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AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of not being too busy during busy business meetings and not being too busy during busy business meetings. They also discuss the practice of hams in India and the importance of showing respect and humility during public situations. The speakers advise on using various strategies for promoting goodwill and being clear in one's language, emphasizing the need to set up a habit and not give up on controversial issues. They also stress the importance of promoting goodwill and being clear in one's language.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah I shall be able mousseline. mohammadu Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman because you don't consider

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before I begin a couple of things one is that I want this to be interactive. So you can do two things. One is as I'm speaking to you,

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you can type your questions or anything anything you want to say or swap into the chat box and inshallah I will answer all of that once our session is over. And once I was searching over that will open it up to all of you for before you ask me any questions and so on.

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And we'll take it from there so is that okay

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sounds good. Yeah, okay. Yes.

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I see sad is wearing a mask last time I last time I checked you can't get COVID from the screen.

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It's up to you what I'm going to share it space so Oh, is that right? Okay. Yeah, yeah, very very well.

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Okay, I want to share my screen

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share screen

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Alright, you got that right. Can you see my screen everybody?

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Yeah, can see.

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Okay hamdulillah as we all know, the drama is

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almost done. I said I will be live in a Chicago regime. Yeah, you will Edina amanu is Rue de la sala de Minami. Giamatti facade Villa degree, he was an OB zygoma Hi Rebecca Welcome to tala moon, which means Oh, you believed when the call to for Salah the call to prayers made on Friday the other on Friday, then go energetically first how illogical or not, you know, writer and go in a relaxed way, but go with energy with enthusiasts to the members of Allah to the Salah, and leave your business whatever by and that is best for you, if only you knew. Now, this is a lot of anatella who are

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talking to us and telling us the importance of the gerasa

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if you notice in the heart, the only Salah which is mentioned by name and for which this hokum is married is the maxilla and of course by inference we know that this is true for all this hour, but especially for the drummer, it is something which is extremely important. Second thing is that Allah Subhana data tells us go and leave your business. Now this shows obviously that the usual reason why we delay going to Salah why we why while sometimes May Allah forgive us be Mr. Salah is because of some Business Insider you know as a work related or whatever. I'd much rather say leave that because the reason you are stuck in the business and you're not going to Salah is because you think that

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this business is beneficial for you. I say yes it is beneficial, but the Salah is much more beneficial for you what is best for you Even though what you are doing for example, sometimes somebody will say well I'm not believe Rob reasons. I'm not just watching a game or something I just a business meeting or whatever. But remember, if you are serious about your Salah about your remarks, a lot of I know that I will make the way for you to do it. This has happened to me on two occasions when I was traveling so technically Juma was not fun for me in that place because I was traveling, but I was in a board meeting both ends of the board meeting of a company, one of the

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Hindu directors, she reminded me She told me Isn't it time for your, for the for the Juma for the Friday prayer I will not go away and they suspended the board meeting for me to go and do my salon come back the widget. Now the point i'm saying is that this happens if your intention is true. Now obviously the thing to do I could have told her no I'm not going today because it is not fun for me because I'm randomizer number two that if Allah is working hard to remind me, then inshallah I will go and I will do my jomar even though the Juma Allah for me that time

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it was not for me because I was traveling

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So make your intention that you will pray divine jela alone to make it easy.

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No drama

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it is it is a Roku makes a key component of the drama and it's considered to be the replacement of the terracotta warriors Allah. Now that is why also on a side note you are inshallah going to be the hotel but you can probably do a football on this which is the other of attending the job. Now to think about it the other way of attending Zuma the manners the other means manners, it's the approval of other the respect the etiquette of attending the Juma is the same as the etiquette of attending Salah which is that if you are in Sora, you will not figure it out you will not look around you will not be you won't have anything in your hand for example, you will not be looking at

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your phone, you will not even be reading for an LED or anything else you will not be doing it

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separately you don't do something and if somebody says hello article you will not even say volumes to that person because you are insula. The same rules apply to the hookah of Juma now by hoba is meant the when the Imam comes on to the member and the other has been called for the Juma what follows thereafter is called the Jehovah although as you know the drug by itself means address means a means lecture. So anything can be offered but like I'm talking to you, not just the whole but but the Juma football is what happens from the member after the other of Juma has been caught. Now the reason I'm saying that was because I think I will come to that in a minute there are two different

