Laylat Al-Qadr ends at Fajr

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Allah saw when he said that Lila on Qatar. It ends. mk Lyle Fisher at mach line fissured, meaning it ends at the event of fishers. Now this is very interesting. Why did the last social tell us that Lila to Qatar ends at Fisher event?

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Even though it is very obvious that every single night ends at Fisher time Jani, everyone knows this. Why did Allah mentioned that Lila to other ends at Fisher time, even though we all know that every night Ed's version, and the day begins,

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you know, it's as though we are being told, make the most of every minute, until the last minute, which is special time law, whatever suits you if the available budget, for example, where I live, or then in visual is 415. It's as though we're being told you have until 415 lay little cutter is until 4:15am. You know, when when you're doing an exam, and the teacher is walking around. And he says you have 17 minutes left is how precise he is 17 minutes left? What does that mean? Meaning every minute is precious. And you as a student you're writing and every minute is precious, you're paying attention in every minute. So now when Allah says Lea little cuddle is hot, they're not lying. When

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Allah tells us leave that they'll cut that is until Fisher time. What does that mean? Meaning keep going. Don't stop. Don't waste a second. Don't waste the second You have until then we'll figure so if then we'll fix it in your country. Then as I told you, it's here it's 415 it's as though I'm being told you have until 415 or until 416 that's how precise it is. That's what I'm applying for your means. And why is this important to mention to you my brothers because yeah, they my brothers and sisters in Islam because people what happens to them towards the end of the night of later so they prepare their support. Once they've eaten this whole they're kicking back sit down you know

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waste time talk to others, as though the lights finished they're not the night's not finished. Have your support and quickly get back to worship quickly get back some color and some of course the best thing you can do just before then in the fall, engage in Cincy honest, is default seeking Allah subhanho wa Taala has forgiven us