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In the elementary level salatu salam ala schizophyllum ba ba Li was heavy human Wella Hobart. My dear brothers and sisters, we continue with our series of lectures on the questions of the cover and our answers to them and I remind myself once again that

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the answers depend not on memorizing the right answer, but on living by that particular creed. And the first question we talked about his mantra book, who is your Rob and we said that to be able to answer that question correctly, the three things that we must do, one is to make sure core of Allah subhanaw taala to is to obey Allah subhanaw taala complete and totally completely and totally without question. And the third thing is to do the Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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the examples of novoselov asylum and the the Hong Kong to obey Him in always, which is the ethos of Salah Salem. This has been established as I explained to last Juma through many items, the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to obey Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam without question.

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The difference between ordering obedience and eat that which is emulation is the fact that in obedience and order is required, you cannot you cannot obey unless there is an order. So for example, if you wanted to play a duper you wanted to pray salata door at 10am it could not be done because there is no order for fun Salah at that time. However, after two hours or so, if you did not obey the same order, which is the order for praying a lot lower than you would be committing a sin by not praying salata door because the order would be in force at that time. So also if a person wants to obey the order to pay zakat, but does not have the means to do that, then he is not being

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disobedient. However the day he has the means and does not pay he will be considered a sinner as the order now comes into force on him.

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I hope these these examples clearly establish the principle of ethos or obedience. Now let us look at the other word if the bar or to copy or emulate or to follow Allah subhanaw taala pullin quantum to Hebrew and Allah have attorney you Habib como la jolla food la comunidad de como la hora Rahim Allah said say O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to those who claim to love Allah. If you really love Allah, then follow and emulate me, followed by sooner. Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is oft forgiving and most merciful.

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For anyone who claims to love Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And once Allah to love him, the way is clear and simple. Follow the ways of Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam, follow his son, emulate him and everything that he used to do, obey all his orders, and then emulate all his ways, so that the angels are off the earth, recognize him in you. Allah subhanho wa Taala made it abundantly clear in this ayah that the proof of this love is to do the tuba of Solo Solo Solo and to follow the religion that he brought. And if one does that, then Allah says that he jela gelato will love that individual and forgive his or her sins. Now if you look at the word Atiba, it is clear that unlike the case of a Tat, unlike in the case of it, that in order

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to for one to do it,

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or follow the way of someone, there is no necessity for the leader to give any instruction. Obedience requires an order to be obeyed. emulation is an expression of intense love and needs no order. The one you emulate may not even know of your existence. But if you emulate him, because you want to be, but you emulate him because you want to be identified as one of his people. For example, fans of Michael Jackson follow his way they do the tuba of wearing a glove on one hand, and they do the breakdance. Similarly, fans of Michael Jordan walk with a spring in the step. And they were a Chicago Bulls cap with a big backwards in his ativa. They both do this with pride and as a mark of

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their love, and are recognizable by this as being the followers of their ideal. One can see countless examples of civil at by in our society and recognize people and group them according to their ways. This is the whole issue of branding. This is the whole point of brand ambassadors, people buy products because so and so is using that product and that so and so is somebody that they look up to or somebody that they love, and that's why brand ambassadors are paid a fortune to advertise this or that brand. And despite the fact that they themselves, may actually in real life, they may not even use that

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brands, but they become brand ambassadors for that particular brand. There are some very interesting research by the name of urban tribes, which shows the effect and power of such following, and brotherhood. In all these cases there is obviously no specific order from the person who is the originator of the practice to obey Him or to follow his way. Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson. They don't say to each of their admirers please wear a glove on one hand or whatever the case might be. The admirer always wears the glove on one hand, because he loves his ideal and wants to emulate his every action and associate himself with the ideal and be identified as his admirer as his fan. And

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nothing delights the true admirer more than when somebody recognizes the original in him. The many fake Elvis Presley is our testimony to that the principle of activa can therefore be said to be imitating the ideal in every one of his ways and actions, such that by looking at the imitator, the originator is remembered, so imitating or emulating the ideal. Now there is therefore no necessity for an order for it to happen. It is a mark of the love of Allah for his messenger sallallahu alayhi salam that he wishes the memory of his messenger to be forever alive. And so he ordered that we emulate His Messenger in every one of his ways. And if we do that, Allah subhanaw taala promises as

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his forgiveness, which is the most crucial need for the human being on the Day of Judgment. Forgiveness is the gift for imitating Rasul Allah Salah Salem to be loved by Allah will lie we need to be like Rasul Allah, because he was the Beloved of Allah and Allah loves only those who are like him. Given this understanding of the eye of the Quran, relating to the T bar for sorceress lm, the importance of learning about and obeying every one of his sunan becomes perfectly clear.

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in the same breath, the whole argument of whether something was a practice of Ross Ross Ross lm that must be obeyed, or was something merely a habit that by inference is not really important to obey, this argument gets demolished. May Allah protect us from such ignorance and from such ignorant arguments. Allah subhanaw taala said about is that we settled on a solemn one nazmi is our ma Bala Sahib Akuma baba baba yom tipo en el Hawa in Hawaii, lava here you have bi aware which means by the star when it goes down or vanishes. Your companion Mohammed sallallahu Sallam has neither gone astray, nor has he ERD nor does he speak of his own desire. What he says is an inspiration. It's

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what he that is inspired. It is our Akita based on the Quran, that whatever so ally Salah Dali Sallam said or did was the result of divine order and guidance, and that everything is said or did is worthy of obedience and following, but to stay with the meaning of it Teva as I have discussed about, it is a duty of every Muslim to do this. For every action of a civil lawsuit asylum is the art of the order of a law. That is why Allah Subhana Allah said that, he said, that he would love the one who makes it art.

