Mirza Yawar Baig – Iman Mufassal #07 Angels, Books and Messengers

Mirza Yawar Baig
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To lie Raha Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Ashrafi lambier Evil mursaleen

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Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah He write it he was so happy he was sending them this leave on the theorem cathedra from Abba

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my brothers and sisters Salam alikoum Curatola when

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we come to the this one, the first part takes long because the rate is very, very, very important, right, everything is important, but this is rest of it is really, we go through this quickly inshallah. The second one is a belief in Malaika. I believe in the angels. We, this is part of the belief in our tribe, the NP perceivable.

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We believe as Muslims that there are angels.

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These angels are as Allah created them, we know that some of them have wigs because the last 18 months that I was on as our ABA, we believe that these are angels are are creatures created from a luminous energy

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for whatever another word we say light, what exactly it is, we don't know this from the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. What is the function of the angels the function of the angels is to carry out the orders of Allah, Sybil, whatever Allah orders, the angels do it, the angels have no free will. The angels just do what they have been ordered to do.

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among the angels, and the greatest of them is Jabril la Serra, Angel Gabriel. And among his

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jobs was to bring what he was to bring revelation to the Prophet Moses and also all the prophets

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he did other things, but this is one of his major jobs he's also a Rasool.

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And then of course many ayat which talk about the angels there are angels which are responsible for recording our deeds what are they called?

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Angels record our deeds

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monkey and record are all signs but they are in a different place. Angels record our deeds on the sides. What are they called?

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Learning is important key Robin Cathy bean

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caravan Cathy bean. So who are born here and again,

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the other two you will meet in the grave

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different ranges Morgan and Akira the ones we meet to the grave and they will ask you what will they ask you? What are the questions the grave

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Mandra book who is your Rob hold your worship Medina, what was your religion?

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What did you follow?

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And what do you say about the man who was sent among you Bahamas Allah is Allah three questions of the grave.

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Everybody will be asked and everybody will have to answer.

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So different categories there are angels of course, appointed What is the name of the angel on the gate of Johanna or the gate of the Hellfire. What's What's the name of the Ranger?

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Malik tilaka What is the name of the angel on the gate of Jana?

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Oh, Ray, correct revoir, did I get lucky right. So, different angels for different things. What is the angel that every single one of us will meet? There is one angel which everyone will meet

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Marla called bow not Mikhail Bioko mouths, the angel of death every single human being who lives will meet Malco modes.

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Mikael is also an angel is Raphael is another angel, and who is

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the one who will blow the soul, right?

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So these are these are belief in the angels, something we know about them something we don't know about them. hamdulillah but it is important is part of our creed that we believe the angels if somebody says there are no angels that this person has denied one part of the Creed Yes.

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Those are an asset if a bliss is a fallen angel, that's not an Islamic concept is a Christian concept. Iblees is Jin Karna Minh Elgin Allah said very clearly the Quran.

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In jail a bliss was from the jinn was he he is for the he's not an angel at all. Right? So anything else? Anybody? Okay, then we come to the belief in the books of Allah subhanaw taala now are we know that Allah subhanaw taala sent many books

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Some of them we know the names. We know the war, which was the book that was sent a row. That was and

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then we have So Ibrahim said don't Abraham, Malaysia then we have the Torah sent to Musa Elisa Moses. Then we have injeel

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sent to is our reseller Jesus. Then we have the Quran which is sent to Mohammed Salah Allahu Allah, you are lives. So these five books we know what the other books he has said he said so he said many books, he said many, many, many prophets 25 of them have been mentioned in the Quran which include of course Jesus and Moses, this one's over, but also others, but did only 25 prophets come No.

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It was more than 100,000 prophets skip

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throughout the ages, from the time either Malay Salam came on this earth till till saucisson the last one, not today said that. Don't say it is not true.

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The last and violence this part of our belief that Bahamas asylum is the last and final prophet after who there is no prophet Obasanjo, there will be teachers, they will be they will be scholars, they will people who invite what Allah has run into, but no one has the level of a prophet or messenger. So until then, hundreds of over 100,000 And Allah knows best.

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The Quran is the last and final of the Testaments, last and final of the books of Allah subhanaw taala we believe as Muslims that this is very important to understand clearly we believe as Muslims that the Quran Al Karim is the actual speech of Allah, it is Allah speaking.

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Right. And Muhammad Salah Salem conveyed that and the most beautiful example for example, I'll stay with Allah has said this for example, the people asked him who is Allah

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right. So, Allah is saying to him say Allah is ahead Allah is one

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right. So, if I

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if you ask me

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something and just as as

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if you asked me, Who is this on us?

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So since Razavi, tell them that I am the principal of the mark Durbin is wn

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so what would I tell you?

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What was

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I told you, but verbalize that what what what how can I say that?

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She said what she said or she is?

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When I say tell them?

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But as soon as I did that, Allah is saying call say oh bah bah.

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Who Allah Allah has Allah is One. What does he say to the people? CO Lo, Allahu Allah.

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He does not say Allah, who Allah had no.

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He said, Say Allah is.

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This is one of the many, many, many examples we have of the truthfulness and the integrity of the messenger in conveying the message. He did not change anything.