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ways in which the divine is done, both of which are valid, both of which are correct, but just to differentiate. So now, during the whole of the whole battle going on, for the people for the Congregation for the mousseline for the for the people in the masjid, they must The only obligation is to sit silently still and to listen attentively The hallmark, there was not engaged in any other activity, no side talk, including, for example, not even replying to salah and we give this very special example because to reply to Salam is one of the signs of a Muslim and also as a result ordered us to reply to Salah

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actually in the in our culture if you if somebody gives and we do not reply to it, it is almost a sign of enmity, it means that you have something against that brother or sister that you are not seeing right.

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on that note also we have the additional Mr seller, where he said that if he said a Muslim is permitted not to speak to another Muslim for whatever misunderstanding they have or whatever whatever that for a maximum of three days, right maximum of three days, he said if they continue and if he continues not to speak to another Muslim brother or sister for more than three days and he dies in that state he will go to jail. Now it is as serious as that. So in Georgia, even that we said we don't do that because the outcome is the same that the whole bar is the equivalent of Torah. Now, as you know, there are two ways in which the doula is done.

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And that is

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one way is what we find in many hanafy masajid where there is a lecture before the hoba in English or whichever language from not from the member but from the floor of the muscle

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and this is before the other of Java is called. So, once that lecture is over usually you will find that people will give some time maybe five minutes or something for people to pay to play the song masala and that's another method we will come to that

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and then the man will the demand will start on the member and He will give salah and the machine will call here that and after that the heartbeat in this particular method on the member will speak only in Arabic He will not use any other language. So that is one method. As I said this is the method which is used mostly in in the hands of your mother and so therefore you will find this method being used in all over India baiser Bangladesh It is used in South Africa. It is used in many places in the UK, also here.

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The US in different massages which was the other method which is very common and that's used all over Malaysia. And again us UK and so on so forth in the Shafi was mother massage as well as Hungary and so on, which is what we do, which is where the email there's only one code, but there's only one lecture and that is from the member. So, the man will get on to the member He will make Salaam be more than call we are done and after that the members they will be hooked, but this is in two parts as we will come to that in a minute. But in this footbaww the way I will begin with some Arabic And then he will switch to whichever language that is speaking depending on which country and then he

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will grow with the language of Arabic And then the second hoba likewise. So that is how these are the two methods both are valid. So if you see one, and if you are not familiar with that don't think it is invalid or something is wrong, nothing is wrong. Both methods are very now who can give the whole but this is a very important thing. The Football is not just any lecture, right? It's not zero you know what we like this man Yeah, barbiturates, folic acid, about not the hotbar is a particular it First of all, it's a rather and secondly, like all about that, it has rules which the person who is doing it must be aware of this is like for example,

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you know, are calling somebody to be the man.

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Yes, maybe you have a presentation, maybe you really got to know the rules of events, what is the Imams of Austral rule? How what is the Nia that the Imam should make when he is doing mammoth and so forth? Now, if the what happens if the man makes a mistake, what happens in the in the case of Santa Sabo? What happens if he gets a reminder from the bank and only one person has reminded no not more than one person and the man has to make his dad What must you do? If the man does not know these rules, then the person is not fit to be him even though he might have a good resolution zoom in the hole, but there are the the shows of the hole that the person must know that now I have said saying

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because this is the the ocular balance is a two basic condition somebody who is who does not have mental issues and somebody who's mature too, but you should not get a young kid to come and give fullbacks no matter what the reason is sometimes he was oh but it always is nice and nice, but not fit for doing.

