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AI: Summary © The Kaaba in certain narrations is used as a black sign and language, and the use of small ears and eyes as signs of blackness is discussed. The events leading up to the Day of Judgment at the Saudi Arabia's Day of Justice caused chaos and confusion among Muslims, leading to a war of pride among Muslims. The Kaaba was destroyed and rebuilt, but the destruction caused by the coronavirus and the removal of spies and war codes was unclear. The history of the destruction and the implementation of guidelines by President Trump is also discussed.
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salaam alaikum, October Barakatuh Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and humbly Nairobi alameen. Wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. I mean, he was so happy

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about and we're continuing with the signs before the day of judgment, we're still on the minor signs. And we're doing the minor signs that are yet to come. You we we stopped doing the ones that were happening as we like all around us or as we speak, and now we're doing the ones that are coming in the future. Now, the first one here, is not related to the second one. So let's hear the first one. This is narrated by Ben and unhackme Rahim Allah. I will say that 100 of the allamani says the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam said, the hour will not be established and we will explain what that means it means the day of judgment will not come until this happens before it until Hajj is no

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longer performed, the error will not be established until Hajj is no longer performed, what can cause that. So obviously, when you see something like this, where the signs that mentioned the Koran disappearing, or hij no longer being like performed, this will immediately tell you that this is towards the very end of time, this is towards the very end of time. So what could cause people to not perform hajj and I know someone immediately probably thinks a virus outbreak viral outbreak will will cause that, that will not cause Hajj to not be performed. That will cause Hajj to be canceled or postponed for a year or two or more. But he's not being performed any more by anybody. So that's

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why this is towards the end of time. The same, you know, could do a lot of lm around the times when people don't say that either.

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learning more and don't well don't know what it means nobody prays, there's no Koran, and you know, idols are worshipped again in the Arabian Peninsula. So that's when we're talking. This is towards the very end of time. All right, or towards the end of tundla and not be too specific here. Now, this sign has nothing to do with this next one.

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This is in Sahih Bukhari and Muslim and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is narrated by Golan who he said the Kaaba will be destroyed by the soil attained from Abyssinia. You hurry will Kavita do suede attain Amina habashi you herbal Kava, so he will destroy the Kaaba, the soil contain, you know suck is like your your leg or especially the the lower part from your knee to your

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knees, the leg basically this is your sock supine to have them now sideways contain is a severe is a diminutive form which shows that physically, he is weak. So his skinny legs, small legs, right skinny, so he's not physically a strong person. And he destroys the Kaaba. The proscenium said, can he be he? It's as if I can see him your color Oh, ha ha Joran Hydra, he takes it apart, brick by brick stone by stone, he's taking the Kaaba apart brick by brick. That's not why there's no Hutch right there. So that's what I want to make sure that we're clear. Because if there is no hedge because there's no Kaaba, then there would nothing we would not be anything strong or like, like a

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sign or miraculous about that. Yeah, there's no sign here. There's no carbon. So there's no Hutch. You know, if there's no Masjid, so nobody prays. But if there's a Masjid, and it's lit and the doors are open, and nobody prays, then that indicates Something is happening or has happened to people. So the cabinet is standing at this point. And there's no Hutch. Now this is a different, you know, time period here where the soil pertain or comes, this man from Abyssinia, comes in, he destroys the Kaaba now

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takes it apart brick by brick in other narration, some of them in mentioned by Ahmed and others. The President described him as a slot which means he's bald

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Yani small ears as smart as a smart saloon. He's got small ears, he's bald in the head as what his black and sometimes when people hear that, oh, he's black. Oh, he's not racist mentioning someone by by the well back then. Everything is racist now. But back then it was just normal. Someone who's black who said he's black and he was red, meaning like, had a reddish complexion, which is part of the explanation of what Isa meant, you know that he was rosy cheeks and red, reddish complexion. Anyways, it wasn't a big deal. And the other most important thing is that he is from Abyssinia. What did you want him to look like he has to be black. There's nothing wrong with describing someone as

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being black. It's very normal. But today everything is very sensitive. Right.

