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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi lambier Eva mousseline, Mohammadu Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam does live on cathedra and cathedra from Abbado, my brothers and sisters in little ones. May Allah bless you it is one of the most beautiful sights for me to see all of these little ones here.

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The reason I'm saying that is because and some of you were with me this morning, this morning, I was at the Christchurch Cathedral in Springfield, which is the biggest church in this part of the world.

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Yes, you're not with me. And

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what did I see there?

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First of all I saw about maybe it's a huge massive building.

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But I saw about maybe 10% of that building was occupied by Christians.

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Alhamdulillah for the first time,

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a whole bunch of Muslim brothers and sisters went with me. We were actually more Muslims than Christians in the church.

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And out of the people who were there in the church, I actually counted this. There were three young people, three.

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And by young, I don't mean this age, I mean young meaning maybe 30s.

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All the others

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were all people,

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very old people.

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Now, why,

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they did not concentrate, and they did not focus on teaching their young about their religion.

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At the most Sunday School, which is one day a week,

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which is why churches are being sold and Muslims are buying them.

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What is happening here, the macro system is a global system happens in every country in which there are Muslims. There's nothing unique, including the United States.

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Four days a week or five days a week in some cases, two hours a day of Islamic Studies.

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That is the backbone of our generations. Make no mistake, what is happening here, the people who are involved in that the teachers, the people running it,

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and you children, you are literally the backbone of this ummah.

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The reason I'm saying that is not just to praise you hamdulillah insha Allah also to praise you and I hope you feel good about that, but really so that you understand the value of what you're doing

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the seriousness of what you're doing and may Allah bless you,

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when you go and stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala the day of judgment that is when you will realize the value of this What was I doing so Allah

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so, number one, number two, please understand that when we are talking about

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teaching in the MCSA it is not only books, it is not only learning to us and not only learning how to read the Quran correctly and so on, more than all of that most importantly, it is learning o'clock, it is learning manners.

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It is learning how to behave. And that is why it's very important when you kids come up here in the masjid

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and you are running around like you know, like like mad people. That is not good.

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it is not good you are in the house of Allah.

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You have that much of energy. Inshallah, when the weather improves, we take you out in outside you go run, you know, play do what you want, but inside the masjid you must not run is it clear? You I'm talking to you? Is it clear?

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You can go and run in the gym. That's right, but only if some adult is with you. Right okay. So no crazy running and all that come to the masjid sit peacefully time for Salah all standing ally shoulder to shoulder you know all of this stuff right? Nothing new. Please do that. Please practice that.

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Second point, third point now coming to this coming to Salah itself.

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Salah is a duty Yes, Salah is for this. If you leave your. If you leave Salah deliberately without any cause, then it's a very major problem.

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But leave all that aside.

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Look at the positive side of Salah. what is Salah? Salah is talking to Allah subhanho dal

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you are talking to us Martin. You want to ask Allah for something sunnah. Stand up ready to work out of Zara Crotona

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tell Allah whatever you are, tell him, tell him your story. Tell him your story in your own language. You don't have to know Arabic for that.

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In novels Allah in suju, you can make dua in any language in the world, no problem Allah, all languages all those around the law mistakes.

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So this is your direct connection with Allah Subhana Allah and anything you need in life. Allah Allah, Allah give me this

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right? Ask Allah

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don't ask anyone else because in Salah What do we say IACA

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Naboo wha yeah kinda strain Oh Allah only you I worship only you I ask help from so worship Allah and as Cal Poly from Allah nobody else.

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This is our connection with Allah subhanaw taala

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they are Ganesha was routed.

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When you go to somebody to ask for something what is the first thing you do? You build a connection? Right? You just you don't you don't just walk in and ask somebody you know? You tell the person you know I'm from your country or I'm from your family or I'm from your masjid or something some connection?

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What are we saying to Allah? Was the ally of yours?

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And would worship anyone other than you so I belong to you? I don't ask help from anyone other than you. So I belong to you. I need this help. Where should I go? There is nobody who can help La hawla wala Quwata illa avec

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there's no one who has any power or authority and ability to do anything other than you. I'm asking you give me

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give me because I'm asking you what is the reason you can give me so give me

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Hello reason what reason

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I'm asking you can give me some give me

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that is what Salah does for us. Salah is that connection.

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So when you pray when you stand on the on the masala first and foremost bring this into yourself and say I am standing before my Arab gentleman. Nobody is here. No one is important. No one I care about only by Allah.

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And I'm asking my Allah I am talking to my Allah. I am talking to myRA

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and talk to you all

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You weren't sure what I'm saying? Very good.

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Third thing, Salah is a reward. Salah is the greatest honor that Allah subhanaw taala gave us

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not only a good day, it's a great honor. It's a great reward that Allah subhanaw taala gave us because salah is the only Hohokam salah is the only order of Allah subhanaw taala that was delivered above the seven heavens.

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All other orders of Allah subhanho wa Taala came here on this earth wa salam came with orders, whatever so fasting. I asked for fasting where the where were the revealed on this earth?

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I asked for Hajj. Where were they revealed on this earth? I had for zakat where were the reveal on this earth?

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I had prohibiting interest based banking where were the reveal on this earth? What is halal? What is haram? I had revealed were on this earth but Salah Allah subhanaw taala called us who relies on a Xlm Islamic barrage above the seven heavens

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and then Allah subhanaw taala gave him this gift of Salah it's a gift to the Arab era, sir. And thanks to him this gift comes to us.

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So feel that cell Hamdulillah I have a way of talking to my Rob.

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I have a direct hotline connection. If I call Allah he will pick up my phone he will answer my call.

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What is Allah's number?

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Even though what is it?

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24434 Right.

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You know what he's talking about? Right?

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How many that guy's forced another fighter

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to further how many for as a harmony for Mercury harmony? Three Asia harmony 424434

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Of course we pray the son that we should pray the Sunnah. But 24434 So what is Allah number?

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24434. Right? Now think about this. Think about this when he's number is 24434

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you dial only 2444

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You miss out the three with the call connect. Now

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you have dial all right, you miss out a part of the number call one Connect.

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It's very important think about that right? And of course pretty soon as soon as you're born, there's gonna be the Vorta the market market Asana are very important, but for Salah, at least minimum. So this is a NEMA from Allah subhanaw taala This is a blessing of Allah, this is for something which Allah subhanaw taala gifted, if there is Allah Salah and through him it came to us, right inshallah so everybody is ready to learn how to pray in JIRA yes or no cardio you

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under we thank all our

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the elderly brothers here. And of course, you'll sister's gonna be elderly, so we sank all of them for coming here and helping all of you to learn how to pray. And remember for all of you people, this is southern Nigeria because you help that kid and that kid to go to pray all his life and all of that stuff is gonna come into your account hamdulillah so do it with interest insha Allah and then we'll talk to you again after Mercury until Mercury we have to learn to make them go through the motions everything and start with who now they don't have to go and do what they already have. But talk about the whoo also explained to them and then do the salah because the key to Jana is

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Salah, the key to realize will

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was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was a weird member how to get Harami just like maloca