Mohamad Baajour – Surat Yusuf lessons and Exhortations #23 Yusuf Alayhissalam met Bin Yameen

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of knowledge and knowledge for various purposes, including gaining confidence and making people feel secure. They also touch on the treatment of siblings and siblings in Egypt during the Islam-uded culture and the importance of transparency and honesty in avoiding problems. Additionally, they discuss various instances where individuals are arguing against getting to the hub and use flags to measure grain, and the use of a woman as a token of satisfaction to help them avoid fraud.
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Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi overcut

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Smilla Alhamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main fauna on final Rima alum Tana was at nine manjar hammerlock mean, Lama Vatican Fe Jimena Harada was out of the jungle I'm not a Homer, but you have to follow up on him and Bradley Farrakhan musoma What I tell Tina would have been a shocking when I'm at home, I mean, you're behind me.

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So inshallah Tada we have a little bit long story today. So let's start right away with Nila.

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Last week we

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we began the second portion of the story

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when Yaqoob Ali salaam came back into the scene, as we have seen before he was away from the scene, and now jacobellis Ram is back in the scene and the brothers

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told Yaqoob are in Sudan that they have to bring back Binyamin with him with them to

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back to Egypt right so he could be able to get the grain and we also mentioned that Yaqoob or Islam told them that he they should enter from different gates

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for two reasons we said why

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because of the AI they should not be envied and the second

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know what was the other reason chef? Firstly won't be envied and second

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Yeah, so don't people want the suspicion? suspicious that so many people are coming at the same time from strangers so it will create suspicion

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the story started

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when Allah subhanaw taala said

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when I'm alone in how you thought I'm not often

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merch and your money I

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she in

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fee enough car pulled up although we're in Munez o l me Lima

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Werner kin XR on nursing

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one I'm the one who used to fill in a

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forlag editor is been

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on and when they entered as their father have ordered them so that means they listen to the advice that the Father gave Him while I'm the Hulu min Hi So amerihome above them and when they entered where their father has ordered them to enter from Yanni they entered from different gates

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Monica and a yogi and Amina Allah He mean shape Allah has written fi enough See ya Kuba, Kuba what does that mean? And it did not avail them anything against what Allah has decreed. It was just a need in the soul of Yaqoob which he carried out, he was a person of knowledge, as we had taught him, but most people do not. Most people do not know.

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entering from different gaze is that they took the advice of their father, but that does not protect them what Allah has coming up with this something coming up soon. This is whatever Allah decreed will take place. We are asked to take by the means we are asked by the means and have to work on Allah subhana wa taala. But let's say their father for example, told them don't enter from this gate. Don't enter from one gate enter from separate gates. So you will not get envied right. Now, if they get envied.

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Does that mean Yahoo does something wrong? No, they took by the means and Allah subhanaw taala has decreed is going to happen anyway. Whatever Allah subhanaw taala decree which will take place but we are asked to take by the means, like we always give the example I was

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SIC, Allah told me to take by the means and go to the hospital and take my medicine and everything. But at the end of the day, it's only up to Allah azza wa jal, he's gonna kill me or not. Right? But I take by the means I'm not gonna say hello, I'm not going to be cured, I should not do anything No. So they entered. And

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I'm Allah subhanaw taala told us what does it mean

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when Allah said we're in the hole that we're in Lima alumna, what does it mean? When Allah said that yahood

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has the knowledge that we have, we have given him when I looked at the explanation,

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it meant that

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not best for the ALLAH and he interpreted that by saying is that Yaqoob acted upon the knowledge that he has, because you are one as we all know, there is seeking knowledge and that is applying the knowledge you have learned.

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seeking knowledge is one thing and applying the knowledge that you have is another thing. Let him build

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knowledge without acting upon it is like a tree without a fruit. Okay?

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many times we concentrate a lot on gaining the knowledge

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not on the application, because sometimes applications a little bit hard. For some of us, I send them and listen to me carefully please. Wrestlers excellent told us that whosoever seek the knowledge just to show off in the crowd.

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Let him take his place in *.

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Whomsoever seek knowledge, just to be called an enamel shareholder of stairs or Mufti or Mowlana. He's just doing it only for that reason. Let him take his place in *.

