The Key to attaining Koshoo (deep focus) in the Prayer

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I love you

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for that it comes from the word sera Silla means a link and a connection nothing is going to connect it won't last so shall in the same manner of solitude connected to a lot so I should have selected every kind of worship in fasting is sounding for that you're not allowed to eat when you're free there is cross

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with the good isn't a select patients it is for nothing tests your patients more than for that. And then when you want to measure your patience, you measure it with how long you spend in your salon that's how you measure your patients. A lot of sorgente says was starting over the summer was for that why did he mentioned the search street after several because nothing will test your patience like so that literally insula Allah, Don't move. Don't scratch if you don't need to scratch that scratch the back of your head if you don't need to do so. don't adjust your clothes if you don't need to do so. It nothing will test your patience like a sled. Stand. Don't move. focus in front of

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you don't even move left and right you can't even do that. Do that and even look up. Nabi sallallahu, I think you're sending me since then.

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You're firing up so don't be the center. Oh laughs they found the love of Sodom. That people that look up in the sky when they breathe, they should stop doing so otherwise Allah would blind him would take their eyesight away. Why didn't you do standing before law social, my brother's any stamp. The biggest reason for why for sure would be brought in a flat is for you to understand that your son is the one happy your mama. This is the key of who you are. This is the key that will enhance in advance your Salah, what he said, and Darla and nosler Leah call on happy Allah, that you're aware and you acknowledge that Asana is a real meeting between you and Allah. So you need to

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feel this way. Finance is a real meeting before you between you and Allah. So the only difference is that you cannot hear him and you cannot see him that that is the only difference. This is why Yanni second era is set up as in the habit of when he gave advice to his people. He gave advice and he said in Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah

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Allah hi on civil war shabu Yoshi Abdi hailing from the second era cerami gave advice these people from his advice and this is how the relevant four times in places he said that alive so it just commanded you to pray for him in a lot of other companies.

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To mahakam as soon as you begin you're sold out and you're facing Allah in your for that do not turn left and right. Why he gave the reason he said for innama young Civil War shamoun he or she, he named Selena? Because Allah is facing the server. When you pray, Allah is facing the sermon for you that how rude is it? And how inappropriate is it? for a person to lip look left and right is a hidden secret. This is one of the greatest secrets of attaining who's worried that you recognize and you understand that you're in a real meeting between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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what this is why, if karma was recited much quicker than an event, then one thing takes his time. But when the Kobe said it's resided and he trust Allah

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until we reach karma Why was it rushed in the binding of comma time that people are already standing in line? They cannot wait to start. Finish the comic you're gonna start. We're about to meet Allah subhana wa tada for the homies rushed and the greatest words that are recited and sit in the corner is the word Kama Sutra. What does that mean?

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It means your soul has already started. But so much has already been established. So we haven't prayed yet. But the excitement of the mind of the person that's giving you the excitement of the believers that they want to hear the words the slot has already started, and they still haven't even said luck yet. Call us we're ready willing to

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finish the proper Hurry up and start already. You know so pound Allah. This is the kind of feeling that is supposed to be instilled in a person's heart. When he's standing in the lines waiting for a salad was set up for him a hula hula is slightly hidden in the past.

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Getting used to be sad at the end of every end of the meeting with less and

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And the only thing that would keep them Yanni keep hoping them and keep excitement and happiness in them is the fact that they used to see me they would see I would keep myself patient. The fact that I know in a few hours there's also that for us to keep himself patient because he knows in a few hours, there is another another meeting with a loss of how to more data