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It is therefore he is the one who who makes who will love the one who makes it the back of the Prophet sallallahu lism that's my last word that I said that he would love the one who makes it diba of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam

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my brothers sisters, it is therefore important to understand that to obey the Sunnah is far and to deny or denigrate, and discount the Sunnah is Cofer, it must obviously be clear to everyone that irrespective of what one chooses to do in life, or whichever way one wants to live, he or she is obviously going to end up imitating or following someone or the other, be trendsetters in the west or east, a Be it traditions of family or society, be it norms of customer norms, or of customs and practice. When this is inevitable, how much better for the Muslim to consciously adopt a way of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in every detail and thereby become obedient to Allah have Allah

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subhanho wa Taala love him and be forgiven on the Day of Judgment, which other trend fad identity following fashion or emulation guarantees this. In addition, the ways of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam are themselves so endearing and inspiring, that one will naturally end up being liked and loved by all and become the recipient of Allah's mercy and grace in this world as well.

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Finally, the issue of the beard which must be mentioned clearly here is the it is bought it out of Allah and Rasul Allah says Allah and the diva of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, what a huge blessing it is, especially as it requires no action.

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at all for it's cheaper to earn reward. The beard happens if you do nothing. The ruler of Yemen appointed by the Persian Emperor Whoa, whoa, whoa, no sure one who is called kisara he sent two envoys he sent two people to Rosado, Salah Salem to summon him. When nobody Salah Salem sent the letters to the kings, he sent a letter to the,

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to the Byzantine Emperor heraclius he sent a letter letter to the mucosa, of, of Egypt. And he sent a letter to the to to kisara, Hassan Archer one who was the king of worship the others, and I mean, neither of them and none of them accepted Islam. But they treated the ambassador's

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with respect and the detail the letter with respect, but Hassan or Sharon tore up the letter, he threw it away and he said, who is Mohammed? What Who does he think he is? How can you send me a letter? These people are nobody they live in, in the Hejaz, which we don't even consider worth ruling. And he sends me a letter and he orders me to do this and that. So he sent he sent an order to the ruler of Yemen, who was his, his vessel is Djibouti King, and he ordered him to arrest Mohammed Salah Salah, and to bring him to hosana Sha one. See the arrogance of Kings? The King of Yemen, he didn't send a he didn't send a battalion he didn't send army. He just sent two people, two

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soldiers, he said they came to Makkah they asked about Mr. Salim. They were told that he is in Medina. So they came to Medina. And they said to ressourcer, salaam, they said, We have come to arrest you and take you to our King now also smiled. And he said to them that we know how to treat ambassadors and we have instructions. And our Allah subhanaw taala

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has given us instructions about how to treat ambassadors otherwise, you know, your fate would have been different.

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And he said to them, the following and he says I would you know he looked at the faces, and he found that they had shaved their beards and the Gouda mustaches, like big handlebar mustaches. And he disliked this look. He hated to look at them. he disliked the look. And he said Warby to you Who told you to do this, Who told you to make your face like this? And they said our rub. Iris was awesome. Then past his blessed hand, always face and beard and he said, but my robe has commanded me to leave alone My beard and to trim my mustache. And then he said and he commanded those who are with him, trim the mustache and leave the beard. This is this this hadith is classed as Hassan by

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Chef haldwani Rama Rama lightoller. Now next day,

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it so happened that that night hosono Sharon's son killed him. And he rescinded that order to arrest us Rosa salah and gibberella salam came and told us Ross was on this news. So next morning, and Adam said to these two people, he said you can go back, your king is no model King has been killed. And that order is not is not valid anymore. So they left now shaving the beard, therefore is a disobedience to have Rasul Allah Salah Salem, and it is a denial of both ITAR and ativa. Because if you notice, not only was it

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not only the devilish, a lot of them have a beard, but he actually ordered the people around him and he said trim the mustache and leave the word inside. Incidentally, he didn't say he didn't say shave the mustache is trimming the mustache and leaves a beard do not cut the beard. Then in many IDs, the resource alone commanded men to leave alone their beards, I will let you decide the seriousness of this, of doing something which is against the ethos and against the diva against the order and against the emulation of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. All of these different ideas have a similar meaning which is to trim the mustache and to leave the beards and these hobbies are in Bukhari and

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All the all of the salaf including the 40 moms agreed that shaving the beard is haram it is prohibited. They consider shaving it as an impermissible mutilation and considered the person who shaved his beard to be effeminate. Many of them would not accept his witness or allow him to lead the prayers for one who believes that he or she is going to die one day to one who has implicit faith in the accurate and in the resurrection and the Day of Judgment. It is comforting indeed to be shown the way to deliverance so clearly and in such an easy and acceptable way. My brothers and sisters the columella ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah has two aspects. La Ilaha Illa. Allah is

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the inner aspect and Mohammed Rasul Allah is the outer aspect La Ilaha Illa. Allah is what we believe in our hearts and Mohammed Rasul Allah is how we show that belief to the world.

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The intention

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Is that when someone sees a Muslim, he must see the manifestation of that Kadima in his entire self, in his appearance in his talk in his actions. And that is what the first question of the grave is about. It's about our relationship with Allah. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to answer that question, and to be our helper and protector. Brothers and sisters, I wish this for you and that Allah subhanaw taala should love you that your dries answered that the angels recognize you, and know you by name, and know your voice, because they've heard it raised in praise of Allah. But remember this, this world is a world of cause and effect, Newton discovered the law which Allah

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made. And so if you want an effect, which is our last love, we have to work on the cause, which will create that effect, which is the diva of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I asked Allah subhanaw taala to accept your coming here. And I asked Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with you are sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam subantarctic Arabella tmic for was Allah Muhammad Ali Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen