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The Character of a Believer by Mirza Yawar Baig

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There's like a lot I have the first question here, which is Allah surely provided some benefits by sending COVID-19. But people are making fun of COVID as if it is harmless, and a thing to be made fun of, you know, my standard answer to anybody is just forget about what? Now let me answer it like, Okay, my standard answer to

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anyone is this, forget about what people are doing. You look at yourself, what are you doing, if you are not reading COVID as a joke, and of course, COVID is not a joke as the people who are dead, they'll tell you if it's not, whether it's a joke or not,

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then Alhamdulillah you are fine. Take all precautions to ensure that you don't get infected and even more importantly, perhaps, that you don't infect other people. So wear masks and so on and so forth. But even more importantly, like you said in your question, and it says anonymous, so, I don't know who it is where it is, you are quite right. reflect on the fact why did we get discovered

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today we have a case where people running hospitals are using this COVID as a money making machines right. So, they are they are they are inflating rates and they are

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I call this the vulture culture they are playing the vulture culture game, which is that they are taking advantage of people's suffering and keeping and taking advantage of depth stuff. So that means you have not learned anything from this COVID thing. Now, is that how you want to live your life? That's the that's the question. So

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don't worry about others think about yourself and say how is it that I can do in a way which

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which helps me to change my life positively.

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Thanks to these calamities, how can I convert this calamity into a benefit for myself inshallah.

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Second question I have here from Nassim How can we encourage a close family person to perform namaz, a believing Muslim but lazy to perform notice? First of all, please understand that namaz is not a performance, this is one of the big problems as far as the translations are concerned. Allah did not tell us to perform Nawaz he also did not tell us to read namaaz or to make namaz or he told us to establish a key masala

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aqui masala eucommia de Sala, the establishment of Salah This is what Islam prescribes. not performing it, not reading it and not, you know, making it in South Africa, they read it in America, they make it

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in India, they perform it and nobody establishes it. And Allah told us to establish it. So first of all is and I'm not playing games with semantics, I'm telling you seriously, if you think about establishing what is the meaning of establishing establishing is not something that you do when you are free that you do when you would like to do it that you do and you know, when you have nothing better to do and so on establishing means that this is the thing which is the the suit on the pillar on which everything else stands. Now, how can we encourage a family person to establish Salah first and foremost by establishing it in our own lives? Number one, number two is to help them see how

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Salah will solve their problems in this life. My question to you is you want to help somebody else understand the value of Salah, tell me when you have a problem in your family when you have anything to

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to you know be which is a matter of concern. Do you do terracotta salah and ask Allah for this. Does your family close family member does he or she know that?

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Make this initializer to Allah subhanaw taala said yeah, you are Lavina monoester you know, be somebody was Allah. Allah said oh you believe take the help of sobor and summer, summer is not just to sit on your setup on and wait for things to happen it is to make every effort possible to ensure that you get the best possible results for what you have in mind. And then was Salah, and then Allah said ask Allah MC da

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so we established we get them to and we encourage them by doing it ourselves. In your homes. If you are praying in your home that a lot of us today are praying in our home to get massages or clothes. If you are praying in your arms and make sure that you make a plan for every Salah give a nice loud advance everybody hears and unless you are living in falaknuma Palace, they will hear you, right so make sure that you do

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Give her a nice loud alarm and you pray by Gemma. Don't force anybody that is counterproductive. This is one of the things that people have to understand. If you force people you only turn them off. So don't do that. Don't force them, show them the benefit of that. Right? Show them the benefit of that. So let's look at this a beautiful, I mean I'm talking to Allah subhanho wa Taala You can also talk to Muslims and why don't you do that? Why don't you do that?

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So that is the way to encourage people who have not praying shall have

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any other

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questions. Question D

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what is the best way to ask Allah for something

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beautiful question What is the best way to ask Allah for something you know ask

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Allah whatever you send to me I'm a leader which like whatever you send to me

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I'm in need of

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maintaining focus he said I am the I Am the the in need of whatever hire whatever benefits you send to me ask Allah from your position of being completely and totally in need in a broken visa yada yada yada I am yours Yeah, please.

