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Mansoor Danish

Channel: Mansoor Danish

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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So what is it that you do every night before I go to sleep?

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All those who have taken away my app and forgive them.

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I forgive them.

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Before I go to sleep, this is a man who's fought in the Battle of mother is a man who won the superpower of the day, the Battle of Galicia. But what is he getting Jana for something which you me regard as well he petty forgiveness, but the fact of the matter is also Allah. Allah forgive you the way you forgive others. So if you forgive someone half heartedly, Allah will forgive you. If you forgive someone for utterly, completely, completely forgive you. But the problem with us is, when we have to forgive someone, our ego comes up. We don't want to let go of our ego. If I forgive him, I'll come down, my status will come down. Brothers and sisters are not spoken to each other for

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years. They've broken blocking ties for issues of their

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desires or

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materialistic desires as parents and children pathways for parents don't even know how their children look like

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to forget the rest, we don't want to forgive them.

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I request you my brothers and sisters, we take a five minute break and we'll come back.

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He would not forgive it or someone who does so on you.

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Give them a call. Forgive them.

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as Muslims, we need to come together. We need to renew ties. The issue of Islam is most important when the issues

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are not important in the sight of Allah. Allah. Nothing happens to the person who forgives.

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You see what happens in Islam, your status is getting raised. But what are you doing? You're not even forgiving those who have transgressed against

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break ties. It's a difficult goal. It's a goal of breaking your ego. But as Muslims, we need to do that. So this is my request. We give you five minutes break in Sharla. If this is someone in your life, who you haven't spoken to for many years, for many reasons, give them a call and speak to them.

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Take a five minute break was yourself. Okay, inshallah, and then we'll come back