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brothers' wherever there is any empty space in front please fill it in barage Cuba by wherever there is an empty space. Please fill that in so the people coming afterwards not have to come over people's an extra qumola

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu wa salam O Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah May Allah

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Almighty Allah Kitagawa kitabi will actually at about 38 on rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem wireles LSAT Latina who lifou Hector fatale he went out to be Morocco but

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was no Allah Malaysia Amina la Hilah in a Motavalli India to who in Allah

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Rahim Sarah Hello,

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my dear respected elders and brothers. In our last two talks we have been speaking about issues and topics that can be considered to be very relevant and contemporary. We spoke about how to resolve marital disputes and Tulloch if that happens, how we are supposed to deal with it. And last week we spoke about the scourge of drug abuse. Or together with contemporary issues we also from time to time, we need motivation. We need encouragement for us to comply with the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And with regard to motivation and encouragement, what better than to speak about incidence of the Mubarak and blessing the era of our beloved Nivea creme de la Vela Solomon, and about the

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companions of our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum who are rightly guided and human law has told us to follow them in righteousness. And especially if that incident is mentioned in the Quran. If that incident is mentioned in the Quran, then it becomes even more motivating, more encouraging, because Allah himself has mentioned it. And this is an incident that happened during the expedition of the book. The book happened right at the end of our beloved Nivea cream sauce man's life for very important reasons. Now via cream sauce alum wanted to show and maybe a cream sauce Salaam wanted to go that Islam is a universal religion, not only confined to the Arabian Peninsula and everyday

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occurrence Aslam took steps to go confront the Battle of the age, the falsity of the age, the Roman Empire, and although at that stage there was no battle that took place. It laid the foundation for the fall of the Roman empire that happened in the time of Omar rhodiola. Nivea creme de la la wa sallam had paved the way with regard to that. But when they were cream sauce from when it was a very difficult time. It was the peak of summer.

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The crops of Medina that dates were about to be harvested. Previous to that two, three years, the crops were not good. This time the crops seemed very good. And then it was a long journey. The book is right near the Jordan border. At that time, it took almost a month to get to topo from Madina munawwara it was a very trying time. Normally when the reoccurring saw Sam used to go out in an expedition because of the intelligence of the enemies naturally occurring saucer them shouldn't make it open where his way nobody saw Salaam used to say I'm going this side and then the resources to go the other direction. But because this journey was far, the sacrifice was great nebia Kareem saw

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Selim made mentioned we are going here we are going to talk in Masekela Cuba just bought some una una familia de Bookman or Sahaba. Merci. Merci. Merci seal teams havanna his son aliah. Because of these difficulties, many of the hypocrites who are not sincere in faith, they don't take part. They used to take part in the

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expedition where it was easy the benefits could be found from the material point of view. However here because it was difficult, they did not take part. Right and amongst the meclizine Sahaba the sincere Sahaba three did not take part who was a captain Malik and he'll alpin omiya and Mira Robin Ravi, three Sahaba did not kill in this expedition, carbon molecule the ultimo was very eloquent. So he narrated his incident. And this incident is made mentioned in the books of history. We have to learn lessons from here. Carbon Malik raviolo tomasetti I took part in all the battles in the time of nebbia cream sauce from the Mama was what made the juice, butter Kameny he salya

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butter, matriarchy, Sica Jana, zero renita because in butter, not everyone was supposed to go maybe a cream sauce alum went to intercept the three Caravelle and maybe a cream salesman left it open. So it was not

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an essential condition to participate. So but there was different. So come in, Malik said I took part in every battle that was necessary to participate. I was amongst those who took part in the Pledge of Aqaba. The pledge of Aqaba is a very momentous occasion in our history. Those people who pledged from Marina menorah, get we will call maybe sauce them to Medina and we will help the via cream sauce come

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Medina Veronica Medina.

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We will help you so caffeine Malik said, I was in the Pledge of October. And I regarded the pledge of Aqaba for my own self even more important than butter. The reason is a butter. It was something that was left open to participate. I took part in the Pledge of Aqaba. Any year in the Battle of the book in the expedition of the book, I was ready. I had two cameras that were ready for me to go.