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Yeah, like give me Yeah, like give me because you you can give me because only you can give me an Allah you know I don't ask anyone other than you and believe me there has to be true. There has to be two you cannot live a life where you are asking a vital law other than Allah for things and then you sit Allah Allah asked only you no no no you don't you ask also others No, he cannot we are gonna stand before him and completely you know clear on target Make no mistake do not make sure not anybody anything knows yet normally that on target. And then ask Allah that is the most powerful the most powerful device is to say Oh Allah, you know, that I asked only use or give me because I'm

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asking and ask that with complete aids, total sincerity, humility, humbleness and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala with complete yaqeen that only Allah can give. You know, there's a beautiful story among the stories of masala Salaam. And I mentioned recently in one of my all of you know, I have these daily classes, so those of you who don't know RTF inshallah, we'll send you the link to that you can come to every day at 7pm Eastern time. I have a class Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, on each day, it's a different subject to one is called o'clock of humanity. The next one is called leaving Islam. The third one we are doing now, lessons from the Emilio Salaam and

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now we are doing the life of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam and the fourth one is called wisdom of love man alayhi salam. So do come do come to that. Now point is in the stories of you talking about how can you ask Allah and get what you want, we are talking about we will look at the story of in the stories of masala and before I go to that basic. I mentioned one very fundamental thing which is never make sure ask only Allah. And then when you ask Allah insha Allah Allah will give you a second thing is make sure make absolutely certain that the food that you eat, and you're earning are both completely and totally halal. No doubtfulness in any of that, like, don't fall into the

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trap is this is fatwas shopping is a

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is a hobby. All the malls have shut down except for the football malls. So don't Don't do that. Don't look for loopholes. Yeah, you know, and then so nobody knows. So a solicitor and him said I can do that. And so and so said this, whatever anyone said or didn't say it is your life, if you want to compromise and if you want to destroy the acceptability of your dog, then it is your choice, but if you want to ensure that your remains strong, that Allah will give you inshallah, what you ask if you want that, then make the effort, make the effort to ensure that you never earn anything haram and you never eat anything.

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vegetating no ship, no harm in your earning and in your in the food that you eat. And of course, obviously, no harm in whatever other actions you do. So if you do that, in shall advise except now we come to the story of Musa alayhis salam there was in the time I was at a salon

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in a young man who was very, very bad. He was a huge troublemaker. He was a big time sinner. He committed all kinds of crimes he was a made a nuisance to his people. To the extent that the people throw him out of the tub

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they chucked him out.

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And they said isn't enough is enough, we cannot bear with you anymore. And so they threw him out of town or this fellow was in the wilderness and obviously, you know, in the wilderness, I don't know, what he was getting to eat and so on and so forth. So he,

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in the process of that he felt sick. And obviously there's no no one to take care of him. He's got no doctors to go to and all that the man died. Now, when this man was dead, Allah subhanaw taala said, we're here to know to masala salam, Allah subhanaw taala said that person who the people townspeople threw him out of the towel, he's in such a place. You go and do his janazah you'd go and give a puzzle and put his coffin and bury him and pray for his mother and I love that I can forgive anyone. Allah does not need anybody's daughter to forgive. But this is the as as this is the honoring of the person that Allah sends somebody, not just any ordinary person. He sends one of the

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EU Lhasa minella Mia, Amina Rasul Allah salam, to make dua of Nikita for that person. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, you do all this and before you go is announced it in the town, that you are going to do this and whoever accompanies you. Allah said, I will forgive that person also.

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So Masonic salam, we are talking about how to make it acceptable. So Musa alayhis salam announced in the town was our Islam said, I have got this order from Allah, to go and bury this person who you guys threw out, and

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to make his love of Allah and said that whoever comes with me, Allah will forgive him also, obviously the whole,

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the whole downward, huge crowd, they went there they, Musa Salam gave also to this

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boy to this young man, and then he may discover

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him in his grave, and Musa Salam made

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joint with him. And of course, Allah promised to forgive the whole anyone who was joining

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him in this walk and so on. He probably told everybody had gone was on a Salam

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ala what is the story? I mean, here was this guy was so bad. And he was, you know, such a nuisance to everybody. And people throw him out. And then now you send me to make his Mackerras. And he was you also promised to forgive all the people on the town's website what it is man do. So Allah subhanaw taala zotrim Allah say, Musa and think about all of this thing, which I'm telling you all that this boy this young man did, how did he do that? He did it because of the nature of Islam.