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So, the person must be second thing and very important thing because no sane and mature good reputation is very important. So giving the hotbar to somebody who is known to for example, if somebody is known for substance abuse or somebody is known for some negative thing, then getting that person or calling that person to get a hold back because you know for various whatever reason maybe political reason maybe friendship whatnot is very wrong that must not happen. Very important that the person must be a practicing Muslim basic minimum is that the person should be fulfilling all the vital energy and adhering to hahaha. So, it should be somebody who is for example, not

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dealing an interest not having a business like that must be somebody who is known to you know, adhere to his prayers I mean, he may not pray all the five salaries in the budget if he does that weren't good, but that is not the so what what is important is that the person is

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it wasn't braced five times a day and then I said these are the actual boundary conditions if he does more,

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But if he is doing less than that, then this person is not is not

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fit to be called for as they are people. So this is very that final point very important is the person should be the hunter you must be able to recite Quran correctly. Now by correctly I don't mean

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in the in terms of the land the tune of the Quran, but in terms of Tajweed mistake is a mistake. somebody makes a mistake. Okay, so that's that's a mistake. They didn't know. But if someone does not know that you need a thought, and then what the person is doing is not as mistake it is the person doesn't know. So he's, you know, presenting things incorrectly. That is not acceptable. So therefore the dua is not for just anyone, it's important that you have the right person to do the job.

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Let me give you a two minute break here and any questions I see one question in the chat and we'll see what that is.

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All right

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now the Duma is like, like everything else I mean this is something which is applicable to everything I have said here the Dubai is only as good as your preparation that's true for anything

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but especially to do now

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very, very important to understand who you are in the place of when you stand on the liver. And you are in the place of personalized medicine. Every member is the member of the soul, just like every Muslim is the house of Allah. So therefore, when you are standing on a member, try to get this sense of where you are, who you are, the magnificence of it, the power of it, the glory of it.

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And wow, men mentally, not physically, but mentally and in your heart in submission to Allah thanking him that he Allah, somebody like me, you put in this place of rasulillah as a seller, I'm hugely honored. Oh Allah save me from doing anything which is not in keeping with the majesty and glory and other and respect of this place of Rasul Allah is awesome. So always everybody will if you are when you ascend the member, don't say anything. Don't worry, just for a couple of seconds, bring this into yourself and say, ask yourself, where am I? Now you're not just anywhere you are on the member of the Rasul Allah is Allah, like that sense of the love at the at the other when the respect

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of us versus Allah must be in our hearts. And that's why I say other comes before anything else. And that is the reason why I always insist that if you are giving the hotbar always, always, always go ahead. Never ever give up by with a beret. Now, having said that, if somebody gives a hobo with a bad head is a hobo invalid is assigned valid. Is it haram? No. The hope is valid, Salah is valid is not hot, but it's a question of the respect for the position of resource or seller and his member. I have a rule for myself, I never give the hotbar without a turban. I always wear an AMA because this was the should not have also said but doesn't matter if you don't want to go all the way around you

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can go all the way there no problem and the left. Always cover your head, carry a cap in your in your in your pocket and cover your head. Never ever give a fullback with a benefit. Then dignified attire somebody asked me the other day, they said Jeff Ahriman comes directly from the gym. And he's wearing you know, gym clothes, literally.

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Body hugging clothes or any leaves like that is a very shallow level. I mean, if you ask him because he is the man asked him so I learned a lot. But the point is that dignified that you don't have to wear a Michelin sherwani and uh, you know,

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why would I want to wear as right Easter

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dress, but what is important, it must be dignified clothes. And

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therefore it is very important for us to keep that in mind.

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We have a nice question here from money. Canada, what is Islamic significance are going ahead? Is it a short ability? Yes, it is to show humility it is to show dignity. It is to also in the days when slavery was rampant

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free men and women covered their heads and slaves were allowed to do that. And of course, Angola we are out of that. So but definitely it's it conveys dignity and it conveys reality. So therefore, you know, in I mean,

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in my childhood, we did not even we were not even allowed to come in the presence of our grandfather with our heads back in the pencil my father with our hands but if you're going into into his room, I will call you a way that you had to have your head covered. So

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You might say, Well, you know, that is the culture of the place maybe but it's also Islamic culture. And so always call you and I'm not saying cover it all the time no problem. You know, going on where and but definitely for the football, please do that as I and again as I told you I'm not giving a fatwa here, I'm not saying somebody will find somebody giving a fullback with his head bear, you know, don't go and set his arm No, it is not a club as well. However, as I said, when you are dealing with Allah Serato data and

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always try to do both. This is a sign of the love of the believer. You don't look for and you don't look at you know minimalistic behavior with regard to Allah subhanaw taala and is the reason it is a good rule always more than what is strictly required. and dignity is the number one rule in all of that inshallah.

