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filarmonica here, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara filem Viva mousseline

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Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah He right it was able to sell them to Steven Bethune cathedra. From other

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government Sisters, we were talking about the basic fundamental rule of the universe Islam

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of learning and practicing it.

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And yesterday touched on the topic of riba

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of interest based dealings.

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So let me say a few things today.

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First of all, the home of Allah subhanaw taala the literal wounds of

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the Earth from 275 to 279. Allah subhanaw taala said We live in a shed on the regime Alladhina coluna Viva La Jolla, Pomona una casa como Lizzy Yatta Hotbird over shaitan

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the Libyan Dong Kalu in in novel by omission Reba,

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or halala hula via wahama Reba

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mangia who Marisa to Mira de fund her fellow Masada Amaroo who Illa woman either for Allah because he will not even if you have heard

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him half Allah or Reba where you will be sadaqat

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Allah who lay your head Boko like a foreigner a SIM in elvina amanu AMITA Solly hearty welcome solid to Jakarta Lhomme agile rowhome in the rugby him but a whole finale him wala homea has unknown yeah you are living Amanita hola was a rumor Bahia Mina Reba in condone me

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for a lambda Hello, Father No we have him in Allah He was only he were in trouble don't follow camera also Anwar leikam la docilely Mona what was the more

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the last rather than a deliverable?

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He said

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which means

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those who eat Riba, those who deal with interest will not stand on the Day of Resurrection except like the standing of a person beaten by shatta leading him to insanity. And that is because they say that trading is like Eva trading is like interest. Whereas Allah subhanaw taala has permitted trading and forbidden Riba.

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So whosoever receives an admonition, a warning from his Rob and stops eating Riba stops during an interest shall not be punished for the past. His case is for Allah subhanaw taala to judge, but whoever returns to riba to it is based dealings such are the dwellers of the Fire, and they will abide they're in, they will stay there forever. And then Allah subhanaw taala made a promise last summer that I said Yamaha or Allah or Reba, or you will be sort of

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Allah will destroy Riba, Allah will destroy all interest based dealings, and will give increase for sadaqa for all deeds of charity and so on. And Allah does not like the disbelievers and sinners.

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And then almost ran into that converted the believers is a truly those who believe and do deeds of righteousness and perform establish our Salah and gives a card they will have the reward with the rub on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

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And then home or you will believe fear the anger of Allah and give up what remains due to you from interest based dealing from riba From now onwards. And this is a condition liar in good domain if you are believers.

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So let's bring a condition. Do this if you are believers, which means if you don't do it,

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and finally, Allah subhanaw taala said and if you do not do it,

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meaning if you do not leave this dealing with interest, then take a notice of war from Allah and His Messenger SallAllahu. Listen.

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Allah is declaring war on the ones who deal with interest.

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But if you repent, you shall have your capital sums or how much you learn when to get back.

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Do not deal unjustly by asking more than your capital sums and you shall not be dealt with unjustly by receiving less than your capital somes.

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Hamdulillah we ask Allah Subhana Allah for

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guidance for us inshallah. It was very important

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A very important things to keep in mind with this, the eyes are clear, I don't do any more

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explanation of that the either way.

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Please understand one thing number one is, as I began two days ago,

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whatever ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada ordered us to do. Our understanding and belief is that this is possible to do. Allah subhanaw taala did not give any order that is by itself impossible to fulfill. And that is why not all orders are for everyone. Take for example, the auto fudge

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is Hartford on every Wednesday, no money stata la Sevilla.

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Hodge is for the one who can do it physically and material.

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Right? It is one of the pillars of I mean, I'm giving you an example of this. I think because of this, each one of the pillars are kind of Lisa

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hedge firm on the one who can do it. What about fasting? Same thing if you're traveling, unless rather is in the Luxor. Don't fast make it up later. If you are sick, the rasa don't just make it up later on.

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Right Zack adds

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another pillar. Is it further everybody? No only on the one who has done is Africa the one who does not have the government itself has got the not only does he not to give anything he got he's actually eligible to receive zakat.

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So therefore, four eyes are only for those who are

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capable. Now as far as the outcome of the of interest is concerned, Allah subhanaw taala did not put a condition on this. It is haram for everybody for the poor man for the rich man for everyone, everyone, everyone. There's no one who can say, you know, I'm so poor, I need to borrow money. I'm so poor that I have this I was doing this education loan in America, big scam. So education, no, I need education, loan.

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interest based borrowing and lending is haram it is prohibited for everybody without a

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without any condition. Number two.

