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Santa Monica Mohammed Allah He or barakato Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen On October 13 on our agenda in La de la the mean, why should the Allah Allah Allah Allah who the hula should eCola who either will or will you know if you didn't? We should do under the Vienna Mohammed Abdullah sudo Mustafa Amin Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdi Cora sadaqa Muhammad were an early he was Army algebra in the mobile

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Welcome to another episode of our tafsir page by page and inshallah Tada. Today, we are on page 43, which is the second page of the third just sort of Bukhara. In our previous episode we covered the page of the Quran in which Allah azza wa jal mentions towards end AYATUL kursi. And the final verse spoke about the very fact that there's no compulsion compulsion in religion, but that Allah azza wa jal has made the path of, of guidance distinct and clear from the path of Miss islands. And so whoever follows the path of Allah azza wa jal by worshipping Him and believing in Him Subhana data, then they have grasped the Firmest of handholds, Allah azza wa jal in that verse speaks about the

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foundation of the religion. And that is that the path of salvation is to hold on to the vision of Allah subhanaw taala through Iman, and through righteous deeds, and also ever does that, then they have held on to that handhold that will bring them the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal and his reward in the first verse on this page, which is verse 257, Allah subhanaw taala. Now will mentioned to us the outcome of that previous verse. So in the previous verse, we said for me, Allah azza wa jal said for me yet for the Tao ot Milla, whoever it is, believes in the false gods worships and believes in Allah azza wa jal. And so therefore we understand that the opposite is also true, that whoever

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believes in the fourth quarter and this believes in Allah doesn't worship Him alone, then they haven't held on to the firmest handhold and therefore they will be from the people of punishment. What is the end result of those two choices? This is what Allah azza wa jal mentions more clearly. In this verse 257.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, are also Mila humanoid shape on the regime, Allah humulene You levena know your collegial whom you know Maluma Tina nor will levena CAFO I will leave

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to your colleague Jonah who mean and nobody you know No, no, Matt, ona equals herbal nerdy home via or need one. Allah azza wa jal is the ally of those who believe. He brings them out of the depths of darkness and into the light. And as for the disbelievers, their allies are the false gods, who take them from the light into the depths of the darkness, they are the inhabitants of the fire, and then they will remain Allah subhanaw taala therefore in this verse is telling us the consequences, the end result, the reward or punishment of the people who make the choice in the previous verse, verse 256, those people who disbelieve in the power, the false gods, and the false god is anything that is

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worshipped besides Allah azza wa jal doesn't have to be an idol doesn't have to physically be a God that they worship. Some people worship the dunya some people worship wealth, some people worship, fame, whatever it is that they're looking for, and they're worshiping and sacrificing everything for besides Allah azza wa jal, that is in a way a false god. Whoever takes and whoever this believes in all of those false gods, will you mean biller? And they believe in Allah azza wa jal instead? What is their end result? Allah Who will you live in Avenue? Allah is the ally, the close helper of those who believe. And the Wali is the one who protects the one who Allah is himself to the one that

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they're protecting. The one who has gives to them all sides, all types of support and all types of aid and help Allah azza wa jal is the will lead of the of the believers, Allah azza wa jal instant he helps them with this divine aid to help soprano Tara. Allah supports them. Allah defends them Allah protects them Allah shows His mercy and forgiveness and blessings upon them. Your holy jewel. Lulu Mati Isla Nora, and from the greatest of help and aid that Allah azza wa jal gives to them is that you removes them from the dark to the depths of darkness into the North. Look at this verse and how Allah azza wa jal when it comes to the darkness, he mentioned the poorer. He says Lulu mat, the

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plural many, many types of darkness, and that is because the paths that lead away from Allah, the paths of those false gods are many and varied, many, many, no two are the same. Each one of them is distinct and different, but there are many of them. Whereas the path to Allah azza wa jal is one

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On as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when he drew a line in the ground, a straight line and the lines to the right and the left he said, the straight line, it is the path of Allah, the path that leads you to the scrotum stopping and all of these other paths to the right and left. They are the paths of the shouting. They call away from Allah subhanaw taala.