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Okay, next one is

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how to select a topic. Now, this is a very important thing, and I'm sure all of you.

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Sometimes you might struggle with that, because

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especially if you are giving a football every week, then it's a becomes an issue.

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I have already gone for four points. The one is your objective, what is your goal? What do you want to achieve in this moment? And in that context, also think about is there an occasion because for example, if you're giving a book by in Ramadan, then talk about issues or other issues. People usually gives like a dinner without talking about charity and so on. If you're giving a photo close to India today, Jagger foster does talk about the show of hands talk about the life of Ramadan, salaam and so on. Also, you might have put up based on the on something is happening at that time. For example, when we had the Black Lives Matter, agitation last year, I gave a football on the

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position of racism in Islam, how Islam is completely and totally anti racist, I gave a football back. So it said, the time and place and the occasion. But most important is consider your objective, be clear in your mind, what is it I want to achieve from this moment? Number two, consider your audience.

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Not the same thing must be said to everyone in the same way. I mean, all of this sound very elemental, but you'll be surprised how people sometimes go for goof up, because they will give it we'll talk about a subject which completely goes over the head of the audience because they neither have the experience or the knowledge to be able to understand that. So what is the knowledge level? What is the patient level of the audience? One of the demographic? Is it mostly children? Is it mostly women is men or what? As far as possible? I do I do. And if I made a big budget, you know, how would I know everybody or everybody would try to see what you can do. One good thing is to also

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talk to the to the local people who will tell you we don't want is the kind of audience here while people as well. So that your see the whole idea is you want your message to make sense, you want your message to be understood you want your message to

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change people's lives might sound like a big thing, but you definitely want people to make some use of it. So, talking to people in a language, meaning not the language language, but language meaning at a level where they can understand you makes absolutely no sense. Please always, always always, this is one of the dangers that I find with some people, you are not there to impress people get this completely and totally out of your head, you are not giving the football in order to impress people you are giving the hormone for the prayer much better, you are giving the feedback so that you can give the people a beneficial message which they can take home and they can use it as a

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benefit. So that is very important to consider your audience. Third one consider yourself What are you passionate about what is your own level of knowledge, sometimes people

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you know do the other, they go off into speaking about something that they don't have much knowledge about and they get a result. So don't do that.

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And then finally, very important,

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when you are here of course that is your workplace, but if for example I speak in different countries. So one very important thing is to also consider and be clear about the place where you are in your country in your place. What are the things that you can say and what are the things that you should not say? That's why I say to people, it is boring, important for you during the year about what not to say what are the topics to avoid, rather than what are the topics to

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one of the topics to speak about. Because if you don't do that, then you might find that you are speaking about things which get you in trouble.

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wouldn't get other people to travel. So don't do that make make very sure that you are

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you're clear about what you're saying.

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Now sources of information, number one, is your connection with Allah subhanaw taala. So I say to anybody who intends to be happy, make the handbook form on yourself. Obviously time is not what I do there's nothing but if you are a hobby make sure that you never ever be styled no matter where you stand that even if it is just to stand before Allah subhanaw taala Coronavirus valterra bellows manual data to give you the words to give you to change your own heart to make it may give you the word which are beneficial to the people which reach the hearts of people which people can understand and which people can apply. This is something that you must do on a daily basis. And then of course,

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all the different sources we have the bronze, Halley's Sierra history, you know, news, science, philosophy, literature, whatever. So all of that is there but the beginning that the beginning of the end the absolute fundamental is the connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala. That is and the best way to get that is to ensure that you always read ahead.

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Now three, I call these my three R's, which is the pre work research, record rehearse, predicts, research, record and rehearse.

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Your Honda is only as good as your research, the English will be very, very clear. Any time you're going to say something on the member, make sure that you have the value for that that you have the reference for it and that you have the evidence for it.