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And when the via cream sauce from when I was with my family in one of the surroundings in which they were shade. There was an oasis, and I was there and I said they are going there 30,000 people I'm alone. If I'm alone, my camels are good, I will catch up with them. So he said let them go, I will go the next day. The next day he came he said I will go the next day. The next day came he said I will go the next day until it became very difficult for him to go because he would not have caught the expedition. This teaches us one very important point. Many times you and I we find ourselves in a similar situation. We have situations where we can take part in something, the opportunity is

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there. We feel that we must do it. But then we procrastinate and we say we will do it tomorrow we will do it tomorrow. But nickering and the opportunity to do good comes and goes and we still didn't do it. This is a very important point. Allah Allah therefore tell us in the Holy Quran, savvy era, my spirit in Arabic become with Jonathan avacado this summer he will Sabu hasten towards the forgiveness of Allah. hasten towards Janet

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xinda Kima caper hamachi Tonka Nikki mocha built a mega swastika Santa hirakata he says I'm a potential attacker nicomedia Nakuru. Don't waste time. Don't procrastinate. If you got an opportunity to do something, do it. Don't wait for another day. You might get that day. You might not get the

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Nivea cream sauce when it comes to the hook. Maybe a creamy sauce from then sees and he kept an eye and notice remember this brothers 30,000 Sahaba

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and in that, Nivea cream sauce them said waste carbon.

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Copy Molokai who knows everything era we is copying money. Once a hubby once said that he understood Allah his wealth has made him neglectful multitasking

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because of his wealth. He didn't come. He is Cortez and his dressing and his friends have diverted him from coming upon the right path.

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He didn't say that out of jealousy. He said it out of protective protective jealousy. He wanted to see carp in the expedition. He wanted to seek out LEC and company

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amalco does anyone

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on the other hand,

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the Latino got up and said yes. We know to be a sincere Sahabi he is not like that. He didn't leave behind because of his wealth.

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There must be reasons why he did not come jasola we do not know the reasons there are Sula, leave him, maybe there were certain reasons with regard to this particular aspect that we are not aware of then has been protected

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as a cop in his absence and that is why it is important. Another lesson that we protect is an honor of our brother in his absence. Today what happens is, someone speaks better about our friend or someone whom we know. Then we laugh we take very happy, SAE SAE

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or ortho ortho Who should I say more say for now via cream sauce animated in a Hadith, which then comes in Mr. Muhammad, a cream sauce from said wherever protects the honor of his brother in his absence and law will protect his face from the fire of Jana. He will protect the honor of his brother in his absence, and now will protect his face from the fire of janome this is an amazing thing up near pikir my email was

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Joby apne bike is that kabocha he Ahmed Cayden Allah tala whiskey, Jericho, Johanna Aqsa Mufasa This is what we learn and not only making mention of the incident, these are the type of things that we are supposed to learn. Now, copy Malik said I felt very, very difficult. I wanted to go I said every day I'm going and all of a sudden I hear that Nivea creme de la Allah he was telling me he's coming back. Now in my mind what I'm going to tell them via cream sauce, maybe a cream sauce from Coca Cola. He said first the first thing that came into my mind I will make excuses and because he was very eloquent with a tongue he said I thought that I will tell him your cream sauce last year Why?

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Many Jessica cassata there's a very famous word the Casa de casa de it was at the cost of the home I couldn't go so he said I thought in my mind I will make excuses then I thought how can I speak lies in front of him so he said I made up my mind Joe Katana I'm gonna speak the truth

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so in this way he said no matter what happened I'm going to speak the truth now via cream sauce on came back

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when we are cream sauce man came back the moon Africans are the hypocrites. They started coming and they started giving the excuses when they gave their excuses because they were mon affix nebia cream sauce llama hurt and let them go. Let me a cream sauce alum didn't say anything. Right? It tells you something very important brothers a mare remarkable lesson that sometimes when people who are far hurt you, it doesn't matter. You can take it in your stride. But when someone who is close to you hurts you, it becomes very difficult. One many a time years back I remember one incident of my own self. I I said something to my uncle and he became very angry with regard to me. And for your

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youngsters who say okay, here we leave the old man we'll see what happens. And after a week I found him feeling remorse.

