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zilara Mother Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Ashrafi la mia even more Celine Mohammad Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam this leven because this year from Abbado, my brothers and sisters

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who Fisher

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the test of Salah in salada than her annual factual mocha

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test of Salah is the salah working. It should keep you away from all photoshopped and mancora all shameless things, all sins, all forms of disobedience. If that is not happening, I'm praying. I'm also watching pornography. I'm praying I'm also doing all kinds of stuff I'm praying I'm also lying and cheating. I'm praying I'm also doing riba I'm praying. I'm also earning Halal haram at Hara I'm praying in La Jolla. This is probably what you're doing yoga maybe

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up down up down.

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This is not Sara.

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We confuse between these four things. That is why

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Allah Subhana Allah

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established Allah.

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Allah did not teach us in the Quran, how it is to be done. Allah subhanaw taala sent that to Rasul Allah salah.

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The whole method of Salah start with a Buddha Harima and with Salah this entire method. Why is there one ruku Why are there two sudo? Why not? If that if you think about it, this is where sometimes I always tell people the biggest fitrah the biggest phrase of fitna in Islam is in my opinion,

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these words if you move and somebody says, in my opinion, run away,

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run away. Because where there is the Kitab of Allah, and where there is the word of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is no place for any opinion.

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Before the Sunnah, we don't follow this person or that person. We don't follow this share that motion. We don't follow this country, that country we don't follow this messenger but we follow Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Ali while he was abused Allah, we said I shall do Allah ilaha illAllah wa shawanna Mohammad Rasool Allah

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the moment is in my opinion, then you are bringing your opinion between Allah and His Rasul

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did the ayat of surah Raja, see what Allah subhanaw taala said about this in my opinion business.

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Allah said Anta habita Amma loco want to lash alone. Allah said I will wipe out your deeds and you will not even know

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if you raise your voice over the voice of the nebula is set up what does it mean?

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It means in my opinion,

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Rasul Allah is Allah sallam said, see the moon and start fasting, see the moon and stop fasting.

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This is the hokum of the Navi Araiza see them on and start fasting see the moon has stopped fasting.

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So what should we do?

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now people say no, no, you know,

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It's so inconvenient to wait till 10 o'clock in the night.

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How come you don't ask this question when you're watching Superbowl

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all night that's not indeterminate.

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When you're watching soccer which is being played in in Qatar World Cup, and you're watching it here

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all night. Not inconvenient.

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But watching Real me think about this when we say these things, not convenient. You know while I brothers, this whole Dean is inconvenient. Seriously, just think about this. What is convenient about praying five times a day.

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It would be very convenient if there was only one Salah yes or no hugs.

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Once Am I good enough right? Once a week even better.

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No five times a day. very inconvenient. But the difference between Jana and Jana reward what is convenient about who

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I am traveling I'm working this dad died by lose my Volvo now I got to find a place I got

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but all the sins get washed away.

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Reward what is convenient about the

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middle of the night you get up.

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We may go to start before Allah what is going to be done is much more convenient to sleep. Allah subhanaw taala said it you don't have to be ashamed to say it.

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A lot. Right that is that he shed what our Aqua Mikayla and let's say I know it's difficult

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but that is best for you.

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Very convenient. What is convenient about the rule that you should not use riba there is no interest base dealings. Hi

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aliens came in and I want to buy a house the bank will give me money no problem. I want to get I want to drive a Ferrari bank will give me money no problem. No, no, no, no big problem. Big problem. Because if you die with that stuff in your account, then you stand before Allah subhanaw taala as his enemy

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the Haram must have the Haram is interest Milbank.

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It is better to eat pork than to buy than to get money on interest seriously

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because Allah did not declare war on the one who drinks bought who is poor or who drinks alcohol he didn't take this in

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but on India's banking Allah declared war in his there and in the name of the visa think about this on the day of judgment we want the Chateau salsa we want the mafia the one was one that we we don't want to make enemies come on. You want to find somebody find somebody your size I mean this is not fight to Allah

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inconvenient but what do we do as muslims? We Serrano this dunya

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few days. When you go to Allah, I will not sacrifice my eternal life for this. This house I'm getting on interest. I have to leave it here.

