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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara freedom bi even mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom to sleep and Caufield and cathedra from Mavado My dear brothers and sisters, this is the sixth of the lectures on the leadership of Rasul Allah is Allah is Allah.

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We mentioned two of his

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characteristics to have his beautiful Seyfarth as a leader, complete and total certainty in his mission and in the truth that he brought, and can total steadfastness in the path that he was

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that he was charged with to tread. The third thing

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that distinguished Rasul Allah is Allah Salah was his willingness to hold himself on the line. At no point did he send others out to do what he himself was not willing to do?

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The logical position of the standard bearer is in the front line ahead of everyone else, where he is clearly visible, so that others can rally to his standard. This naturally puts him as the leader in the line of fire. But the willingness to accept this responsibility is a sign of leadership, and inspires respect, love and loyalty. There are innumerable stories from his sera SallAllahu Sallam where he was out ahead facing any potential danger, even before others were aware of its presence. At no point in his life, did he put any of his companions in the way of danger or hide behind his travel to a thrive is a good example, where he personally took the risk instead of sending someone

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on another occasion in the Battle of her name against the Havas him when the Muslims broke ranks and retreated in confusion when they were suddenly ambushed. I was aware and been Hara Galarneau saw the route and said only the seek and stop them, meaning that they would not stop until they reached the shore of the Red Sea. Yet in that condition, in that confusion and chaos, Rasul Allah is on a certain forest forged ahead, refusing to show his back to the enemy. His companions tried to restrain him they grabbed hold of the of the bridle of his he was riding a white mule. They grabbed hold of the bridle of the mule by pulling on the reins, but he continued ahead and he called to them

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he said I am Mohammed bin Abdul Muttalib he used his grandfather's name. He said I am Mohammed bin of the metallic you are looking for me here I am. The Sahaba said Yasser Allah if they kill you, this whole story is over. And that's what they're looking for. They're looking to find you to kill you.

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But the soul has insulin did not turn back. He saw Abdullah when muscles are the alarm. And this is narrated by him. And he ordered him to call the answer. Something like the muscle the alarm who says that I called out your answer. And he said they came. They came and surrounded him similar Hollywood sulla.

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Among them were also the were also the manager who were the family of his Blessed Mother

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who were his special people. They came to him and they surrounded him. And in the end it was just a little over 100 men who stood with Rosa Rosa Salem and turn back the tide of the Havas him and the birth of HIV and won the day. Allah subhanaw taala help them and it is these few men that he Jalla Jalla who spoke of when he said that he sent tranquility on them and help them with Juno to LaMotta Raha with troops that they could not see.

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Such was the courage of Rasul Allah is Allah is Salam, which nobody would equal. For a leader. physical and moral courage is a major major requirement. As they say people don't follow titles they follow courage. One may not need to take one's life in one one's own hands. But the willingness to stand up for what one believes in or in support of one's followers, at personal risk to oneself are amazingly powerful tools to build loyalty and to demonstrate your old commitment to the goal. These situations cannot be contrived. It is therefore essential that the leader has the courage of his convictions as an inherent trait. So that when the challenge presents itself, it comes to the fore

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naturally. Leadership is always from the front. And that is sometimes a dangerous place. But it is good to remember

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that there is no such thing as a cowardly leader. As I have mentioned before, people listen with their eyes. They don't care what you say, until they see what you do. They watch what you do more than they listen to what you say. If they see you doing something different from what you told them, they will believe and follow your actions, not your words. In the process, your own credibility gets seriously compromised. Credibility falls through the gap between talk and walk.

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So whether as a seller was always conscious of this, and demonstrated his message by leaving it, that is why when somebody assays ISIS is the Hora de la Anna, our mother about the life of Rasul Allah so Salem, she replied, Don't read the Quran. His life was the Quran. I want to emphasize the importance of studying the Sierra, which we seem to have totally neglected. The Sierra is the living of seed of the Quran. It is the methodology of implementing what Allah Jalla didn't who ordered if we don't want to look there for guidance of how to follow Allah subhanho wa Taala orders. Where else do you want to look? Where do you think it is before but sadly, even in our religious schools, even

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in the mother is Sierra is not taught as an independent subject. Students learn about the life of Rasul Allah is or salah, from the study of a hadith. And from the circumstances of revelation of the Quran. There's governors all when they studied.

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This is not adequate by a longshot. It is essential to study the CEO of Rasul Allah is Allah is Allah because Allah subhanaw taala told us that his life is the best example for us to follow. Yet we don't consider it necessary to study his blessed life. Now, how logical is that?

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We all know the story of Rasul Allah is Allah says journey to archive. So I won't repeat it here. But let me recall for us the door that he made in the garden that he took refuge in. He said to his rock, Jelena, Oh Allah, I complained to you of my weakness, and my scarcity of resources and the humiliation that I have been subjected to by the people or most Merciful of of those who are merciful. Yeah, are hammer Rahimi or rob OF THE WEEK Yeah, Rubble, Mr. Jaffe, and Myra Yeah, Rob be, to whom have you entrusted me to a distant person who receives me with hostility or to an enemy whom You have granted authority over my affair? So long as you are not angry with me, I do not care. Your

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favor is expansive relief to me. I seek refuge in the light of your face by which all darkness is dispelled and every affair of this world and the next is set right? lest your anger or your displeasure descends upon me, I desire your pleasure and satisfaction until you are pleased. There is no power and no might accept you.