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And he told me the same thing. He said you know when someone is far he hurts you. Doesn't matter. Because you are close. You hurt me It hurt me a lot. So because the Manasa came they came give excuses went away. But when caffeine Molly came maybe a cream sauce and golden maybe saw some cup up kunia you you already? You knew that you had everything. Your camels were ready. You told me you're coming. Why you didn't come? So cop said

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to Catholic calm Minneapolis at Mark McCormick hooser khopesh karanga conga Yeah. Who are you what the Casa de Licken Batman Akaka says born a common era Korea are those two he bought a Jeep bought a machine work maybe must kill what may be sad Chai kohara said naturally must kill people Catholic and such.

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So this wave he spoke the truth. Nivea cream sauce them hurting and set up in such car. Allah tala kill him. Honey these are currently we will wait for what Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Now in this way, maybe a cream sauce and said we have spoken the truth. Let me now leave it to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala will decide in this way Livia cream sauce from wicked for way and the way he came down, that there must be a social boycott of these resava Allah says Allah Fela satilla de novo LIFO this was the level super of the Holy Quran.

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The level supatra in this I would just like to make money

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generate money or cream sauce them amongst our 30,000 that is awesome. called out it tells you that a leader must know about the whereabouts of his people. So that our leader

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bapco, pata una J. K Mira Pacheco hotjar, a monkey dos con, a leader of the family, the father must know about these children, where are they going? Who are they keeping friends with this in passing, I just remember this particular aspect. Now nebia Karim saw some said we are spoken with truth as wait for lasagna with Allah. Then the command came from Almighty Allah social boycott, don't talk to them, no one must deal with them. So and in this particular way, the word went around, they do not talk to these three people, sometimes a leader to enforce discipline for the betterment of the community, for the betterment of the oma, he can do something like that, but provided it is

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beneficial. And it is such a leader that commands the attention and respect of the entire community. Today, sometimes it becomes very difficult, but at that time, because everyone regarded him as a leader, they followed the reoccurring sauce. So in this way, nivia cream saucepan gave the command caffeine Malik said I found it very, very difficult, difficult. Right. Now, when this particular aspect happened, he said I used to come in front of Nivea cream salsa, I used to make salami. Let me sell some didn't reply myself. See, there was a reason it was now to enforce discipline, it was to see the benefit of the community is more important than your situation in status. The benefit of the

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community is more important than the individual. Today, we don't realize that the benefit of the community is more important than you is more important than one person. So in this particular way, you know, he said I used to come maybe a criminal law while he was set up. didn't make me Sam, I used to sometimes see that many sources used to move his lips. And I used to feel some sort of happiness that maybe sounds from at least is he's moving his lips. But then as the time went on, it became very, very difficult for me. Everywhere I went, No one spoke to me. When I used to go to the masjid, I used to go alone, maybe a cream sauce love never used to make Salaam to me. And in this

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particular way, I was wondering what would happen if I die in this particular situation? And then he asked he said Who else? Who else among the sincere Sahaba do not go He said to other people did not go right here.

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So he said I felt some sort of happiness, that at least there are the two people with me many times you have a trial. You have a difficulty you come at us and then you sometimes say but other people also doing it to try and lessen your trial. Remember, yes, it might happen that you lessen your trial. But on the day of kiama you're gonna answer for your own self. You can say by bolsillo corretta to him every

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year is no different. It's no justification. So he said how it lightened my child to know that there were two Sahaba with me, and the situation came and it became more and more difficult. Until one day I went to my very close cousin Abu Qatada. I was so close with him. He was my cousin. And I made him salami and said, Oh Qatada, you know,

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you know, I've never done anything wrong in my whole life. Why are you not speaking to me? And Katara just turned away from me. And he carried on with his work as if I did not speak to him. This became very, very difficult upon me. Halla bushkill say mushkil hotel a lickin summer couple Mita hota hai masa, masa, Asana in the situation, the tribe of the sun was a Christian tribe. They wrote a letter to come, the horsemen came into Madina munawwara and he said ways cub said what do you got to do with cub? I got a message from my leader. And that message came the letter came, we heard that your leader has forsaken you we asked you to come towards us we will give you the necessary respect

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and what did what did great trial This was and many times you see this in our community, we become better with someone we become better with a religious person who might be from the tomato metal family, we get cross with our religion. We say I will go to this Christian person, I will go to my company they giving me respect

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belajar to Billa Can you can you discard a line is resold for some bitterness coming to you.

