Yasir Qadhi – Domestic Violence & How To Deal With It

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and current trends of Islam, including the use of gifts and the term "has been a pleasure" to those who receive them. They stress the prevalence of physical abuse and the lack of taboo in their community. The importance of religion and the need for more knowledge in interpreting the Quran is emphasized. The speakers also touch on the history of the Prophet system and the need for men to be treated with love and care. They stress the importance of protecting one's life and reputation, seeking help from their community, and avoiding false assumptions.
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Nearly all praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek His help. And we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Indeed whomever Allah Subhana Allah to Allah guides, There is none who can misguide. And whomever ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala misguides none can guide him back to the straight path. Bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship except for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And I bear witness and I testify that Muhammad Abdullah has the final prophet, and the most perfect worshipper of Our Lord sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ALLAH SubhanA, which Allah has commanded us in the Quran by saying,

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Yeah, you Hola, Dina, Amanita Allahu Akbar, to call to one temotu Illa, one to Muslim on are you who believe be conscious of Allah as only he deserves, and do not die, except in a state of submission to Him? As to what follows. Imagine my brothers in Islam, the most expensive and the best blessing that you possess, imagine your most cherished gift. How would you treat this blessing and this gift? What protocols would you use when it comes to this precious blessing that you desire that is of great benefit to you? Obviously, every one of us would treat such a gift with tenderness with care with love. None of us would intentionally misuse a gift that is precious to us. None of us would

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harm or damage or wreck such a gift. It is impossible to imagine a sane person doing so. Well then what do we do in light of the Hadith of the process and who told us what is the best gift that Allah can give us? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, There is nothing that a believer benefits from more after the Taqwa of Allah, that is more beneficial for him, then a righteous spouse reported by Ibn Majah. How foolish then and harmful it is. If a man amongst us abuses and harms that precious blessing that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has blessed us with this month, the month of October, is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. And for us as Muslims, these months don't change anything, but

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they are occasions that are useful to remind us of what should be known throughout the whole year and every month and every single day. And that is that this religion of ours is a religion of compassion and mercy, and that it does not and cannot tolerate domestic violence and abuse against our spouses and families. Sadly, the statistics when it comes to this phenomenon, are very chilling, in this country alone, and this country claims to be of the most advanced in the world. In this country alone across all ethnicities and religions. One out of every three women is the victim of physical abuse by their own partners. Every year, over 10 million people are victims of physical

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abuse, physical spousal abuse, every single day, more than 20,000 people call special hotlines across this country, complaining seeking protection against their partners. And by the way, this is physical abuse that is reported. There is much more that is unreported. And then there is something called emotional abuse, which is almost impossible to report and to quantify much less qualified brothers and sisters. The whole of us topic today is one that is taboo and most of our hot themes and most of our massages, but it should not be taboo. The topic today is rarely mentioned amongst enlightened circles of Muslims, because we find it embarrassing. It is a open secret that spousal

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abuse is rampant in our communities. I challenge that almost every one of us almost every one of us is aware of some couple some family that is going through spousal abuse, and yet it is a topic that is almost unheard of. And even in polite conversation in our gatherings. We simply do not bring it up. What is even more reprehensible. What is even more despicable, not just our tacit silence, but that some amongst us who are guilty of physical abuse who are guilty of violence against their partners and their loved ones, some misguided people

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Paulo monks does actually dare to justify that violence with the Quran and the Sunnah. They believe they have a religious sanction, they believe they have permission from their Lord to harm their loved ones. And they always quote a phrase here and a hadith there and they say Oh, I am implementing this idea and this hadith. Now in this hutzpah, we do not have time to get into the details of Tafseer of exegesis and Wallahi brothers and sisters, you know, be my now I am not a progressive or a modernist who wants to reinterpret the Quran and Sunnah I am faithful to the tradition. And yet I say, even though we don't have time to go into the details of that one ayah

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which is what reborn, the famous I have certain Nyssa and yet I say, these people who quote that verse, wala he, they are not doing it because of the verse. They do what they do, and they beat and they are violent, and then they want to justify after they have done the deed, don't quote me, Iman and Taqwa, when you have no idea of the manners of our Prophet, sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam, you have never opened a book of Tafseer, and you dare quote me, and if you don't know the basics of fifth, and then you attempt to post justify, once you've done the deed, or that is your lifestyle, then you take on the aura of religious sanctity, and you say, oh, Allah has allowed me and the

