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AI: Summary © The importance of good deeds and manners in shaping one's life is emphasized, along with the need for effort and training to improve one's behavior. Good manners include fast worship, avoiding negative comments, and not caring for others. Learning of these lessons can impact one's behavior and club, as well as shaping one's behavior and club. Learning of these lessons is necessary to improve one's manners and avoid becoming hiding. Learning of these lessons is also crucial for shaping one's behavior and club, and they can impact one's life.
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When this the great scholar Savannah

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Rahim Allah he was.

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He heard someone came and told him that a group of people were speaking bad speaking ill of him saying some bad things about them. So he sent them a bowl of dates with it a message. He said, it has come to my attention that you have assigned to me and you have given me some of your good deeds. I couldn't find anything with which they Thank you except this bowl of dates. So please accept it from me. You'll give me something really great. Good deeds. So thank you very much. It's Sunday. How about that the next time someone does something bad to you send them some chocolates, some candy and a note. Thank you very much. I heard you.

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You heard what are they going to do with you? Thank you for the chocolate. so embarrassed now. Right? You know when you consider and Nabi sallallahu Sallam he put up with a lot. He put up with a lot from the Arabs a lot from the Bedouins, these grown men who gave them therapy. He taught them every aspect of life. One day, the problem is sitting in his home and a man just walks in. He's sitting on the floor and man just walks in

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processes or just

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go out and say salam aleikum esta teach them everything. One day the problem is combing his hair. And he noticed is through a crack in the door. There's someone watching him.

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Can you imagine the things you have to deal with? So it's coming, it's harder than you notice with some guys is burning a hole into you and his eyes are looking him the whole time. So the poster gives him a mix a gesture towards him with the comb, like as if he would strike him with it, to bring it to his attention. How much do they have to put up with? From from people misbehaving? We all know the Hadith of the man who urinated in the masjid. Yeah. And the companions lunged at him to stop him. And the person said, Let him finish. And then when he was done, they poured water over it. Then he explained to them and gently now let's do this experiment. Do it in your local town. Not in

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this mustard though. But have the chef teach this, this hadith between mother and then after you pray shall have a brother get up and stand in the corner of the masjid. Preferably have him have with him some green tea or something like that, and just pour it into the corner. But

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it's all hypothetical. Don't do it. Okay. What do you think will happen? I guarantee you that even though we spent an hour talking about Gentlemen, I think we'll still beat him up.

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Grab him, we'll find some footwear, there's massagin had pebbles and sand, we have carpets beat them. We'll make some excuse to beat the guy up, you know? So how do we get to the point where our manners shine through First, we become different like that we change like that. Now, is it possible to change? And the answer is Yes, a lot. So again, would not require anything of you unless it was attainable. Right? There's no one to ask you for something that's impossible to do. Everything is logical, everything, everything is fair in Islam. The pastor said lamb explained it. And people a lot of times they want the quick fix, they want the magical formula. A lot of times it needs

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training and practice and pushing yourself for years and years on end. And it's that simple. There is no formula there is no magical statement that someone will tell you what some chef has to say to you and you will change you just have to keep keep doing it. The process of setting them said in them and return them. Yeah, knowledge is through learning constant learning. Right? And then he also mentioned when he moved

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to Harlem and hidden is what does it mean when you're

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not like that? hallym that you forget that honey? Yeah, honey, someone who contains their anger remains calm doesn't lose their temper.

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So he's saying and he'll move to become hiding like that. By practicing it over and over again. It's not that some statement that we make the next day, you know, call us trying to say something might mean to me see, you got the patience all of a sudden, but you have to put effort into it. And it's training. Someone says something, if anyone says anything good to me, I immediately lose my cool, what can I do? Just train yourself to not lose your cool. You know, you can do all the other things you can make, although you can change your position, all these things. But there's nothing there's no formula I'm going to give you some magical data will make you change it. Just keep doing it. Keep

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putting effort. thing is we don't put effort a lot of times and we'll make excuses for being wrong and for doing things incorrectly. Someone will tell you give you good advice, brother, I noticed you always do that. That's my personality. That's who I am. That's how I've always been. Don't you want to improve then you make excuses for being bad. Give me a reason why you should improve. So

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I'll conclude with just more Hadith about the importance of good luck and good manners in Islam.

