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To learn

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how to surf and ride, I should be able to move sorry.

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Her mother also though he's a minority who I only was ever given because

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my brother Sisters, we

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will be talking about

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what to do in

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the given situation and so on. And I mentioned device, nine different things. One important thing that I want to mention about myself a new

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is that we have spoken about the importance of direction, we shouldn't have the right direction.

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But what is equally important is after having the right direction, we should also do

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whatever is required to achieve success.

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Because if there is a, if you have to leap over a 10 foot trench, and you leave when your leap is nine feet, and you're still in the trench, you want leverage to be able to leap over a 10 foot trench, you have to leave 10, leap 10 feet plus something. Right? If you do have that, or even if you do almost that nine and a half feet, you're still surgeons.

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So it's very important to be able to complete

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the job and do whatever is required totally in order to succeed.

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Now, question is in terms of

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general things in life, you're studying and so on and so forth, there's a particular course you have some finish line on it, right Family Medicine, if I'm waiting five years, seven years, whatever, if I'm doing engineering, it takes four years, we have some, some some pre conceived and known timelines. But if say I want to succeed is my goal, my life, I want to succeed in whatever I'm doing, but there's no actual deadline, there's no actual finish date on it,

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that will be determined, effectively, you are the one to determine that and you will determine it based on what you want to do. So, based on the goal, it is a good idea to try to ascertain as accurately as possible, knowing that you cannot be completely accurate, but to the extent possible, what is it that I need to do in order to succeed?

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So totally what is required? Now the requirement will be some of it will be in terms of preparing yourself. So what is the kind of knowledge I need to acquire? What is the kind of life experience I need to acquire in order to move ahead?

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Second thing is, how long does it take?

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Third thing is,

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while on this journey, what other resources do I need?

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Right, that's labor to be able to assess this, and then take it forward. We, for example, as I said,

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if you think about it, if you want to change a society, the first and most important thing is you should be in a position where you take decisions, or you can influence decisions

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that just having money or you know,

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take for the mature societal change, who are the people who do societal trends? One is politicians, parliamentarians, senators and so on, but they make the laws.

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So if you say, Well, I'm, I'm a great brain surgeon, I'm a great physician. I'm a great cardiologist. Sure, fair enough. You're doing a good job, worthwhile job. But can you have any influence on a law which is being passed in the parliament who said no?

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Nothing. You can have the best ideas in the world, those ideas are not reaching the right place, because you're not part of that group.

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So you need to the

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second kind of people, one is called the second binary people who people make the law people who to interpret the law, which is judiciary,

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the high courts and Supreme Courts.

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How do you feed into that by becoming an attorney?

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So you need to know the laws you need to learn the law.

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You can be the greatest physician in the world, but you are not going to ever be high as you've been called high court judge because you're not a lawyer. You're not an attorney. You don't write the law. Somebody makes a law then you read the law when you're writing the law, you're putting in clauses and so on and so forth. Which you can do only if you are a lawyer if you have experience and training in law

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third big group, which influences society is media,

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journalism in any form, print journalism, video, meaning television, journalism, filmmaking, whatever journalism. So, why is that important because that is what influences society that's what gets people to change their minds, that is what put forward a particular you know,

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particular line of thinking which people today for example, if you take consumerism, which is the dominant religion of the world,

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how did it come, one of the most powerful forces, which created and which continues to feed and support consumerism is the media.

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In every advertisement, in every show, in every movie, in every everything, everything, everything, the message that is given is, acquire material,

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gather material, right? Take loans, Do this, do that live the good life, the American dream or whatever dream. So I was happy, they are the people who are setting the standards which we follow like sheep,

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you must own your own.

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We're in America, they call them home, I tell people home is not what you buy home is going to make you buy a house, you're buying a physical structure, the difference between the house and home houses can be bought and sold homes cannot versus old homes are made.

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So, you buy a house you must have your own house, you must have your own car, not just any car,

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a particular kind of cars, new car

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not a second occurrence rate,

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you must eat this kind of photos go to this kind of restaurant, you must buy in these kinds of stores.