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He did not move anything. For example, the famous there are many others like the famous story of

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who was blind, he was a blind Savi. And he came to the US resources and I mean, Majid Nawaz Sharif, when resources Allah was talking to some of the

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chiefs of Koresh.

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So this is a blind man.

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He can't see the real Islam. He came out he won't he had some questions to ask him to turn towards him and he slightly frowned.

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Did the blind man seem funny, obviously continues blind.

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Allah he will Quran. I was our Tala and a whole AMA. Allah said the Navi turned on and frown

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when the blind man came to see him

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and maybe the blind man would have gained more from your

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you know attention and speaking than these people you're speaking to.

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So now think about this. This battle refers to and relates to one incident which happened personally it really is a solemn firstly, secondly, that blind man was not affected by the frown of the Prophet SAW Selim because he didn't even see it.

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But when Allah revealed reveals Quran on this

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and calls out this matter.

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Did a business owner hide it?

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He said what is my personal matter with me and God? Why Why should I tell you know?

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openly? This is how Allah subhanaw taala

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mentioned this matter to me,

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so many, many incidents hamdulillah so we believe in Allah subhanaw taala and we believe in the Quran because this is the actual speech of Allah. People ask you sometimes they might ask you, they say well,

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what about the Quran? isn't out of date out of date? Right? Is it outdated since seventh century? We are 21st century should it not be changed?

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What's the audience

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can the Quran which is why

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I continue to show you using I'll protect it but I can reprint a Quran I can I can add. I can add verses in it a Musa verse.

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people memorize it.

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Sure. But I might say, well, you know from now, this is the current new new version

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doesn't have laws. That's the current answer. I'm Sanjay, I can rewrite it No, no.

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Why contribute?

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What happens if I do it?

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I will be responsible. That's when I go to unloving that's where I'm doing right here. If I'm changing it here, why can't I do it? If I change it? What happens? Yes.

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It is not the word of God. Absolutely. I have changed it is no longer the Quran.

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Right? Is why can't you change the Quran? The reason why you can't change my books, copyright version

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other than the other didn't authorize that. Right? Simple as that. It is no longer the Quran, may Allah bless you. But

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there's a very good reason. It is no longer the book of Allah. The book of Allah is what Allah subhanaw taala give us that is the actual speech of Allah. If somebody says why can't we change the Quran because I always say copyright violation can't do it was

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right. You're not the author of the Calgary change and you're not the author

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cannot be changed, he does not need to change because the one who gave us this book is not bound by the by the boundaries have time and space, he is the creator of time and space.

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For for us there is a past and for us there is a present for us in the future for Allah subhanaw taala Present Past and Future is the same.

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So the Corrado habila is good for all people, till the end of time

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does not need to change. What needs to be done is for us to live by the Quran, then you will have a very, very beautiful world in which to live. For those who believe in it, as well as for those who do not believe in this. Understand this very clearly.

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Allah subhanaw taala does not compel somebody to believe in Islam know?

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How will life in this world be for someone who does not really mean Islam very nice.

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After they die when they go before Allah subhanaw taala that is between them and God Whoa, I never believed in you. All right. So now this is

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a very good question. Why should I switch from any religion to Islam? Because what will I gain in this life itself? What you will gain is if you really believe in the truth in Allah subhanaw taala you will get a huge amount of peace of mind

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that all your stress will go away fears will go away, you will have complete tranquility and so on. So, you might say well, you know, I can still get that through Buddhism, I can still get that by by by meditation, I am not.

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I will be the last person in the world to claim that only Muslims are tranquil No, there are I have friends who are who are not Muslim who are very, very tranquil people.

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Right and I am Muslims are not wrangled.

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We're all full of all kinds of stuff.

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The point is, it's not only about this life, this life is a piece in our entire existence. We began in the realm of Allah when Allah Allah knowledge, we came into the other one on why there's a whole book of mine and a series of lectures. I'm not going into that now. You can listen to that.

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And then we came into this world, we'd be this world for a short time. Then we go from here to Barack and from Bertha on the day of judgment and then into July inshallah. So this

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See the small piece. So Islam is not about the small pieces I'm about the whole journey.

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So what happens after I die?

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If I die without Islam if I die without believing in Allah if I die without worshipping Allah subhanaw taala then obviously on the Day of Judgment when I go before Allah, I have nothing Greek from Allah

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there's nothing there for me that is what you will get if you switch and coming to Islam, there will be

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things for you to gain before Allah subhanaw taala which today we cannot this is again the library I cannot explain that to you because I have not seen it you have not seen it, but it is there you know it is there this is our belief that on the Day of Judgment inshallah Allah will forgive us and then we will go into Jannah otherwise we're into darkness

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similar is very simple. Why was if I'm a good person yeah sure you're a good person. You will get the reward of being a good person in this world.

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But reward from Allah is like I wash your car and I go to him for the for the payment

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Why will you pay me or you watched his go to you, you watch this guy why?

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So that is why you must get it's not only about Islam, it's about the life everlasting life.

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A Buddha has asked for Allah hurry, welcome Melissa al Buscemi festival in our full range.

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