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So So the problem then in other narrations describes and being said bold small ears black and then of hedge and forge. Tomorrow my Bane alpha hidden, so his bow legged so I've had his bow legged, and others describe him like, you know, week in has something so he's lame, you know, he's got a limp. So what we're seeing is we're seeing and why the description we're seeing someone very weak physically, and he physically takes the Kaaba apart brick by brick. How is that possible? Well, one thing you clearly have made out already. This is obviously after the time period when there is no hedge. Right? Then the second thing is, because nobody knows what the Kaaba is, nobody cares what it

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is. He destroys it, nobody stops him because nobody knows what it's for. And it's not hard to believe it's hard to imagine. And look at how people love the Kaaba today and love the harem and love the black stone and just want to touch the carbon as you get closer to it, you know, the roughness and pushing and how people are crazy about that place, most beloved place on Earth, to the majority of Muslims on the planet. And there's going to be a day will nobody even knows what this building is. And someone will destroy it brick by brick, and not even as an art piece. Someone who's gonna want to preserve it. It's just very sad, isn't it? very heartbreaking. Anyways,

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by the way,

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someone when Obama was president, someone said, Obama was the soy contain and he forgot say can we do better with the sons of the hour every time something happened? Oh, this was one of those sons

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and he

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It has nothing to do with Obama whatsoever. We just like stuff. You know, when kids have that toy where they put the square block and the square opening and the triangle and the triangle opening are Omaha's and learned that yet we're still trying to cram a square into into a circle. Sign. That's how we deal with the signs for the Day of Judgment. They said the soils contain Obama's the soil. First of all, he's not from Alibaba. Secondary sources then has small ears.

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Anyways, so Okay, now, why does Allah subhanaw taala allow the destruction of the Kaaba? Here's something interesting. We know of a time when someone tried to destroy the Kaaba. This was in the year of the elephant. So first of all this man abre he was the governor of Yemen. And he built a structure he called it alkalis in sauna in Yemen, and he wanted to divert because you know what the Kava did for the kurush. It brought pilgrims from all over it brought trade and money and merchandise from all over, you know, so he wants to divert Hajj from El Capitan Mecca, to El polish that he built in Santa. So he built this building and he called all the Arabs to make pilgrimage

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there instead of Mecca. Now, of course, you don't insulting right? This is the house built by Ibrahim Allison or at least restructured or rebuilt by Abraham, Arizona. And now you build this thing and you're calling for Hajj or pilgrimage to sign up. So a man from college who happened to be there in the sun at that time. He became angry, who was really upset. So he went into it, probably at night. And he urinated and defecated all over it. He loves him. Surprise packages landmines, every.

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often in the morning, they came, they found these surprise packages everywhere. So he became so angry. So he said he's gonna destroy the Kaaba. Now, if he destroys the Kaaba in Mecca. People naturally now we are going to turn towards his building. But as long as the Kaaba is there, no one's going to look at his bill. Nobody cares about it. So he gets an army of elephants. I mean, that's like the utmost of power here brings an army of elephants. And he comes with this huge army crossing through the deserts to destroy the Kaaba.

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At the time, the leader of the Quraysh was Abdulmutallab the grandfather of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now, on the way abraha finds like some goats and some camels and some livestock belonging to people under his army, just they take it by force. So they go and complain to Abdulmutallab. So now Agra he camps right in when he gets to what is known as worthy Maha sir, which is between Mina and Mustafa, and that's where the army was destroyed. So anyways, he's camped there. And I've done muttalib comes to him. Now when Abdul muttalib entered, so abre knows that the leader of the hurricane is coming to talk to him. When Abdulmutallab entered, he had this haber he had this

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commanding presence and he was handsome and looked Jani you know, respectful, respectable. So whenever I saw him, he, he respected him, he got up to him and he really honored him, even though he's coming to destroy the Kaaba. So then he says, What can I do for you? And he thought, now he's expecting now is this powerful man coming with this powerful army against a group that's not prepared to handle them? That he's gonna be that he's gonna plead with him and ask him and beg him and sell them with ellipses? Yeah, I you know, your army took the some camels and some goats and on the way here, so I'm just here to ask you to please return those things. So I've got a house like

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when I saw you, like I respected you heard this was an intelligent and a wise person. I'm coming here to destroy the Kaaba. And you have an audience with me all you asked me for our goats. You hit us with goats and some camels. What about the Kava that you you talk about something more important? Oh, man. I totally give him an answer. Like the most powerful Angelica possibly give him like just, I'm not concerned. I'm like really chill, as they say. Very cool about this issue. He tells him he says I'm the owner of the camels now that that's what I'm here for. As for the house, he says lil Beatty, Robin. Me. The house has an owner the protected I'm not worried about that. Just give me the

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goats. And I'm not ever worried about protecting the house. I love protect this house. I'm just here for the goats who

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Talk about some confidence right? really powerful anyways, so when they get to why the Maha service valley of Maha sir, Allah subhanaw taala sends them the ever been birds as we all know from certain field, which will handle him and I'm told I gave her a lot of buka highbeam fi lm eedge al Qaeda home fito bleep la him pyron abiel thermae him behind Yattaman CG was pelting them with these stones for Jalan costumer could look completely dead and destroyed. All right, what's the point of going into that story? Here is an example of when

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someone came to destroy the Kaaba and Allah subhanaw taala defended the Kaaba, but the soy contain. So this is an army of elephants a powerful army and Allah destroyed them. And then this weak man who is disfigured other hospitals that describe him as lame and crippled and hunched over and what have you, he destroys it brick by brick, widen Allah subhanaw taala destroy this map? And the answer is simple.