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Or notice when something does talk on the plane, make sure your research is good. Record your footage I write on my phone. Every night I write down every year I published a book of 52 football which is 52 weeks until now there are six books I've sent to the the links for that for all the books most welcome to get the reader and so on. So I always I do it myself and I recommend it to you because apart from anything else, many times even though you may have the you know absolutely bad in your mind. But when you are going when you are standing in front of the audience, it produces nervousness and then suddenly you find your garbage avoid that and even if you don't make a mess on

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the on the member now when you come back out of the hobo view oh my god I should have said this. So it is very good to have a printout or give it on your phone or keep it on an iPad or something in front of you. By all means don't really ruin it. But it is there as a reference for you. So always record your football and the third thing is rehearse. At least once. If not bought at least once. Give you a full bus peek out your phone and record it as a dog in front of a mirror where you can see even better nowadays Of course we have the we have our phones that's even more convenient. Just put your phone on a stand and deliver that fullback before the actual simple.

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I do it all the time. I have been giving a full blast formerly as a hottie now for the last 14 years. And I have spoken in I don't even know how many countries every single Homer mine. I do it at least once before I go on to the member in many times I do it more than once including what I'm saying to now I already delivered this and I recorded a timeout.

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So the reason I'm saying that I'm not showing up but the reason I'm saying that is that even if you have this kind of experience which I have I still do it because rehearsal is very very important. Many times when you are rehearsing when you are speaking you realize that you are saying something or doing something which you know you should change and handling is good to discover that before you do it on the member and other people are pointing that out too. So be very, very clear but that also it that is the downside. The upside of course is the fact that it will give you much more confidence you feel much more comfortable. Because you have mouthed those words they are familiar in your on

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your tongue, and you are not you know somebody here and there. It's always good to always good research, recorded and rehearse.

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Now the steps of the fullback as I said the Hawkeye is an event that

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is not just a talk, the whole buys in two parts.

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And these are the steps you go on the member and you greet the people with a full Salah csrd boom we're about to lie over cattle and sit on the river, the one that will then call the other

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after that

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Minimum is you reside the orbital hijjah officers etc. Now when I start you know when I start with oh and we will be with our karate, when I will be learning jewelry I'm gonna omega yeah Dr. Molina, Maria de la vida de la palma usually for hodja. One ashover lai lai la la vida Raja Gallo one eyeshadow and our humble enough to water. So this is the basic minimum, you should recite this. If you don't recite it your phobia is still valid as long as you observe 100 levels or oppose that your hotbar is valid combat is not becoming valid if you don't do but minio at least do this much. And then

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and then you recite the IRS reminding us of taqwa one or two or three I always make sure that you do that set a minimum again there is just to say if the law if the hula haka, Ducati or something to that to that,

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in that way, if you completely forget, and you do not remind people to have that word or the whole pie is still valid, it is not invalid, but it is a very major fault of the football and sometimes you can have you know, people can object and so on and so forth. And you can get yourself into trouble so ensure that you remind people are stuck. Now the user I had which we reside for this one is the item totally raw. Yeah, you want to get

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a Ducati what are the 11 Muslim world? This is the this is one I went on. I said oh you will believe fear the displeasure of others we're gonna have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala as it is right that you should have the stockpot and do not die except in a state of Islam complete submission to emotion rather than the other I always say is Yeah, you will never get out of the hola portolan sadena Justina Hello mama cook we offer local local for my UT la also la

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Zima is the Oh believe have Taqwa of Allah subhanho data as it is right? And always speak the truth. And if you do that, he will direct you to do righteous deeds and he will forgive your sins and whosoever obeys Allah subhanho data and His Messenger sallallahu Sallam indeed that person has achieved falls on housing not final and greatest success. So these three if you can decide you understand for example the first is also the desert yeah which is the whole Rambabu lovely

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home and so on that or as I said simply even simply saying

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to the people into hola como hottie or just say the hola the absolute basic mean and what I mean by point is if you're we're going to go to the member and 100 I mean I was out was

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salatu salam ala hola and you end up this is there's no sense in doing that. Meaning even though technically it is valid, that is something that obviously I certainly hope you will not do. So minimum reside the format on either after that say if I'm available, and then you recite these three, I have an after that also reside what hobbies again, you can use any hobbies you like whatsoever. Usually we use this one which is the hobbies which is which

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speaks about the truthfulness of the data of Allah and once against all without it's a good habit to use. You can use this but it is not fun. So if you find somebody not really using this or the the the Java, the hobo everything is valid, but you can use it it's a good idea to use and you can also use anything else that you find sometimes what happens is that you might find that depending on the topic of the whole bar you want to use a particular by all means most recommend you can do that. So in this one as we know, Mayor de la vida de la whoa did for I had the honor in as an advocate of Allah or Amazon or hevc or hi Ravi handy Muhammad in Salalah salatu salam where Shama moody Buddha's

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Aqua, Aqua levadas, without agulla without galera wakulla, bonarda, thin thinner and this is in an essay, I will send you off because all these I had these are all these

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slides, so I'm not reading out all the English you know this already.