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Hmm, what what could come have done? He could have gone he would have got respect. But what if what if he chose a letter and he burnt it? He didn't even consider it. He chose a letter and he burnt it. Tell her just just imagine in this particular way, how this particular aspect after 40 days, maybe a creamy sauce alum gave the company

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Because up till the time he was with his wife, then maybe a cream sauce himself, separate yourself from your wife. You don't even stay with your wife.

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Now one of the three Sahaba one was old, the wife went and said, Yes hula hula is very old. If I don't serve Him, who's gonna serve him he can manage his own needs. Let me sauce them gave him his wife. Permission to look after Hillel cabin Melissa I was an old. So the wives also went away. 50 days passed like this. 50 days passed like that. But you see Allah subhanaw taala says, If you make supper and nothing opens up the way, the way in a hadith in Muslim Rahman No, there is much good impatience with what you dislike. That support comes with patience. reliefs come with affliction, harsh peace comes with hardship, find Mr Rosario.

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This is a very important point, that these type of things when there is difficulty you may suffer. Allah subhanaw taala many times opens up the way with regard to the difficulty. And in that way, after a few days, copied, Malik said I was sitting on the roof of my house. And in that particular way while I was sitting, I heard a person coming from on top of Mount Sala, which was his house was just over the mountain, and he was screaming.

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He said Carpe

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bear threat IDs Allah has given you. You see he was running towards carbon giving him this good news. It seems sometimes you see it's also part of goodness, it's also part of a good deed and attribute. When you hear good news hasent will tell your brother with regard to it, going hasten these revised they don't have the time that even the angels used to hasten to give glad tidings to the academy sauce. Number one many things. When O'Meara the Allahu anhu became a Muslim. Then

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a salon came and said, Yasser Allah in Allah sama, the angels in the heaven have deputized me to congratulate you on the Islamic

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so when you see someone is a good thing with regard to him, hastened to Hong Kong graduating, as Captain Malik said, you can imagine my happiness. I left everything. After 50 Days of Summer. I went through the material. And the amazing thing happened there. He said as I walked into the master, tell hobbit Obaidullah reveal loutra who met me and he hugged me. He embraced me with such

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love, kindness and affection. Amazing the Sahaba when we source them, told them don't speak later and speak. And when we saw slim lifted up the show in brotherhood. So in this particular way, he said, the happiness and that embrace of talha I will remember for the rest of my life. Sometimes you share a person's happiness at the time. He loves him he will remember you for the rest of your life. What we learned from their

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job koco galenica torta hyah hyah Basquiat cartera. Hey, what's

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up xome are Fushimi I'm sorry. So we learn from this, that we must always be part of the happiness and the sadness of our friends of our people who we come into contact with. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the iron. As a common Malik said they were allied revealed that it was my condition. Wireless

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lifou the three people who got left behind

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was often a man for whom the earth despite its vastness became straitened and narrow upon them, they became narrow upon deadness. They came to realize there is no protection other than the protection of Allah from matabele him Leah to then they turn to Allah in repentance. And when you turn to align repentance you will find in the law who Rahim Allah is all forgiving, All Merciful. May Allah give us a trophy of really benefiting from these beautiful type of lessons that not only are lessons which are ingrained in history, but also lessons which Allah has made mention of in the Holy Quran wafu Donna Anil hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen respect to others there are too few prominent guests

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who will be coming to our Masjid next week inshallah the foot by namaaz will be performed by chef Abdul Malik Marconi was one of the famous Pura who is in his hand who is in Saudi Arabia, so we just make mention with regard to it. Mas Monacelli Rockman suggest no money. One of the prominent hula ma of India is also coming next week Friday. His program

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has also been made mention of one of the programs will be in our budget. Brothers are kindly requested to take note of it.