revenue comes from buying.

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That is what adds to GDP. Who buys you? Who do you pay the producers of the goods and services, who spends you who gets rich, they it's no accident that Jeff Bezos and the others in that eight man group had their wealth doubled and tripled, during the pandemic.

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And they have you to thank for that.

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Now, something more about AI. Have you heard of the AI bias?

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That is because algorithms are built and written by human beings. And so we'll have the built in bias deliberate or, or inadvertent of the wilderness that explains the slant to the news, product and service choices, and all sorts of things that you are presented with. Nothing is there by accident, or totally randomly or totally objectively, everything is an attempt to influence you to think by vote, support or oppose. The ultimate goal is to control your mind and your choices to benefit the controllers. Who is creating all this? The best minds in the world, highly educated and trained in everything that is related to achieving the purpose, which is to get your attention and

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to hold it. Who is on the other side of you? And even more importantly, your children who have no clue what is happening to them.

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Who's that you.

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second major impact of AI will be the loss of certain jobs, packaged as labor saving convenience, more productive, more profitable, safer, far more accurate, far faster, intuitive, and so on. Let me give you some alternate words. To describe this. Not to discourage you from using AI in which case in which frankly, I don't think we have a choice anymore, but to help you recognize what's happening and see the other side of the coin.

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labor saving and convenience more productive all mean fewer jobs in traditional manufacturing and service industries far fewer,

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more profitable, yes, but for whom

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owners and shareholders, not employees, or consumers. It's not an accident that during the pandemic, lots of people lost their jobs while billionaires grew wealthier. Just for perspective, consider this. The wealth of Elon Musk on March 8 2020, was 24 point 5 billion on January 9 2021 10 months later, it was 209 billion from 24 point 5 billion to 209 billion, not because he did anything Earth shaking to better the situation of humans or birds or fish or anything else on Earth, but because Tesla shares went up to look at it another way, difference in contribution to the world zero difference in wealth plus 185 $4.5 billion.

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Contrast that with us minimum wage in 2009. We are in 2021. Just to give you some math,

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US minimum wage in 2009 was $7.25 per hour, US minimum wage in 2021. is still $7.25 per hour.

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Cost of tomatoes for Elon Musk, and the friendly neighborhood handyman or woman is the same.

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Low cost of production thanks to AI and automation results in better earnings per share and a higher profit margin. That means the cost to consumer will not fall in proportion to cost of production. In any case, when the potential consumer has lost his job, that is being capacity, product cost doesn't matter. self driving cars and trucks, robots drones, IBM Watson all mean loss of jobs for people providing these services.

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work from home and homeschooling wiped out 1000s of jobs for poor people in office cleaning and maintenance, gardening, packing consumer consumables and many others, while saving costs and adding margins to companies.

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Majority of jobs will be lost in areas that are already poorly paid, and where people are struggling to make ends meet. Imagine when they have no job

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are smart wordsmiths and financial analysts will tell you that people can be retrained for other jobs. Tell me when was the last time you tried to train or retrain a 50 year old truck driver or a woman working in a paddy field in Thailand to write a computer program.

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There are three documentaries that I want you to watch with your families. Please consider that a critical to survival project and do it. The first one is called the social dilemma.

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The second one is called four horsemen. And the third one is called An Inconvenient Truth. In the text that comes with his hotbar you will get links for all of them. Please watch them. Do yourself a favor you owe it to yourself and to your children.