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Now, then, after you're done the soyo recited the whole body, you get the idea and you did the arrays. After that you've delivered the first part of your message, first part meaning whatever full bio decided to do divided into two parts, whatever is the logical break and deliver the first part of your message and then say Apolo, Tony has asked for a live event a book, what do you say was the mean for stuff we wrote in the whole format

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

You all just simply say I stopped for a law Lee What? In the law for him or just simply say I stopped for a lie Larry right I love what Willie and something like this and so these are some things that you should memorize. If you don't actually verbalize it write it down and take it with you I've sent you an article where all of this is also written so you can read that so make us sit down for a minute or so if your throat is dry and things are water water, and then start up and begin the second part is on silver. Now if you're drinking water Be careful in Ramallah, in Ramallah, don't give water there because we forget and you drink water all the member. Obviously

00:35:40 --> 00:36:26

that was very embarrassing. Now, second part of the hoba. Again, you start in the same way. In the second part, it's sufficient to say Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam ala rasulillah that is enough to say you can you can do divide both by saying a hungry lion Amir alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Ashleigh Villa via evil Musa Ali Mohammed was well nice a la la la una he was a new send up doesn't even Kaziranga notify that more particular simply says I hamdulillah was an apostle of Allah, this is sufficient now always begin everything with Bismillah. So that that is our culture. That's this lab that is the best thing to do. Start with Bismillah and then now you can again repeat

00:36:26 --> 00:36:54

this the whole bottle handy but there is no necessary to do that. So ideally don't do it. But if you do it there is no harm and then say farmer model and then sell the role and Salaam Hondo Salaam and his family so for that you can use the Add in Allah Veronica to wholesale gonna be Yeah, it will again. Somebody will send you the sniffer. And after that read through they were I was allowed to say that Mohammed, Mohammed colossal the Dalai

00:36:56 --> 00:37:00

Lama vertical harmony, Mohammed Guevara arrived

00:37:01 --> 00:37:07

in the country, the men in this room, everyone has been included. Right? So you can just do this.

00:37:09 --> 00:37:55

You can add to that by saying well as YG was a reality while he paid he was happy at my house was our main home. And you can mention also z qualify Rashida Ababa kawamata was my rally, or the alarm on my brain always make sure you're saying no, otherwise people are objecting to it is also lack of other it is a rite of the Sahaba that they should be addressed. And you should say Are we allowed or no? And if it's over, you say no, we allow and this is a very bad trend which shows a lack of the schema and a lack of other that many times people simply say Abubakar said this or Omar said this or have not said this, this is very very, really weird to me. It is like somebody hitting me on the

00:37:55 --> 00:38:13

head with our It is very horrible. And it shows a complete lack of respect. Right? Again, not a question. They started out with a person because of something he says that no, but it's just a matter of other bits of matter. For example, you know, in our culture, you don't call your father by name right?

00:38:14 --> 00:38:18

No matter what people do in this country, but you don't call your father by name.

00:38:20 --> 00:38:45

But it just shows that you have absolutely no other way to do that. So, this is your father Your father is nothing compared to the Sahaba is nothing compared to the fun of it that is nothing compared to survive some of the holly was I was so always always never been such a big hurry and believe me, there is no emergency if you are in such a hurry that you cannot just after Mohammed Salah Salah or if you cannot say no after one of the salah and something is wrong, if you are in such a daring Hurry, don't

00:38:46 --> 00:39:29

let somebody who's who does not have such a big emergency is like let that person who is always always always mentioned those are like some of the ideas and mentioned as a habit with the utmost respect and the minimum requirement of that is to say sallallahu wasallam the minimum requirement of that is to say no or on your honor. And it will Jake the names of any of the Amir emsella that is the minimum requirement is to set an ad set up right people are delighted to show it that Ibrahim said this boosah said disease are in the relay window Please have some you know this is a I always geyser is like spitting on the sun you know if we do split up or whatever they fall in your face, it