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Who inspired him to do that? Who gave him the words to ask what he asked, I'm going to tell you based on what he has,

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this is our agenda.

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So masala Sallam said that Allah Allah said to Sara, Sara Musa, this boy, when he was dying, he was lying on the ground.

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He knew his life was going.

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He said the boy look to the right. And he could see nobody because he is in the wilderness. He says no one there. So he said he looked to the right. He couldn't see anybody. You look to the left. He could not see anybody.

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He said then he looked up.

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He said he looked up.

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And he said to me, he said, Oh Allah Jalla Jalla. He said, Yara, he said, he said, Oh Allah.

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He said Allah, if I knew

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that, by not forgiving me.

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If I knew that by not forgiving me, it would increase your glory and majesty, even by an atom, even by Allah.

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He said, I would not ask for forgiveness.

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Listen to what he said, Oh Allah. If I knew that, by not forgiving me, it would decrease your glory and majesty, even by an atom.

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I would not ask you to forgive me.

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And then he said, Oh Allah, if I knew that, you would like to punish me. And that you would enjoy it. You like to do that even to the extent of an atom, you would like it a little bit, to punish me to give me as if I knew that. I will not ask you to forgive me.

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But he said, Oh Allah. I know that by forgiving me, Your glory and majesty, it will do nothing to it. If you forgive me Your glory and majesty will not be decreased by anything at all. And I know that you don't want to give me as a I know that you do not want to do do not want to punish me. So please forgive me.

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Please forgive me

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and I will

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About Alessandra masala Salam yamasa you're talking about the people of the town. I love it. This boy asked me this young man asked me with such humility with such a broken, desperate, you know, with just such desperation that if he are asked me to forgive every inhabitant of the earth I would have forgiven them.

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As I said to you,

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think about it also and say, who gave him the words to ask?

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This is our agenda.

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I have a

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I have another question here. Is there any book or lecture you recommend to learn about a regular day daily routine in the life of Rasul Allah.

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There are, you know, read first of all read the basic fundamentals books of Syrah. If you are reading English, then I recommend Martin Lynx book, the life of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam from the earliest sources. I would also recommend my book leadership lessons from the life also Salaam. And my second book, which is called Syrah is the answer. So read them if you are reading. Of course, our whole motto is another very beautiful book of mallamma, Mubarak Puri, which is the origin it is in Arabic, but it's translated into Judo and English and in many languages.

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So my book also leadership lessons from the life of a sorcerer Salim is translated into five languages, including Arabic, so you can read any of those books. And then you can get the routine of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam from that. But broadly speaking, Rasulullah Salallahu Salam used to create 100 every day. So he would spend

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the last third of the night in many cases half of the night, in some cases, three quarters of the night. So do whatever you can do, to the extent that you can do it, but definitely pray, because I'm used to pray every single day. And then he would, sometimes he would sleep a little bit before a little further, sometimes he would go directly to salaat. And further, he would pray further. And then he would sit in the car, he would answer questions of people, and so on and so forth. And he would make Vicar and the visa sell, and then after that would pray for Salah to Doha, two plus two. So this was his routine in the morning. And

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then if there was any food in the house, he would eat breakfast, if he wasn't fasting, and if he was fasting, then he would fast. Sometimes he would ask, Is there any food and there, they would say, there is no food, and then he would say, then in that case, I'm fasting, because he wouldn't have eaten before before

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Salatu tahajjud. So, therefore, um, the law he,

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he would, he would say, I'm fasting, and then he would, he would go about his, his, his work and of course, obviously during the course of that Zahara sir, memory Anisha

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and then he, you know, his, his work was very different in many cases, sometimes it was a work of state, sometimes it would be military expeditions, sometimes it would be teaching and learning and so on. So, this is what he would do. Now, one point I want to make here is that

