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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shelbyville mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Sleeman

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from Abbado and I will want many of you have more of a katana de la who are Surrett also relies on other highly saves your coal in Nevada, Mr. Lubin, yet for in Nova liquid Lemare Imani permanganate Hegira to il Allah He was really he for Hegira to who will Allah He was also the one that he's you know to dunya you'll see boo Oh Imara atin en que have

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for Hegira to

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and this is a Navajo Bukhari Muslim.

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This hadith is the fundamental central Hadith

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which is the center the fundamental the pivots of all Islamic thought and understanding,

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because it goes down to the basic fundamental reason, why we do anything. These are this is called is considered to be scholars and committed in these studies. This comprises 1/3 of knowledge, because the

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actions of the man of a person involves his intention, and from that arises

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his speech and then his actions. So it is intention, actions, speech and actions. And therefore, out of these three things, this comprises of 1/3 of that.

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People have said that this is 1/3 of the whole religion of Islam. The other two are Hadees, which are considered to be the other two thirds. One is Olara, Virgin Ohara, Virgin, Obi Noma mystery had, the highlight is clear and the Haram is clear, and between them are doubtful matters. And

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the third one is the Hadees, which we hear in most footbath of Joomla, where also Lazaro Salam said that

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innovations are misguidance and that call me that in the law that

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were co located on Earth in Vietnam. And he said all the

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all the innovations in religion will be rejected by Allah subhanaw taala and a person who does that will be in hellfire and we ask Allah to save us from that. So, this connection of the intention

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to actions, this is very, very clear, very interestingly.

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And this is where the,

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the shirk of Rhea shirk of showing off doing deeds which are good deeds, but doing them with the intention of showing off of becoming of getting popularity and so on, which ruins the deed and it becomes Schick in Salem called this the hidden ship, because the attention of the person is in the heart and

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therefore, the person whose

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intention was for Allah, this person only will be rewarded. It also this is a this head is also I think, in my note, I think, but in my in my understanding is

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the essence of our head, because this is the it brings it down to the fundamental reason one reason why we do something and that one reason is to please almost rather than that, that is how it should be. And that's why it's so important to keep on checking the intention.

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It happened many times in May Allah protect us from ourselves that

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we may start off with avoidance, but along the way that intention gets corrupted shaitan is there always and he does not let go is tireless, and he continues to do his work. And so we get distracted, we get misguided.

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One of the most common thing that happens is the negative role of praise. Praise is see the thing to understand is that appreciating, truly appreciating

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what somebody does good that somebody does, is Alhamdulillah this is permissible, this is highly desirable, I would say it is absolutely critical because we all thrive on this way. 100 Allah is Allah has made us like that, that he

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that we feel good about what we do. And this gives us the energy to do more. It's also good feedback, because if you're doing something,

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you know, for a certain reason, and you're getting feedback to say yes, that reason is being achieved, people are being held, there it is being appreciated. So obviously, this is great encouragement, not to have that would be discouraging. So, if somebody is praising

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or appreciating something that is true, this is to be applauded. Now there's a difference between praising and flattery, flattery lies,

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exaggerating the bridge, that is lies, and that is something to be avoided. But genuine, sincere praise is something which is desirable and which should be done. So however, what happens is that over time, if you get even sincere praise, if you're getting a lot of it, then the chances are that it goes to the head, and our ego comes into into play. And people then start to

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do work for that place rather than working to please the last minute and it's very subtle.

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It sometimes takes some time for it to happen, it won't happen overnight. But it is something that does happen. And when it happens, believe me it destroys our deeds. One of the most common ones is for karate, karate, for example, those who people who said beautifully, they get praised for that and then when they are reciting in salah the thought comes that oh people were were praying behind me.

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I hope they like what I'm however reciting. So you beautify your recitation even more, which means that standing there on the masala Ziva, you are committing shirk, where even though people behind you may be getting crucial and may be getting concentration and it may be benefiting them. But that does not help you because you have just destroyed your own Salah.

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So it is very important to keep on

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to folk keep focused on the intention.

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Think of it like this.

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Then if you had

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a big wad of notes, in your wallet or in your pocket, and you had to pass through a crowded area where maybe a railway station or a fare or market or something where you obviously quite, you know, that's quite normal.

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You might fear that there are big pockets, then what would you do?

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I'll tell you what I used to do when I traveled in the Bombay

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Bombay, local trains, which are famous for big pockets, I used to give my money my socks, I would give him a pocket. So you would take some specific steps, you would keep your money, your socks, even if you didn't do that, if the money was in your pocket, then you would have one hand in your pocket, you would make sure that you constantly checked to see if the money was still there because you know you you miss your visuals by a second, get distracted, what are the ways in which big pockets, big pockets is by distracting you so they decided they create some distraction when you are focused from there next thing you know your pocket is empty. So

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it's very important just like that, in the same way to constantly check our intention or what happens if our intention we find I started with a good intention and now I discover that my intention has been corrupted. What do I do I immediately biggest a photo and immediately apologized to Allah subhanaw taala I'm contrite I am

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regretful I express my my shame at not having

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being misled by shaitan and I ask Allah subhanaw taala for powder and I am completely totally sure that buyer of general who will partner because this is his promise, that if somebody makes over a loss, I will accept. So very important for us to understand.

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Always start with the right intention. continuously keep checking to see if the intention is being damaged or corrupted and constantly make stuff aren't over to make sure that the intention is right because the these organizations where he said that

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you never will ever be near pitch this idea will be generated to you. And you also said in our ama no bill harati The deed is based on how it ends. Deeds are based on how the end so therefore, a deed may start with a good intention. But if it ends

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Yeah with Rhea if it ends with with a bad retention The deed is Wait so you want to make sure that we start with a good intention and we continue with a good retention and we end with a good intention each other or some of the honorable Karima it he was a neighbor after that