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Because of a number of things, number one, if Abraham had succeeded in destroying the Kaaba, he would have threatened the very existence of the Kaaba, because he would have switched and diverted hudge moved it to Santa to the local he was building, and nobody would have remembered Mecca, and it would have lost its important displace its importance. But Allah subhanaw taala, his plan is that his final messenger sallallahu Sallam in his final religion will be sent to this area. So Allah subhanaw taala, then has to preserve this place.

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But when the sois pertain, destroys it towards the end of time, no one has any need of it. So why should I defend it? For what so it can just stand there for nobody? So you see the difference? First, the destruction. So we've got two points. Now the destruction of Abraham would have threatened its very existence, it would have never been rebuilt,

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not as not the second one. The second explanation is that or the second reason is that when Allah subhanaw taala, that place was still important, and there was something important going to happen there. So it has to be preserved. But later on, why preserve the Kaaba, nobody worships there. Nobody knows what it's for. So why preserve it? So I can just stand that. All right. Now, there's some other also

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interesting points and that is, the Kaaba has been destroyed before the Kaaba has been destroyed before. During the there was an again, I'm going to be extremely brief here. But during the time of our beloved Isabel Avila on Huma Abedin, Isabel became the halifa. And sometimes people forget to mention that he was one of the Holika. And then he started, he had the majority of territory, then he started to lose it bit by bit,

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until they lay siege to them in Mecca. And they needed an army now. So Isabella was inside his army was in Mecca, and in the harem, and they need an army now to attack McCann, everyone's afraid to attack MC. So an unknown soldier steps out of the ranks, nobody knew him. Nobody knew his name. He was not famous. He was not known for anything this man just steps out. And volunteers is only the army, I'll lead the charge to fight the army was a bit inside muck. Because like they were besieged completely.

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And even though nobody knew this man's name, now everybody knows his name. That man, believe it or not, was a judge in the news of Arthur Coffey. A judge that's how he surfaced. He just stepped out of the crowd and volunteered to lead an army to fight the army of Ebenezer bear, Babylon Houma in inside the cab or the huddle. And, and it's funny like Elijah used to be a Quran teacher, you know that he was just a nobody, not a nobody in that sense. But like he was a Quran teacher, and then suddenly becomes a big news of a theocracy.

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The point is that they started with catapults, throwing rocks, all right, throwing rocks, and, and sometimes, you know, fire and stuff like that. And so they the catapult, there was one inside the army of Ebenezer bear with throw at the other army, and then they would throw inside, and then they threw a rock came and it hit the camera, and it destroyed it.

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Then khandala

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a lightning bolt came and struck that catapult that mechanism at device, it got struck by lightning. And so everybody said, that's it. That's a sign. This is the exact device that destroyed the Kaaba, and now lightning bolt destroyed it. And so they stopped fighting. And, and Hajaj wants to keep going. They're like, you

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See what happened you We destroyed the last house and then a lightning bolt. And the lightning strikes are our machine or catapult. So then, as they were discussing it and maybe even thinking of withdrawing, but there are law that a lightning bolt comes out of the sky and hits in the Army Ordnance Survey. So now, at adjusters it was just a coincidence. So we thought it was like a sign when ours got hit, but now there's got hit, they weren't destroying the cover. So it's just a coincidence so they resume fighting. Anyways, what I wanted to cite was another time when the Cabo was destroyed, and there were other times, there were other times this was a about 1100 years ago in

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the year 317. After the huge drop in the eighth of the hedges, that means we're right in the middle of Hajj here on the in the season of Hajj. During this time they are Basset dynasty, they were busy with problems all around the Empire. And this happened right under their noses. This is a group known as Alka ramita. And