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it is not so much the nuts and bolts of what he did, all of those are also very important. And if someone is saying that I will wake up at this time because the Nabi sallallahu Sallam woke up at this time, I will eat this and drink that because I liked those things and he liked to eat and drink them and inshallah this if you do that, this is amounting to following the Sunnah. This is something which Allah subhanho wa Taala will love you for and this is something which Allah will reward you for no problem with that. But on the other hand, if you just lead your life, the routine things that you do, which is fulfilling all the form is all whatever ulimate for do that and do that at the

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right time, don't press a lot of other there is a time for some other projects, a lot of other is not whenever you wake up, right so make sure that you are following, the sooner in that context which is praying the agile, measuring that you are praying all the four Salawat at their correct time, and then ensuring that you are paying Zakat, ensuring that if you have the ability, at least once in your lifetime that you make Hajj ensuring that you've asked the all of Ramadan, May Allah give you the health and the ability to do that. Make sure now those who want to follow the sun and the routine, no sudden moves too fast every Monday and every Thursday, and he would fast the

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13th 14th and 15th of each month. If you do that, you will be faster

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For totally around 180 something days in the whole year,

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which is you know, 100 as well that that's like half the year, then wrestlers are seldom used to fast the first nine days of Zul hijjah, which is just now around the corner is coming up. He's too fast all the first of the nine days, which obviously would include yamaraja and it will save you from the needless arguments about which is the day which is Yamanaka. Is it nine julija in my country, or is it when people are standing in arafa in hajj, this is a standard you know, argument, there's no need for all that fast the nine days the first nine days of the ledger because the 10 days are the best days. The 10th of the ledger is Java eight. So you cannot fast on that day, but

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the first nine days, just fast the first nine days inshallah you have got jambul arafa. For those of you who want to know what is our lava Yola is the name given to the ninth of July. When is your mole arafa in America, when it is the ninth of July, in America, but when it is nine knowledge in America, there is no one standing on the field of arafa. Don't worry about that. You are not fasting for that you are fasting because it is the ninth of July. And if that is the ninth of religion, in your country, whether it is America, whether it is England, whether it is Canada, whether it is Australia, whether it is India, Iceland, Greenland, wherever or the Antarctic, that is ninth of

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julija, which is yambol arafa. For you, Sam answering the question also, but don't worry about that just just fast for the first nine days of the ledger, and you are good to go. As soon as you do that. He also used to verse the 10th of Muharram. And he said if I am alive The next year, I will fast also nine of moharram. So he would say he said I will fast ninth and 10th of Muharram but he passed away before that, but you can fast ninth and 10th of Muharram or if you miss the ninth and fast 10th and 11th of

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Muhammad Allah. So these are the routines of masala Sara Sara, I'm trying to be as brief as possible, but read the scenery, these books of Sierra inshallah, it will give you a lot of guidance with respect to that.

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Giacomo Karen, thank you very much. May Allah bless you and guide us in sha Allah.

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Any other?

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Yes, we have another question, gee,

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the thing I have money to buy a house but I don't want to buy it as I don't see much merit in it, that I would invest it in apcera. Am I doing an injustice to my family?

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The question here is I have money to buy a house, but I don't want to buy it. I would rather invest that money in my ophira Am I doing injustice to my family? Now the issue is this.

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If you have money and you want to invest in the Akira,

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do you have the right to do that? Of course there is absolutely no doubt about that. Allah subhanaw taala told you to invest in your pocket. So if you're investing in aka, nothing to apologize to anybody about Yes, you have the right to do that. Please do that. However, the question is this in the process of investing in the market, if I end up begging my family, meaning that the money which otherwise would have been beneficial to them, I'm taking it away from them. And I am saying I'm investing in my Acura no that is not investment in your aka you are depriving your family of what is there right now.