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So the knowledge is excellent. And the knowledge is nor is light, polyester we live in a lie and a moon are the ones who know equal to the ones who know they're not equal. But at the same time, we have to put that knowledge into effect into action. Otherwise just become just a holding

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firm just like a donkey carrying a lot of books. What is going to use what's the use of it? Nothing. So in order to eliminate alumna he used to act Alayhis Salam with the knowledge that he knew

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but most kind, most mankind do not have what Yaqoob had, but I cannot start an SE

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then the next area says when I'm the Hulu Allah use of IE he occur, and when they entered upon use of he took his brother close to himself and he took him aside and he told him

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in the end a hook I am your brother

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fell out after is Bhima Kano Malone do not worry of how

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our brothers are treating

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called Allah who use of Islam he told him in the ANA, a hook

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is in the hook enough.

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Is in the hook enough? I'm your brother. You see your brother in the hook in the ANA hook? What does that mean?

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need definitely have your brother because you have to remember, Binyamin have not seen yourself for how long.

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Here's here's you talking about Yusuf alayhi, Salam in the world, and in the house of their disease. And then Jim, and now he's first time he sees him. So he, he doesn't even recognize him. He was very young, it was said that was four or five years old, when use of our Instagram left, but he knows about the studio, the story of use of a salon. So now when you say And subhanAllah I like to bring out these things in the Quran to show that you know, to make him feel good, and it was confirmation in the whole game. Don't even think about it. 100% I am your brother. I am your brother, and at the same time shows us how much

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he missed his brother, use of her A salaam. He loves all His brothers because he's a prophet and he always forgives them, as we will see in the future. But at the same time, this brother is his blood brother from his mother and father and he had not seen him and he knows we concluded from the end the way the area ended, and don't worry about the way they're treating you. He already concluded that they are not treating him properly because their father used to love Yusuf Ali Salaam and Binyamin more. So he said

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Given already that they are not treating him properly, so it was said that when the when they came to Egypt to collect their grains

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of course use of SRM is the host it was said that he gave them each to a room.

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So they were 11 Right, they were 1110 and Binyamin total is 12 with use of 10 and Binyamin so when one has extra use of eraser and said, Okay, I'll keep him with me and he took Binyamin with him and he each one of the other couple of the brothers were two in a in the room and this is a slightly add, so he wants to make him feel secure and safe. I am your brother Hollis. Don't worry, no one will separate us anymore. You know don't tell you what the brothers used to used to treat you. Fella Tata is the mechanical Yamano.

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Now Yusuf alayhi salam has to think of a way to keep Binyamin with him because he is

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worried about how the brothers will treat him on the way back he still have something in their heart in his heart about they might do something to his brother.

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phenom Jaya huzzah whom deja has he him gyro CFO? Yeah, Janice si fi fe, le fe, thumb as n mo as in a 200 hero in calmness, reopen and then when he puts all their grains or that they came for on their camels, what a measure has Omniture has him when he prepared all their provisions. He put the Sequoia, but the Sequoia mean, the Sequoia is it was said that it's a bowl that is used to measure grains. It's a very special ball. Some people said it's any something from the Egyptian heritage and some as we see Suwa it's called Sua and Malik Sua is something that you drink with, like, you know, when when we do when we do the Katrin footer, you know, we give saw, right? So is a certain

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measurement of weight and Sua is something that you measure with usually it's a cup so it's a very precious cup was a psychiatry fear rally and they put this fire in his brother's load when he means when he means load

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all the scholars have agreed that this is an expensive ball How does it look like what is oh they agreed to something very precious. Okay. Now and then what is the why then is not the Muslim for Salah was that is from coal, you know? That is is a call for prayer. So and

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then from

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then a caller called okay then a caller called somebody screamed in a high voice announced somebody announced

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Oh, are you traveling caravan

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are yet to have a intercom lasagna human.

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You are thieves.

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two things here.

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Yusuf Ali Salam.

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He knows how much his father

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loves Binyamin, especially after he lost yourself. How was he plotting to keep being an in with him? And that was going to cause a lot of grief to you. Right?

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Yeah, who does not know Alayhis Salam that you still alive? All he is going to get or he's going to think is that another son is gone.

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So how is he plotting to keep his brother while it is something that will make definitely will make his father very, very upset. This is number one. Number two, how could they call them Sadiq Khan and they know they're not?

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How are they calling them thieves? And they know that they are not thieves.

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Sheikh Yusuf

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Yeah, but why would he keep his brother knowing that his father is going to be upset? Second, why would they call them thieves and they know themselves they are not thieves because they put the thing themselves in a communist.

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Find out

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your clothes close. They are.

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They are the last people who took

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provision. They are the last people who took the

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Load okay, you know how

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information or news

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transformed from one person to another for example, I'll say Zacky

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maybe just touched use of

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it goes to Dr. Herod Zacky BTUs of it goes there by the time it gets to Dr. Ziad Oh Zacky have bite use of and punched him and use of his bleeding. Okay.