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And that is where Allah azza wa jal says one herders Irati Mr. Peyman for tiberiu This is my straight path, follow it, when I have to tell you soon. I don't follow the other paths, there are many of them. So Allah azza wa jal is the Wali of the believers, he takes him from the depths of all of those darknesses he protects you from all of the evil that is that exists in terms of belief in theology, and so on. And Allah takes you from them and puts you upon the one single path that is the path of light and guidance the path that leads to Allah azza wa jal, however, those who disbelieve in Allah will live in a CAFO those who believe in the false gods they disbelieve in Allah azza wa

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jal, only yet

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their allies will be their false gods, whether it's those idols that they wish to besides Allah or the false gods that they have placed for themselves besides Allah azza wa jal, all aspects of the dunya that they worship because of the way that they are, they worship them besides Allah azza wa jal in one way or another, those things will be their allies, your colleague Jonah who mean and nor, they will remove them from the single light the single path that leads to Allah azza wa jal illuminate and they will place them in the depths of all of those documents is and again we have the singular form of light, and the poor form of darkness, they will be removed from that light placed

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in all of those parts of darkness and each one is different, some of them in their worship, some of them in their worship of the dunya some of them in their idols, some of them in there for Scottson, whatever it may be, it is the paths of darkness. Hula Eagles have been now those people who have taken this path of the darkness over light, they are from the people of the fire, whom fear called the dune they will remain there in

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Allah subhanaw taala. Now in the next two three verses will mention a number of examples of the heat of how it took place in a practical way to the head of Allah azza wa jal and the knowledge and the the steadfastness that it gives and the certainty that it brings and Allah Azza wa mentioned this in two or three verses that are now coming and they are starting the long verses. Two of them were mentioned inshallah to Allah in today's episode and the last one will be left for a forthcoming episode because it is on a another page in verse 258, Allah azza wa jal and says, I'm Tara ina levy

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J Ibrahima, fear of B and hula hula mancave Karna Ibrahim. It will call Ibrahim or be living up when you meet to call and he will meet Paula Ibrahim over in Allah Hi de Bishop Seminole missionary TBM in MongoDB, Furbo Heaton let the gaffer Wallah who didn't mean Alameen Allah azza wa jal in the story he gives us the all in this verse rather, he gives us the example of the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, and one of the discussions and the debates that he had had he sat down and he says, Have you not thought about the man who disputed with the Brahim about his word? Because Allah had given to him power to rule. Allah Subhana Allah says and I'm Tara Illa, Allah the Hydra Ibrahim

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if you Robby utter hula hula, Allah azza wa jal describe this man who is going to have this debate with the Prophet Ibrahim Ali salatu salam and as we know, the Prophet of Allah Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam was from the greatest of Allah's Prophets and Messengers it human salatu salam, and he is the one that is mentioned many times in the Quran and he is an example, in terms of his steadfastness in Allah azza wa jal, his Eman in Allah subhana data, his sacrifice and submission to Allah subhanaw taala. He's a role model for every mother came after him or the he salatu salam. On this occasion Ibrahim Ali Salam has a discussion or a debate with a man that Allah azza wa jal gave to him power

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and Tao hula hula. Allah says He gave him dominion, gave him Kingdom gave to him the power to rule and that is according to the vast majority of the scholars of Tafseer, a king at the time of Ibrahim Ali salaam by the name Nimrod. Babylonia was a kingdom that used to exist in that time and it's a famous ancient kingdom, and from the leaders or the rulers of this kingdom of Babylonia, or an aspect of it is this King Nimrod. And even though Allah azza wa jal doesn't mention his name, or mention him by name in this verse in the Quran, it is the position of many of the scholars with difficile that this is the individual that has been referred to and he was extremely powerful, and a

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tyrant, and he was someone who liked Farrell, because of His power and His Kingdom and His dominion and his strength and wealth and everything else. It led him to believe falsely that he was a god or like a god.

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that he had the ability to roll and do as he pleased that therefore no one could stand him or stand against him because of what he possessed and what he was given by Allah subhanaw taala and Allah azza wa jal mentions that here in a beautiful way, because Allah azza wa jal acknowledges that he was given all of these things, but then Allah says that he was he that gave it to him. And just as Allah azza wa jal can give, Allah can take away if Allah subhanaw taala can give you something, Allah azza wa jal can take it away from you as well. And so they have this discussion Ibrahim Ali Salaam and this kingdom road and they're speaking about Allah azza wa jal, the existence of Allah

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subhanaw taala who has the right to be worshipped, and Allah azza wa jal says is Karla Ibrahim, when Ibrahim Ali Salam says, because he's describing tympanum Road, who Allah is, he is giving him a description that he will understand about the power of Allah. And therefore if he understands the power of Allah subhanaw taala and his names and attributes, therefore he should know that Allah azza wa jal is the one alone worthy of worship. He says, Rob be a levy, your key when you meet, my Lord is the one who gives life and He gives death.