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Prophet system has allowed me Do not lie to those who are more knowledgeable than you, you are not qualified to interpret the Quran and you have not studied the books of Tafseer. And as I said, Wallahi we will inshallah someday give more detail, because it's not my methodology to reinterpret the Quran. And yet I stand before you today and I say, How can anybody take this one phrase of the Quran and ignore explicit Quranic ayat and explicit a hadith and explicit sera of our Prophet sallallahu Allah he was sending them, how can you ignore what Isha herself said, inciting her body when she said, I swear by Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam never raised his hand against a

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woman or even a servant, don't quote me, I attend a hadith and ignore what the wife of the process of herself is saying, I swear by Allah and his entire life, he never raised his hand against a woman and a servant. Then she said, unless he was in jihad, and perhaps he was fighting somewhere, but in the household never did, he raised his house, and it is narrated in the Sahaba bin headband, which is one of the books of Sahil that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave the command it is now not allowed to hit your wives. So that command came down, it is not allowed. This was the commandment and the Prophet system implemented it. He said, You cannot hit your wives. Then after a

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few weeks, a group of people came to complain. They said, The Rasul Allah, our wives are taking advantage of this prohibition, our wives, they're now going beyond the bounds. So initial commandment do not do it. Some time goes by, and then the men come and they complain that look, this commandment is being misused, and we want the permission back, we want the permission to put them back in their place, quote, unquote, and so the process and reluctantly gave them permission to do so. The next day 70 women came to the house of the prophets, the law is seldom complaining about their husbands treatment last night. 70 women complaining to the prophets of Allah who either he was

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seldom the prophets or some gave a hotbar. Even though it wasn't Friday, he gathered the Sahaba together. It wasn't taboo. For him. It was not taboo for him to address domestic abuse. He gathered the Sahaba together, and he said that today 70 women came to my house complaining about their husbands what a Mullah. This is one of the custom of the Arabic language, one of the ways you swear to give emphasis, it's more than just well, Wallah. It's a very strong custom, that I swear by Allah, these men whom these wives are complaining about are not the best amongst you. This is what our processes are publicly he embarrassed and chastise these men, these men are not the best amongst

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you that their wives have been treated this way, and they're coming to complain to me, so don't quote me half an IRA. Don't quote me a phrase of a hadith and ignore the rest of this era ignore what is explicitly in the member of the prophecies and he publicly announced amongst the people, this is not the way that a gentleman and a real movement treats a minute. And how about the Quran in his ex licit commandments to husbands? Well, I asked you to who know Bill Mao roof, treat your wives with my roof, what is my roof? My roof has been translated as kindness according to the culture of the time, kindness according to the circumstance

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because my roof also goes back to Earth and Earth is the culture and what this means is that in different places different societies, what is culturally acceptable what is the norm changes from time to time. So what is the proper way that a gentleman acts? What is the proper way a man acts with his wife, this indeed is a spectrum different cultures have different ways of showing spousal love. So Allah is saying the commandment in the Quran in accordance with the time and place, treat your wives with the utmost kindness, why should ruhuna Bill my roof and therefore, brothers and sisters, given this idea that there is clearly a spectrum of earth, of interpretation in terms of

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culture, and knowing the cultural circumstances and the changing of times that we now live in, it is clear to say that the Shetty does not condone the abusing of wives. The Shetty does not justify or allow given the dynamic changes and I say very clearly, maybe perhaps, in some interpretations of, of the books of fear and in some cultures and places in some circumstances, and what are those circumstances what is new shoes when Allah allows it in the Quran? He says when you fear new shoes, do you even know what new shoes is? Some of the books of Tafseer said new shoes is when you fear a woman is flirting with a man or an engineer, be a stranger and it might lead to Zina. In other

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words, adultery. And in that society of Jamelia, you know, norms were not established about monogamy about people being faithful to one another. Maybe in some times, in places maybe some types of physical disciplining might have saved a marriage. But given the dynamics of today, and given the norms of marriage today and of society today, and most importantly, in light of the ideal man, and that is our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it is really impossible to extrapolate from the Sharia to justify from the Shetty out the type of rampant wife abuse that takes place in our own cultures, brothers and sisters, no matter what interpretation of Sharia, you follow, you will never

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find a single scholar in the history of this woman that has justified beating a woman because of some petty issue. You don't like the food you don't like this, you don't like that. This is completely unjustifiable. And that is why I say unequivocally spare me your false piety. It is not from imminent Taqwa that you are beating your wife, this is who you are, and then you want to justify it from the Quran and Sunnah. We're not going to buy this from you. The Quran and Sunnah does not allow this type of abuse that is unfortunately rampant amongst many segments of our own society. Oh men, Oh men, realize that these women that you are misusing and abusing these women that