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What about buying a house, if you are buying that house with the intention, that inshallah you will be able to live with your family in that house and worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and leave this house as an inheritance for your family, then that action is investing in your accurate spending on your family is investment in your Acura because as soon as I said the best soccer is that which you give to your own close family members which is the money that you spend on your own close family member so money that you spend on your spouse, your wife or husband the money that you spend on your children. This is the best of soccer Alhamdulillah the money that you give to your parents the money

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that you give to a sibling, this is the best of charity insha Allah now obviously that does not mean and it does not include being extravagant about it. I'm not saying by each of them a Ferrari No, that is not that that is that is rough that is

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that would be it would be excessive right? So don't buy each of them a Ferrari. Just buy them a Mercedes 500 sL I think that's good enough. Now, the point I'm making is that seriously, we

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without, without, without exaggeration, what money you spent on your family if you're buying a house and Hamdulillah, with that intention that Allah subhanaw taala will give you this as a gift and free your family from the anxiety of, you know, how will you live and 100 no problem. At the same time, say, for example, instead of buying a house, you invest that money in an earning asset, and as a result of earning asset, you that money now makes more money for you in a halal way, then I would recommend that and I've always said, investing in a house that you are going to live in is a bad investment, much better to invest in, for example, property that you rent out, and then you take the

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rent, and you live in a rented accommodation. So therefore, you have your asset, and you also have a place to live in. But those are our decisions and

00:25:55--> 00:26:31

things of more financial nature, but definitely spending on your family is to spend in on your own accurate. So do not think these are two separate things. Having said that, you still don't want to buy a house. And maybe you have a family who is well taken care of, and so on and so forth. And you say I want to invest in my Acura and therefore, I want to spend money on orphans and widows and I want to build a hospital and I want to do all of that. Oh, absolutely. No problem. Please go ahead. May Allah give us the strength and power and an ability to do that? May Allah reward you in keeping with His Majesty? And this

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is another question Do

00:26:39--> 00:26:48

we see around us that Muslims are low in efflux? What is the reason? Obviously it is our accountability to Allah. But how can we turn this around?

00:26:50--> 00:27:30

We see the question is we see around us Muslims who are low in o'clock, how can we turn that around? We know that's a quite a question of accountability to Allah. What can we do? I think you at least part of the answer, if not, the whole answer is given in the question itself, which is it's a question of accountability to Allah. Second thing is, again, go to the ciroc see how Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam dealt with, with the issue of of La rasulillah salam dealt with the issue of o'clock by having himself in nacala. colloquy Nazim, Allah said, You are on the best of luck luck, by having the best of luck himself. So I would suggest and there is no offense meant to anybody.

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Maybe the person who asked the question is already on the best of luck. Holla Holla. But I am saying look at your own account, don't look at the clock of the Muslim, look at your own clock. See how you react when you are provoked? And what's wrong with that as employees that

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is how you do it. When you are provoked to say salam alikoum or do start

00:27:52--> 00:27:54

talking about the nature of that person.

00:27:56--> 00:28:04

That's the that's the fundamental question, which is, how, what are my like, what is the meaning of a lot of the Muslims as

00:28:06--> 00:28:35

soon as an asylum demonstrated that to the best of his ability, there is a beautiful story about America cover of the land, where Barbara Delano was in his house and a man came, and this man was henpecked, is hire a wife was, you know, very loud mouth and she was bad behaved and she would, you know, scream at him, and so on and so forth. And I got sick and tired of that. So he said, I'm going to go to the overrun and complain, I'm going to ask him, give me some advice. So the man goes to

00:28:36--> 00:28:42

the house a little bit tougher than I know. And as he is, he stands there and he

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knocks on the door. But before the door can open, he hears the wife

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yelling at him.

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And he does not hear any sound, any retaliatory yelling.

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So he just stands there and listens for a while. Wow, this is fantastic. I'm the man I came to ask for advice about what to do about a wife who is you know, who is

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yelling at you. I mean, I find the same thing happening to him. So he, when the yelling stopped, the man

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turned around and he started going back. So Setsuna Omar Abdullah, who opened the door and his other man, he called him. He said, You came to see me. He said, Yes. He said, What was it about? He said, Yeah, well, woman, I came to ask you about a matter, which is that my wife yells at me, she screams at me. You know, she does this all the time. I'm sick and tired of this thing. So I came to ask you What should I do? But he said, You know,

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I find that you have the same problem.

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So I thought to myself, well, you know, what are you going to advise me and it looks like you are in trouble yourself.

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I want to let you know, when she yells at me, I think about the fact that she cooks my food, she washes my washer, that is my clothes, she breastfeed my children.

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She takes care of my house.

