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Get out on over here on hamdulillah Hello Bill Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Silla filmbay even more saline. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam does live on cathedra and cathedra from Nevada, my brothers and sisters,

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we are on the series of photos related to leadership lessons from the life of Rasulullah. He's Allah Hi, listen.

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When you think of anyone, one quality stands out by which you recognize that person. That is their signature, that's their face, which the world sees. That is their legacy.

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Think of your parents for example. What stands out?

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What your father, about your mother?

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What do you think your children will recall? When they think of you?

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That is our real legacy. The memories, we give them the most outstanding quality of Rasul Allah is Allah Salah was his truthfulness, leading to trustworthiness. This was so evident that he was that this was given to him as his title, even before he started preaching Islam.

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That is how he was given the title, a Saudi Colombian, the truthful, the trustworthy.

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The interesting thing is that when Rasulillah is our solemn started preaching Islam, his people turned against him. And they did their best to character assassinate him, and called him many derogatory names. I don't want to use those words here, but they never accused him of not speaking the truth.

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Let us reflect on this and ask ourselves what our signature is.

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As soon as I said, I'm used to make this dua when he awoke for tahajjud

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he would say, Allah Allah Allah Callaghan Guan chi MUSAWAH Viva la diva man V in Welaka Al Hamdulillah. Camus somehow he was out of the woman fee in Walla Cal hamdu. Under Nauru, somehow he was the woman fee in

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Walla calahonda, one de la wa duchal, Huck, while you call Luca, Makoto, Luca, we're going to have one

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one NaVi una or Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was sad to Allah Who Malacca salaam to what we got to where I lay got our girl to a lake, unable to work bigger house on to worry Lake hakam to further futilely my cause them to fall to warmer Solon to

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tell mocha demo one

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la isla in

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and in another version. Oh la isla have a look. So he said line I learned or lie down.

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This means he has to say Oh Allah, All praises are for you. You are the holder of the heavens and the earth and whatever is in them. All praises are for you. You are the possessor of the heavens and the earth and whatever is in them. All praises are for you. You are the light of the heavens and the earth. And All praises are for you. You are the king of the heavens and the earth. And All praises are for you. You are the truth. And your promise is the truth. And to meet you is true. Your word is the truth. The Jenna is true, the fire is true. All the prophets peace be upon them Alayhis Salam are true. And Mohamed Salah Haile you will sell them is true. And the Day of Resurrection is true.

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Oh Allah, I surrender my will to you.

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I believe in you and depend on you. And I repent to you, and with your help, I argue with my opponents. And I take you as a judge to judge between us. Please forgive my previous and future sins and whatever I have concealed or revealed and you are the one

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who raised some people and honor them and will lower some people and humiliate them. There is none to be worshipped, but you and this is in Makati.

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It is truth, all the way, absolute truth.

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And as the man of the alarm who reported that also a lie SallAllahu sallam said Shall I not tell you

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About the best of your man. We said of course he also allah sallallahu sallam. Masala is a Salam said, the prophet is in Jannah the truthful or engine. The martyrs are engine, the child who dies his engine, and a man who visits his brother in a faraway land, only visiting him for the sake of Allah is in Jannah. And this is in marginal Kabir.

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Another Hadith from oil COVID Mark bingeable of the Alon reported the Rasulillah Salam said, I guarantee a house on the outskirts of Jana, for one who gives up arguing even if he is right. I guarantee a house in the middle of Jana for the one who gives up lying even as a joke even when joking and a house in the highest part of Jana for the one who makes his o'clock Excellent. And this is also a module can be Marva ma via even me Sophia are the Allahumma reported that Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam said, You must be truthful, verily, it leads to righteousness, truthfulness leads to righteousness, and they are both in Jannah beware of dishonesty, for it leads to wickedness and both

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are in the hellfire and this is also in module COVID. Abu Huraira Radi Allahu Anhu in the Hadith and Muslim Sharif abora duran says, Rasul Allah Salah salem said it is enough falsehood for someone to speak of everything they hear. And this is a Surya this in, say Muslim, I repeat a hora de la no reported that Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said it is enough falsehood for someone to speak of everything he hears.