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My brothers and sisters, what stands out so clearly in this DA is how rasool Allah is Allah is

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speaks of his own weakness and lack of influence. He does not curse those who rejected, insulted and tormented him. He does not call down on their collective heads the Wrath of Allah subhanho wa taala. for refusing to accept his message, he faces his own weakness and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give him strength. He says to Allah, that if he gentle, a gentle who is pleased with him, he does not care what the opinion of the world is. And if he Gentle, gentle, who is not pleased, then he Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam will do everything in his power to continue to work until he is pleased hot out or the until you are pleased you're

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being goal focused, when you are being applauded. For it is easy.

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Being goal focused when you are being criticized for it. And when you have no apparent support is very difficult, especially when this criticism may take nasty forms of physical or psychological abuse, to continue to remain on your chosen path. And to face your own failure to convince people yet have no doubts about your eventual success is the test of the leader in the dark of the night, when the darkness within the soul is more opaque than the darkness outside when a man stands alone without any visible support. That is when he realizes that the real support for the mission has to come from within from

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from within, and that comes with a connection to Allah subhanho wa taala, where he feels completely comfortable with taking his troubles to the only one who can solve them. My brothers and sisters, the apparent debacle at dive did not intimidate or suasana. Nor did he despair, but he used it to renew his resolve and strengthen his spirit.

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His dua is a landmark for anyone who wishes to learn the right conduct, for the one who wishes to lead. It is the it is this commitment, which continues and diminished irrespective of the opposition or difficulty, that is the hallmark of the exceptional leader. On the contrary, difficulty seems only to make the commitment even more keen and strong.

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Realize resilience. And that is the this is the second point in this matter. Resilience consists of two apparently paradoxical positions, facing facts without facing facts about the failure without any attempt and disguising the reality simultaneously having absolute faith in eventual success, even when you can't see any signs that your work is succeeding. It's during this it is during these times that we see the siege mentality that we are seeing today, in Muslim speech, writings and actions. People who feel besieged react in two ways. They either they either they get intimidated and internalize the criticism and propaganda to the extent that they become apologetic and overly

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self critical. Or they go to the other extreme and become militantly defensive and defend everything that their members do, no matter how indefensible, it may be. Both are negative responses, and they are driven by fear. The one who is afraid cannot lead, it is essential to conquer the fear and continue to stand for what we believe in. Opposition strengthens you, but only when it is faced with confidence, not when you run from it, or get intimidated. Today we are facing disastrous, disruptive change, it is critical to understand the best way to deal with these changes so that we can emerge with our bodies minds spirits, not only intact, but stronger.

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There are three keys to dealing with disastrous and disruptive change. Number one, face the brutal facts without losing hope to make sense of what is happening. Number three, create a roadmap out of the mess. Extensive research with inmates of concentration camps shows that those who eventually survived and escaped for those who face the brutal facts of their situation without any attempt at painting them in a rosy hue, or indulging in hope bordering on fantasy. They did not tell themselves that rescue was around the corner. Nor did they wait for a messiah to come to save them. They did not imagine that their captors would suddenly see the error of their ways or would become inclined

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towards them. In short, the survivors did not fool themselves. They said to themselves in so many words, we are in serious trouble. And our very existence may be in danger, we are in the den in danger of being annihilated. These are the reasons we are here. And then they enumerated the reasons for themselves. And these are the things that can happen to us, including our elimination, they did not spend time complaining or blaming their captors are wallowing in self pity. Instead, they objectively took stock of their situation, and had the courage to look it fully in the face, and to recognize it for what it was very grave and potentially lethal. Yet these people also did not lose

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hope in eventual success. They had faith and took the help of their ideology, in our case Islam, and strongly believed that they would survive and eventually when they understood the forces arrayed against them, and they charted a course of action to escape from the clutches. This confidence is critical to resilience and to success, to apparently paradoxical attitudes, looking at the brutal facts, yet not losing hope in eventual success, no matter how impossible it may seem to be at that moment. This was the key to the success of people interred in some of the most brutal concentration camps in the world.

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And history tells us that they did survive that this is what Rasul Allah is Allah salah, and his Sahaba did during the Macan period, which was as brutal as it can get.

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The rest is history. They survived, grew stronger, prospered and eventually became leaders of the community, while the enemies are remembered only by association to learn what not to do.

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Today as we learn to cope with a world that is in the grip of disruptive and potentially disastrous change, especially where the Muslim ummah seems to be in the eye of the storm, we are very blessed that we have the perfect example of the life of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to learn from. The beauty of His example is that he was guided by Allah subhanho wa taala. And so when we follow and emulate him, we are sure that we are on the right path. If we act with courage and resilience as he did, we will not only find a way out of our predicament, but we will earn the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala as a reward, a reward that will insha Allah get us Jenna, also in

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the Arcanum. Robin has Susana, we love the Filipina author Hamner, then akuna minal Kasuri, Robin of a Filipina, Zuma, Waka Farah NASA. Yeah, Tina, what often Amala I'm going to add in AVID Dounia Hassan Otto Villa de Asana Tov apenas I will not post Allah Allah Allah will Karim Ali he was a big may be Rama Rama Rahimi wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.