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She satisfies my needs, when I have the needs.

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He said, none of them.

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None of these is her duty.

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None of these is our duty. Yet she does all that. So therefore, when she screams at me, I keep quiet. Because she is doing so much for me, which is not even her duty.

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So what right do I have

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to say anything to her? If she screamed at me?

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This is the meaning of the clock. This is the meaning of

00:30:58--> 00:31:12

obviously the sisters who are listening, please don't scream at me. Let us not be some license to say that our said we can scream No, please don't do that. The same thing applies to you. Also, here is a man who has dedicated his whole life to your welfare.

00:31:14--> 00:31:45

Right from the day we're married. This man has dedicated his whole life to your welfare, he goes to work. People work, men work in jobs, they don't even like they work for people they don't even like because they feel Oh, if I lose my job, you know, my family will be put to hardship. I shall not do that. They suffer through their life. They do things they don't even like they do that their whole focus their whole, you have to be a man to understand that Believe me, you have to be the wage earner, the bread earner, you can be a woman, but unless you are the wage earner, the bread earner, you will never understand that

00:31:47--> 00:32:31

there is a constant pressure on your mind. And believe me, when there's no one, allow me to be I talk about the greatness and glory of Allah subhanaw taala about his his his being the result of Houghton Mateen. So it's not a not a question of lack of faith in the Zakat of Allah. This is how Allah subhanaw taala created us he gave us this, this feeling in the heart where the wage earner, the bread earner, in most cases, that is the man has this constant thing he does not sleep in peace because he's thinking, what about the welfare of my family, so give it some give that some respect. Give that some respect, right? From the day you got married, this man has made your father, you are

00:32:31--> 00:32:43

his daughter. So he worried about you? Well, he has to worry about who else really worry about because you are his daughter, but your husband is not your father, you are not his daughter, he can divorce you and walk away. He doesn't do that he stays there. And he

00:32:44--> 00:33:04

suffers whatever you choose to put on a put in his path. But he ensures that you do not suffer that you do not have any pain that you don't have any anxiety and you do not have any problems. Give that some respect. So it is something which is both ways. And inshallah I hope this is this is clear. Any other questions?

00:33:07--> 00:33:09

This is the last question. Shall we close after this?

00:33:10--> 00:33:34

You mentioned in your lecture about eight people who own more than 50% of the world's population. Yeah. responsibility on us to raise our voice against such injustices. Absolutely hold them accountable. Yeah. Well, you know, I mean, the thing is this question is it people who own more wealth than then 50% of the of the global population, this is a puzzle, I mean, I send you the link to that this is

00:33:35--> 00:34:16

this is public information. Now. However, the point is, hold them accountable as far as injustice. Now, if you go to, for example, Bill Gates and say that or Elon Musk and say that, you know, you are wealthy, therefore you are committing injustice, and I will hold you accountable. You say, Well, how the hell am I committing injustice? I mean, I'm giving I'm employing 1000s of people, I'm paying taxes, I'm doing this that the point is, is not so much injustice or crime because Islam does not make being wealthy a crime Islam does not say don't have any wealth, and you know, live your life in poverty. No, the issue is the distribution of that, well, the issue is concern for others. So these

00:34:16--> 00:34:55

people, for example, these eight people or whatever, they may not die, I mean, not we're not treating them as criminals. We're not saying these people are committing a crime, but at the same time, you have a concomitant responsibility, depending on the extent of your wealth, to be concerned about those who don't have that. Now, Islam is the only religion for example, which builds it into the system where we pay zakat, and Muslims pay close to $1.5 trillion a year annually in Zakat, and that's I'm sure that probably the highest figure of any community in the world. hamdulillah. But the point is that this is something that we have to build into the system and say, What can we do to

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

these people and help them to understand that if you own

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

Hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars. Why don't you look at that and spend that in the alleviation of poverty and suffering in the world? Yes, they are doing it to whatever extent but far more can be done because of what they have. And very, very importantly, do what you can do with your wealth. It's not so much about how can I encourage Elon Musk to spend money? It's a question of how much money am I willing to spend. And

