Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons for life #01

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker advises listeners to make decisions based on their advice and avoid negatively impacting their personal health or success. They stress the importance of factoring in their equation and creating positive environments. The speaker also emphasizes the need to believe in oneself and not give up too many negative thoughts. The loss of friends and family members in ADG and MP affects success and the importance of avoiding disappointed events. The speaker encourages people to be the main concern and not just focus on one thing, as it is the main focus.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala sherfield MBA Eva was serene Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Sleeman cathedral cathedral, Morocco.

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My brothers and sisters, somebody asked me to share some lessons from my life.

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So here goes inshallah

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there are

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a couple of books that I've written also, which you might like to read. One is called in a teacup, another one is called from India to the Indies.

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Then there's a book called The Entrepreneurs diary.

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Then there's a book called A journey of faith.

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I would suggest these books, if you want to read about my life, and my learnings, all of these are different aspects of my life and learning which I try to write down. So if you're interested, they all these books are there on Amazon and Kindle and so on.

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Now, the first and foremost lesson that I learned, and I remind myself constantly and I

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try to given that my life and I strongly, strongly advise you.

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And this is a lesson, I advise you to do the same. This is a lesson that if you stick to that,

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you cannot go wrong.

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Absolutely no way you can go.

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And their lesson is,

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make a loss of handled data number one in your life.

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Make Allah number one in your life.

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What does that mean? It means that you consciously and that is the key word, the key word is consciously deliberately.

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you consciously do everything, you say everything you do everything you take every decision.

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And my every I mean, every single one of them is no question a small one, large one,

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you know, costly and cheap and

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every decision, every speech.

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Do that? After asking yourself a question, the question is, Will Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with what I'm doing?

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Or what I'm going to be going through? Will Allah be pleased with what I'm going to do? And if the answer is yes, of course, then go ahead and do it? If the answer is no, then leave it. And the answer is, I'm not sure. Then don't do it. Until you make sure until you find out

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whether Allah will be pleased or not.

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And as I said, this applies to every single decision in your in my life, every single without exception, every single decision make Allah number one in your life.

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The benefit of a Allah subhanaw taala number one in your life is that you can't possibly go wrong because if you are doing everything to please Allah subhanaw taala, then it automatically means that you will not do anything which is negative, which is displeasing to Allah, which automatically means which is something which is potentially harmful to you and me.

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Because remember, every single thing that Allah subhanaw taala ordered, is for our benefit.

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Allah subhanaw taala himself is for someone, he is beyond every benefit, and every harm that can happen to a human being or to any creature, Allah subhanaw taala Nothing can harm him and nothing can benefit Allah subhanaw taala so all harm and all benefit is ours. If something is harmful, it is harmful to us. If something is beneficial, it is beneficial to us. It's not nothing to do with Allah subhanaw taala in the sense of, he will not be harmed by what we do and he will not be benefited by what we do with the entire world and all the human beings and Ginette contains electively become as pious and as good and as kind and merciful and as charitable, and list all the good qualities as the

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best of them. It will not change Allah subhanaw taala glory and majesty one which

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and the opposite of all of them get together and become as bad or worse or strengthen himself. It will not affect ALLAH SubhanA glory and majesty one which

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the all that we do is for ourselves. And that's why I say to myself, and I say to anyone who is willing to listen, factor Allah into the equation, because he

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is in it anyway factor Allah into the equation because he is in it anyway

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I think if I remember this one simple thing that

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I want to make Allah subhanaw taala number one in my life

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believe me nothing can stop you from being the most successful you will be

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in your lifetime

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in your circumstances in your situation in your country in the world the most successful person

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the reason I'm saying that is because ultimate success and failure depends on what happens after we die

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alternatives video depends on what happens after we die so Allah in these days that I've been away from

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I've lost so many very close and very difference

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the last of them and so on I

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don't want to get into the spin off

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trying to describe who is closer who's to JIRA

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but then buys jets is really really hit me

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that before him say date, but he says have a say then I went to school together we were in the same class in school from the we were together in school from I think if I'm not mistaken from about age 10 onwards, it I was in the school from age five and save came later. So

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from our age 10 onwards, so save and I were friends for over 50 years say died before save my very dear friend observed died

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say a number of the list of observed from earlier was in those in ADG and MP is IPS officer ad and he was MP card.

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And then my very close and dear friend Suresh Menon died

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very suddenly. And he was my from the planting days with my sister and one of my closest and dearest friends sudesh mana day, one after the other I mean, as I've so many of in tears died way again,

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very dear friend and also related to me.

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He passed away and then a very dear friend and elder and so wonderful van

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close to 70 all of us judge, just judges mind sets up, he passed away. And the point I'm making here is that one after the other one after the other. We all go and the the parameter of success is for one Zuzia Annina evil killer Jana for Hot Fuzz. And that's what I did, I said the one who has been freed from the hellfire and enter into Janda only that person is successful.

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Because a common thing about all of these people, every single one of them, and believe me, that is the same thing.

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Which will happen to us as well. And the common thing between all of them is that they weren't alone.

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All that they had in this world, whether it was money, whether it was position, whether it was 30, whether it was rank, whether it was influence, whether it was family, wives and children and so on so forth. All of that got FBI

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and ours also will be led via believe me this is nothing new or that I'm telling you nothing new that I was finding myself. Nothing new that I'm saying that you didn't know before. The car issue is conscious of this is this top of the mind, concern for us. Because only that will determine success and failure. The person who dies with a man

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on Islam, the person who dies trying to please Allah subhanaw taala and seeking repentance for his sins and so on. Insha Allah will be successful in sha Allah will be on those who about whom Allah said for one Zuzia Annina WorldSkills and

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those who have been freed from the fire, and were entered and but those who die without Islam without the man, those who die disobeying Allah subhanaw taala not even fulfilling the first and most important critical forms. First him

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Most important, critical duty that we have the very purpose of our creation, the physical manifestation, the physical evidence that we are on La Ilaha illa Allah, that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam that there is no one that we follow Mohamed Salah Salem and that he is the messenger of Allah subhanaw taala

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the proof of that the evidence of that the Salah

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is our prayer the five prayers that Allah subhanaw taala has made for upon the Muslim man and woman.

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So we are among those who do not even pray who do not even

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show allegiance to Allah subhanaw taala by fulfilling this the most basic and fundamental principle of Islam about which as well as an absurd I had to learn the by Nana obeying the Houma, Salah for one hour and a half I heard Kafala the salat wa salam. He said that the differentiate the dividing line, the boundary between them meaning those who are not Muslim, and as is the Salah, the one who left it has left Islam.

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I fear among those, then May Allah help us. I don't want to say anything more about that. So seriously, I remind myself and you let us

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change ourselves before the day comes when we will meet Allah.

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As I mentioned, all these friends of mine who passed away, they all met

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and what happens to them depends on what they did in this in this life. Exactly the same thing will happen to us. And what happens to us then will depend on what we choose to do in this life. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to make himself the number one concern for ourselves, be concerned about nobody and nothing more than the concern for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala as well. Believe me if you do that, Allah subhanaw taala will make sure that everything else yours falls in line.

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You please Allah and everyone else will please you. You please Allah and everyone else will respect you and they will look up to you all of that. If you displease Allah, the opposite will happen. That's the key message that I want to give you are solid army with anyone it was wrong to get on.

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