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To be able to make intelligent decisions, you need good information. It comes seldom it seldom comes better than this. These are experts speaking about their field of expertise, which involves us all, whether we like it or not. So please watch them as a matter of urgency drop everything else and watch these three movies. There's nothing romantic about ignorance. So please educate yourself. In the wise words of Satan I live in a Metallica vellano he said, it is sufficient as an honor for knowledge that those not suited to it. Try to claim it and are pleased when it is attributed to them. And it is sufficient as a disgrace for ignorance that those engulfed in it, try to distance

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themselves from it.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah subhanaw taala said, Cole hallelujah stubbie la Vina Ala Moana Valentina Allah Allah mon in nama Karoo Al Bab I lost around tell us a day are those who know equal to those who don't know. It's only people on the standing who will remember

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two of the biggest IT companies in India Tech Mahindra and Wipro have announced major job cuts, Tech Mahindra is firing 5000 people due to rise in automation humans no longer

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Wipro fired 75 vice presidents and 300 managers, as three business units were shut down. We know what happened right here, with massmutual. In Massachusetts and Connecticut last year.

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Remember that none of the people who lost those jobs were manual workers without an education. They were all technologists of different kinds, whose technology became irrelevant.

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One time education is not enough. Remember that for corporate decision makers, there is only one criteria to consider what's best for share value.

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Everything else, including employee welfare is subservient to that. The reality is that almost every job that can be automated will be automated. And the person doing it will have to find something else to do. Some will be able to do so others will watch them do it.

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Most, if not all, job losses will be at the bottom end of the spectrum, people doing routine work, those are the easiest to automate. If you want to save yourself from that, you must do something that a machine cannot do faster, and cheaper.

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If there is one measure that I want to give you very loudly and clearly, it is about the importance of adding value to yourself. Learn something, anything, it's important to get into the habit of learning, of enjoying learning, of pushing boundaries and keeping challenging yourself. If you keep moving, you will grow. If you stop, you will become static and stagnant.

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It's a matter of great benefit for us that in this master. That is why we have literally learning opportunities every single day. Whether you take advantage of that or not, is up to you.

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evaluate yourself annually and measure how you added value to yourself. Remember, if you can't count it, it doesn't exist. metrics are critical to success. measure yourself, because this is what Islam also teaches us. That is why says an hour of the satara. Delano said make your own basava. Make your own assessment before your exam is taken before your account is taken. That is good advice for both dunya and akhira.

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AI will also increase the possibilities of hackers taking advantage of AI and systems and of nefarious activities like phishing, infecting automated systems of viruses collecting your data illegally and selling it to the highest bidder and so on. If you think this doesn't happen, let me remind you of the famous Cambridge analytic data theft and scam.

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I've given you the link in the text to the New York Times article about this, guess who was behind it.

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It's your life. And you must choose.

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Watch those documentaries. Now for solutions, the first place to address and deal with the impact of AI. And to combat its potential negative impact must be through our education system, what we teach and how we do it. This is even more critical in the Islamic education system.

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If we want to remain relevant, and be able to help people to negotiate their way in the world,

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that has almost no resemblance to the world that our parents inhabited.

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If Allah do not understand his world, and if they do not understand the implications of technology and what is happening in this world, then they cannot guide anybody else.

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It is not only about technology, but about the avenues and options that it opens and the change in attitude that it creates. Parents today are painfully aware of this. Let me ask you to do this. Go to any school, Islamic or secular and ask the principal or founder one question.

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Please define your final product. What are you producing? What are you creating in the school? If you don't get an instantly clear answer, you got an answer.

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To compare if you go to the turtle factory, and as the head What are you making here? He will not look at the ceiling or mumble or search for words or think before answering you. You can see what they make. And if you still need an answer, he will tell you in one word cars or in two words, great cars.

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See if you can get that answer from the principal of your children's school. And if you can't, then go stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself and ask yourself, why on earth

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are you sending your children to a place where they don't even know what they are doing? And you are paying them to do it.

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Please reflect all the racism, hatred, greed, cruelty is the product of people who went to school.

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The the ovens

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in the Nazi death camps were built by engineers, highly qualified engineers, technologists, computer viruses are the work of IT experts.