00:35:28--> 00:35:28


00:35:30--> 00:35:49

says, there will be people who will come on the Day of Judgment, whose charity will be like half a date, which they have given in absolute terms, but the value of that the worth of that will be like the mountain overhead in gold. Because that's all the man had in bed, let me show Salam was a little story from the Sierra

00:35:50--> 00:35:51

Club was fundraising for

00:35:53--> 00:36:33

a man came to him and he brought a handful of dates in your hand, how many days in a row, right? So he whatever he had, he had dates or something, he brought his handful of dates. And he said, This is my contribution. And I have only this and this is my contribution. And as soon as I took this handful of dates, and he threw it and he spread it on the whole pile of things, which other people have given, and he said, Allah subhanho wa Taala has accepted all of this, thanks to these dates, that is because of the sincerity of the zahavi with which he gave it he was a poor man, he gave what he what he could give. So, I would say that, yes, by all means, raise your voice, yes, by all means,

00:36:33--> 00:36:48

try to try to address the conscience of people, but much more, let us look at our own conscience and say, What is the extent of my charity? How much can I give? How much am I giving? So, this is my answer. I have a question here.

00:36:50--> 00:37:21

First, Mina chaos, how important is it to write a will of course, it is very important, I mean, don't even let two days past or two nights pass before you have written a will. Please understand as far as the will is concerned in Islam, you can't leave everything to your cat, Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed specifically who inherits what. So the individual has the right to write a will concerning one third of his or her wealth. So 33.33% is what you can,

00:37:22--> 00:37:23

what you can

00:37:24--> 00:37:54

write a will about the rest, the other 66% will go to those who are your heirs who inherit and Allah subhanaw taala mentioned all of those in the Quran. So, I don't I am not going to use that here. But that 33% 33.3% which is in your power to write the will about please do write, this is very important to write that and to ensure that that is taken care of in your will does not go along

00:37:59--> 00:37:59

with that

00:38:01--> 00:38:06

beautiful reminder from the best and mela makers among those who are

00:38:07--> 00:38:08

not just listen to it.

00:38:15--> 00:38:15

Last year

00:38:18--> 00:39:04

I am done with this I only want to thank God that Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah bless you, we'll accept your coming Allah subhanaw taala accept UIC gay guys for arranging all of this and enabling us to collectively remember Allah subhanaw taala and make it thicker We ask Allah subhanaw taala to ease the suffering of the world, we ask Allah to free us all from this COVID and to enable this COVID to be a great lesson for us that we learn so that we bring about meaningful changes in our lives and become standard bearers of Islam. For everybody else we ask Allah subhanaw taala to cure all those who are sick with COVID or any other sickness We ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive all

00:39:04--> 00:39:48

those who passed away. Especially I asked Allah subhanaw taala to forgive our very, very dear dear dear friend zulfi who passed away most recently and he was you know, I mean, obviously he was one of our closest and dearest ones. We asked Allah to forgive him. Just yesterday I got news of another one of my close friends farrukhabad followed by in Hyderabad, he passed away he was at one, we asked Allah Subhana Allah to forgive him. I don't want to make a list of people we all know. But these two because they just most recently passed away and of course, Moin Qureshi who was in Mumbai was in Bahrain, we are he again died, you know, less than a month ago. We asked Allah subhanaw taala to

00:39:49--> 00:39:59

forgive all of them to fill them filled with no and fill in the form of all the Muslims was passed away. We know to make them among the guardians of the garden agenda. We ask Allah subhanaw taala

00:40:00--> 00:40:18

All of us to give us debt on Islam debt with Mr. Devlin the Kadima and debt in ways which are honorable and glorious, and which which show the glory and majesty and forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah to resurrect us with sola. Solomon is

00:40:19--> 00:40:51

right, we ask Allah to shade us under the shade of his arch on a day when there will be no shade except the shade. We ask Allah to show us signs of his forgiveness. We asked Allah subhanaw taala to to decree that we will meet Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam at his house and receive the water of alcocer from his blessed hand. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to decree that we cross the spirit behind Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the hands on amount of Allah subhanho wa Taala and enter Jonathan so those

00:40:52--> 00:40:55

are some of the hardenability Manali he was Veronica

00:40:57--> 00:41:00

alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.