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So much for whatsapp forwards. Simply saying as received does not absolve you of the responsibility of passing on everything, which also was seldom said is equal to line. Social media is a trap in many ways. before forwarding anything, we must do three things, ask ourselves number one, what do I want to achieve by forwarding this? Number two?

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is what I want to forward accurate.

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If we don't know we must research and verify before forwarding. And last question is Is this the best use of my time? Because we will be questioned about how we used our time. Everyone says Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to be to be with truthful people. The power of the company Rasulullah Salim said a man is on the deen of his friends and therefore we should see who our friends are.

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The first thing the Sahaba that is one of the main did was when they accepted Islam was to be in the company of hospitals and sell them as much as they could. It is the Sahaba which made them Sahaba not reading books.

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They learned Islam. They learnt o'clock they change their lives. They change the lives of others. That is why Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to be with truthful people. It is contagious. Allah subhanaw taala said, Yeah, you are living on the hula. We're Kuno Masada. He said all you believe have Taqwa of Allah, and be with the truthful people be with the truthful. Allah surrounded appraise those who are truthful to the covenant with him. He said Mina Mina rigea loon sada OMA hug Allah Ali, for men who Mankato Naka, who woman whom my young tahsil mama but the root of the era, he said which means among the believers are men who have been true to the covenant with Allah who fought to

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defend Islam. And all of them some have fulfilled their obligations. They have been martyred and some of them are still waiting, but they never changed. They did not Renick will not go back on the covenant with Allah. They did not change the least and Allah is their witness. And finally the IRS we hear every germaphobe

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Yeah, you are Latina, Armando Tala, Baku, colons, Medina, usually halacha Melaku we are clear Lacandon obaku Mama ut la Rasulo socket fossa Hosanna Zima Allah Savannah TELUS Eddins. authoriser, which means all you will believe have Taqwa of Allah and fear him and speak the truth always. And what will happen if you do that He will direct you to do righteous deeds, and we'll forgive your sins and whoever obeys Allah in Messenger only that person has indeed achieved a great achievement has achieved final success. My brothers and sisters our truthfulness defines us differentiates us. This is our brand and our signature. It builds our reputation and is our greatest asset. The

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opposite is equally true. The choice is ours. My favorite story a story about truthfulness from the histories of the side

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I have a requirement I had an image Bane is that of Sahiba Romeo the alarm when he accepted Islam. His aura was also his business partner. He was a slave of one of the markets. His owner who was his business partner, he put guards on him to stop him from making his way to Medina. To be with Rasul Allah, he's on insulin, but one night, so I have a Romeo de la who gave them the slip and escaped, but he could not take his wealth with him, so he hid it in someplace in Makkah. Very soon, however, the alarm was raised, and a posse started in pursuit. After some time, so ever over the alarm realized that they would catch up, and he climbed a small hillock, and hit among the rocks on its

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his pursuer surrounded the hillock and started closing the circle as they came within earshot, so ever Rumi robiola who called out to them, and he said, I have an arrow in my quiver with the name of each one of you acknowledge, and if you come any closer, it will find you.

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So they stopped, and there was a stalemate. So I got Roger lon, who had no way to escape, and his enemies couldn't catch him straightaway anyway.

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So whoever only however, the Lotto Result realized that they had the advantage of numbers and they could take turns to rest, but he will have to remain alert all the time. And obviously this could work in the long run, and eventually they would have been able to overpower him whatsoever O'Meara was a very smart man. So he called out to them and he said, you have nothing against me. I have not harmed any of you. You are only after my money. So let's do it. I will tell you where I have hidden the money and you can go and have you can have it in exchange, let me go. His enemies who had come to Catherine agrees.

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He told them where his cash was, and they let him go. When several Mirabella know reached Medina, Ursula Ursula was delighted. And he said to him, What a bargain you made so head, what a bargain. Allah subhanaw taala had sent Dubray salam to tell us what was the what is the hobby, or the Alon who had done

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in order to reach him? Now, let us stop for a moment. Last two questions.