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you are transgressing on, they are the daughters to other men, they are sisters of other men, they are mothers of your own children. Would you want your own daughter to be treated the way that some of you treat your own wives? Would you want your own daughter to be treated in the household that you're going to send her to the way that some of you treat your own wives come out to the you know to Dan, as you do unto others, it shall be done unto you. This is a maxim of Sharia. This is a maxim of our religion, come out to the you know to Dan, fear Allah azza wa jal and the wrath of the mob loom and the dua of the Muslim and this is exactly what our Prophet says to them said that in the

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Hadith in Sahih Bukhari so again, don't quote me your misunderstandings. Hadith in Sahih Bukhari the Prophet system is yet to add job he's amazed he's astonished. How can one of you beat your wives like you beat your servants, your animals, and then you will sleep with her at night? How can you do this? She is a woman that is the mother of your children. She is your life partner. This is our Prophet sesame's expressing amazement. How can you do that she's a human being even before being the sister of somebody and the daughter of somebody she is a human a woman that is your life partner. How can one of you the process that I've said beat her like you beat an animal or servant and then

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at night you will go and sleep with her. He himself is amazed because wala he this is not possible for a loving, caring person to treat another person in this manner and then have a bond of intimacy, a bond of of relationship between them. And remember the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam reported in the masjid of Imam Muhammad, when he said to the Muslims, Allah Houma and he is saying he is speaking to Allah but the audience is us right? He is addressing Allah but he is speaking out loud for the Muslims to hear Allahumma in need or how to read your help cut by a vein. Alia teamie will Mara Hadith isn't Muslim and Muhammad Oh Allah. And this is a public announcement.

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I am making it very strict and severe hemorrhage

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There's no one word in English but what it basically means is that I am making sure everybody understands how significant the hack of these two

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are, you have which is weak people are weak categories have, I am making their hack very high. What is the toolbar at the two week Alia team and Al Maura, the orphan and the woman. Now, some women will say how come the process is comparing us to an orphan and the response is an orphan what is an orphan need, protection, love, an orphan needs somebody to take care of of it. And will Allah He the women, the woman, what she primarily needs is love. What she needs is that nurturing and care, the shelter, as well an orphan usually has nobody to take care of that person. Many times a woman who has been married off, she feels as if she has nobody else to take care of her except her husband. So

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the process is equated the Mara with the team. Even though the model is not your team. The Mara is not your team, but the point of having the need for somebody for protection, and also the sense that there's nobody to help me I'm all alone here. How many of our women they feel that sense of aloneness. And so our Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam reminded us and it's an announcement that is addressed to Allah, even though it's meant for us, Oh Allah, I am exalting the status and the hack of the two bodies, groups of people that your team and the moral which means our profit system is telling us beware of harming the team. Beware of harming the woman. These are two groups, their

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rights have been exalted by our Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them and remember when the Shediac came down, remember when Islam was revealed and the Quran came down, wife abuse and spousal abuse was rampant men would constantly beat and whip and lash and, and slap their wives all the time in that society. The Quran and Sunnah was very clear. And our prophets, as Sam said, in that authentic hadith reported in odo than many books of Hadith that a man said, O Messenger of Allah, what is the rights that my wife has over me, in a society where wife beating was common? What did our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say that the rights that your wife have over you, when you

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eat, she is eating with you, when you have clothes, she has clothes with you, meaning the point is, obviously if you don't have any money and you're hungry, well, then couples have to suffer together as well. That's the reality, but you cannot eat and have her hungry. So whenever you eat, she has to eat, when you are dressed, she has to be dressed, meaning you live, you have her live like you the the standard of living is going to be like you. And then he said, and do not slap her do not slap her across the face, Wallah to bear and do not. And now we're going to have to transit diakhaby over here and do not abandon her except in her house. These are three things mentioned, right? Do not

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slap her across the face. And slapping was the most common type of hit. And the Hadith came in forbade that. Do not do that. And then number two is to cut back we'll do it we'll we'll leave the copier for a minute. Number three Do not leave her except in her house. Meaning what if you have an argument if you have a fight, you cannot kick her out. You cannot tell her to go back to her family, unless his divorce is a different reality after the three months otherwise, in every average dispute, and average couples have fights. This is the reality. If you're going to sleep separately, if you're going to then you go and sleep in the living room, not her. And if it's even worse than