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The point the point is who is giving these standards,

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the media, so called influencers,

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people who are who do all kinds of excesses and they are so called influencer media. Now the the world rest of it is just swallowed like sheep. So if you want to influence society, if you want to change society, these are the three professionals that you have to be in journalism,

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law and politics.

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Now usual standard response from

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what I call the ship. Oh, but you know, politics is such a dirty game.

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if my clothes get dirty, what do I do?

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So dirty clothes? Well, I'm going to say where they are so wearing clothes.

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If it is dirty, clean it. Why do you need good people in politics because it is dirty. If politics was full of these brilliant, you know, principle, people who fear Allah subhanaw taala, who are who are on justice, and who are compassionate, and so on, so forth, and you're looking out for the for that you don't need to be there. So hamdullah This is a wonderful place. You got great people there. You know, I might go there, but I don't need to be there. But that's not how it is. Politics is full of the most corrupt dirty people in the inside. So if nobody if no good person goes there and say look, I'm going to clean up this place. Not only me a lot, but I'm going to be the first one and

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maybe others will come and they will join me and we are not going to play politics by the rules or the politicians we are going to change the rules.

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Unless you do that change will ever happen. Allah subhanaw taala sent one Nabhi to a people

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who listen to people who are from the people of Ghana know Allah sent Gambia to the worst people. Every Nabhi came to the worst people all the time. One person

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he loves Allah except for one or otherwise one person one Nabhi.

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So what did he say? He didn't come and say, Oh, I got these are too dirty. Sorry, I can't I can't work. I'm going Oh, no.

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So you have to get in there and do what it takes. Same thing with law today. We have got, you know, corrupt attorneys and whatnot. What the whole point is, that is the reason why we need good people because then those good people will bring about change. Change cannot be brought about by bad people right? So that people are already there.

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So there's nobody if I go there I will get that's what must not happen if you if you go there and you also become dirty that makes no sense. It's not a rule to say that if I go there, I know.

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You know Allah, you believe in the era, you know?

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also a Salam, Salam Salam.

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So this is why I reminded myself I knew that influenced your children

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to have the right kind of goals.

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Today, if I talk to the general, the youth in here, everybody, I want to become a doctor, I want to become a accountant, I want to become a

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pharmacist or engineer or it programmer or something. Nothing wrong with any of the odds a good profession will no problem. But believe me, you're not gonna change the world,

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you will not be able to change the world. So you will still be moaning and groaning and saying, Oh, what a dirty society what a bad society. See the decisions they have, oh, if that is what you want to do with your life, you want to have a, you know, you have you will have your car and you will have your house. But if you want to spend the whole of your life moaning and groaning, and you can't help anybody, and you can't help yourself, go ahead, that's your choice, do do that. No problem.

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But if you want to change society, so that instead of moaning and groaning, you can do something which actually makes a difference, then you have to change your goal.

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Don't worry about being a lawyer or whatnot, or being a doctor or anything, become a lawyer, become get into politics.

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Get into journalism.

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And for that, it's very important for society to support them.

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Because if the guy becomes a politician is not going to make the same but Bernie as a physician, so somebody was supporting me when he was he shouldn't have to suffer.

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So we as a Muslim society, we must put together the fund as a as a community, we will support one person.

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So in this community, we want somebody in the Senate, so we are going to look at people who are in the right position, maybe somebody is there already on the way, we are going to support them, you create the fund and you're going to support them. We want one person from this community at least one to be in the Senate.

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These artworks and this is how other communities do it I'm not I didn't invent this is not rocket This is not rocket science. This is how it works.

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And if you want it to work, we have to

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put together the funds to spend money was something other than what you you know, immediately i i spent $10 An hour see the device, see the value in the future. See the value in the fact that you are meant to put in the money and then you will have you will be in a position where there are enough of you to make a difference visually which is happening with others.

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How do you think those people got to those positions because somebody thought like this 100 years ago, there is a there's a century of work behind this. This is not a this is a generational thing. It is not gonna happen overnight, but somebody somewhere has to start.

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And that is my reminder myself when you We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to work for the future and to invest in each other was in the military when it was civilian belong together? Holla