Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 21 – L209A

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Ar-Rum 20-32 Translation 20-32

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Nashville una sala de la ciudad Karim. Mr Barrett ferodo Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim.

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Rubbish at Sudbury where silly emri wash Lola rock data melissani yokocho. Cody, open ASIC miner in Lesson number 209, similar to room number 2232, translation, woman and from A to Z is science and that hollow cocoa, He created you, men from Robin dust. Some then either suddenly and don't you all are by Sharon, men, human beings, tanta Sharon, you all spread woman and from IoT, he has signs and that Hanako he created like home for you, men from an fusi comb yourselves as virgin spouses wives, Lita school, so that you will find tranquility la her, do her do it. Well gr Allah and he made buying a comb between your mower that love wildlife mutton and mercy in indeed fee in their liquor

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that is surely signs little for a people yet effect garoun they reflect woman and from a a t his science halco creation a semi word of the heavens while earth and the earth was the level and alternation diversity alsina tickle of your tongue

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what a whiny comb and your colors in indeed see in their liquor that ensure designs. Lil alameen for those who know

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what i mean and from IoT he his science menemukan your sleep belatedly in the night when the house and the day Robert Eva will come and you're seeking men from probably he is bounded in indeed fee in the liquor that that is sure designs the coalmine for a people yes my own day here, woman and from IIT, he his science, you recall he shows you alberca the lightning how often as fear or poor man and hope. Were you in St. Louis and he sends down Mina summer a from the sky, mat and water for your youth. So he gives like, be he with it out of the earth. BARDA after multi hurt, it's dead, in the indeed fee in the liquor that let I show the signs this calming for a people the afternoon they

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understand what I mean and from IoT, he His signs and that tokuma It stands a summer the sky will endure BMD he by his command, from then either when

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he called you that or attend a call men from the earth either suddenly, until you are the hero June you all will come out when or who and for him, man whoever fee is in a semi wet the heavens will have and the color or the hole for him finely tuned ones who are obedient or who were and he led his route. Yeah, whether he initiate he begins

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the creation from then you're either who he repeats it, or who and it actually is easier. Are they easy upon him? When or who and for him and my family, the example the description and the highest fee in smls the heavens went up and the wahoo and he is Aziza he always Almighty and Hakeem we always always brother, he struck. Luckily for you all muscle and an example. Men from unphysical yourselves. Hell is like home for you. Men from math. What Malika it possessed. A monochrome your right hands, men

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From Shoraka and your partner's fee in man that which was a Conoco, we provided you for unknown. So, you all fee in it. So, our equal

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the half owner whom you will fear them, because if it can like your fear and full circle of yourselves because alika likewise lupus, we detail we explain

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the science we come for a people yeah pologne they understand, but rather it the bar he followed and levina those who want to move they did wrong. A home their desires, the lady without any any knowledge for months so who Yeah, D He will guide man who are Burleigh. He sent a stray Allahu Allah, warmer and not la home for them, main from NASA Dean and helpers for helping so establish what do you have your face lit dealing for the Dean hanifa unswerving

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nature, Allah He of Allah allottee that which photo he created, and NASA, the people, I lay her upon it, learn not WW, any change, Li hunting for creation, Allah of Allah velyka that a dino the religion? Allah you the straight, while our kin

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Xsara most anass of the people left not here alone, they know. Mooney been once booter repentant, lie to him with Turku and you all fear Him will actually move and you will establish a solid the Salah Wallah and do not the kuno you will become men from Abu shrieking those who associate partners

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main from Allah Dena those who follow coup de divided Dena home their religion What can you and they became Shia groups collude every has been group demand with what they have with them for the Hoon ones who rejoice. Let's listen to the recitation

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well i mean he

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Well, I mean, II

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in every day

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of the dealer who once

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in a

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while I mean

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Follow me

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d d. d.

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d. d.

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Mooney, Vina la

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mina lady