00:39:29 --> 00:39:44

just shows the complete lack of thermia of the person who's speaking so please never do that. So then you send Zaragoza after that the second part of your fullback complete that message and then make

00:39:45 --> 00:39:59

this dua again is you can make for absolutely for you know anyone that you like, but the usual normal thing is to make God for the congregation was people who are there for the Muslim for

00:40:00 --> 00:40:21

sake for people who have passed away brave or peace and prosperity and harmony, pray for the country that you are in because you're benefiting from the country, pray for forgiveness, whatever you like anila now it is better to use at least some of part of this draft It is better to use dollars of the Quran and the Hadith. So you can set up an Asana,

00:40:23 --> 00:40:24

Asana all of those

00:40:26 --> 00:40:30

all of these will be like shala you can do you can read

00:40:31 --> 00:40:52

the nasbla Allah did all of this you can do and then you can also do do the QA in your own language whichever language you speak so it doesn't have to be in Arabic but usual for me is to at least have some Arabic in the door and then end with saliva saliva

00:40:53 --> 00:41:00

and then say okay, musala this is something which is important group before you say he was again

00:41:01 --> 00:41:22

the beauty of the whole work it is not far but the usual beauty of the football is to say in Allah hi our without the Vanessa or corba when hydrofracturing very well valid, yes. Oh Cobra, Allah hooked over Kuru. So read this is also the net, I'm using the Jaffa Musa, you can add to that, as they would call it, although as

00:41:24 --> 00:41:59

well, as now you can see all of this beautifies the hookah more adventure in Missouri, or you can simply recite this da at this idea. And he was Allah or you can simply say, after your football and da is over, even without ending with this. And I'm trying to give you the basic minimum, at least what you should do, and a little bit more so that the whole bar becomes more beautiful. And of course, those of you who know more, and you can do more, and you know, most welcome the word beautiful buys, the better it is now

00:42:00 --> 00:42:06

the closer the notes. Number one, keep the hotbar short

00:42:07 --> 00:42:22

name is Ella he's a give the humble short and prolonged presentation, which is the recitation this. So give the whole bar shot, I have said not more than 30 minutes. 30 minutes is the absolute top time, I really try to vision 2025 minutes.

00:42:23 --> 00:43:03

Another thing is that if you are speaking in a place where they have given you a time, then never ever exceed that I think the territory five minutes speak for 23 minutes or 22 minutes. Right. Also don't don't speak for 15 minutes. I mean, the point is they've given you a certain amount of time, use the time, don't finish in half the length Fair Use the time, but don't ever exceed the time. Absolute drop is 30 minutes. Now, having said that, in some countries, they expect you to do more. Like for example, when I'm giving a hope either in my worship in India, if the hope is less than 45 minutes, people are upset. Right? They are WWE guys? Yeah, you're not feeling well or something. So

00:43:03 --> 00:43:43

it's depends on the place. But definitely for America, I would say 30 minutes is kind of pushing it. Ideally, I would say between 20 and 25 minutes is your full thing meaning both of us together. So the first part should be about 15 minutes a second hope I should work 10 this is how you should split it. In the hotbar always be positive and optimistic. Don't complain, don't moan and groan. Don't be depressing, you know the enough problems in the world. And then the last thing in the world they want is the one understand that and also say oh no, this is wrong, that is wrong that we know that is wrong. So make it make it I mean, look at this solution. This is wrong. So what shall we do?

00:43:43 --> 00:44:14

Right? So make, Be positive, be cheerful and be sincere, but do not joke. I will come to that on the roads. But I want to say it here also, the code bar the member is not you're not a stand up comedian. That's not your state. So don't joke, speak with dignity. Whichever less smile in your face. Once in a while. Maybe we'll say something in the course of that big sounds by the people's face. But never tell jokes are never never joke that says

00:44:16 --> 00:44:28

Be honest and clear and straightforward in your state. But don't beat about the bush don't fog. If there is an issue that you feel uncomfortable about speaking, don't sit,

00:44:29 --> 00:44:59

remain silent on that. It is not necessary to say everything that needs to be said from the member. Don't do that. Just keep going. And very important. Watch your language and not just taught as speaking about being politically correct. Genuinely, there is nothing good about prejudice. There is nothing good about stereotyping. So make sure that your language is inclusive, that you have language where you are showing respect for everybody and always tie everything back

