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learn Mandarin Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu salam ala Sheila filmbay were mostly Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was just a demon because he and

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we are on talking about the topic of enjoying the good and forbidding evil.

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And yesterday I mentioned to the six digit of enjoining

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let's see the next one

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or 10, how not and Ivanka

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in the household

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stopping evil, speaking out against evil, again, take the resources in the context of both of these things.

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He said if you see evil, what must you do?

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First and foremost, stop it with your hand

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take action, not simply consider it to be bad, no take action, if you consider it to be bad, what is the evidence? The evidence is I take action.

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If I cannot take action, then he says

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speak out against it right against it, stand up against it, demonstrate against it.

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This is This is unjust, this is cruelty. This is not permissible. Do not let it pass

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then how not.

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you hide

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in Doha and the hydro

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will fail.

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To stop you is a

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fair it's a verb action is required.

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Not merely thinking that this is evil. And if you're so powerless and so helpless, that you can neither do something not going to speak out against it, hate it in your heart. He didn't say consider it mildly.

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Mildly bad, no, said hate it,

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hate it in your heart.

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And then he said that this at in the heart alone without speaking about it and without taking action is a sign of the weakness of your faith. So please understand, you're not being given three choices. Third statement is diagnosis of one of the major sicknesses of the heart.

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And that is

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fear of vital law.

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Fear of

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belief in Lila Hey Lola means that we also believe that there is no one who can help no one who can harm no can no one who can benefit and no one who can harm except Allah. Now while I although Illallah is part of the belief is what it means Diandra while you're doing

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when we are keeping silent, we have to ask ourselves, who are we?

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If you fear Allah,

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and his anger, which we should

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and we are aware, and if we believe

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that there is a day of judgment

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and there is whether we believe it or not,

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then we need to prepare for that

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by having a record of having stood up for good and against evil.

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If we don't have that record, and instead

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if we say oh leave people,

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let them do whatever they do. I'm not I'm not doing that. But okay.

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Believe me

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you are putting yourself in a position which are directly

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in opposition to the Quran and directly in opposition to the Hadees say, of Rasulullah sallallahu which I mentioned you

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evil is not okay.

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Sin is not okay.

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What Allah has prohibited is not okay to do that.

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Irrespective of the reason

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except, of course, in the in the case of something a life threatening situation that's a different matter what I'm saying for generally speaking society today, in this permissive liberal and woke culture, we have raised

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human desire and by design

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I mean, no one can have good desires, for example, the desire to worship Allah, that's the desire.

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But it's the best of desires, the desire to have the best manners, it's the desire, it's the best of desires, the desire to get knowledge to acquire knowledge, with the intention of applying it, not just getting knowledge do you know, to impress people know

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getting knowledge to make sure that you get no knowledge for your own good to apply it in your lives.

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And our lives.

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we so desire, so beautiful, they are hungry, that

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we are talking here about desire us full,

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the filthiest and the dirtiest, and the lowest, the basis of their desires.

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That today, not only do we find this in society, at a huge and massive level, but we have raised it and by we I mean we are, may Allah protect us, unless we stand up against it and speak out against it, we will be counted among those May Allah protect us, among those who supported that dastardly without speaking out.

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So we, therefore become complicit in that evil. So this basis of desires is,

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array has been raised to the level of of virtue, and it has been raised to the level of a law. And it has been raised to a level where people are denied employment, they're denied education. And they're denied good things. Unless they first accept that this evil witch is dead society is okay.

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And the people who are doing this evil, have a right to do that.

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Is that

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how can battle become a hawk?

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Think about that. Help and battle? Are the acts

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of each other?

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They're the opposites of each other. How can the How can evil

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become a right right and wrong? Two different things. How can wrong become right? Become a it is my right? To do wrong? Completely insane. But that is what we are doing.

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Not only do we keep silent,

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but we permis we permit it. We see it it's okay. We are we hang out with those people think about that.

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If you hit something, what is the first thing you will do?

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Right? If you go into the toilet, and somebody hasn't flushed the toilet, maybe it's overnight. So it's thinking, what we'll do that

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go and take a deep breath.

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Have you get out of there.

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So you know, I didn't have the power to clean the toilet, I couldn't stop this person from behaving in this reprehensible manner. And I didn't have the means to clean the toilet. But I'm definitely not going to be there. I'm going to get myself out of this evil miserable company. Right?

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This is what you will do.

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And if you don't do that, and if you sit that same toilet, and if you stay there, then what will somebody say? Sure you didn't make that mess.

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But you've accepted that mess. And you okay with Agnes. So who should you be countered with somebody who stood up against it? Or somebody who did it? And allow you to

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ask yourself because on the Day of Judgment, these are the questions that you will be asked.

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So, who do we fear

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more than who?

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So Allah subhanaw taala made this whole clear to us.

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And I say today, we live in this world where we've accepted these things.

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We support this

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activity or tacitly

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people should be

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you know, they should be avoided and the influence should be avoided.

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We don't do that.

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They are part of our friend circle.

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They are people who are influencing our own children. What are your children seeing

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what you're not seeing people with no lifestyle with those belief systems,

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with those with those behaviors

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and they are also watching you

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They're watching that you do not think

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that you slide with them, you laugh with them.

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Right? You invite them to your homes, you go you accept their invitations, we together sit together, you play together. So what does the child learn from this? The child learns that is fine. And then the child comes across

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the aisle

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and he comes across the hadith of Rasulullah Sasa. So, what is the gender

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identity what is elders, the child will disbelieve Allah. And he will disbelieve is also and he will believe you.

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Because you taught him. Children listen with their eyes. Everybody listens with the eyes. And when the chill and if the children see their parents do something, they will follow. So

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children don't do what you say. They do what you know.

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So if you do this, then believe me, this is what you are.

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This is what you're raising your children to do.

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On the Day of Judgment,

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there will be parents who will see that children are being thrown to the hellfire. And they will know that that is happening because of them.

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I remind myself and you

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do not fear anyone except Allah.

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To see evil, at least speak out against it. And if you can't even speak out against it, go away from it.

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Break those days, those friendships or friendships or shaitan. Break those friendships. Leave those people let them ask you what happened? Why are you leaving? And explain to them very nicely, very lovingly. I'm not I'm not advocating violence and not saying beat up somebody. No, very nice, very beautiful.

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What you're doing something if what you're doing is haram.

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Some does not permit this. Therefore, as long as you continue to do this, I cannot be with you.

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Let them choose.

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People came to Islam, because they loved Muhammad Sallallahu sallam,

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people will come to Islam because they love you.

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Use that.

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Use that. And despite that, if the friend says okay, sorry, in that case, you're not my friend hamdulillah thank Allah that Allah saved you from having a friend

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who would have otherwise been an embarrassment and a problem for you and the development

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was worried that I said on the Day of Judgment, the headline of a less brutal of Khalil. He said that the

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the closest of friends will be enemies to one another.

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They won't just dislike them. They want us to ignore enemies meaning they will want the worst. For who, for the one who they love the most in this life in Tahoe, except for the motorcade except for those who love the law. More than there are numerous. I remind myself a new let us become the pain that has remained with

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let us have the company

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and let us raise our children and

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that is the truth for us. When we are gone