Ebrahim Bham – The Importance of Intention – Sincerity

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The Hadith is a famous book written by Sir Malka serving people by providing a quote on a hadith. The importance of rewarding individuals for their good deeds is discussed, including the four types of armor and the importance of good action. The importance of human deeds and rewarding individuals for their good deeds is also emphasized. The Hadith emphasizes the need for individuals to make clear commitments to their values and avoid corrupt deeds.
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And hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah Yuhua Salatu was Salam ala Mulana the Avada Olam, ala Nabi Avada. What? Almighty Allah

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when ashlea Tabata Shariati Mavado follow me on Iwo Jima Bismillahi. Rahmani Raheem Omar Muto. Ilaria, Lahoma, fleecy de codeine syrup Allah Allah Zeum

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My dear respected elders and brothers

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran says Rama O'Meara Alia Allah meclizine Allah would tell

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you we have been commanded

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to OLIO deed do deeds solely for the sake of Allah Tada

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in a hadith which is a very famous Hadith Nebia Karim Salah wa alayhi wa sallam, it says in Ambala Mr. Lubin, the

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the deeds of the people would be judged according to the intention which is done for those deeds.

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According to the intention that you do, Allah Tala will reward and allow all Recompense to this hadith is a very famous hadith of our beloved reoccurring sauce and it is perhaps one of the Hadith which is Giovanni column, a most comprehensive Hadith the words are very short, but the meaning is very great and very significant. Allah I have written that 1/3 of Dean is in this particular Hadith. Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Allah had said, that does 7170 lessons attached to this hadith in the Arabic language 70 means many lessons attached to this hadith. And that is a reason why many great scholars and Hadith scholars, they started off the compilation of Hadith by this hadith because of its

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importance, the BA Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cabourg mishor Hadith are Malka Ramadan Nia for him. Or her Shaco ski near codger milega.

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Hola Maka, Kiana Tia Hadith Dean Katie high hand for a snack como Bala Ronnie was near key patient as an imam Bukhari Sahara mascara, or bohart said Mohammed dissin apne a hadith is a FIRA Ko is he had a session okay. Now in this particular Hadith we learned many lessons.

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One of the lessons that we learned is the importance of near

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near to your heart rate. Now the sad part is you and I we don't make an effort to make near for our deeds.

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Hum apne Amal Kalia me Hamnett naked,

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but it is such an important part with regard to it. My will start as it mama Idris candle candy mana Idris milky Rahmatullah Lee has written a commentary on rialzo solid him in order. So in there he wrote one very amazing thing Nick deity, it Muscato a Beretta net Niyati could in good nick and good intention is one separate good deed it's a good deed by itself. Now to give you an example with regard to how a good deed is, is, you know a good deed in itself. Maybe a cream sauce lamb was going to tap Okay, now you own you will all remember that a book is a battle in which there has been a great amount of effort that was done. It was in the peak of some Muslims at the time, the Sahaba

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didn't have great amount of wealth. It was a peak of the harvesting season, and that time the miracle himself himself leave everything and going, go ahead in jihad. Now maybe a cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the in the journey says Masterlock Nashoba Wela word.

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You will not cross a mountain. You will not cross a valley but there are people in Medina Allahumma they are worth you in reward hubba Sahul order they can't come because of a valid excuse. They have a valid reason for not coming out in jihad. But because they need was to come. Every valley up

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Every mountain lacrosse every good thing you do they will get the reward for it why they will get the reward only because they made me

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they made me because of that near they got the reward now how many times we have an opportunity to make nit but we don't make neared we don't get reward or llama for example have made mentioned if you make Wazoo right and you don't make knit with regard to whom it has made visible I get to wash your hands what you are supposed to make washing was and you don't make near that Wazoo will be sufficient for you to perform salah but you won't get server for it

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was Luca Saba to see what Malaga up muscaria. Nia correct. Now if you make near the reward of a zoo is very great. Now we are Kareem saw some said when you wash your hands, it was all your minus sense falls away. Maybe a cream sauce Lama said in a hadith on the day of Kiama. One day Sahaba asked me via curry sauce Lumia Rasulullah they will be so many Matisse of yours on the day of keramat they will be so many great humanity on the day of Tiamat how are we going to how are you going to recognize us? So they'll be a cream sauce who said an amazing thing. He said if there is a value of dark horses, and in the middle of those dark horses, there is one white horse will you be able to

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pick up that one white horse Sahaba said yes. Let me suppose he said I will make out my MA from the north that will emanate from those lumps of the body which they used to wash it

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was no

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longer Subhanallah what an amazing thing, but we only get rewarded for making it and what am I have said that there are four types of armor, right? And in this particular

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Hammad article piano muskie MTC comm Condesa Peloquin ethnical 10 TC ham Rouhani Feitosa Mahabharata and in this particular way, what am I said there are four types of Arma four types of Nitin, one is a good intention was a good a good action with a good intention.