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And this is from the greatest attributes, as we said, of Allah azza wa jal, and that's why we mentioned in the previous episode, that when Allah subhanaw taala, begins AYATUL kursi he uses this name, as one of the main Names of Allah azza wa jal of the greatest limbs of Allah subhanaw taala as a member of the solidarity of CO said, because many of the other names and attributes of Allah come back to this one name, and that is that Allah azza wa jal hate, that He is Ever Living, because the one who dies, the one who will die or the one who is dead, cannot be at the same time living and doing stuff and hoping and and possessing attributes and so on. And so Allah azza wa jal is ill

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hate, but at the same time, he says, he and meet the one who gives life and death to others. So Allah azza wa jal says that Abraham Ibrahim Ali salaam, describing his Lord, he said, Rob, be a lady you meet my Lord is the one who gives life and the one who gives death, Nimrod response in his arrogance, in his disbelief in his haughtiness. And he says, and that you will omit, I also give life and death. Meaning that just as you say, your Lord is the Lord. Because he gives life and death, I can do the same thing as a king. As a ruler, I determined who lives and determined who dies, that clearly Ibrahim Ali Salam is speaking about something different to what Nimrod is saying,

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because many people have that aspect. People who commit murder and so on, people have that physical ability, most of them to go and if they want you to commit the act of murder, physically, they will be able to do so. But most people because of their sense of, of morality, their sense of goodness, their sense of piety, they wouldn't do something knowing that it is something which is from the west of crimes, but the ability, the physical capacity to do so exists. A king and a ruler has a greater capacity to do so. But Ibrahim Ali Salam is not referring to that type of ability. He is referring to the one that Allah Allah, Allah, Allah decrees for all of his creation, life and death. But

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Nimrod is speaking about one aspect. So he's taking the argument, and He's twisting it. And that is often what people do, who don't want to seek guidance, who don't really want the truth. They will take a an argument that he's what and they understand exactly what it's referring to, but they will twist it, and they will make it seem like it is something else, because they don't seek the truth. They just want to engage in this type of rhetoric and debate.

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Some of the spellings of difficile said that Nimrod he brought out two prisoners, two people that were prisoners, and one of them he said, you can go free, another one he executed and he said, See, I can give life and I can give death. The Quran doesn't mention this type of of episode taking place. And it is possible Allah azza wa jal knows best and as mentioned in a number of the works of deceit, but the point being, that is essentially saying the same thing, whether he physically did so or not, he's given the argument that I can also determine who lives and who dies meaning in my kingdom. So Ebrahim al Islam, when he sees this obstinacy, when he says arrogance coming from

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abroad, he changes tack and he says, or Ibrahim MUFA, in Allah HYAH TV Shem Seminole metric TV Hammond and Margaret, he says So indeed, my Lord, Allah is the one who causes the sun to rise from the east. So you cause it to rise from the west. If you are all powerful, you are a God. You are because they brought him on Islam knows rather than debating among this issue, no, I meant this about life and death, and you're referring to something else, you're not being genuine, you're not being sincere, you taken something and twisted he knew this is the character of this man. This is his personality, and from the wisdom of Ibrahim Ali Slama is knowledge that Allah azza wa jal gave

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him as the prophets of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala gives you the knowledge and wisdom and from the knowledge and wisdom that they knew how to deal with people and with their approaches and the way that they spoke and their tricks and the way that they try to, you know, cut corners and do other

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stuff. And so O'Brien Madison realizes, this is what this man is trying to do, rather than going to that debate, which is a common mistake that you see people doing there when they see that this person is trying to twist something, rather than moving on, and trying to get them to understand the principle in a way that they can't then use some type of philosophical argument in order to to change or to transform, they go and they delve into that same issue deep and deep and they just go around in circles and circles. Ibrahim Al Islam realizes this and he says in Allah T Bishop, similar Mushrik My Lord is the one who causes the sun to rise from the east fatty behind me. So you if

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you're a God, all powerful can do what you want as you want when you want the new closet to rise from the west. Furbo he told her the cover, Allah says Subhana wa Tada. The disbeliever was dumbfounded. couldn't say anything, couldn't do anything? no possible way for him now to try to twist this one. There's nothing that he can say that will allow him to say oh for example, on on Sundays it's like this. There's nothing you can do not like the first example for both eternally cover. And so Allah azza wa jal, it says Hola Hola, como volley mean? And Allah does not guide those who do evil those who oppress Allah subhanaw taala seeing here and showing through the story of

