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Amanda Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala show Philomela evil Mussolini

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was saying he was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira Humberto

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hamdulillah I'm very happy to note that in the hips class when we announced it 70 Children registered.

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We'll see how that is managed and what we should do. But it shows the enthusiasm and the interest in the people may Allah

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Allah has helped us by enabling us to do this now. We ask Allah to make this a means of Algeria for all the people who are involved with this inshallah

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I remind myself, I knew that we are in the first 10 days of Rohingya about which rasool Allah is Allah Salam said that these are the best days of the year.

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Without any exception, there is no other days which are better than these days.

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And then the nights of Ramadan last 10 Nights rather a better than than these nights, because of laser cutter is one of them. But otherwise, the days these are the best days of the whole year, including Nevada.

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So they asked him, Zawahiri, why they asked him, What should we do in these days?

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So he taught us some Aska he taught us some vicar

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and I want you to repeat after me Inshallah, and do as much of that as possible all of these as we already know, because he's always simple

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So repeat after me. So how

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will law work?

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We know this right? So let's do this

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together. So

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we'll handle it

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we'll handle

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we're ham though

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I did this loudly and I asked you all to join with me to learn this

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bigger otherwise, the best way of doing records individually and by yourself and select not groups and it is not forbidden to do it in a group and to do it loudly, but the preferred way best way is to do individually by yourself sanitation. Now, when you do the Zika

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It is not about singing. Each word each phrase, we must reflect on it the meaning of vigorous remembrance is not just repeating some alpha repeating some or or repeating some. You know what it is to think about what is it is Subhana Allah means Allah subhanho Tara's greatest pure Allah is the most glorious, the purest, the holiest Subhanallah we see the holder of Allah when we see the creation of Allah Subhana Allah. You see a beautiful sunrise sunset is ohana, Allah, all glory, all glory all magnificence is to La Subhana Allah subhana wa Alhamdulillah

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all praise and all thanks. So when we are seeing the glory of Allah, we praise Allah, Allah, this is your glory, all that praise belongs to Allah subhanaw taala all times Allah subhanaw taala gave us the eyesight to be able to see that sunset sunrise and sunset. He gave us color vision to be able to appreciate the beauty of that supposing we didn't have color vision black and white vision. We don't know we can't record anything it just brightness and may Allah protect us if we go blind then is what you will see that

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right so as your Alhamdulillah all praise and all thanks. Even with color vision even with everything. Do you recognize the signs of online it? You know, one of the most beautiful,

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natural history films that I strongly advocate? All of you to watch is the is the BBC

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series called Living Planet. It's about the Earth. Fantastic. The photography is incredible, amazing photography and the narrative of David Sir David Attenborough is beautiful, but the man is not a Muslim.

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So think about that this these cameras the technology actually takes you to see things with you without that camera, there's no way you can see that.

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Right? There's no way you can see them. But even after seeing it with the camera, if you do not recognize Allah subhanaw taala has greatness in it, then what is the point of seeing?

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So I hamdulillah Allah gave us the right Allah Allah gave us the ability and he gave us the knowledge to recognize Him and to see his science and to glorify Him inshallah. And this is there in every single thing.

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It is there in the Golden Eagle, it is there the chicken in your house, no difference. Everything is the glory of Allah subhanaw taala. Right, we don't look down on anything, the smallest insect, even if the if there is a nuclear holocaust, and if the entire human race on the face of the planet is vaporized and gone, after the nuclear holocaust, this They predict that the only living thing will be a cockroach.

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They so next time you see a cockroach, you want to step on it think about that that cockroach

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is going to outlast

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the glory of Allah. For us it is something to stamp on. But in Allah's creation, this is the glory of Allah, Allah created something like this.

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So alhamdulillah and then

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the next step

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in Allah, I see the glory or magnificence of Allah subhanaw taala, Isaiah Alhamdulillah I thank Allah glorify Allah nextep La ilaha illa Allah, I accept that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah.

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Allah, Allah. There is no one worthy of worship except Allah. And then Allahu Akbar, Allah is the greatest way to worship Allah because He's the greatest. There is nobody greater than why do I not join partner with Allah because he doesn't have any partners? He doesn't need any partners.

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If Allah needed partners, why would I worship Allah Smelter?

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But he's like Superman, right? You like, like me? bigger, stronger, but no, he's not like me. Allah is Allah. Very sacrificial. He che with Allah said he is unlike anything increase.

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So Allah will have Rila whether Illa Allah Allah, Allahu Akbar. This is the beauty and magnificence of the city. So Rosa Rosa said in these days, recite this as much as you can.

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There is no limit. There's no need to walk around with a Mitzvah or Cosby and you know, people say Oh, mashallah, holy, well, no, don't do all that. No need to count. Just keep on doing it. Make this part of your routine. Yeah, in the gym, for example, what I do that are doing the pull ups.

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So, Allah Alhamdulillah

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illa Allah.

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So the count of the four, right? So if I'm doing 12 reps, I do three times.

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So make it as part of your routine, everything if you're running if you're working, every single one Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah as well under this way, your whole body, your heart, your breathing,

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because but becomes zero. When you are when you're breathing, Allah Allah, Allah Allah,

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Allah just programming inside so even when you are sleeping, you will sleep with that when you wake up the first thought in your mind, Lyra, Hi Lola. So inshallah when we go into the grave, and when the

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monkey or nugget come and they wake us up, we shall

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or shall know Muhammad Rasul Allah make this into may get into habit that when you sleep, the last thing you say is the caliber and when you open your eyes in the morning, the first thing you see is the convention. Right? The call of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said I want to end with this. Allah subhanaw taala is that first Qurani ASCO, you remember me, I will remember you.

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And in the Hadees Guzzi, Allah subhanaw taala said, when my slave remembers him, Brahma remembers me within himself, I remember him within myself in a way that Jesus is going in my seat. When he remembers Me in company like we're doing here. Allah said, I remember him in company which is better than his, obviously, the more carabin of Allah subhanho wa Taala the angels around the earth, Allah is mentioning, think of just think about this. Keep this in your mind. Allah is mentioning you by name.

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This is my son

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A since

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Allah subhanaw taala draws the attention of the Caribbean of the melodica to us and says Look there, see, my Savior is saying is taking money. So dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala is the ultimate. There's nothing higher that somebody's remembering Allah. And that's why Allah said you remember we I remember you. This is and should be the greatest reward for us Hamdulillah we ask Allah subhanaw taala to constantly keep us in a state of vigor of his constantly remember him and we ask Allah swelter to bless our lives with his liquor with his presence in our lives and with His help masala Rana victory while he was happy and named after go