Reflecting On Death – Take Advantage Of Your Free Time

Kamil Ahmad


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My dear brothers and sisters

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since the day that you came into this world

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your time has been set

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your time has been set

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and it has been ticking away

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every hour of

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every minute of him

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every second of it

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like a ticking time bomb

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up there Elijah

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Nama and a young

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lady there have a young monk

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Habibullah hustle and bustle read Rahim Allah Allah he says, oh son of Adam,

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you are nothing

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but deeds.

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You owe son of Adam, are nothing but a matter of days.

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If one of your days goes by,

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and some of you has gone by,

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meaning that each and every single day that goes by

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is a part of our life has gone by, that will never come again.

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Every single day that goes by is one step.

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closer to what? closer to your grave.

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Think about it.

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Ponder over it deeply.

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Every single day that has gone by of your life

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is one step

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closer to your agree.

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And it could be a matter of only a few steps to go.

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Or a few days to go. Or a few months ago or a few years to go.

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Even if it is another 4050 years, it is still

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one step closer to your grave. And so ponder over this. And ask yourself,

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ask yourself

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all of these days that have gone by in my life?

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How have I spent them?

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All of these days that have gone by?

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Have they gotten me closer to Allah subhanahu wa Donna? Have they built for me?

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My ask era? Or

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have they gone by?

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is mergency think about it most of us. If we were to ponder over this question, we would find

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that most of the Days of Our Lives have gone by wasted

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wasted in things

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that may have benefitted us in the life of this dunya

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if we look at them

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they benefited us in what comes for us after this life.

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That's one of the scholars saying the assorted

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which is to abandon the permissible things of this dunya so it means to abandon that

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which will not benefit you in your Asteron whatsoever. Yes, you will benefit from it in this life.

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But it won't benefit you at all.

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If that is the case with the permissible things that we have enjoyed in this dunya

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then How about how about those things?

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Which were impermissible? How about those things? Which we earned the Wrath of Allah subhana Hua Johanna in this dunya