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that, and you want to leave the house, you go and get the hotel, not her. And this is by the way, all allowed in Islam, tempers flare, even our profit system, and to be fully honest here, even our process of them marital disputes did happen. And he had to leave the household who slept in the masjid he did. He slept in the masjid. So sometimes arguments get really bad. And yes, this is all normal. That's okay. Arguments happen. But you never kick her out. You want to go you leave, she has to remain at home. And that's what our process I'm said, never abandoned her. Except if she's in her house, then you get angry and you walk out well, then that's your business, but you cannot kick her

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out of the house. That's not what our shehryar allows. Now I want to get back to this phrase one ought to obey. Because from this, we get to the second main type of abuse and that is emotional abuse. We talked about physical abuse. Now we get to the second type of abuse, which is emotional abuse. What is to be mean, to God literally means to make her feel ugly,

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to make her feel negative about herself. So the first part says Don't hit her on the face. And the second part says don't demean her in a nasty manner. And this is the textbook definition of emotional abuse.

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So, this is the textbook definition of emotional abuse that to make the person feel humiliated, degraded, to make them lose their self worth the yelling the screaming that is done the the cursing and vulgarities, and so many men will not hit their wives, but their attitude is to curb their attitude is making the woman feel like she's worth nothing. And this is the textbook definition of emotional abuse and our Shediac as well forbids this. We are not allowed to treat a human being in this manner, much less our life partner, much less the mother of our children and SubhanAllah. What is really sad brothers and sisters is that all too often these people who abuse their wives, they

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are the essence of hypocrites who have to faces many times when it comes to the masjid and the community, masha Allah they are sweet as honey, masha Allah, they are the most generous and the most kind, but their friends and their extended family and their immediate family knows all too well what happens behind closed doors, the people that should love him the most, and respect him the most, fear him the most and despise him the most. And that is why when you have such blatant hypocrisy, that is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the best man amongst you is the one who is the best to his women and children.

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Because this is the essence of sincerity. If your wife can respect you, then will love you are worthy of being respected. If your wife who knows your inner secrets, and she knows exactly how you are, if she can vouch that this is an honest man, and our Prophet system had nine wives, and every one of them admired and respected him to the utmost, that is what you call a true gentleman. That is what you call a model of a lack of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But when your wife and your children know you to be a fraud, then you are a fraud. Even if society puts you on a pedestal that is false. Now brothers and sisters, time is limited. There's only so much we can do. Obviously,

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brothers and sisters, a holdover is primarily meant for the husbands that abused their wives, because this is the common and the default and the norm in all societies and cultures, Muslim and non Muslim. And of course, before we finished the first quote, but we do have to point out that yes, the opposite is also haram, even if it is a rare phenomenon. But it indeed does take place. And unfortunately, the reality as well as that some men, they are gentleman enough not to be physical or abusive, but then women take advantage of this. Women, our times become abusive, sometimes Believe it or not physical. And yes, even in this country, there are statistics, I don't have them in front

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of me. But there are cases of wives physically abusing husbands and the husband has been raised and raised in a good manner. So they do not raise their hand back. So they do not hit the woman. And instead they get suffered and they have physical, but then of course, emotional as well. And it is also the the opposite applies, where sometimes women become emotionally abusive, when sometimes women become demeaning to the man and degrading of the man. And this is also something that the Sharia forbids. Now the point of the Hotbird is both abuse, but the reality is, generally speaking, it is the man who is abusing the woman. So that's why the main conversation took place there

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nonetheless, before we finished the first foot, but we have to point out that of course the opposite is also haram, the opposite also something that the Sharia does not allow. And I conclude this first chutzpah by reminding ourselves that on the farewell hutzpah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, when he only had five paragraphs to address the entire Ummah, the most important holds above his life address to the largest gathering of 100,000 people on the plane that is the holiest plane and on the day that is the holiest day and he barely has five paragraphs, he dedicates an entire paragraph to women, and he addresses men because once again, typically it is the men who abuse the

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women and he tells the men, it duckula Her Finisar fear Allah when it comes to women, fear Allah when it comes to women, oh man, you will have to stand in front of Allah and judgment day. You think you have power over women? Allah has infinitely more power over you and you will have to stand in front of Allah and Allah will ask you how you dealt with your wife how you dealt with your children and our prophecies and reminded us it Allah of in Nisa, fear Allah when it comes to women, because you took them by the permission of Allah and you made them happy.