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this is under the leadership of a man by the name of Abu Paul here, Alcor, McCree and this man. He led his army and they come into the huddle and they killed 20,000 of the Hajaj 20,000 This is 1100 years ago, they killed 20,000 of the Hajaj murdered them and they threw the majority of them into the well of Zamzam scattered the bodies everywhere. Then the tour often tore down the curtain of the Kaaba, they removed the door of the Kaaba. He had his horse urinating all around it and urinating into zum zum. They removed the Blackstone and took it away from the Kaaba, and it remained last and hidden for 22 years before the Muslims finally got it back from Toronto. After 22 years when they

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got it back. It was just fragments and little pieces. That's why if you google image, the Blackstone and you get a close up, you'll see

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you'll see like there's a mold a black mold and then inside it you see eight or nine pieces inside some of them like the size of a date, that's from the actual black stone and the rest is this mold. Because when they distort it, we just got nine pieces. And so they created this kind of mold to put it in and that's the black swan. And this as a side note, if you kiss any of that it counts as kissing the Blackstone. And it's the peak of ignorance to assume that you have to just kiss that part. If you find that part. Then we can talk anyways.

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So for 20 years it was gone. The Killing 20,000 pilgrims throwing them into zum zum tying down the curtains removing the doors the Kaaba has horses urinating everywhere and to add insult to injury while that's happening. This guy I thought her Isola hora he's saying in a title ever be in a fight will ever be where the above bill birds? Were they ever been birds? Hmm. Where are they?

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And they were even mocking the pilgrims in because Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, woman, the hula hoop can Amina and whoever enters it, he will be safe. But they don't. They don't understand what the verse is saying. So they're saying, Where is the newer killing you guys and you're not being safe, as a man said to those who were saying that someone of understanding, he said the or B and he said you and he basically not very dumb, you know he's still in your dumb that when Allah subhanaw taala says, When whoever enters that the home or the house of Allah, you will be safe. It's a command for you to keep them safe. Not saying magically, nothing will happen. They will never fall

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or slip or get hurt or get sick. He's saying keep them safe, make them safe. That's what he's saying. Anyways, they also then tried to steal or remove the means up. If you look at images of the Kaaba, you will find something looking like a rain gutter almost just sticking out like this golden coming out like this. That's from where the rainwater collects from the roof and comes down. This is known as the knees up. And they tried to steal the knees up but they couldn't because the tribe of whose aid they were fantastic. See there, the reserve is at the top. So people tried to get up to remove it. And with the arrows that just kept shooting them and showering them with arrows from a

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distance that people have was at the top of Jose. So why couldn't they protect the black stone because the black stone is down low and they're pilgrims and people and the crowds. They can just shoot randomly at people. But that up top they couldn't steal the Musab because of that. Now, another thing that happened, they also tried to take them or they would have taken them accom but

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cendana who are winning from Benny shaybah. Seven are the people who, since the time of the Prophet Solomon since before that, actually, the until today's upon law, they're the ones who hold the keys and they take care of the Kaaba. They've got the keys to the Kaaba. So they actually removed nakum Ibrahim, and they hit it in their neighborhood in their, in their areas, so they weren't able to take them accom because of that, anyways, but So, here's the Why did Allah subhanaw taala stop the Army or this guy overpower her a horrible boy here. Why? Because you already know the answer. We said number one, this was after the the the great place that Mecca had, and the cowboy hat in the

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hearts of people. So

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nothing was gonna change it. You know, if you damage a part, people still revere and love the building. Whereas it said in the first one, it would have moved and shifted that love to so not to increase another building, and it would have completely lost its value the cabin Mecca. But here people already love this place. And whether you damage it or not, is not going to affect that in their hearts. And it's important. That's one. Number two, you damage it, but it was rebuilt. today. Some of you this is the first time to hear about Butoh hironaka ramita. So he came and left and is being cursed by millions of Muslims for what he did. And the carpet standing there. And many people

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don't even know that it was destroyed one day, meaning that destruction didn't affect it, it still came back. And it didn't affect anything people still love that place didn't even know what happened. Many times it was destroyed. And it had no effect whatsoever. So it's still standing there. And it didn't threaten its very existence. Right? So it recovered from it. So that's why Allah subhanaw taala didn't protect it and the other times and then towards the end of time doesn't protect it because abraha at that point or destroy, contain. Nobody even cares at that point about the Kaaba.

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But that basically that was just a little bit and there were other times the Cabo was rebuilt and there was in you know, reconstruction things like that. But this was a the explanation of what happens now what's interesting about the source pertain here.

