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Islamic International School Mumbai – Very Low Student Teacher Ratio

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Zakir Naik

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To the periods to analyze the five periods in English is very less. But we have been able to achieve this because the ratio of our teacher to student is very low. In Bombay on average,

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on an average, in Bombay, one school, each class has 50 students, some of what 67 or 70, somewhere at

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the good schools have got 50 very few schools or less than 50. And for every two classes and their average three teachers, that means each teacher, the ratio of teacher and student is about 30 to 35 every 30 to 35 students, I've got one teacher in Bombay and in India, if you go in the villages, it is much higher. Everyone teachers are 50 students on average. And the international standard says that it should be managed to 20 the good private schools in Lucca, USA, they have every teacher

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has got 10 students on average,

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to good private schools. We in Bombay, we have every five students, one teacher.

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Each class has got 20 students

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on average somewhat at some of our 19

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but at times, for example when there are classes of his so in that class of 20 students

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there will be five cameras coming in Currys so each batch will have over four students