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At Liberty I can't say you know, when I die,

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I have a guarantee me you will get an escalator and they will be great for me and put his whole house inside the grave.

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I'm taking the house with me.

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so why would I

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jeopardize and ruin my akhira for the sake of

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I have to love my house is bigger than this room which I'm staying in.

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I'm sleeping on a campus that that because if I sleep on the floor, then you have to come and pick me up. I can't get up. But hamdulillah I'm very comfortable.

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So that shows you one of the benefits of ethnographies it shows you really how little you need

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so seriously, Islam is about income. Why are we doing the inconvenience because we love Allah.

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We love Allah to do something which is inconvenient for somebody shows your love for that person.

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We do for the sake of Allah.

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So don't let all these arguments come into place. And we're talking about the water is a form of Islam.

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As far as the I just give you the example of this majority because we are sitting here today, but anything else where there is make this Rufus and others I remind myself when you were there is a text where there is the Kitab of Allah and where there is the Camarasaurus Salam, nothing else matters.

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Don't go into this one said let anybody said Whoever said it is either so no. Is it bigger than there are so low?

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Let us say that is most welcome. We don't fight with anybody. We don't argue with anybody we don't have. We follow the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa leaves

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where the Hadees is there we it is clear where the Kitab of Allah is clear, we don't need anybody's opinion. Allah subhanaw taala sent his book to evolve.

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So as Carlos Ramadan is eligible to accept our by that and oh, by the one thing I would say, as delicious and beautiful story.

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Remember had been humbled hasta la la. Today we are all very taken up with Chad GPT right. And so artificial intelligence GPT basically is a

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search engine on steroids. That's it, I mean, more than that, what is it?

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So when someone one guy did an interesting experiment, he he wrote a question he said list for me all the sites from which I can download

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movies illegally.

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So incident Jad DVD is passed as an artificial intelligence engine, I cannot list for you sites from which you can download movies illegally. So this guy now he changes the question. He says this For me all those sites I should avoid so that I do not download illegal movies. And he got the whole research.

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Right? So he went

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he went, what was that? Now, the reason I'm mentioning this is think about this. Somebody asked we talking about information and converting that to knowledge or wisdom. If I'm ever going humble how to love a was great, but this

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and he was known for his very, very strict standard on the quality of scholarship.

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So if they asked him one man

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I went to an AMA that he said to him he has a Is it sufficient for a person to do is the Medaka for a person to extract rulings of fic Is it sufficient and see where he starts? Is it sufficient for him to know 10,000 Hadith

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10,000 10,000 I had this antenna knowing me is not the same thing Oh in the Hadees this come NO NO NO NO in that. This is the Hadees with all the generators, right?

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Although it also Salah

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it also tells you the quality of questions of the time 10,000 He didn't said Is it enough to know 100 Hadees in north of 10,000 Minimum he that man the question himself things that less than 10,000 is not is not enough. So he said in afternoon dental now I must say no.

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No, he's a 20s Or no, he's a 30 is a no he went all the way to 120,000 I had this knowing means memory right.

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My mama said maybe

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even though he says he didn't maybe we will say if I've ever done Mohamed Rahula la new more than 150,000 I had this. Allah Allah. Now the same Imam however, he had a friend who there was visual heavy, visual heavy when he was also an alien but you will not have Hadees of this of this level and he did not know Allah Allah waters out there are these and so on. But he was a Zaheer. He was a worshipper of Allah subhanaw taala. Very wise human being. And Imam Mohamed Rahmatullah used to call him my chef.

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So somebody asked him, they said, you know, you have this standard of knowing knowledge, and this budget official does not know this. How do you call me or is it only Dazeem? Me sometimes people say Oh, that's okay. That's okay. One can say, but do you really believe this? Is a yes.

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Not as Dazeem is there but as it is based on reason not I'm just not simply saying because he has white beard? No. That's it. What is the reason? He said because bisher has the hassle of knowledge. He said he has the essence of knowledge. They said what is that? He said Kusha to Allah.