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Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, his power and ability subhanaw taala, that Allah azza wa jal is the one who causes the sun to rise and to set the day and the night and it's alternation, the moon and the stars and the trees and the mountains. All of this Allah subhanaw taala controls and you're set. And if someone has true power besides Allah azza wa jal, as Allah subhanaw taala says, In the Quran, that if these gods besides Allah azza wa jal are true, then say to them only mother colloque mineral emblem should confess somewhat say to them, show me which part of the earth and the heavens do they create besides Allah azza wa jal, you're claiming that the gods besides Allah pointed something and

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seems to me that this part of the heavens, this part of the creation of the Earth they created besides Allah azza wa jal, but anyone who fought for who follows and worships these gods besides Allah subhanaw taala can't pinpoint anything that they created besides Allah azza wa jal. And so this is the first story that Allah azza wa jal mentions that speaks about his power and ability. Subhana wa Tada. The second story is the one that is in verse 259. And there is also the final verse on this page was a long verse about half the pages is in this verse. Allah subhanaw taala says, given another example, oh can levy Motorolla Acharya to hear how we are talking to Allah or Roshi?

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How can you hear the Hila Houma or demo Tia for America hula hula Mia tyramine, Mbarara kala Kim Libby's on ellaby Stone Yeoman ElBaradei home all level let me tell me a time you found or Iraq or amico Sharabi kilometer son Wungong Isla he Merdeka Nina Giada utility nurse one Long Island revolvy que funcione she's Manik su Hala for LM Mata urine Allah hookah and Mo N Allah Harada Konishi in for the or take the one who passed by a room in town or take the one meeting as another example of the right of Allah azza wa jal to be worshipped Allah subhanaw taala gives an example now and this example will be one about resurrection, that from the powers of a glory and creator is that just as

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he can give death, he can also give life subhanaw taala if Allah azza wa jal can decree death, then why can't he decree life? If Allah azza wa jal created you the first time and gave you life? Then why can't he repeat the process? Surely the first time is harder than the repetition, to invent something to do something the first time is harder than to repeat a process that you are not familiar with. So if Allah can give life the first time, then why can't he resurrect after that life? Allah azza wa jal gives us an example here in this story, and that is that a man passed by a room in town and he said that he was a prophet from the prophets of Allah azza wa jal, and Allah

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subhanaw taala knows best because again, Allah azza wa jal doesn't mention anyone here by name, doesn't give a name to this individual per says that there was a man who passed by a town. And this town was a town that had been demolished, decimated, completely destroyed. It is said that nothing stood in that town, except for very little.

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So he comes across this and he sees this room in town, a place where people would live, where building stood, where people used to rejoice and be used. Now it is something which is completely ruined. So he comes in, he says, How would Allah give life to this land who never has died? Some of the scholars said that this man was not a prophet of Allah. He was a believer. And and so he asked this question, because it's a moment of doubt that he has other said nobody is a prophet of Allah azza wa jal, and his question will be similar to the next verse that we will mentioned.

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shall turn in the forthcoming episode. We brought him out and he sat down when he asks Allah to show him how life is given to the dead, not because he disbelieved or he doubts, but because he wants to have further knowledge and further insight into this aspect of creation. So likewise this man is thinking, this prophet of Allah, for example, is thinking, the How can possibly this please come back to life after this has happened to it? So Allah subhanaw taala wanted to show him the power of Allah azza wa jal, some of the scholars said it is through the process of the town coming back to life in the period of this man going to sleep as long as Allah subhana data says, Fermat, a hula

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He caused him to go to sleep for 100 years. So the man asks, astonished. How can this land ever come back to life this town? How will they ever be lived in again, after this type of ruin? And decimation and destruction? Allah caused him to sleep for 100 years? Why did he cause him to sleep? Some of this positive scene said because in the 100 years, the town will be rebuilt, people would come and resettle, the town would would become live and up again. It would become a place where people lived and rejoiced. And so when he wakes up, he would see this sign. Other scholars dismiss this and they said that this is a weak sign, because this happens all the time people leave lands

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and they come and we settle and so on, there is not really in that a sign of resurrection. Rather, the major sign for him was in his own sign of being asleep for a period of 100 years, and then coming back to life in terms of being awoken. After that period, that is exactly or essentially where the sight of Allah azza wa jal is within this verse and Alonso didn't knows best either way, though, for a matter hula homea time, Allah caused him to sleep for 100 years. And when Allah azza wa jal says that he caused him to sleep for 100 years. It means that Allah preserved not just simply that he was in a coma, that is help Rulon and he grew White and his nails grew lung and he became