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First one,

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let me just say What a bargain, what bargain,

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what bargain. The price he paid for Islam was entire money, his entire net worth. He paid for Islam by giving up everything he owned. Other than the short one is battery tree.

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And a solar cell. Some didn't call it a core one, he didn't call it a sacrifice. He called it a bargain.

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I think I have freely we use the word sacrifice for every little thing we do for the sake of Allah.

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Although it is really a bargain. And an investment that has learned from resource SLM the real perspective of the real beneficial, high leverage use of worldly wealth, and what it brings, or what it can bring in exchange, the company also has a solid agenda.

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That bargain is available to each of us. And we don't need to give up all our wealth for them.

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Just make it compatible with the will of Allah.

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Are we ready for the bargain?

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Second question, which is even more interesting.

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Put yourself in the place of Sahaba Romeo Allah, He tells his pursuers, that they that he would tell them where he had hidden his wealth, and that they should let him go. They did.

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Ask yourself, what's the normal thing to do? What would have been the normal thing to do? In any such situation? The normal thing would have been to send one man to verify the claim

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before letting the hostage go, because the hostage could be lying.

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Why did they not do that? In this case? These people were all warriors. They are not fools to simply believe such a claim. Unless, unless what? Unless they had a reason to believe the man.

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What was the reason? The reason was that they knew Muslims don't lie.

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They believe so ever Rumi or the Alano because they knew that he was a truthful man. And that even when his life was at stake, he would not tell a lie.

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That is the power of a reputation for truthfulness. My brothers and sisters.

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The bottom line is very simple. Do we believe in the ACA? And do we believe that it applies to us? As I said before, it may sound like a dumb question, but it isn't. Knowing something. And believing that it applies to us are two different things. The sign is our actions. What we believe applies to us. We work for and are concerned about if there is a claim of belief or no action to support that claim. And that claim is false. We use the principle the same principle in the recruitment of senior managers in the corporate world. I've written a book about this called

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Hiring winners, we call it behavioral interviewing. It consists of simply asking the incumbent to illustrate from his or her life, an incident or incidents to show that he or she practiced what they claim to have.

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For example,

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if someone says I am very responsible, the interview last please tell me about a time that you were responsible and what happened. Action speaks louder than words. Because people listen with their eyes. They don't care what you say until they see what you do. abdulai muscles of the alarm reported that as soon as racetam said, You must be truthful. Verily truthful, less leads to righteousness, and righteousness leads to Jannah. A man continues to be truthful and encourages honesty until he is recorded with Allah is truthful and be aware of also, verily falsehood leads to wickedness and wickedness leads to the hellfire, a man continues to tell lies and encourages falsehood until is

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recorded with Allah subhanaw taala as a liar. This is a month of finale. So you had this in mercadien Muslim? That is the choice we must make a choice, which is the difference between Jana and Johanna. I remind myself when you that reality doesn't depend on belief. Belief can't change reality. That is why it is essential to have the right belief so that we can be prepared for the reality when it hits. Today, some of us believe that COVID is real. Others believe that it's a conspiracy theory. Many discovered reality too late. As they say Dead men tell no lies. Those who believe that COVID is real take precautions, vaccines, mass distancing, washing hands, those who

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believe it's a conspiracy theory, discover reality. Our actions, not our claims are the indicators of sincerity of our beliefs. We need to ask ourselves three questions. Do I believe that aka Israel? Number two, which are my choices and actions are evidence that this belief is real? And number three, what am I doing to prepare my action? I suggest you ask yourself the same questions. Let us ask before we asked. Ask Allah subhanaw taala for his protection and mercy and forgiveness. Robert has own office in Orlando, Florida hunger and abdominal Cassidy Rabona fulfilled and Rockefeller NASA. Yeah, Tina, whatever phenomena were you after you Mirotic monasteries isolated in China, hula

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hula high land, or Salalah harana been Korean and it also made me but I have to go Hold on.