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The problem lies with our education system. And that is not that it has failed. But that it is hugely successful in preparing students for a world that has lost its moorings. That is where Islam comes in by providing direction. Islam is the chronometer, the navigation device and the rudder of the ship of life. Without these two, it doesn't matter how powerful the engine is, or how beautiful the superstructure of the ship is, it will drift direction less on the ocean. Those on a rudderless ship are doomed. They are susceptible to every wind and wave and they are powerless to save themselves from being wrecked. Even if they see the rocks that the wind is driving them towards.

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Allah subhanaw taala said Islam gave us darada Islam gave us the chronometer. Islam gave us the direction. Allah subhanaw taala said, Yeah, you are Latina, armano Kanaka wamena bfst Shahada, Shahada, Allah Allah He will Oh ALLAH and fusi coma will Wiley Dini, one acre albina iya goon avani ANOVA Kiera for low Oh la v Hema for that beautiful house. And dhiru we're in dulu our Dorito for inala haka. habima Dharma Luna hubiera. Allah subhanaw. taala is a desert and desert which means all you believe, stand out firmly for justice as witnesses to Allah, even though it may be against your own selves, or your parents or your relatives, your kin. be rich or poor. Allah is a better

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protector of both than you. So do not follow the lust of your hearts, lest you avoid justice. And if you discharge your witness, or refuse to give it Verily Allah subhanaw taala is well acquainted ever well acquainted with what you do.

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My brother and sister remind myself when you justice is the foundation of everything. Peace is the result of justice. schools must focus on ethics and values and morals. Everything else flows from that. We are in the midst of a crisis that will destroy us, unless we combat it. Education is the key. the right education, not what happens today. Let me tell you a story. Our job Almanzo in

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in 714

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ad, you rolled from 995 Hijri to 158 hijiri which is 714.

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Ad to 775 ad. He was a second abbacy Oliver. He asked his got his man who has soccer whorish

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only a corn and soccer crush. Yeah, I mean

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so almanzora said to them, cool. Luca Morocco.

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sucker kurush Abdul Rahman bien muy bien a sham what hamdulillah Jaya Allah Al Bahar benei bobino.

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Our on so he said Who is the Falcon of the crush? Now this was the highest title that you could give to anybody the Falcon of

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the peak. So he's got he said to him.

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You are the Falcon of the whorish. Yeah. I mean, there was subserviently.

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He said you are all in Africa.

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He said the soccer crush. The Falcon of the crush is Abdurahman. Even Mr. IBM ninja

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Even under Mulligan Marwan

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he said he is the sucker for Russia. And he said, I thank Allah, that Allah kept an ocean between him and me

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after a man who is also called observer and dashing and I'll tell you why. He was a founder of the Arab dynasty, the role the greater part of Iberia, in Spain for nearly three centuries,

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including the collapse of Cordova, Cordova.

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When the buses defeated the ban omiya they hunted down and killed every member of the royal family that they could lay their hands on man, woman and child

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after a man managed to escape with one servant is freed slave Greek slave called battle.

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It's a long and very painful story of our one part of the family of wrestlers are seldom killed another part of the same family because both the manomaya and the bonobos were both of them were fresh.

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And they committed all sorts of atrocities. However, after a man escaped, and he landed alone, and friendless in Al Andalus in spirit,

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but in less than 10 years, he established his kingdom in Cordova in Cordova. And then he consolidated his role, and it developed Cordova until it became the biggest city in Europe and the world, and was called the jewel of the world.

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It was known for its scholars including if the rush if the hasm

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zahavi and others.

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It became the center of art and science and religious learning with an enviable culture

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the greatest tribute of a man and he's called on the hill. The entrant because he was alone when he came to Spain was paid by his greatest mortal enemy. Abu Jaffer Almanzo.

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The biographer of Abuja for Almanzo report reports that when he asked his coaches who deserved the exalted title of Falcon of the Hirsch soccer flourish, they said you owe Amir more money and until said no. Then they said Maria bin Abu sufian battilana.