00:45:00 --> 00:45:36

To your core message, always have a tape running in your mind and say, why am I saying this? Why am I saying this? Why am I saying this? There is a reason there's actually why am I saying this because I want them to do this. So tied back to your core message and action points. Now, the don'ts. never speak without preparing. The homebuyer is not something that you just wake up and walk out the door. If you are not prepared, don't do it. Let someone else do it. But make sure that you are prepared. And then you give the hook number two, never attack people from the river. Don't play politics from the member.

00:45:37 --> 00:46:14

No matter what justification you have, please never do that. Sometimes people say no, no, but you know, I'm talking about so and so. This for this person and this person is a public person and this is what they said and I am going to go Please do not do that. You want to counter it. First and foremost, go talk to the individual. If you can't talk to the individual if you need to speak to some people who have been listed that person and you need to correct them do that in private, the Juma hotbar and the member of Juma is not the place for that never play politics and never attack anyone. Third thing is do not talk about controversial issues. The Duma football is not for that,

00:46:15 --> 00:46:51

right anything in wisdom is a controversy. There is a there is a difference of opinion, do not talk about that issue on the member. Number four is never say anything without it's the lip. I'm not saying that wrestle, you have to put the IR number and the page number and the address number that's not required. But definitely make sure that you have the deli with you, even if you don't want to have it when you're in doubt. If somebody asked you can do it to them, but always speak with the line, speak with the evidence. Don't tell stories. And number five, never give fatwas from the member.

00:46:53 --> 00:47:35

Right? Even if you are a movie and obviously you want to listen to hear, but even if you are a movie, give the fatwa from your damn lifta once you get the stuff do not do it from the member, and the words in my opinion, make these words harder on yourself. You are nothing your opinion is nothing I am nothing my opinion nothing when it is the Kitab of Allah where it is the hook or source of Salah in my opinion is these are haram words, make the hanawa no email opinion. This is what Allah said. This is what is a subset. If you have to court the court from the classical scholars. This is what

00:47:36 --> 00:48:02

Abdullah said, This is what even Oberon who said this is what he said this is what your shower is and so on and so forth. If you want to put do not put yourself into that don't say in my opinion, this is what I feel this is what I believe please, please please stay far away from that. Remember that the member is the dignity of the race. Never ever compromise the dignity of the member.

00:48:03 --> 00:48:05

We are coming to a close on this

00:48:06 --> 00:48:41

final slide. Remember that the purpose of Juma is to give you a platform to promote change for our male borrower and the hearing worker for enjoining and promoting good and for forbidding evil, use that platform wisely use it kindly use it powerfully because this is a platform that we have got our handle elect let us not squander it that is not wasted. Always Always try to bring hearts together try to promote goodwill not try to you know

00:48:42 --> 00:49:28

take people out and and separate people or to create dividends and last one is at the end of the whole bar people must come out there out of the budget feeling rejuvenated feeling energetic you know feeling that okay? We are now good to go for the next week and so that's why don't don't depressing things and don't don't drag them down. Right? Be very clear levels by brothers. May Allah subhanaw taala I'm so used to saying brother sisters, but in this case it is for one sister This is done rather well aggressor. But other than that the joy is for the for the hobby was only to be a male. There's no space for the hobby or the Imam to be a woman. The Mom Yes for women alone. And

00:49:28 --> 00:49:41

that is not in congregational prayers that sense but if you do it for various reasons, there's a different issue. But yet as far as Hakeem is concerned is only a man so we will be questioned about it. Make sure that we

00:49:42 --> 00:49:46

we do justice to this. I think I'll get that go down the line. So I think we are

00:49:49 --> 00:49:52

we are good here and

00:49:55 --> 00:49:56


00:50:06 --> 00:50:06


00:50:09 --> 00:50:22

so I am done with my presentation. And as I told you, I will send you this presentation and the recording that you will get it. But for now,

00:50:23 --> 00:50:37

if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them. I am just looking at the chat. There are no new questions, the ones which are there I've already answered. If anybody has any new questions you can ask directly or type into the chat whatever is meaningful

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