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information gets exaggerated. So, all they said is that we are losing the

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cup, the measuring cup, by the time it got to them, it was in a coma. This is one interpretation.

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The second thing is, like I mentioned before, they are the last people who took the grains, so who's gonna have it? It's you. So, we are assuming that you are taking it. So, we have to search your cameras, okay. Now, why did he you he kept his brother knowing that his father will be upset, they said that they he has so much doubt that they might do something to him because they use them only to get the loads. So he was scared now they got the load and they finished they might get rid of him on the way because he was the most beloved after use of his gun. So he was so worried he wants to keep use of Binyamin with him in order not to be harmed. So this way in sha Allah Tala and as we

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will see Yaqoob will find out that they will all alive and they will come back and meet so now

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in a communist Sadiq Khan Carlu were Akbar Allahu Allah him know that.

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Now, if I see somebody who's taught something, and I tell him, you will see what happens. And he will if he was a thief, what happens? Run? Exactly. Run.

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But if he comes back, I said, Excuse me, what are you? What are you? What did you lose? That means, you know, there's a huge possibility that they did not commit anything. Carlu What are cabello? What does aquello mean?

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face someone, you face him? So they turned around, and they said what are you losing? What did you lose? And they did not say what did they say by that afternoon? What did you lose? He did not say what was stolen away because he did not steal anything. Okay, every word in the Quran, man that afternoon fucka you have a code of code. Something is lost relative to what did you lose? And here's a quick lesson in sha Allah Tala. Now somebody accused you of something, or somebody harmed you, just from this term here, Carlos cabello. You know, subhanAllah

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sometimes if someone said something wrong about you, or

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he bothered you in one way or another, you will be upset all night and you cannot sleep. And the best way is SubhanAllah. Luck will face him telling me actually what did they do to you? While you're upset with me? What's wrong? This will solve all the problems because you are keeping it inside of your heart. Night after night, night after night, and it's bothering you and it's bothering and is bothering Carlo acapella by that afternoon. Similarly, if you have an issue with your wife, with your spouse, my sister, God, sit down with your husband. Discuss it with him. Sit down with your wife discuss it with her. Tell her mother out of Kadian What are you missing in your

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life? Yeah.

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Honey, what are you missing? Tell me and sometimes she will not tell you a diamond ring or something which killer we'll see.

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But okay, don't always face the person out. Unfortunately, I when I mentioned this problem before. If I have a problem with with Abdul Rahman I would go to use of I would go to Zacky I would go to Joomla I would go to everybody. And I do not go to Abdul Rahman. Yeah, he goes, Oh, man, I'm gonna

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go to Muhammad. So why do I have to go to all these people? Oh, Allah. hear yourself. I have problem with Muhammad Ali. I could go to Muhammad, talk to him. Exactly. I have a problem with Matt, that go to Mohammed Ahmed has no clue. Go to him and face him and tell him did you do this? Did you do that? Go straight to the person went back and they told the man that of Canaan. What's wrong? What are you missing? Okay. They said, Colorado, Neff, credo Sula, Surah Al Malik. We have lost the sewer like we said before the cup that the Malik the king drink with or it's used for the measuring of the grain. This is what we are missing. And obviously it's something very, very precious.

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They said We are missing the King's Cup. Now.

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The person who announced he said what he meant

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Jarabe in nearby you will earn a visa in and also ever will bring back this cup, he will get a camels load and I guarantee it

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will be his aim. This was Zane

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Zaman in Lebanon, it means something different because he had his laughing zoom in Lebanon means he has a gang.

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And sometimes sometimes it's good sometimes 90% that he was bad. They got a gang and he becomes the leader of the gang, and they call them Zane. Okay. The aim in the Arabic language or Salah says seldom used it who knows the Hadith that was also seldom said and the words aim.

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Excellent. And as aim, I guarantee a house in Jana. I guarantee a house in Jana, on the outskirts of Jana, to the person who leave

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argument, knowing that he's right. You know, somebody keeps arguing back and forth, back and forth. Brother, the hijab is not mentioned in the Quran. It does not say but the hijab, where does it say it? Yeah. You explained to him, then he thought, no, no, no, the hammer. He did not say your camera's haram. He said you still need to stay away from it. Yeah. And he put the hammer here and you sit here is nothing wrong with that. And you start, you can tell that this person is arguing he doesn't want to get to the hub. So you tell him slam on Aleikum and you will get a house in Jannah bonus. The second one, you will get a house in Jana whomsoever leave

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mine, even though he was joking and the house in the highest level of Jana Vesuvius I said and say I guarantee the house in the highest level of Jannah for

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the person with

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a personal cook for the person with the greatest manners Subhan Allah Allah maganda monomial. So, he this person said, Listen, this is lost the cup is lost, and whoever bring it will get a camel's load of grain and I guarantee that I guarantee that

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God will

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come my

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locker Darlington

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magic nearly enough see the film on a corner sorry.