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And until said no, because Amaya Miriam. Sophia was the founder of the dynasty of manomaya. He said no.

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Then they said Abdul Malik Murat, who was one of the greatest of the whole of the manomaya. Again, almancil said no, and they said the new almancil said, The Falcon crush. saga crush is a man who escaped by scanning, the spearheads of the lenses and the blades of the souls who, after wandering solidary, through the deserts of Asia and Africa, had the boldness to seek his fortune without an army in lands unknown to him, beyond the sea beyond the ocean, having nothing to rely upon, except his own wits and perseverance. He nonetheless humiliated his proud foes, who's talking about himself, exterminated rebels, organized cities, mobilized armies,

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secured his frontiers against his enemies, and founded a great empire and reunited under his scepter, a realm that seemed already parceled out, among others. No man before him ever did such deeds. He said mahavihara Delano rose to his stature through the support of Mr. Anil Swan or de la Noir, who's backing allowed him to overcome difficulties. Abdulmalik because of his previous appointment, and his family and so on. And I, through the struggle of my family, my kin, and the solidarity of my partisans by supporters, but Abdur Rahman did it alone, with the support of none other than his own judgment, depending on nobody but his own resolve. My question to you is, What

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school did you go to? Which brothers are made up the Ravana daffin? Studying? What happened to this? How can we revive it relevant to our times? What can we do to once again become great contributors to the world?

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I can give you a list

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of Muslim scholars

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recognized to this day even though the orientalist have changed their names

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and who have been described

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As the Father or the founder of a particular field

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of science,

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whether it is a hobby, or a bass in a furnace,

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or even Hulu, or in Regina, or I live in Allah bas Alma juicy. Alberoni alcohol is mi hasm. For Abby,

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if the rushed

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or raazi

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I can go on,

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I can go on very illustrious list of contributors of such magnitude that their opponents praise them and their work, fewer great developments in human knowledge and contribution, not one of them went to a mother. So our school as we know it. The problem with our system is not that it has failed, but that it is hugely successful in producing what it is designed to produce. And what is that? slavish pedestrians incapable of independent thoughts, too frightened to push boundaries, obedient, silent, and jurors of oppression, which neither the courage, nor the mental and physical tools to drive change. We don't produce leaders, because our schools and mothers are not designed to produce

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leaders, we must change everything about what we teach, and how that is because you cannot build planes in a local motor factory. No matter how many tweaks you give to it, it simply will not work. You need to replace everything in that factory, and get it ready to build planes. A plane flies by design, not by power, a car or a train will never fly, no matter how powerful its engine is, because it's designed does not permit flying. Our schools will never create leaders, because the design doesn't permit it. If we want to create leaders, and frankly, I don't think we have a choice. Unless we want to slavery for our children, we must totally transform our schools. I mean, all our schools,

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especially our religious schools,

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alteration, one won't work, it will be detrimental and destructive, because it will suck up resources, human resources, and give you the illusion of progress. Remember, ignorance is not the opposite of knowledge. The opposite of knowledge is the illusion of knowledge. So also the opposite an enemy of progress is the illusion of progress.

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We must stop fooling ourselves into believing that we are educating our children, either in the secular or Islamic system. We are merely replicating what has been happening since the Industrial Revolution, which is 16 1760 to 1840. There were no schools as we know them before that.

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They all started then, and we have been mindlessly continuing them long after they have become redundant. Both our secular schools and mothers are modeled on the schooling model created during the Industrial Revolution, to address the needs of that time. That system is now outdated and positively harmful. It's your call as parents to define the future of your children. Choose wisely, because on it depends.

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there and your dunya and akhira Allah subhanho wa Taala gave you the choice, and he will question you about it. Robert Hassan Susana will have the film on our handle an akuna Minal Casa de Ravana fulfill another one our fellow NASA yet in auto phenomena bruh masala harana Bukhari while he was iVh may be referred to me, but hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.