Mirza Yawar Baig – Freedom and Responsibility pt 2

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of physical and mental excitement in various aspects of life, including work, personal life, and business. They stress the need for physical and mental excitement, rather than just a matter of timing or success. The speakers also touch on the importance of knowing one's faith and belief in reality to avoid disappointment, and the importance of a loyalty building tool for loyalty. Additionally, they mention a book on mobile telephony and encourage viewers to write down ideas for a book.
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Is it just what?

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Forget three days or three hours we got we've got problems.

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So they offer the student resilient. If you want to be hungry for three days, we'll support that and you We won't let you die or something. But if you want to try that, try that. Just be hungry for three days. Don't eat anything for three days. Believe me, nothing will happen.

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Even the hunger will go after the first day you won't even feel hungry. We'll start with shrink. And that's it. You drink water, you're fine.

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And you got some Samsung, that You better

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leave first when he came to MCI is a cave dhamaka. He said I wanted to meet. His brother first came to Makkah. And he wanted to meet, he saw who he was and so on. So went back and reported to our referee. The law no and so far is that I went to meet him so he when he came to Makkah, he came from a struggle with up now he did not know my face. So he said I didn't know Mohammed Salah Salah was I was afraid to ask people because if I asked them, I don't know what will happen and so on. So he said I just stayed in Harlem. I stared around the car. I was a stranger, I had no money. So he said for a month, one month. He said I have no food. And I drank only Samsung.

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And guess what he said I put on weight.

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He said I gained weight until my belly. You know he said it sort of got folded over my exactly my waist. I tell you when he said put on weight. It was his only bringing some some for a woman.

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If it was a very powerful man is a very strong man, very tough man.

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In a terrible campaign, I was a referee or the alarm who was

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when they were going first day or something. He said Where is that? And somebody says maybe you didn't come? Didn't like the answer. He kept quiet.

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And as they were going in the far distance, these are lone camel

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coming very far in the distance. So I looked and he said that is probably the father of the law.

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And then they saw in the distance I saw this man where it was on this camera is on this bunk, take the stuff from the camera, put it on his back and start walking and eventually when they camped in the evening he caught up with them. And

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so they said to him what happened he said my camel is weak so I got sick of this slow camels I just let the camel Go to the back and I walked

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anyway, he's walking in the desert

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with the camel saddle and it's tougher

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to meet Rasul Allah, He caught up with the army

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dogma right imagine these are this now why do we have these stories? So we learn something and we put this into practice in our lives

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not just for the entertainment value of the stories all right story No, no.

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And that's the question I want to ask you that excitement what is excitement fear and has an happy ending so what is what do you find exciting in your life?

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I'm sure the exciting things in your life right? So what are they? It doesn't always have to be physical fear. You don't i don't i do bungee jumping or something. So no, it's not

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physical we're not the only way of excitement can be challenges, intellectual challenges, business challenges. What are the excitement things in your life? I want you to please make a note of that. Write them down. And if you can't think of anything then get a life.

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What kind of life is that? Nothing exciting.

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And that's the question What excites you.

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And citizen if you find something really good if there is something that excites you, something that you're passionate about.

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Then that will keep you going it will keep you alive, it will keep you mentally in one place. And it will keep you going. Literally to the day Allah subhanaw taala wants to wants you back.

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And on top of that, if you find that is something which somebody will pay you for man God made

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you are a carrier of doing something which you would probably pay to do. And instead of that Allah subhanaw taala has made that a source of your reason somebody is paying you

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Do what you love to do anyway.

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That's brilliant.

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So you want to think about that? Yes.

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Thank you. My module.

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Again, broke to 100 Business School. They teach you to draw triangles and circles.

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Yeah, that's what business schools do. triangles, circles, models interconnected. So every day official use a model.

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It's a series of steps. The first one of that being faith.

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And what do we mean by faith?

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You know, the beautiful saying, by this lady called Barbara winters

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when she said, when you come to the end of the of the light of all that, you know,

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when you come to the end of the light of all that, you know, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown. Faith is knowing that one of two things will happen.

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There will be something for them to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.

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She says, When you come to the end of the light of all that you know, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown.