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Second is a good action with a bad intention, evil intention. Third is a bad

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evil action was an evil intention, evil action was the evil intention. And fourth is an evil deed with a good intention.

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And what am I said only one is worthy of reward. The first one good action with a good intention. Good action with evil intention, bad action with bad intention, bad action evil, even with a good intention is wrong. The path of * is paved with good intentions. It's a very famous statement in the path of * is paved with good intention. Just having a good intention doesn't make you a good your deed good. Must be according to the Sharia. One person one day saw a bird. The bird had a long beak. So he said this bird, how is he going to eat? So he cut off the beach? When he cut off the beach, that particular bird dependent upon the beach to go into small corners to be able to get his

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food? It's never been the guiding few days. That person's intention was good, but what did he do it killed a bird. So a person's intention doesn't make a birdie in a good tip. So these are four types of Amal, which Allah has said. So Nia is very important. So the first thing we learned is the importance of yet now after understanding the need is important, what should our need be? Our need, should only be to do deeds for the sake of Allah. Abu Salah man Rama Talalay, one of our great scholars had said bless it is the person who takes a step or takes any deed only for the sake of Allah

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bless it is a person you see we like rewards a mechanic Adriana I generally am set to enter what

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we all want. We all like freebies. For the sake of a freebie we will do whatever someone tells you this by five runs something free and you will drive 20 kilometers and you will spend 20 Rent petrol to get something free for five read. I'm going to say. So a person went to come by 12 B's and the 13th one he got to the table the person would know why you gave me the second one. He said free b It's a freebie for you. So we all like freebies. Allah Tala tells us Yes, seek reward,

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a gentle hustle Chrome, they can kiss say in San Jose and Natella says seek your reward. But don't seek your reward from human being. What can you learn

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We'll give you the word human Pete is so ungrateful what can he reward you? Even after doing good to him he will not be able to reward you ask Allah Allah for reward. Therefore Allah Tala in the 19 super of the Holy Quran, you will find five or six rules and economics mentioned with regard to all of the I think is in that

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it is in the in the Quran where Allah Allah makes mentioned in many rules with regard to the Gambia, he was salat wa salam when they spoke to the tribe. They told him one thing Yeah, Camila salah, Kamali?

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Oh our tribe from you. We don't want any reward in Algeria in Allah. Our reward is only for the sake of Allah. And this is an Mormon near

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article ama ni Mormon near Koto. scaricare apne purism the decoy battered metal supply. Now if you have me at you can change your entire life into a body that just for example, you eating one we all eat. So we all going to eat that shower maybe or whatever After After After Juma. They said our shower is also Sunako the Gujaratis so now all of that we have but one is to say I'm going to eat because Allah has given me strength to be able to worship Allah

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one is you go to work come Sujata we won't go but one is you go because Allah Tala told me

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you make your whole your whole life into a burden only with properly yet and the knee it must be only for the sake of Almighty Allah Tala evening Autopia Malala is returning Easter Seal. They will Allah Tala reveal the verse Rama O'Meara inlandia Guru Lama Sinhala who Deen which I read is cited in the football Bahar calm self Allah Tala Killa Chrome or PC killer nacarat JOBY app connect comm Allah Tala Killa chrome he said Windows eight was revealed the heavens and earth stood still.

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They said What are yet and what command Allah has given human beings?

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Sonata Turgay Sonata target furazolidone Hussmann PR JPII two three,

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the whole heavens and heavens this this could still such is the impact with regard to this. Do everything only for the sake of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Abdul Rahman Mazovia Rahmatullah says you are fighting the Romans. We were fighting the Romans in jihad. I saw a person who showed such great bravery. And he covered his his face with a scarf. No, no one could see his face. But wherever he went, he showed bravery, and he fought with such bravery. And he came back in his in his tent, or in a place where no one could see him. And he removed his craft. I went to see him. I saw it was the famous scholar Abdullah evening. Mobarak, Rama Fulani, Abdullah is one of our great Alama

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in our history. He was in jihad. So he saw me he saw me seeing him taking out his cuff. He said, Please don't tell people. Are you going to defame me by telling people with regard to my bravery, don't tell people about my bravery. Such Eclass such sincerity for the sake of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Shai smile Shaheed Rama Pillai. One day was giving up iron in German magic, when he gave that particular job by earning jammy machete with 1000s of people 1000s of people and after giving birth to 1000s of people, when he walked out to the masjid one person came running, keep running. So he came to shove he said, you finish your bye and he said, Yes, I finished my talk. He

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said I travel for so far to listen to your talk. I got late. So it's my shadrack McNally went into the masjid and said come the same amount of time he addressed 1000s of people he addressed this one person.