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dal by the permission of Allah in other words it is a sacred contract it is a covenant than a guy is a covenant it is a nigga in the name of Allah and so Allah's name has been mentioned and Allah azza wa jal will ask you about that may Allah subhana wa Tada Allah was all to be the role models and ideal husbands and wives about a kilometer of Quran and all them well enough. I knew what a year can be my fee him he was declared Hakeem acordo Mata SmartOne was tough for a lot of the muddy water. What is the Muslim called them infested? Who in the world of food or Rahim?

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Alhamdulillah helwa had it I had a summit Alain de la mera wala mula Dwolla. Nicola who one had whereby you can have the brothers move forward, we already are filled in the back. The question arises what should be done in light of this unhealthy and unholy phenomenon of spousal abuse? First advice to the victim. First and foremost, realize, Oh sister in Islam or brother, if you are the one in abuse, that Allah azza wa jal is a way that Allah is alcovy and that the one who is strong in the eyes of Allah is the One who is weak in the eyes of men.

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The weaker and the more oppressed you are, the stronger you are in the eyes of Allah. The DUA of the month loom of the one upon boom boom has been done is the strongest drop. So do not feel weak. Will Allah He there is no one more powerful than the one upon whom volume has been done. And Allah will be on your side. If boom has been done, so turn to Allah establish a relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah azza wa jal will answer your DUA and always spirituality and Eman is a great refuge, it's something that will be positive to the soul. Number two, do not blame yourself. One of the most common symptoms of spousal abuse is you start blaming yourself, maybe I deserve

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this, no, no by Allah. No one deserves to be beaten, no one deserves to be whipped and and hid in this manner. No one stop blaming yourself. No matter what faults a person might have, it does not justify this type of torture and this type of abuse. And this is one of the symptoms of those who are abused and real recognize this that we need to overcome that symptom. Number three, if it is safe and you only know if it is safe or not, then confront your spouse directly. Explain to them that this is not something that you will tolerate, remind them of Allah azza wa jal and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam if it is safe to do so. And many times if it's something that is not that major,

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something trivial and they have some Eman and Taqwa insha, Allah to Allah that will be a good stopping for them and remind them of some of these ayat and a hadith that I have mentioned. If it goes beyond this or if the situation is not safe, then you need to reach out to people whom you trust, extended family, extended friends, you need to reach out for help. If you cannot do this alone, then turn to those whom you trust. And if the situation crosses the red line, if you are genuinely fearful of your life of your physical safety, or the safety of your children, then well law he I tell you as a religious scholar, it is wajib to call some type of help, even if it is 911.

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Your life is more important than any suppose that honor or suppose that shame that you think you will bring to your family. Nothing is more sacred than your life when it comes to these types of scenarios. If you feel your life is in danger, if you feel your children's life is in danger, then you need to seek help, even if it means the whole community knows and you're calling law enforcement to your house and in this country and land as you know, the law will be on your side in this issue and understand as well understand as well, that if you have such a person in your life and it is constant abuse and there is no change, whether it's emotional, whether it is physical, constant

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abuse, then think about ending this marriage think about divorce. We have a stigma with divorce, that is an Islamic Islam does not place the stigma on divorce that we do. Divorce is not the end of the world. If you're in a marriage in which your partner is always demeaning, always putting you down. Then think about divorce after counseling after it's too hot. Obviously you don't have time in the hood, but it's not an immediate step. But think about it and put it on the table as an option. To be out of an abusive relationship and be free is better than to remain your life always being put down and demeaned, much less physically abused. And remember what Allah says in the Quran regarding

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divorce, what India Tafara

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Are you only law who pull them inside? If the two of them split up a law will take care of the both of them and supply them with what they need. Do not ever think that if I get divorced, who will take care of me, your husband did not take care of you Allah did. Your husband did not give you risk, or Zach did. So if your husband is that abusive, and that to demeaning, and you feel that there's no hope and you're afraid is Tahara you spoken to family and friends and you realize that this marriage is not good for you, then perhaps contemplate and think about walking away so that you can preserve your dignity because that is more important than being married to somebody who is constantly

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belittling and humiliating you and brothers and sisters. I have to say as the the the the teacher and the chef of your community. And it is sad that in Memphis we do not have a center for for women who need help maybe our communities to small, larger Muslim cities, they have Muslim shelter homes for women they have for battered and abused women for spousal cases. Maybe our community is too small, I don't know. But may I suggest and this is my responsibility as the person have some little bit of knowledge amongst you that even if we don't have a special house, even if we don't have a shelter, in sha Allah, we will all cooperate together. And we will help each other out what are our