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frail and his skin became or wrinkly. And so that's not the meaning of Allah azza wa jal putting this man to sleep, but rather the meaning is that Allah preserve him in every way, not only physically, but emotionally as well as we will see. Because then when Allah azza wa jal says, My Bertha, and then he caused him to raise up, caused him to awake, he said to him, Kembla with how long have you slept for? The man replied, Let me to your woman, Obama young, he said, Oh Allah, I have slept for a day or part of a day. So Allah preserved not only physically, but we preserved him even emotionally psychologically, because someone who sleeps for such a long time and wakes up, they

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would realize that they've slept for such a long time, by the way that they look, by the way that they feel by their emotion. This man doesn't think that he slept for more at the very last day, 24 hours, and most likely a part of the day as usual, that you see for eight 910 hours a day. That's something which is normal, I slept for part of a day or a full day.

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Allah subhanaw taala says to him in response, callable Lipitor Miata, but rather we said to him, we have stepped for 100 years Fonville in atomic our Sharabi kilometer center, look at your food and your drink. They have gone not they have not gone bad, they have not gone found. Allah azza wa jal It is said that this man when he went to sleep he had with him food and drink that he was carrying in terms of His provision. Not only did Allah azza wa jal preserve him, he preserved the food and drink that he was carrying in some regions of the solids of Tafseer. And Allah knows best because Allah azza wa jal doesn't mention the type of food and drink that he was carrying in the Quran. But

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some of them said it was juice and fruit. And those are two things that go up very quickly. Fresh juice quickly get spoiled and fresh fruit that is ripe, quickly also gets spoiled. If you leave them out for a day or a few days, or a week or two. They will go off, let alone for a year let alone for 100 years. Allah azza wa jal says look at your food and your drink. None of it has changed. None of it has confound one load Illa haemolytica What do you know Johanna? Can I attend the NAS and look at the donkey that you had? We will make this assignment for the people. It is said that the man also had a donkey that donkey over the 100 years had deteriorated. It had started to lose its shape its

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bones had become apparent because it had started to disintegrate. So Allah azza wa jal preserved the Melanie's food as one sign the donkey that he was writing, Allah azza wa jal allowed that to disintegrate in the way that a dead a dead animal would disintegrate over that period of time. But the sign Eliza says we will make this a sign for you how one load 11k fun when she's so manic sue her llama. Allah says look at the bones meaning of the donkey. See how you will bring them together and then call them with flesh. So Allah azza wa jal allowed him to see how the donkey will be resurrected. Those bones that are become disjointed from one another. Because the donkey had died.

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

It's been 100 years that have elapsed, the donkeys

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Bones now become brittle they start to break they start to become disjointed. They become joined together once again. Normally the Palazzo didn't close those bones with the flesh. So the donkey comes back to life.

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Philomath Baba Yaga Allah who, when all of this was made clear to him, Allah azza wa jal says In conclusion, Allah Allah and Allah Allah couldn't be shooting for the year. He says, Now I know that Allah azza wa jal has power over everything. And within this particular story is a sign of Allah azza wa jal in terms of His resurrection, Allah subhanaw taala can resurrect and will resurrect all of creation, Allah azza wa jal reserach, the humans who will resurrect the jinn and there are even a hadith that say they that He will resurrect the animals, those animals that are problems with themselves amongst themselves oppression amongst the animal world, Allah azza wa jal will resurrect

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those animals as the Prophet told us from Allah wherein he will send them so that the horned animal and the one that was unharmed and was therefore injured by the horned one will be able to exact revenge from one another, and Allah will settle their disputes and then Allah azza wa jal will cause them to vanish or whatever Allah azza wa jal chooses to do with them. subhanho wa Taala and Allah knows best, but Allah azza wa jal will cause the humans and the jinn to be resurrected. And this is from those signs that Allah azza wa jal can cause anything to come back to life as he pleases. Subhana wa Tada. Just as a city can be resettled after its decimation. And just as the trees after

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they leave, lose, lose their leaves in the winter could come back to life in spring, and just as our vegetation and now our plants and our food and produce grows again every single season, the likewise Allah azza wa jal can bring back humans and Jin back to life as he will do a normal piano. So this is from the signs of Allah subhanaw taala. So in the previous verse, we had the study we brought him on his sternum that spoke about the power of Allah azza wa jal means control of the universe. In this particular story, we have the sight of Allah azza wa jal, in terms of resurrection and in the following verse inshallah Tada that we will take in the next episode, we will see again a story of

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similar story of resurrection how Allah azza wa jal showed a sign to the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, but for today and for this episode, inshallah Tada we conclude here BarakAllahu Li, wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali your mind was sent to Allah He was

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he see