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They the brothers of Yusuf Ali salaam, they told the feitian of use of Subhanallah This is a note on the side. Yusuf alayhi salam in the beginning of the story, he was a fetter. Now at the end of the story, you see he has his own VTn he has people working for him, so

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so they told him, Listen, look at Darlington, you have already dealt with us in the past. We were just there a few weeks ago, a few months ago, and we have not stolen anything. We were very honest and you will great. You're treating us great. So where did this come from the gallon to measure it in an industry that we did not came and they considered stealing as facade as corruption they call it loftsson. Do you have met with us you have dealt with us before? We are not here to make any corruption on earth. Then obviously different. We're not gonna sell you clean. We did not steal anything. We did not steal anything. Now.

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You notice here

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who knows what are the letters of custom made

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out of love. Wow. That untapped?

00:23:40 --> 00:23:54

Wow, that untapped? These are called Al Qassam. Yeah, and I can say Wallahi Billahi otol, Lehi These are old castle, this castle. Now, the

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the bed is a little bit stronger than the wall and the towel. Because the bed I can say before it oximeter Biller, but I cannot say oxy mu Tong Allah oximeter Wallah. I can use the verb of person before the bag, but the word and the tag I cannot and the tag is mentioned the Quran Allah he is mentioned here and as mentioned in another place in the same Surah also in use of and mentioned also twice in surah Allah Allah so as mentioned the Quran live and wow before raka Sam will be similar it will have mentioned a lot in the Quran.

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Now we see some people they do all three together Wallah he Billahi to lay Is that okay?

00:24:40 --> 00:24:41

Or one of them is enough.

00:24:43 --> 00:24:59

One is enough. One is enough. This is something probably from the culture. Wallah. He built he to lay you know this is they call it the strongest person, right? We have that in our culture. But is it one one is enough one Mahi or because we don't see in the Quran anywhere or on the Hadith

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Someone say what law he built he told her all you say is Wallahi or Tala. He, like we said here, they have made, they made the custom call

00:25:10 --> 00:25:15

for managers who In Kuntum, Kathleen, the people of use of insulin ask them, okay, now

00:25:19 --> 00:25:32

if you are lying, do you know what's the punishment of someone who steals something from measures or whom come from caffeine? What is the punishment? The penalty? If it turns out that you are lying? So

00:25:36 --> 00:25:39

call Josiah oh man who's read the rally for

00:25:41 --> 00:26:03

the punishment. They said the penalty of anybody is code with this cup shall be him some be given the penalty. What does that mean? There was a couple days of Jacoba salon, that the penalty is that whoever is caught stealing shall become a slave to the one who stole from there was the Sharia at the time of Jacoba Islam.

00:26:04 --> 00:26:34

The one who stole will be a slave from the person who stole from and usually salaam knows that and the kids know that the other brothers also know that. That's why you did this whole thing so Binyamin can be staying with him. Okay. Katakana Giselle Cardoza oh man woulda Virani for her was was Al Qaeda, Anika notizie. A volley mean, and this is the way we deal with the transgressors. By then

00:26:35 --> 00:26:36

the story

00:26:38 --> 00:26:46

or this is a plot to keep Binyamin with use of Alayhis Salam. Now Yusuf alayhi salam is going to prove

00:26:47 --> 00:27:29

that the cup is in Binya means load, and Vinnie Amin has to stay and they have to go back and tell the father they've been a means God, how are they going to do that? What happened with the cup? Oh, that insha Allah Tala will be discussed next week we have Allah if Allah subhanaw taala kept us alive. So inshallah Tada as I remind myself, and I remind you a few minutes talathi Allah rasool Allah, the little homies for Yamuna Juma make them out of salad on Rasulullah sallallahu Sana tonight and tomorrow all day in sha Allah, and we'll see you I treasure to be the last six stary. Sultan Frazier of Joomla in Joomla is the most beloved salad in the sight of Allah azza wa jal Zakon

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Makia welcome Alfie Kohn Subhanallah we handpick lecturers and

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the staff here Luca

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