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Who asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam of the top two things that people take

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to gender Yeah, the top two things that take people to gender and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said top one law well, husband takala been God conscious, always aware of the fact that I was watching you, and good manners. These are the top two things that ticket a paradise. Then I've heard the alarm on who asked them to be solo seldom about the top two things that will take people into the Hellfire and episodes Elon responded and some went for the mouth and the sexual organs, the mouth, what comes out of the mouth, cursing, line, backbiting, spreading rumors, cussing, what's all that bad manners? So we see good manners one of the top two things that take people to paradise and bad

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manners one of the top two things that take people to the Hellfire or

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one of the things about about the acts of worship is that they came to have an impact on your man's look at the acts of worship and most of them have something to do with your manners that shows you how important manners are in Islam. Allah says we're up in the salaat in the Salatin, Han and Sasha Mancha established the salah the solo prevent the fat shark before his and the reprehensible acts.

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And as far as he's concerned, fellow Rafa wala for Sukkot alleged

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you have the act of worship hides, then you have the mannerisms, no argumentation, no fighting No, no vain talk in hajj, you have fast in the act of worship and the impact it has on your club, someone curses you or something, say something rude to you. And your response is in East LA and one in New Zealand, I am fasting, I am fasting. So even the act of worship were designed to improve and to impact our flock so far, be it from a Bolivian man or woman to think that they can just put effort into the act of worship and neglect how they treat people and how they deal with people. And this deals with Muslims and non Muslims. The verse we said, we're at the heart of

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the ignorant people, when they come to them with harsh statements and harsh words. They respond with words of kindness. Many of us think if it's a conference call us doesn't matter. If it's a conference, I can curse him. And you find people there's some people, Christian everybody all the time like that. But the process seldom said the believer is not listening and he constantly cursing, not justifiable cursing, non justifiable cursing, no, you don't current it's not a full up. It's not a mannerism of the believer constantly cursing, constantly hating everybody. And there are people who live like that. And I'll close with that.

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Because we've seen our show that of the guy who's who lives in the West, and he's so miserable. He's so miserable. Yeah. And I've met people like that. They just curse everybody. They just see a guy walking through dices. Good morning, sir. Good morning, sir. When the pastures

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are good. Then they see someone driving over turn the car over your head. But why are you here yet? If you're so miserable. Where are you? Why are you here? Some people love to live in misery. And I'll close by telling a story about one of my roommates. This man always wanted to live in a state of perpetual anger, hatred, and just misery. So I'm working on my computer over here. He's on the other side over here. He calls me over Come on. Come on, show you something I come. And he's showing me some caffeine and something the prophet SAW Selim severely or something like that. So go back to my workstation. Now I'm upset. Then tomorrow's Okay. Come on. I want to show you some I go and he's

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showing me. He showed me something very offensive. I only want to describe it. And it's something happening in the Muslim land. Okay, now I go back, I'm fuming next day. So come on, let me show you something. I came. And he's like, I told Listen, if you're going to show me something that will irritate me, I don't live like that. Okay. I don't seek out things that will irritate me all day and I stay in a state of anger and hatred and cursing all day. Okay, he was looking at me like, what? Seriously? That's how we roll. That's how

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we do stay and grow the times we keep cursing people. That's how we get the energy to keep cursing people. That's not a believer and the plus of them cared for people. He cared for people so much that the grief the person until only Allah could have told us this there's something internal happening with the process and this is in surah and calf first number six, and maybe maybe Salama tells him

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further Allah kabocha anessa

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you're going to kill yourself perhaps you will kill yourself in grief over their footsteps. They're turning away I thought of him turning away from you that they don't accept this message. We never we would never have known how much the person was hurt when the people didn't follow Islam had it not been for this purse. How much he cared for people. And here's a guy walking around cursing everything even cats, dogs everything. What is your issue? Is this the way of your profits or loss from see a Muslim man from

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his description what kind of Hashem Basha that

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Not always cheerful always in a good mood, you don't see him and except that he is smiling. So with that, then a reminder for us to step it up a notch when it comes to a flap to being kind to smiling to being gentle with one another Muslim and non Muslim parents for being an attentive audience a lot more Baraka, Mohammed Ali was

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a world of knowledge awaits you.

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