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Faith is knowing or believing, knowing your

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faith is knowing that one of two things will happen. There will be something firm to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.

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And Allah Subhana Allah said this in word which are much more beautiful, where Allah subhanaw taala said, Amaya De La Jolla, Jalla. Wa Masada

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Lupo, Minh Hazel

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Romania de Vaca La la la de for who

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they are as

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well as some others that are two or three

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men yet that he is

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the one who has taqwa Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah will extraction from every difficult well Yara Zhu Min hifu la Yeah, that's him. And he will provide him from sources he will provide him results from sources that he could not even imagine.

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See, the beauty of that is the point I was saying

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this morning. Forget the issue of what is possible and what is not possible what is possible what is not possible according to our little brain.

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Only Allah Allah Allah Allah He was the one who has taught Quran Allah Allah will be sufficient for him.

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The issue of interpreting the glory and majesty of Allah subhanho wa Taala from our little brain is it is not possible.

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One of the somebody from another room the other day, sent me an email and said, How do we explain Israel marriage

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in a scientific manner according to according to some scientific principle.

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Somebody is asking me this question. I'm stuck Please help me.

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So I said answer it like this. First

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tell him that if you go to interior Village and this is an Indian, if you go to an interior village in India,

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and you want to explain

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mobile telephony, how mobile telephone works?

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To a villager who has never seen a phone in his in his or her life?

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Can you make them understand that it is possible for a villager to understand how a mobile phone works? No. And why not?

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Because to understand how the mobile phone works, that person needs to have a certain amount of knowledge even to understand how the thing works. Yes.

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But because that person does not understand how it works, we just spilled your phone stopped working.

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Your phone works, whether you understand it or not my phone works.

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So can I understand how can I explain this Mirage scientifically based on the amount of scientific knowledge I have today? Probably not. But does it Devo prove it didn't happen? No.

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No, just because I do not understand how something works today because my knowledge is limited. That does not mean that thing didn't happen.

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So that's the first one. And I said second one?

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To give you a scientific answer for that. The scientific answer lies in multi dimensional physics.

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And this is also for you guys. For those of you interested read a book by a guy called Michio Kaku, the name of the book is hyperspace

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Michio Kaku m IC h IO k k you towards

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M i c h i m h, i o Michio Kaku, k, k, U, and the name of the book is hyperspace.

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And he talks about multi dimensional physics, I don't have the time here to explain the stuff to you. But as I when we have time during this quantum is somewhere and I'll draw some diagrams to show you what I mean. Now, by that by through through multi dimensional physics theory,

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if you take the issue of travel between space and time dimensions, then the whole concept of distance and time in a worldly sense has no meaning.

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So theoretically, we understand how it could be how it could have happened. But in practice, we cannot replicate it because the amount of energy that is needed for a person to go from this dimension to that dimension. We have no means of producing this energy. So we know it can be done, but we can't do it.

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And that's the whole issue of faith in Islam. There's no blind faith, you know, blind faith.

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Allah subhanaw taala said very clearly it also lies a lesson

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is Amelie algo Illa Allah, how Alibaba zero 10

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an hour monitor I say to them, this is my way I invite towards Allah how

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with clear evidence, not blind with with cleverness.

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And who does this work, Anna, Amanita, when I do this work, and those who do my antiva those who follow me also do this work. And this is one of the ads which

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tell us and show us how power is fought on the Muslim and it is synonymous

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with proof

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once you have faith,

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then you go to the next stage which is courage. Because once you have faith you state you take action for which you need courage. And once you have courage, you are able to take risk and when you take risk you it creates excitement which fuels more and more risk

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and you get better at what you're doing and you become passionate at that and the top of that line is excellent. And when you do do all of this, you build what I call brand.

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Now why is brand important?

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That's the explanation.

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Why is brand important?

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It creates loyalty.

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How many of you go and buy toothpaste in these in the department store? How many of you buy toothpaste? You buy toothpaste

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you might call it or you buy a capsule or you buy signal?

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You buy toothpaste? You go to the shop and say can I have to face What do you want? Tell me

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which one

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is like the car.

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Just like there are no cars there's no toothpaste

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