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Instead of widowhood, Nabi Salam Sallam said, leave the abyssinians alone, so long as they leave you alone and leave the Turk trochu Taka Matata cuckoo leave the Turk alone so long as they leave you alone, the Turks here, the Turkic people, not Turkish people, but Turkic people, which includes Mongolians and Uzbeks and a lot of people from those regions, right. So and what's

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what's beautiful is that this these are guidelines for us and we said with the signs of the day of judgement, the reason one of the reasons and wisdoms behind why the possum told us about them is so that we behave accordingly when the time comes. So leave the torque as long as they leave you alone leaves abyssinians alone so long as they leave you alone. You know when the Mongol invasion happened? There was Mohammed bin Hauer ism Shia is one of the leaders of what is known as the Howard ism Empire is an empire Muslim Empire right next to that bastard Empire and

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and Ganga Khan wants a way to completely surround the are almost completely surrounded by buses.

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So he but he has a pact with the tourism Empire. And then he had there's a story of to either merchants that perhaps were thought to be spies or maybe there were spies just dressed as much as but there were two merchants Mongolians who were there in the tourism Empire and their leader Muhammadu Buhari some shot he had them killed. Okay, so basically nothing and he had them yeah, killed, arrested, what have you. So getting his hand sent him a messenger saying, why would you kill the merchants? You know, it's a good thing. They bring gifts for kings and bring products and merchant merchandise from different parts of the world. So he's telling him trade is a good thing.

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Why would you kill them? What does this guy do? Mohammed horizen shows an old man who was not very good in decision making this color set. He killed the messenger. What does it mean to kill the messenger sin declaration of war. So you want to pick a fight with the Mongols at this point. And of course, he didn't know what and didn't follow that advice of the prophet SAW Selim otaku kamatera cuckoo leave them alone so long as they leave you alone, that person is alone so long as they leave you alone. These are the guidelines is what we follow. Anyways. So that is the basically the destruction of the Kaaba

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And some other times historically where the cowboy was destroyed. And we'll do one more since we'll have time.

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This is an article by Al Hakim Milan, who narrated that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said,

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and we just want really the end of this Hadith, that the book of Allah will be lifted in a single night, so that not even a verse remains upon the earth. So will the books physically be taken that have Ayat of Quran in it? Or will the books remain physically but when you open the pages, the pages are blank, the letters disappeared, will last a lot and we don't know exactly. A luxury knows best. We don't know. But all we what really doesn't matter if the pages became blank or the books would disappear off the shelves. What really matters is the Quran is not on Earth. That's what matters. So in a single night, the President said the book of Allah will be lifted in a single night so that not

00:30:55--> 00:31:00

even a verse remains upon the earth. And some people say that what about my Koran app?

00:31:03--> 00:31:17

I'm not gonna answer that. So, there will only remain certain groups of people such as the elderly who will say we heard our forefathers saying Illa Illa Allah, so we also say it.

00:31:20--> 00:31:56

So a Shiho chef a minion as a chef and kibble I use the the old and they will say a Kowloon adric Anna, Anna, Anna had the hill Karima. We are our forefathers we saw them saying this word that Allah for Nakula. So we say the same thing. So then this Hadith, this was who they familia Mondo Delano. He was mentioning this hadith towards the end of his life and the meaning when he was surrounded by the type of rain more so than the companions of the process. So one of the type and one of the people who was there his name was Scylla.

00:31:57--> 00:32:27

So Scylla says, How will Allah Allah Allah, He says Martigny on whom Allah Allah, Allah wa home lay aduna masala wa cm, what? Sook Walla sadhaka he said, How lella benefit them when they don't know what prayer is, nor fasting, nor the rights of hedge nor silica giving in charity for who they are. So they either physically turned away from him or just ignored him tomorrow.

00:32:29--> 00:32:36

So he repeated it again. How will it benefit them? They don't know what Salah is or cm, or the rites of Hajj or sadhaka.

00:32:38--> 00:32:43

And then they autobahn who again he turned away from him, but they're low on the companion turned away from him.

00:32:45--> 00:33:27

And then he asked again, so then they occupied the IRA through McQuarrie and he turned to him for 33rd after the third one, for cada Sila tinggi him min and now you're Silla tungee him Mina, now your Scylla to enjoy him manana. It will save them from the hellfire. And he said it three times. Why did he say three times? Because he asked three times. And the scholar said, at that point, there is nothing left from Islam besides that it Allah so it will save you from the hell for at that point. But you can't today with all the knowledge and all the things say that it alone will be enough to save you from the hellfire. That's the difference between the two. Maybe we'll expand on

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it a little bit more next time. Anyways, I'm located for listening for attentive listening, some of the homoerotic on a lot. I mean, he was a big marine was Salam aleikum wa