Ep 9 Conquer Negative Thoughts and Regain Control

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Hi, everybody. Welcome back to a new episode on the mind mastery series. We are continuing with our discussion on the mind mastery series. Remember, the mind mastery series is a series of videos where we are trying to focus on developing a clarity in our thought, so that we have control over our life. We don't become slave to our thoughts. We don't allow our thoughts to pull us down, but rather, our thought should be focused in such a manner that my productive capacity increases. In today's episode, we relook into the discussion about our thoughts. Remember, we're all engaging in the process of thinking throughout the day. Thoughts, like Job concerns, thoughts, like health

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issues and concerns. These are concerns that are thoughts which keep playing in our mind throughout the day. What if I lose my job? What if something happens to me today? Who will look after my family? Who will look after my children's education? What if I have cancer today? How will I meet the medical expenses for the disease? Do I have enough resources to take care of me? All of these are thoughts which are continuously playing in our mind. Now I want to ask all of you revisit your thoughts that you have consciously make a note of all your thoughts that you have in your mind. Let me ask you this question. How many of these thoughts do you feel are productive in your life? How

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many of these thoughts are pushing you towards making productive decision in your life? The reality is that most of these thoughts are pretty useless. They're pretty useless, yes, because they don't really qualify as thoughts. But they qualify as worries. These are worries that we have in our life. And worries have a tendency to put us under negative stress. worries have a tendency for affecting our mental health, emotional health, which in turn will impact your physical health as well. So the concerns that you had regarding your physical health will eventually come true, because you stressed yourself about a disease which was never there in the first place. The point that I'm trying to make

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here is that when we are talking about developing a clarity in our thoughts, we need to understand the kind of thoughts that are coming into our mind. How much of these thoughts are going to help me become more productive in our life, if I know that a particular thought is not going to make me productive, I need to consciously talk to my thoughts and tell them that I'm not going to become slave to you. So if a thought pops up and tells me whatever I get cancer tomorrow, I'm going to tell my thoughts that look, I'm not going to allow myself to become a slave to you. You need to talk to your thoughts and tell them that you are not consciously allowing them to take control of your life.

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Your thoughts should not take control of your life, you should be in control of your life, you should be directing your life, not your thoughts, which happened over here for which you have no control, I understand that many of the thoughts you have no control over it, they are conscious part of human beings development, you will have these thoughts which will keep coming in. But when the negative thoughts are trying to come into your mind, you need to be aware of them. Awareness is important because only when you are aware, you will know which is which of them are negative, and which of them are productive. So if you understand that some thoughts can be negative, can make you

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feel low, talk to your negative thoughts, and tell them clearly that you will not allow yourself to become a slave to these thoughts. At the end of it all remember that our productive capacity depends a lot upon the clarity of our thoughts.

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I don't want you to feel that all of these thoughts can be easily moved out of our brain off our mind. No. In fact, in many cases, thoughts like concerns for health should actually be directed towards something more productive. For example, if I have concerns about my health, what if I develop certain kinds of diseases tomorrow, these thoughts should actually push me towards having a more complete and good healthy lifestyle. I should work on changing my lifestyle. That is what is called productive. That is what is called being aware of your thoughts and channelizing your thoughts to something productive. I hope you have been able to benefit from the short video that we

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made today. Please remember to like this video, share this video.

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Come and subscribe to our channel continue watching the mind mastery series we have some more exciting episodes coming up in the future thank you so much for watching have a great weekend