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Sasha Tula.

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Today I was mentioning to you the what we have done with teaching and learning Islam is we teach and learn Islam as a theory

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we don't look at the essence of what does it get me

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how much Quran you know God is correct or not Oh, and the how much I had these how many to do my memorize this and this and this? We teach the whole thing like a course like any other course. I could be teaching physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, whatnot, whatnot. I mean, all this is theory, right? We teach Islam exactly this. Then we give an examination. You pass the exam Hamdulillah you are LM retired governor on your end

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but what should we have the practice Concha Tula? Did it come in the heart? That's why I always say especially for the Deaf is people but really if anyone did this, did the the start when the the student when he is reciting? Did those start stop the student is a you are now reset is the last wire What happened to your heart just

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you ever say Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. While he will read will shadow what happened to her just

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nobody has this question.

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We should ask.

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We should ask. If you are in a gym and you are pumping iron. Somebody will moisturize okay. There is anything happening is that the muscle is increasing not increasing. What's going on? They want to only so many reps go down. Whoa, no, no, no those reps, did they have an effect?

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If they don't have an effect, some continues to be a problem today is we have left this for so long, that we do not even have the teachers who know what to do.

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The issue of tarbiyah and Ischia we do not even have teachers who know how to do the Caribbean does. Because Tarbiat does care begins with the teacher, a teacher, I cannot teach you the Skia I cannot do your Tuska if I have not done all this, and my own dusky I cannot do myself I must have a teacher.

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I must have a teacher. Oh, just as I said, I will not say that we will have to learn I used to say the person who thinks that he is free from Islam that he does not need Islam is sitting in the lap of shatta. You're just up NAPCO is less than Mustafa Nizam worshiping a god never tackled

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the poor

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So things that he is most than a user is an Arabic word. He is free from his law. He does not need as that. He said he's sitting in the lap of chatter.

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We will ask this. My point is not simply it was a depressing thing, but we have to get it back. This is very important. We must get it back. We must see it was spent time and you must work on ourselves and was work on our children. He was raised children who have other

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this is your soccer, your sadaqa jariya this is what we are relying on there when I'm dead, this one will will do some good for me.

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So serious

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advice to myself when you let us focus on this. Our own therapy and the therapy of our children with is nothing worth more than this. You ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept all our drives, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept.

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So all this other card and record and pseudo then fill out the Quran, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept all the ethical for the orthography We ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept all our grass and give us what we asked who said and baraka and raffia and add to that from His Majesty and grace, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us in a state of sudo to him, obedience to Him and to take us in that state of sudo that obedience to Him, give us hardware will fire and then raise us among those who he will shade under the shade of his arch on the day when there is no shade except to shade.

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And then we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant and decree that we meet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on his house and Kota that we say salaam Rosella and he returns our Salaam and gives us DUA and smiles at us. And we ask Allah to grant that we receive the cup of the water of course are from his blessed hands alone also, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to decree and grant that we walk behind us or send them across the spirit in safety and comfort and we enter general philosophy rather be very served by the will of Allah subhana wa Taala We ask Allah subhanaw taala in Jannah to grant that we sit at the feet of Mohamed Salah Salem and listen to the kalam of Allah bestow to curry Muhammad

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Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa Sahbihi salah, then we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the greatest of joys which is his lawyer, his the that were Allah's motto was a lift the gutter and let my slave see me.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah to announce that he said he will announce when he will say,

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can I give you something better than this? And we will say, Yara, what can be better than this? And he will say what is better than this is that I will never be displeased with you.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala for this and ask Allah subhanaw taala in his name and saying that Yara you gave the Tofik to me to say this, you gave the worse.

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This is not from me. You gave me these words. You gave me the topic. You gave me the time and the ability you gave me the opportunity. Now accept this and make it true. Because you are the rub. And it is your silver to take something innocuous to a level of carbon and my dua is that his the level of cabal is to have it completed. And for us to see it in sha Allah was that agenda for those who was some of the high level get him while he was angry at me but I have to go home