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know eligibility with Taqwa? And I say to all of our sisters and even the brothers because again, it is a both way street, that if you have no other option, this community is here for you. If all other avenues have been cut off, your family and friends don't seem to be able to help you then come to me and come to people you trust. And even though we don't have a house or something in sha Allah, we will work together and find a way find a way out because it is not allowed for us as a community to turn our backs on our sisters in need. It is photokey fire. It is a communal responsibility on all of us that we come together and help out one of ours who is oppressed one of ours who is weak, and

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my advice to those who are committing the abuse. My advice to those who are the opposite side. Remember what Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, wala tomb Sukkot who know the raw data do woman your father Dicker for other volume and NAFSA do not hold on to your wives only to cause them more harm. Because there are so many men, they get angry at their wives and they want to make their lives the wives lives a living *. And Allah says in the Quran, if this is your Nia, woman you have filed radica falcoda Verma NAFSA Whoever does this, you aren't doing wound to your wife, you're doing boom to yourself, if the marriage is so bad, and if it is so negative, then partway so that

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there's a breath of fresh air for both of you. You don't have to remain married and inflict wounds and hardships on one another. And the last point to all of us as a community as a society that look this is our photo Tiki fire. It is our job to get involved in such marriages. It is our job to intervene when we see something going on. You know the slogan in New York if you say something, say See something, say something, it doesn't apply in a lot of those cases because they're invented up but in our community, we cannot turn a blind eye to such abuse. Next time you know of this scenario situation and your extended family and friends intervene. Man up talk to that person tell him point

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blank look, this is what we heard. Is this true or not? Or if you know it is true, tell him point blank How can you do this? bring about the pressure of social society stigma, do what you can. Our Prophet SAW Selim, when Medina and Malika long story I don't have time here. When he saw the marriage splitting apart. He intervened to try to bring them back together again, even though they didn't ask him to now the point of the story for us. It is halal to intervene in a marriage to bring about a betterment it is not just Khaled it's sunnah our process of God involved in the marriage of two people, even though they didn't come to him for advice, because it's fortify you, you want the

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marriage to last and flourish. So next time, you know of such a case and circumstance, and it is in your extended family or friends, it is our communal responsibility to get involved and to have these deep and awkward conversations and make them know this is not going to be tolerated. That's the least that we can do. And brothers and sisters, if we are going to turn a blind eye, and we're going to ignore it, it is as if we are complicit in that abuse. It is as if we also have the shame and the stigma and the sin on our hands because we could have gotten involved and we did not get involved. Brothers and sisters. Marriage is supposed to be a blessing. Marriage is supposed to be a sign from

00:34:51 --> 00:35:00

Allah, an eye or from Allah, the love and the mercy that couples have. And this is the general rule and norm. Sometimes that doesn't work out. If that doesn't work out.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:42

are parked on good terms do not stay together to inflict load and harm and suffering and emotional and physical abuse. Whoever does so as Allah says, has only done a boon to himself or herself. May Allah azza wa jal save us from any such type of wound Allahumma in NIDA and for a mineral Allama data and if you had to deal with them and it was a photo while a Hammond Illa for Raja Wallah Dana Illa Kadota while mo de la ilaha feta what I see Ron Illa yourself to Allah ma filling our the one in the linea Saba, Pune Bill Eman Walter Jaffe rubina's Linda Lilina Amanu Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah is Islam and Muslim in Allah Azza Islam and Muslim in Allah Azza islam al Muslimeen Allah

00:35:42 --> 00:36:21

Muhammad Aradhana are the Islam and Muslim enemies to FH really will be enough to watch out that Mira Javita BT Yakubu yah Aziz regards Allah in Allah to Allah American better, better and better behavior NFC within the Medaka the who say, well, let's become a you know, an engineer here we're into football as the main Cartagena Idema in LA homiletical. Tokyo Soluna other Nebby Yeah, you have Latina Amanu Sallu either he was sitting in with the Sneem Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik were allowed the Quran Sudha Muhammad and while early he was talking big marine about Allah in Allah to Allah Motovun loudly Well, certainly we're at the quarterback 100 fascia it will Moon carry well

00:36:21 --> 00:36:29

belly you're either Camilla Allah consider karoun Oh, the Quran Allah had the worst Kuru he has a de la come. What are the Kula heeta Allah Akbar Wellsley Masada

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