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His disciples, the people who are making the statement said, Shall sup Why are you just for one person you gave the birth? So what an amazing reply he said. He said the first time when I was speaking 2000 It was also for one

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to Parliament. Bianca will be Hazara Kalia Anita were to be Allah Tala Kanika to eat this art Michela. Manchaca round two.

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Brothers. This is such an important part to Berlin meclizine Hula Masabi

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clear tidings to the people who do things for the sake of sincerity. There are the lectins of guidance. Without sincerity, you're not going to get a diet you're not going to be able to pass on a diet

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and you do and if you do things with sincerity even little bit is enough. They'll be occurring so simple as it was when he was going to Yemen, Yamaha athletes, Deena

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Deena Omar's, do things with sincerity, a cluster circle. Then even if you do

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Let them it will be enough for you.

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At Chaya Torah, Torah calm Krav, Maga salsa, the copula, Taffy Maga doula trouble. So the second thing my dear respective mothers, two things solely for the sake of Almighty Allah. And the third thing, which is very important also is more mode see that you don't corrupt your intention of your good deeds

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because if you corrupt your intention, then there is a very great fear that nevermind getting good deeds, Allah will punish you.

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If you don't if you do your good deeds for the sake of anyone else besides Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Tala will punish it is very interesting incident chef Sadie rampolla is made mentioned. She excited. He says one day a person who was not he he had a he was showing piety. He didn't have real piety. So the the king invited him, the king invited him for doubt. So when the king invited him for the hour, you know, any great distraction, big distraction, and different types of food. He ate very little.

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Now he didn't eat little because he wasn't hungry, but he ate little to prove to the king I'm very pious.

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And then when the time came for namaz he normally more than the normal salad period very long Sarah now he took his one small son with

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small small children a very innocent so when he came back home he told his wife make quick Give me food I'm very hungry

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give make food and I'm very hungry. Right because there he didn't eat to pray to show the thing. Right and yeah because now he was hungry. So he came and he ate the phone. So the small son is looking at him in a small santolina said you are now eating right you although you are hungry there you don't need to. To impress the king. Why don't you repeat the salaat that you read so long there to impress the key will be to para para you eating again. Why don't you read it Surat again? I said Mohammed Perrin Puri Rahmatullah used to say that if you someone you say for example, a builder builds a house for Musa and after building the bow Moussa Musa, he goes to Isa, so he said give me

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money. He said was he was they give you money? He said, Well the House say will you rebuild the house for example the house the house for Musa so when asked Musa for money? Why are you asking me for money? So along the day of Tiamat will be entitled to tell people and it comes in a hadith that Allah will say you did it for so in so you did it for name and fame. Why was it the reward, no reward for you? Because you did it for someone else. And therefore, you saw some said man Salah Euro if

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he read Salah to show people he has committed a sense of Schilke in one edition in you know,

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in one Hadith Maria Karim Salah while he was in

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Libya, Kareem Silva said should I not tell you something which I feel for you more than the channel?

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That Chelsea birther Neff Krakow up Noma Kilian, I feel this more than the turn. You have a Sula, what is it? That people will do things for the sake of name and fame, they will do things for the sake of Allah. Brothers today we do many things. We do our Ibaadat we do community work. We do different types of things. It is so important that we start checking our intention. Because one what is you know one once you no big thing that we have? Everyone says that man is doing it for the sake of name and fame. He's doing it for name and fame. Up negara, Gabon. machaca. depot, go and sit in yourself. Go and monitor your Amala ruthlessly every deal that you do, every charity that you give

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everybody to do. See, Oh, who am I doing it for? For Allah He if we don't do it for Allah, may Allah Allah forbid, there will be no benefit for us on the Day of karma. And we will be the greatest losers. As Allah says in the Quran. Quran Luna Bo can be enough Serena Amala Have you seen the people who are the greatest losers who do a lot of effort, but the effort is in vain. And part of that is the people who do good deeds, and they do other many good things, but they didn't do it for the sake of Allah. May Allah give us a topic. May Allah Allah really give us a topic that we monitor this very ruthlessly? And we make from here a very clear cut intention that yeah, whatever it is, we

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are going to try to do everything only for the sake of Almighty Allah. May Allah reward us

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