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the standard understanding of loans is very different from the Islamic understanding of loans. In Islam alone is permissible only two cases

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to take and give

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you are permitted to give a loan to somebody to help them out. Somebody is in dire need. He comes to us I need money, please help me you can have it. However,

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you can give him whatever he needs. And then you can take back how much what you give not one cent more.

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Nothing more. Right. Now, in this case, there are two situations the lender has two options. One option is he can give the money and he can take back what he gave. Or he can give the money and he can forgive this for the sake of Allah he can say this is gift, Allah will reward him. There is no third option for a loan to give or receive in Islam. Please understand this is something people don't understand.

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Now, you might say, well, you know, I want to start a business or I have a business, I need working capital, I will go to so and so. And I will ask Can I Can you lend me money? Can you lend him money?

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Yes, he can. He's it alone. It's not alone. He can lend him what we call in business language as venture capital.

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He becomes a shareholder in your business. So he's not lending you the money. He's giving you the money for a share of your business. He's becoming he's buying a share in your business. He is now a venture capitalist. He's giving you money for a share that he's not alone. So what happens to all of the business collapses and has nothing you lost your money that's it. He doesn't have to pay you back. He was not alone.

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business goes up and down. What happens if a business goes up you make some money the windows go down and lose some money you are a shareholder in the profit and loss of the business very different from going to a bank for the money, right? You go to a bank and borrow money to start a business to borrow money for venture capital. The bank lends you money on a fixed interest rate and the bank says your business can go up can go down can do whatever you have to pay me so much interest rate tomorrow my business has collapsed is gone not my problem rather not remember isolate my money.

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pay back the loan plus the interest for that. Do what you have to do.

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Right sell your house, sell your property, do whatever but money is not in Islam. In Islam when the person is

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lending money for that reason he is actually buying venture capital is but he's buying shares in the business. So this is very important in Islam the concept of giving a loan as a means of generating income for the lender does not exist, that is haram that is the that is the essence of riba to give money to get in to get a return on the money is riba This is the main point what is the third thing is to understand on a side note, you might say giving somebody money as Amana

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or money or whatever you give something, somebody to give us an Amara. In Islam, the concept of Amana is that for that, that they want to give us Amana the person will keep it for you, he'll keep it for you and inshallah keep it safe. But for whatever reason, supposing he you give him something for as Amana and then there is a flood and his whole house everything that flooded and your property got destroyed, does he have to return that, you know,

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there is no liability on that person.

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His house got fire, your money was there and you gave him the money to keep there was a bribery money was stolen.

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That's gone. There is no liability on that person to return that to

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when you give money to a bank to deposit in the bank.

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If there is a fire in the bank, what happens to money, nothing the bank is supposed to give back to.

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Right? The only option is the bank completely collapses disappears. There's no such bank, that's a different issue. But normally speaking

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what we are doing, that's the reason why when you give money to the bank, it's not Amana, it's a loan. That depositor is loaning money to the bank

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and getting in some interest for on this loan on the deposit and the bank loans money to other people or to other banks, and they do business with that and they get interest on it. Completely different transaction. Right. So please understand this because sometimes people get confused and they say oh, but you know, after all, this is a loan if it's a loan in the Islamic way.

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As I mentioned, I don't want to repeat that I said already but very different from lower as we understand in the commercial sense. So all these kinds of transactions which generate interest, which is money on money, currency or currency, cash on cash, are haram in Islam and haram to the point where I was one of them had declared war on the one who deals with it. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to earn halal and to eat halal, because this is the foundation of the acceptance of DUA and ibadah.

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Please, this is a very very very important thing. eat halal, halal, then inshallah was our enemies as salam said, you raise your hand, Allah will accept your DUA before your hands come down. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us that dua We ask Allah to enable us to honor and Hara eat halal. And we ask Allah us rather to accept us, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from the biggest calamity in the in life which is the anger of Allah, the biggest calamity do it as a just as you know.

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game if you want with the children with people as the least for me, calamity what are the worst things that can happen?

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And if anybody says the anger of Allah, Allah, there's already a philosophy there.

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We don't even think like this calamity or flood and there is an earthquake and was up on that upper Warner who who says the anger of Allah, beggars kilometers that there is no calamity which is bigger than Allah subhanaw taala being displeased with me. Nothing is bigger.

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But we are conditioned not ever to think in those terms. We ask Allah subhana wa to changer for us was Allah Allah Allah will get him while he was serving member Africa.